Live Life Like a Myth

I have made it a mission lately to observe other people and see what kind of energy they are addicted to.  Talking to teachers they are telling me this is the worst time of their career because of the young kids coming off of virtual learning they have been doing for over a year.  It’s not just the young kids it’s everyone.  The teachers are just having to deal with the apple not falling far from the tree.  Whatever someone’s energy addiction is to them then their quality of life will be aligned to it as well.  

Everyone has an energy field.  When you meet them you are kinda entering their field.  You must be aware of that.  Know what feeds the person you are interacting with.  Look at them and try to see what feeds their soul.  You will find that pain and negativity feed most peoples soul.  They love negativity. This world is addicted to negative energy.  Most people resonate with destructive energy.  It’s why most of what is on the television and internet is negative content.  They literally are feeding people what they want.  

The paradigm people are in depends on how much they are willing to give, what they focus on and what they are willing to receive.  Many people can’t receive a compliment.  I couldn’t for years.  Many people will never be able to receive a huge amount of money.  Many people will never be able to get the attention of a very attracted person.  The reason is that their mind will never let it happen.  It won’t let it occur for them.  It is a block in most peoples minds.  It is that simple.  There is so much opportunity right in front of most people and they will not let it land.  Most people have had opportunities right in front of their face and they don’t act on it.  Their mind will not let them resonate with something they think is too good for them.  

Im hoping that people will hit a breaking point.  That they will just get so sick of their life sucking.  Have you ever got to a point where you were just so sick of something you were ready to give up?  Thats when you will be ready to hear the truth.  When you get to that point you are releasing the energy that is holding you back.  On a certain level I think gossiping and watching mind numbing videos  online is completely harmless, but ask yourself why is it that you keep missing those things that would make your life awesome and you are being energized from gossip and mind less videos?  You have to ask yourself this!   When you do you will see that gossip and mind less surfing on the internet is designed to hold you back.  

Don’t just watch what the garbage people are putting out.  Go actually read the great classic books.  The legendary books that you think are a waste of time.  When I write a post I don’t just try to do it for the algorithm.  I want to make high value content.  I want to right a legendary post, if I can be so bold.  Sometimes I go back and read what I have written and I can’t believe it came from me.  I just see it as I have help from the Goddess.  I think she is with me and using me as an instrument.  That is what I go for.  All the garbage on the internet and gossiping is not bad, but you are doing it at the expense of your own mind.  When you do it long enough you start resonating with garbage and crap!  This stuff will get you no where!  People are stuck.  They care what others say.  Why do you care?!  That is the persons own punishment.  They are stuck in a self made prison!  They rationalize in their mind that they are doing great and they are not.  They are at a fraction of what they could be.  

I don’t care about others gossiping or wasting time.  That is where they are at.  Good for them.  I care about my journey and helping others who want help on their journey.  Think about what it is you want out of life.  Think about what it would be like to focus on high level, legendary content instead of garbage.  How would your life change?  I have made a commitment that I was going to avoid the garbage and lock in on high level content I could bring my readers.  Thats what’s important to me.  When I use this high level stuff Im able to share it not only with my readers but I integrate it into my coaching.  I do what I can to get my girls to start thinking legendarily and having high self esteem.  Goddess knows the soccer world needs it right now!  Stuff like this can change the world.  

Really do an audit of how you want your life to look.  Instead of seeing your life as some vague thing, audit how you are using your time and where your mental energy is being burned.  Ask yourself “Are you really living the life that you want?”   Stop focusing on things like money.   It’s okay to focus on it because we all need it to live, but don’t make it your primary goal.   Focus on how to make your life amazing.  I have some super rich friends that are just sitting around all day.  Yes they are crushing it in their own way, but I wouldn’t want their life.  I also have some friends who are living a comfortable life and they are living their passion every day.  You can just see the happiness in their eyes.  Thats what I look too.  Creating experiences that make me happy.  Your life will go by so fast.  I will be 50 next year.  When I look back life is a blur.  

My version of going down a rabbit hole is finding history in books that have been ignored.  Looking at things that will make my mind amazing. Find your win in life.  Distractions and gossip only appeal when you don’t have that purpose.  When you are stuck in coping they are very appealing.  When you are excited about something you are creating a new life for yourself.  Do you have that in your life?  When you have something you are excited about its a lot less appealing to scroll through the internet for mindless garbage.  When you are just getting through the day its very appealing.  

