What is history?  It is said to be the records of things that happened.  Problem is that history is not as accurate as we would like it to be.  We didn’t have an adequate way of keeping records in ancient history.  So the first problem we have with history is the material it was written down on.  The second problem is the people who recorded history.  All ancient history was recorded from either religion or royalty.  In these records they always keep themselves in a good light.  When a dynasty fell or was over thrown those records were destroyed.  When new religions were started the records of the old religions were destroyed.  When history is written by privileged or prejudice groups it is never accurate.  All of our history is from biased accounts.    

When things happen today we call it “breaking news”.  As soon as it is no longer in our focus its becomes history.  History must not be limited to national, racial or cultural emotions.  We can write the history of anything.  History reaches into everything.  All facts are valuable.  Problem is that we take the facts from history as being factual when most are not.  There have been very few unbiased histories.  All history was written by the victor of wars.  History is full of endless prejudices and false accounts.  Our history is riddled with deceit.  People have been falsely accused, false credit has been given, blame has been misplaced and proper credit has been withheld.  All people involved are now gone so we can’t go back and correct it.  

We can not escape history.  It is a psychological force in every person.  History is vital to everyones customs, beliefs, fears, affections, friendships, jealousies and feuds.  Very little history has been recorded by the common person or women.   I would say all of our history has been recorded to their version by less than ten thousand people.  Think about that.  Of all the people who have lived on this planet less than ten thousand people have controlled our history.  History is the record of acceptance or rejecting of certain policies.  The man that recorded the history of the biblical Jesus has changed billions of lives with his version.  The man that recorded the history of Muhammed has change billions of lives with his version.  Yet other versions tell a very different history.  

All ideas are subject to censorship of history.  Ideas must pass through time.  As they pass through time they are decided whether to be used or not.  If they are not used because they don’t fit a certain narrative then they are lost to the sands of time.  In museums around the world there are billions of books that are in storage and will never be read.  These books are considered not valid to the direction the few want to take the world.  As we go back in history you must not just read what is given.  You must understand the silence history keeps.  Be aware of the tyranny of the past, the wars of the past, that history is recorded by the victor, but it’s also growth over non movement.   In order for growth sometimes there has to be deterioration.  As something falls or descends other things rise or give birth.  History is the recording of survival.  This is why the ancients used the Phoenix in their historical stories.  The Phoenix is all about endings and beginnings.  

With the history of the human race or the age of the world anthropology really does not know.  Someone with a great reputation in the mainstream narrative will say what they think happens and it’s taken as fact.  Then this person hopes that someone like me does not get a loud enough voice to prove them wrong and ruin their reputation.  Geological dates are constantly being pushed back.  Origins of humans are being pushed back all the time.  The numbers are so big and changed so often that the average person loses interest.  In todays world most know humans were not created just four thousand years ago.  Although in the grand scheme of the universe humans are very young and have only been blip in time.  All historians have been hasty in their normal historical thinking. 

You need to have an open mind when going back in history.  We gain nothing by saying “that’s not possible”  and trying to find something to validate our thoughts.  Anything rejected must be rejected with reason and anything accepted must be accepted with reason.  Otherwise we will never find the truth.  We like to think that we evolved from apes and eventually became humans.  We just all of a sudden went from wondering around to having an instinct to culture. We went from living in caves to living in homes.  No other animal has this instinct to culture.  This creates a huge problem.  There are animals older than humans and they did not suddenly evolve like us.  Why have only humans matured and not other animals?  What happened?  Why are we unique?  Looking at our history is bewildering.  All other animals were in our exact same environment.  If environment causes all evolution, why did it not rub off on them?  This tells me anthropology is weak.  It has more questions than answers.  

We went straight from being survivalists to having culture.  There is no evolution in our culture, it just sprung up.  Why?  Egypt, China, the Americas, Sumerian,  Asia, etc. all just popped up.  They appeared out of nowhere.  No evolution to these ancient civilizations.  The dark curtain of history covers up our beginnings.  How do we explain not being able to find the answers in any of these cultures?  Right before these cultures we find nothing, but if we go back fifty thousand to one hundred thousand years there if proof culture existed then.  Science historians like to hide these uncomfortable facts with an ice age.  This ice age is a wall that is hard to break through.  If one does not go along with the ice age they are considered a lunatic.  

Mythology is the history of the prehistoric world.  Myths and legends have preserved our history that we have forgotten.  All the cultures around the world developed around their myths and legends.  Had the myths and legends been different then the culture would have been very different.  The characters in these myths and legends became the archetypes that developed the cultures.  None of the characters in the myths and legends were ever some type of hominid or un-evolved creature.  They were always a god, god-human, titan, half animal half human or giant.  They were smart, powerful, and super hero like.  Were these characters deified mortals?  Were they someone who lived long long ago?  Were they from our imagination?   How could a hominid or ape dream up these myths and legends and build lives around them?  The myths and legends bridge the gap between history and prehistory.  

