Native American History

The Americas have been inhabited for a very long time.  The people of the Americas have been here just as long if not longer than the people of the east.  The Native Americans traded with others around the world.  There have been many artifacts found in the Americas that are considered Asian, Egyptian and Viking.  The Bering Straight is one big lie.  The ancients were very good seafarers.  

All of the Native Americans have a flood myth just like the rest of the world.  They all claim to be from a land that was lost in a flood.  The lie of the Native Americans being savages has got to stop.  Cortez even stated that when he saw Mexico City that it was the most beautiful city on Earth.  He called it the Venice of the western hemisphere and no city in Europe was its equal.  Savages don’t build great cities.  Mexico City was nothing compared to the Mayan Empire.  The Native Americans were not tribes, they were Nations.  They had laws that were wiser and much better than our laws today.  The governments were benevolent.  They lived in wealth and flourished in peace.  The reason why they flourished and lived in peace was not only because there were no Europeans, but because they had the Goddess in their lives.  

The Native Americans were aware of people in other parts of the world.  They knew the true history of this world.  They kept the history of Atlantis and Lemuria alive in their cultures.  They were not warlike.  All of their warriors were for defenses.  History lies yet again about them being militant.  The Mayan culture was great.  Greater than Egypt and Greece.  We are so engrained with Greco Latin history and civilization that we can not admit this.  The Mayans had great cities.  Anthropology calls it metropolitan centers.  Roads connected all of these cities.  They had suspension bridges over rivers.   I estimate millions of people per city.  There are over 200 cities known.  I argue that there are many more in the jungles and many more that were destroyed through out the Americas by the Europeans and Spaniards.  

Some of the cities were larger than Los Angeles.  All of the cities had awesome pyramids. In the cities were public buildings, government buildings, libraries, schools, universities, courtrooms, sport arenas, parks, pub and restaurants, statues, hotels, plazas, markets, hospitals etc.  All of it was connected by streets.  The roads that connected these cities went as far north into Canada and as far south into Argentina.  Chichen Itza could have easily housed three or four million people.  They were highly advance in hydraulics.  Their art was so advanced that the Europeans and Spaniards thought they got it from China or Japan. All of it is gone.  

The Mayans were great astronomers.  Their calendar was so good the Spaniards borrowed it to correct their own calendar.  Their medicine was socialized.  I have argued for a very long time that the governments in the ancient Americas  were more democratic than ours is today.  They had emperors, but the emperors were elected.  It was not by heredity.  When an emperor died someone in his family did not succeed them.  A new emperor was elected.  I argue that the United States and other countries stole their democracy model and used it for their own.   

The Native Americans were very spiritual.  They have stories of escaping a flood that destroyed Lemuria.  They were brought to different parts of the Americas in ships.  They were taught everything from the gods and goddesses.  They preserved all of their history in what was called The House of Darkness.  They venerated the gods and goddesses.  The stories of gods like Kukulkan being the same as Jesus or stories of their gods going to King Solomons temple are just that, stories.  Made up by Christian priests.  The people in the Americas were a matriarch.  The Spaniards and Europeans were horrified by the spiritual ceremonies the Native Americans did.  Not because they were savage or terrible, but because they had the Goddess in their spirituality.  This kicked off the wholesale destruction of these people.  When are the women of this world going to understand that the divine feminine has no place in our modern culture.  Just mention the Goddess to someone and see what kind of look you get.   The only thing the Europeans and Spaniards could think was the devil was at work.  

The stories that the religion of the Native Americans is similar to Christianity is all lies.  It was either made up by the priests or the male Native Americans learned the beliefs of the outsiders and told them the religions were close so outsiders would stop killing and destroying.  What was very close to the European and Spaniards was the rituals of the secret societies.  The masons realized that the rituals were almost exact to their own.  I have showed in previous posts that the masons venerate the Goddess.  Everything you have been taught about in American history came through the censors of Spain and Europe.  