What is your win?   If things just started to go great for you and everything went your way, what would your future look like?  If it’s vague, you don’t have a direction.  What is an amazing life?  If your life was perfect what would tomorrow look like?   What would next month look like?  Next year?  What would be different?  Would you still be sitting around wasting time?   Most people know what they don’t want, but don’t know what they really want.  They know what they don’t want, but do not know where they are going?  If you don’t know where you are going or what you really want you have no idea what being productive is for yourself.  Whats productive for me is not productive for someone else.  It all starts with your end goal.  Something that excites you.  If you are not excited about it then the distractions will be more exciting.  The distractions give your life of no purpose some kind of purpose or drama.  

I have had times that I didn’t know what I wanted.  It’s hard to go through life without that win or thing to work towards.  You are just like, “Im bored, what’s better than a boring life?  Distractions.”  Your purpose becomes gossiping and scrolling through the web to find a rabbit hole that may or may not be true.  Thats better than being bland or bored.  That is you friends circle.  Whatever is in the mainstream or conspiracies is the talk of the week.  The new thing trending and it changes every week.  That is their purpose.  They are all about new information and forget about what happen a couple of weeks ago.  Is all the new drama to keep them excited.  It’s very heavy and they can even add their own little theories and make it true.  Hypocrisy everywhere because peoples attention spans are so short.   

What runs people energetically is very easy to see.  It’s the news and social media.  What you watch is what you resonate with.  News and social media will just feed you what you want because negative energy sells.  You will not get what you need but what you want.  This is our world.  Reflect on your life.  What are you really proud of?   If you are aligned with your purpose and you are creating, you have pure moments.   When I look back Im proud of this website, my coaching, my immediate family, my success in sports, my successful job, etc.  These moments are very pure to me.  I think is way better than going down some social media rabbit hole, news rabbit hole or distracting myself with mindless videos.  Most people don’t even remember what they just watched.  Can you look back on the mindless distractions and think “Im proud of that”?  

When I ask you, “What are you proud of?” Can you make a huge list or is your life a blur of distractions that you just don’t want to tell others?  I started doing an audit of my day everyday.  I looked back on what I did everyday.  For the most part it was work, watch tv, maybe play a game or two of basketball, video games and more tv.  Thats how I started to change.  I hadn’t had any epic memories for awhile.  Thats how you know if you are just plugging yourself into the matrix or living.  How many epic memories do you have?  Another good audit is how often do you produce instead of consume?  How often are you at the cause of life?  Are you doing life or is life doing you?  

What has been your favorite action on life?  Where you are the cause of what happens and  you impact people or the world? Your unique impact on life. How often are you at the cause?  How often are you producing?  You can get rid of wasting time and use that time to produce.  We all have free time.  Are you going to waste it and have time for mindless distractions or create something?  Here is the crazy part…your life would change immensely if you just created or produce towards something important to you just a few minutes a day.  Why are you not doing it?  Because there are distractions everywhere, we are social beings that want to fit in with others, and the negativity is everywhere.  

Going ever deeper it traces back to your childhood.  They saying “After the age of seven nothing changes” is so true.  It’s the same pattern day in and day out.    A lot of people are chasing what they think they missed out on high school.  I see it in parents who are hard on their kids in soccer because they are living their life through their child because they didn’t make it in sports.  Some people were not popular in high school so they want to be popular now.  Going deeper look at the patterns and rules of who you believe you are and what you deserve in life, where you stand amongst others, what type of friends you have, what type of relationships you have, what type of work, etc.  All that stays the same, but we think things are changing because we look outside.  Yes you are getting older and you move, but the patterns stay the same underneath the surface.  Whatever your role or comfort zone is, you will find your way back to that.  The patterns are very powerful.  They block you from succeeding but they also block you from failing.  You will always recreate your comfort zone where ever you are in the world.  Change the patterns and people panic.  

We are all afraid of being rejected if we think something is too good for us, but you know what is scarier?  Succeeding.  Success is much scarier than failure.  The responsibilities that come with success means real change and getting out of your comfort zone.  Failure stings but you stay the same.  It hurts but most do not change from failure.  Success makes things change drastically.  It throws us into the unknown.  Panic takes over and we find away back to where we were.  I see making life better as mostly not what you do, but what you can not do.  We self sabotage like crazy and we are not aware of our self sabotage.  All the things that people complain that is messing them up is actually themselves messing things up and putting an external blame on it.  