The ancients were very sensible people.  They did not follow a dogmatic belief.  They wrote that humans developed all over the world.  Humans came into existence in many places around the world.  They were exposed to regional conditions and had to adapt.   Climate and location were the forces that individualized humans.  Growth naturally unfolded for them in the places they were.  The groups were very aware of other humans around the world.  All the myths talk about two creations.  There was a creation before a deluge then a creation following the deluge.   The first creation who were androgynous were punished and vanished.  The second creation were male and female.  Some of the myths say we came from water and others say we came from the earth.  

All the ancients gave us writings.  In all their writings in the very beginning of things was the gods.  It all began with the gods.  Every culture has gods that are very similar but different.  I think there was an original language that broke up into all the languages that have been here on earth.  The original language like everything else has been lost.  Though I think Aramaic is very close to it.   All the myths have the order of the gods.  These myths have been being interpreted since their maturity. In our recorded history no one tries to add to them only interpret them.  

The gods were the origin of everything for humans.  They lived in unknown places, but the writings show they were very near to ancient humans and walked among them.  The people would even eat with them.  They wanted to be nice to the gods because evidently they were very moody.  The gods were near and real to the ancients.  Gradually the gods moved away.  They became more and more remote and less physical to the ancient people.  As this happened the gods became more omnipotent.  They became more important.  Suddenly the gods lived in great areas like the sky, Mount Olympus, different dimensions, underground, etc. They were no longer physical but more powerful.  

The gods created humans.  Theology tries to say they were spiritual beings.  I argue that they were physical beings.  Humans began instantly.  There is no record of them before the creation myths.  The gods mingled with humans, mated with humans and taught the humans how to live.  The first creation was supposedly washed away by the catastrophe.  The gods and their offspring disappeared with them too.   Another creation was made to try to take the place of the first.  The first creations became like deities too, but they were worshiped as the body of humans with the blood of gods.  In the Mayan and other Native American myths and legends this first creation had some survivors.  The survivors became the leaders of their people.  Anthropology has never disproved the myths and legends, but they ignore them.  

As we get further and further away from the ancient world the gods turned into archetypes and personifications of energy and the cosmos.  The gods became personifications of the environment of the people.   This is why the gods or so similar and yet different in all the places of the world.  The quickening that happened was that the gods gave us their mind.  This gave us the cultural instinct.  I think the hominid was chosen over other animals for its great will to survive.  Not just survival of self but survival of its group.  After the catastrophe humans lived off nature without giving much back to nature.  They had to survive and with the new ego mind they could do it.  The ego mind helped them overcome the challenges of destruction that were everywhere.  

The survivors remembering what life was like before the catastrophe had to make tools and weapons with what they had.  Humans began to surround themselves with primitive things that helped their survival.  Some were nomadic and other stayed in one place and adjusted themselves to the seasonal changes.  As the destruction period got further away humans started to cultivate nature.  They found herbs to heal, learned agriculture, domesticated animals and started communities.  At a certain point they reach a level of safety that they could have some rest time or leisure.  They did not have to put every moment of their time into survival anymore.  With the mind they were given most could not quiet the mind during leisure time.  Some kept busy constructively and others turned on each other and fought.  

The mind given to us was the difference between us and all other animals.  Our cultural growth was from us being able to control ourselves.  We had self conquest within ourselves.  We had a different level of consciousness from this mind.  We used our bodies as skillful instruments.  We ceased to be like other animals when this mind was given to us and it had more potential.  It also has a lot more potential to do harm.  But this mind honors the purposes of the individual. If ones purpose is honorable it is very effective, but if one purpose is dishonorable it is just as effective.  This mind gave us the dynamic to build structures and lives.  This mind gave us a self.   Some of the ancient texts said that with this mind a god was trapped in material.  The fall of man is the fall into our human bodies.  

With this mind we humans were given a reason for existence.  We have the instinct for survival and it causes positive and negative reactions in our lives.  But our minds give us the choice of doing what we please or doing what is right.  Each of us have this choice.  Do we seek to gratify our selfish wants or do we seek to gratify what is good for all?  This basically comes down to all the problems of the world.  We have two being with in us.  We are master of our garden, but our garden is full of weeds.  Culture is our longing for truth and maturity.  We must be ruled by ourself or we will be ruled by others. The more you know yourself the more you will know of the world.  The reformation of yourself reforms your world.  To understand more on what I am talking about see Lemurian Magic.  

11 thoughts on “History”

    1. If we don’t learn our true history we will repeat it.
      I agree to be what one is, but have you seen what most humans are? They are a husk of a person. Very few actually engage life. I see very few minds firing. To be what one is is to be what one was trained to be.


      1. Whatever ‘true’ history is or means to me, history is just that, ‘history’. The husks are the believers, and like history can mean anything, so can anyone believe anything. All it means is having no mind, no thoughts of one’s own. To not believe in anything but to insist on being one’s own source of information (true intelligence) is the answer to the vexing question of the correctness of information. The only ‘right’ answer is the one I choose as right for me, nothing to do with anyone else.

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  1. “Here the ways of men divide. If you wish to strive for peace of soul and happiness, then believe; if you wish to be a disciple of truth, then search.” -Nietzsche
    Sadly, the masses of today are stuck in the first group more than striving for the latter.


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