Everywhere in the Americas the serpent appears.   The serpent is all over the world.  The serpent to the Native Americas represented wisdom.  It was used in all their initiations.  The feathered serpent was a form of the phoenix.  Their temples were subterranean to represent the serpents hole.  Those who went into the temples passed through the same experiences that Egyptian initiates did.  The Popol Vuh has a complete story of what went on during the initiations.  It shows that part of the education of initiates was journeying into the wilderness.  This is why they have buildings by themselves out in the middle of jungle.   The initiate had to seek out these building to prove themselves.  This is how they obtained their totem or guardian spirit.  They had to prove they were worthy to bare the insignia of the serpent, but it also gave them the protecting wings of the bird of paradise.  After coming back the initiate was taught the history and lore from the wise ones.  They were taught in the sciences and arts of the day.  These initiates became the teachers in schools and universities or government leaders.  What made them different was that an initiate could be male or female.  

There are legends of these initiates having super natural abilities.  Legends of reading peoples minds, controlling the weather, healing the sick,  talking to animals, etc.  Most people would read this with fear and call them witches or witch doctors.  When the whole civilization believe this it just means the people were superior.  The Egyptians and Greeks believed the same thing with their leaders and priests.  I argue that the upper group of people understood science and used it to amaze the masses.  I know they knew advance science techniques because their cultures and societies were built with it.  

The initiates at these lone buildings in the  jungle had to pass horrible experiences.  They fought against monsters, had to survive when it appeared they couldn’t, they had to understand the supernatural, learn  to control their temptations and be courageous.  Finally once they passed their fantastical journey they were brought into these magnificent lone buildings and feasted, were blessed, given honor and recognition. It is the typical story of a person wondering through the underworld of ignorance to learn wisdom.  They were then given the secrets.   This is performed in all the ancient world.  I have said in other posts that these secret societies like the masons started in Lemuria or Atlantis.  When the floods came and people scattered they took the traditions with them.  These sacred rights were very similar around the world.  It all had to do with raising human consciousness.  

Why do all the rituals around the world have you going out into the wilderness or somewhere else alone?  Because everyone around you is always trying to tell you who you are.  They impose laws on you.  They reward your behavior.  They always call you by your birth name.  When you are around people you have to be in a state of ceaseless chatter.  If you want to find out who you were before you came here, who you really are, you must go off by yourself.  Go into the forest and stop talking, stop thinking and be absolutely alone.  Listen to the great silence.  Then if you are lucky you will recover from the illusion that you are just little me.  You attain the state of nirvana or relieved state.  You discover that what you really are does not have to survive because you are all that is.  The initiate then comes back to their tribe or society and contributes.  

The Native Americans surrounded themselves with philosophers and scholars.  The only reason why the Spaniards and Europeans  considered the Native Americans illiterate was because they couldn’t read or write in the European and Spanish languages.  To the Native Americans the Europeans and Spaniards were illiterate because they couldn’t read or write in any of the Native American languages.  Their governments ruled with spiritual harmony and balance.  That is what a matriarch does.  They had mystics, priests, priestesses, astrologers, seers and shaman.   The seers and astrologers accurately predicted the coming of the Europeans and Spaniards.  They warned the leaders to prepare themselves for evil.  

The Native Americans had a cult to Quetzalcoatl.  It could be compare to the cult of Dionysus or Thoth.  Quetzalcoatl was represented with a long robe of feathers.  He was a metal worker, a master architect, a mathematician, an artist, inventor, astronomer and astrologer.  Quetzalcoatl was the one who taught them how to build cities, bring water to their homes, how to build a sewer system, orient their buildings, bring light into the buildings with reflection of light off slanted walls, how to keep rain away from the foundation of their buildings with gutters,   how to build roads, etc.  Where did Quetzalcoatl come from?  He wore a masonic apron.  The masonic apron is noted in buildings all over Mexico, Central America and South America.   They also have the red hand.  What is an Irish symbol of the red hand doing in buildings in the Americas?  If you have read my work you understand how this can happen.  

The reason why there are so many Quetzalcoatl’s in history is because emperors and other leaders took his name because they loved him so much.   Just like the Egyptian Pharaohs took the name of their gods they loved.  In taking his name they used the symbol of the feathered serpent.  The pyramids in the Americas are said to only be 1200 to 1500 years ago, but the Mayan queen I spoke to said the pyramids are at least 10,000 years old.  The earliest records of the Mexicans show the pyramids were already prehistoric and they do not know who built them.  It is said the Gods made them.  Quetzalcoatl is the one who seeded in a cave with a greater mother and they created the awesome calendar system.  The Mayan Calendar will correctly identify any day of any year for hundreds of thousands of years.  