If someone you look up too could suddenly take over your mind and body, would they eventually become successful?  Of course they would.  If they actually could transfer into your body and mind, what is the first steps they would take?  Why are you not taking those steps?  Why can’t you start now?   We all know what we need to do.  The question is why are we not doing it?  Why are we procrastinating?  I say it’s because we are scared of success.  

Audit what turns you on. Do you get excited by good news or bad news?  What gets you excited?  Gossip?  Drama?  Netflix?   News? Or is it some classic?  How pure is what you are drawn to?  What people are you drawn to?  What type of relationships are you drawn to?  What type of topics turn you on?  It’s all about bringing attention to it.  We all know how to make ourselves better.  Even if you are not sure you could find topics that would help you and watch it or read it.  If you are not going after that then what are you doing?  It is easy to see it in others but very hard to see it in ourselves.  We don’t like to see our self sabotage.  The biggest self sabotage is not seeing the opportunities right in front of you.  That is true self sabotage.  The stuff you realize  made you self sabotage is a very small percentage.  The opportunities are always there.  It’s a matter of whether you see them or not.  If you are not ready you won’t see them.  

You should always be moving to where you have resistance and fear.  The type of fear you are experiencing is not real fear it’s more of a laziness.  You tell yourself I’ll do it later or it’s too much right now.  The fear is laziness.  Fear in its advanced form manifests itself in laziness.  Things you know you should be doing but you’re not.  It makes us focus on other little things or focus on problems we don’t have yet.  Let’s just say eating healthy.  We know we need to but we always put it off.  We say it will be expensive or hard to find.  These are problems we don’t have but think we will.  Let’s say getting better at a sport.   We tell ourselves we won’t have time to do extra work or we might get injured.  Future problems we might have later.  We will always have time to do what we put our minds too.  

In order to be successful it has to be a brutally honest audit of yourself.  Then committing to overcome the fear and resistance.  Are you in it for the fun or something different to take your time?  Or are you going to say I want to live a life with moments I’m proud of.  Having exciting moments and memories.  I see my life as trying to make a myth.  When I look back on my life I want it to be a crazy story others will say is made up.  But guess what?  It will be true and I will be proud of it.  That is yet another reason I read the myths and legends.  Something to model my life around.  Were you just put on this earth to scroll through social media, sit and watch tv endlessly or waste time on endless distractions?  Or are you here to make the myths of today?  

If movies are more exciting than your own life, you are doing something wrong!  You don’t need a lot of money to have an amazing life.  You just need to move toward your win.  Switch things up and move towards it.  Just by doing that you will start feeling that fulfillment and purity.  You will look back and have a proud myth that was your life.  If you are always distracting yourself it’s hard to build self esteem.  Distractions can be fun at times, just don’t give your life to them.  Video games too.  I used to be addicted to video games, but realized if I made my life like a video game they would be less addicting.  I leveled up in real life instead of on the video games.  Make your life the video game, classic novel, great movie or the real life myth.  Start dedicating your own attention towards your win, not all the distractions. 

Are you doing something because you are drawn to it or it inspires you?  Are you moving towards life or away from it?  Distractions pull you away from life.  You already know that.  Your life is short.  It will blow by.  Take nothing for granted.  I like to think that at the end of my life I will be able to look back at it and ask myself if I lived a life to be proud of.  Put down phone, turn off the television, close the laptop and go after your win.  Be Hercules.  Be Athena.  Be Quetzalcoatl.  Be Isis.  Or any video game, movie, book or myth character you like.  By living your own life, you will be interested in your own life instead of distracting yourself by watching others lives or wasting time.   We are who we have been waiting for!  

7 thoughts on “Live Life Like a Myth”

  1. Yesterday I had a disagreement with my daughter, I told her that it was only critically ill people who lay in bed and stay in one room all day.
    I wish that I read this before because this is what I was trying to convey.
    Thank you for reminding us that we are or can become the heroes of our own life if we leave our comfort zones behind in disgust.
    We were made for activity that creates good.
    Fabulous job as always 🙂

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