The Native Americans had three leaders for their tribes. The Chief, a secondary Chief who was a priest and then a head woman or Queen who normally was the Chief’s wife.  Nothing of importance was done until the Queen was consulted.  The males were to confront outsiders and would tell outsiders anything to get rid of them, but if you wanted the real knowledge you had to talk to the queen.  This is why the people of the U. S. and Canada know nothing about the Native Americans.  They are a patriarch society and are too stubborn to talk to the woman of the Native Americans.  The Queens were so sacred that every other tribe knew that if they hurt any Queen the Great Spirit would bring its wrath down on their tribe, nation or society.  

We take the Native Americans for granted.  They came from Lemuria and Atlantis.  The Seminoles have a clear record that they came from the land to the east.  The Americas had great copper mines.  Christopher Columbus wrote that he was actually looking for the lost lands of Atlantis.  Many of the Native Americans beliefs were very close the the Phoenicians. If you have read my Vikings post, you know the Vikings were originally Phoenicians.  It all goes back to Atlantis and Lemuria.  They talk about humans coming from underground after the great cataclysm.  If you have read Lemurian Magic you know exactly what is going on here.  The Native American history is very clear on this.  

The descent of the Native Americans followed the mothers side.  This is the exact same teaching of ancient Egypt.  The bloodline runs through the female.  Even the tribes that moved around a lot obeyed this rule.  The tribes considered rule of descent.  All the tribes worked together within.  The governments were more like a parental government.  The mother was the great ruler.  The tribes had rules that you had to marry outside of your tribe or from a different mother ruler.  They were great story tellers.  The stories were their history and traditions.  These stories bound them together.  The young were taught to respect the histories and traditions because they were true.  Not made up like in western life.  The young wanted to preserve the histories and traditions.  They were proud to be part of their tribe and a defender of their people.  

The Thunderbird of the Native Americans is the Phoenix of the rest of the world.  It was a symbol of spiritual government.  The medicine priests always wore clothing that combined male and female attributes.  They represented  androgynous beings.  All priests in the western world wear dresses but they want you to think it’s a robe.  The Native Americans told their people the medicine priests were representing androgyny.  This was to show the unification of male and female but it also shows the history of this world.  The first race was androgynous!  You are not supposed to know this!  It will open Pandora’s box

We are told the Native Americans did not have agriculture, yet in the fairy tale of the pilgrims it shows how the Native Americans taught them how to grow certain things.  When are we going to learn that all of Native American history is a lie?!  They were hunters but never killed for sport.  They always thanked the spirit of the animal for the food he and his people were about to receive.  The tribal laws were very wise.  The elderly, women and children always ate first.  What was left was divided equally among the men.  

The Native Americans saw the world has one big long house.  Everyone in the world belonged to the same family and lived in this long house.  It was everyones responsibility to keep the peace.  The long house was the place where all tribes and nations leaders met to make the laws of the nations and tribes.  The women did not attend these meetings but it was the women who chose who would go to the meetings to represent their tribe or nation.  No one could be a leader unless they were selected or elected by women.  The women also made it to where no leader who went to these meetings could vote for anything for his own tribe or nation.  This kept the leaders from being selfish and giving advantage to his own people.  This is a matriarch!!!!!   A matriarch rids itself of selfishness.  

During these leader meetings everyone had their say, but unkind words were not allowed. They could not tell others what was wrong with them, he could only say what he thought was right and necessary.  They could not say they were better than others.  Only what he proposed.  After the meetings everyone went back to their tribe or nation and continued with their life and responsibilities.  There were no people more honorable than Native American leaders.  The Native Americans has what they called a peace belt.  It was the very first passport.  It enabled them to travel anywhere.  As long as they had the peace belt in their possession  they were left alone.  

The Native Americans lived close to nature.  Their spirituality was based on observation not indoctrination.  The had a deep friendship with the Earth, Nature and all life.  They respected all life and knew everything was alive and divine.  Sand paintings were a type of meditation.  They were the same as Mandalas.  The pictures had special meanings.  It was their own inner life.  Voices spoke to their spiritual leaders.  They knew how to quiet their minds in order to hear the voices of Nature, the Great Spirit or ancestors.  Most Native Americans had no wish for authority or wealth.  They were very intellectual with the integrity of an innocent child. They were not dogmatic.  They knew reality was instinctive.  

Native Americans did not fear death.  They even had a death song they would sing on their death bed. The song was life over everything else.  Truth over error.  It was about going forth into immortality.  The Native Americans lived and died fearlessly.  They knew they were part of something eternal.  They lived in truth.  Fear comes from falsehood.  They dealt in magic.  The power of the mind over circumstances of existence.  They were an enlightened race.  They had mazes in their artwork and pottery.  They maze represented the house of  initiation.  The individual must find his way through crooked paths and dead ends until they find the way home.  The medicine priest would accompany a good person in the afterlife.  They would go sit together with their ancestors in the great lodge with the wisest spiritual leaders of the world. This is exactly like the Druids in Ireland.  The Druid’s mystic would go with the person in to the other life too.  There was no hell or punishment,  They simply went on to a better life.  

They used herbs of vision.  It helped the individual look within.  All ancient civilizations did this.  It did not effect their minds like drugs do today.  These herbs simply magnified what was there.  If a good person took the herbs it magnified what was in their inner self.  The reason why drugs effect people they way they do today is because it magnifies fear, lies and the broken person who is already within.  The Native Americans lived in truth.  Their herbs magnified truth.  It does not mean that they had easy lives.  They accepted their lives without resentment.  They worked their tale off for their way of life.  If you did not pull your weight you were on your own.  They lived the way Nature intended us to live.  There was no hate in their way of life. Most only took the herb once to receive a message or vision for them and them only and never wanted to take the herb again.  Drug habits take hold of a person who can not take hold of themself.  Today we only live for the gratification of our wants.  

The time has come that the simple wholesome values of the Native Americans must come back.  Their values of life are far superior than our own.  Every individual looked within.  We all have the great path inside us, but we must be able to express what is inside out.  Our false way of life has become natural to us.  We have become the victim of the lack of insight.  We have forgotten that Nature has laws that can not be broken.  These laws can not be forced upon us, we must voluntarily accept them.  The Native Americans understood that a person must find their own  way.  Each person has a destiny but to find that destiny you must look in.  Quieting the mind will help us hear the spirits.  The Native Americans understood these spirits are everywhere.  They knew the eternal is with us, within us and around us at all times, but we will never find the superior when we are satisfied being inferior.  Allow the beauty of life and  truth be what Nature intended it to be.    

15 thoughts on “Native American History”

  1. The South American Indian Mayans? practised child sacrifice.
    You could be right on the Bering Straight.

    The Turehu people arrived in New Zealand. The Waitaha followed later. Way before the recent Polynesian arrival.
    They both originated from Persia, Mediterranean.
    The Turehu came by a more direct route. The Waitaha via South America.
    The Waitaha fled South America to escape violence, torture and sacrifice.
    These stories have been handed down and are recorded.

    The true history of New Zealand is a fascinating subject.

    (A lot of ‘T’s’ there. To bad. Another one.)


    1. Child sacrifice is one huge lie. The Christian priests took the ceremonies of coming of age for children as sacrificing them. Everything was symbolic, like giving your heart and body to the tribe or nation. The Christians took it literally just like they take their own book literally.

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  2. History is a lie. I couldn’t agree more. White men are still lying and writing things down as if what they say has a grain of truth in it. I does not. It never did. They are liars in every sense of the word. Excellent post.

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  3. In my previous comment I mentioned the Persians leaving Persia.They were blonde.
    The blonde is in the Americas today.
    They came from Persia via Sth America to NZ as the Waitaha.
    It Is in Waitaha folk lore/history they fled the Americas to escape violence.
    The Turehu then the Waitaha came to New Zealand.
    1,000 ? years later and in relatively recent times the Polynesian arrived in groups.
    In amongst the Polynesian arrivals the cannibals arrived. It is claimed they also entered Australia.
    I am not saying that everything in the Americas was bad.


  4. Brilliant, history is a written lie, we don’t know our true roots and this is an existential pain for many of us I believe. Thanks for writing this, brilliant. Reposted on DiosRaw {}. ♥️

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