Hermetically Sealed

Thoth, who is Hermes, is the one who gave us the Hermetics.  Check out my post Hermetic Philosophy to understand it.  Thoth was a master architect and is said to have written most if not all the ancient books in Egypt.   We use the term hermetically sealed today without really understanding what it means.  We think its is to just close something and seal it shut.  As you will see its much more.  

The hermetics talk about all existing things being locked with in a container.  They are hermetically sealed. Our  solar system is sealed in a container.  Our planet Earth is sealed in a container.   Humans are sealed in a container.  This container locks all things into its own nature.  This makes it so the thing locked in the container has to save itself.  Every problem has a solution within it.  Solutions don’t come from the outside.  They come from inside.  This is one of the things the Ouroboros is trying to tell us.  The serpent by eating its tail is feeding itself.  Existence has nothing to feed upon but itself.  Homers chain is a golden chain that links the material world to the divine world of Mount Olympus.  It has a series of links.  The links are levels of consciousness.   

Our food chain is an example of what this is telling us.  Life feeding off of life.  Life sustains itself from itself.  There is a balance of nature.  Nature continually sustains itself.  All forms of knowledge nourishes itself from itself.  When you learn something it becomes the basis of something else.  New knowledge is informed from the old knowledge.  Everything is living upon its own processes.  These processes are locked within a hermetic vessel.  All the powers and forces that make up our planet are sealed in.  Everything that we see and have is internally generated from with in our planet.  

Alchemy is divine chemistry.  The force of the divine must be understood before any question relating to knowledge can be known.  Im not taking about a God or Goddess.  That is how we humans try to understand the divine.  Im talking about the divine force or power itself.  Unless its understood we do not have wisdom.  Science can give us all sorts of material information about the world around us.  NASA gives us information about the planets around us. With all the material information we are no further than we were thousands of years ago.  What is life?  What is consciousness?  What is energy?  We may learn its uses, but the forces that give us life, consciousness and energy are locked in this divine.  If we really want to learn we need an entirely different approach.  

We all are outside of the gates of knowledge.  We are looking for answers and all we find is more questions.  The ancients used Homers chain to explain how heaven and earth were bound.  The golden chain was the pure principal of life itself.   All elements have a base condition or a pure condition.  Humans are composed of elements.  These elements are either in their base condition or purified condition.  We also have minds.  Our minds are either a material mind or a purified regenerated mind.  Our emotions go through processes as we try to refine them.  The more refined our emotions get the better we can understand ourselves.  

Today everyone is looking for answers outside themselves.  They attend classes, join groups, watch videos, read books, listen to podcasts, etc.   They do all this thinking they will get the answers they are looking for.  Your answer lies within.  You are hermetically sealed in your container.  Everything you need is locked in that container with you.  All things arise within. You have the seeds within you.  By making the seeds grow you can get closer and closer to the divine in yourself.  You are the Tree of Life.  Within you is the tree of knowledge and wisdom. The seed is in every person.  Be the gardener of your own spirit.  Most spirits have been neglected for so long that is has been run over with weeds and needs watering.  The weeds being everything that is false.  

When physics is properly understood we will not need metaphysics.  Our physics is a diluted aspect of science.  No physics and can be perfected unless the physicist looks within himself and releases the power to understand.  The physicist can only understand physics as an experience within themself.  The transformation of knowledge needs a deeper fuller dimension of knowledge. An artists is dependent on the techniques they learn.  A true artists will use the techniques to release something within themselves.  If the artists has nothing within then the techniques are worthless.  Everything depends on the internal power of the person.  

Homer’s chain and Jacob’s ladder are not ascending into space.  They represent ascending in the self.  The steps of transformation that are necessary to transform yourself into divinity.  If we can transform our base substance into a conscious gold, we create a universal medicine for ourselves.  This is what Alchemist has always showed.  The growth of the individual can transform society as a whole.  It can transform all our corrupt institutions of the world.  To clarify, purify and beautify oneself will make all the arts and sciences clarified, purified and beautiful.  This is the only way our world can achieve its full potential.  As these institutions ascend they will swallow up the worms of imperfection and it will cast off the things that are inadequate.  

Our bodies have their own political system.  This political system can be corrupted just like the political systems of the world.  We as humans seek special attention.  We can bribe ourselves.  We are subjected to people outside of us trying to take over ourselves.  We seek to find maturity but there are elements within us that wish us to be enslaved.  Here is a big secret…We can never be enslaved by an outer power unless we first enslave ourselves.  We are a microcosm of everything that concerns humans.  

Alexander the Great opened the tomb that was supposed to that of Thoth or Hermes.  When he opened it he found only an emerald.  Engraved on this emerald was one of the most wises sayings every to be spoken…

“That which has been will be.  That which is true of the greatest is true of the least. All things are similar in pattern differing only in magnitude. Whatever exists in space is like that which exists below.  Everything which exists below is like that to which exists above.  The macrocosm and the microcosm are tied together by indissoluble sympathies that can never be broken.”

Everything has a hermetic sealed vessel.  In all of these vessels or bottles is a miniature solar system.  Every solar system has within it energies and forces for everything we need.  We are a solar system.  Everything that is outside of us is reflected in us.  Every question that happens on the outside can be answered from within us. When you look for questions look outside of you, but when you look for answers look within.  All answers are give from the divine force that flows through us.  Everything is part of a single great pattern and its all guided by the laws of Nature.  

You can’t expect things to come to you quickly.   You can’t take an answer that someone else gives you until you make it part of your consciousness.  You may accept it intellectually, but it has no vital purpose.  Thoth wrote, “Observe the outside and use it for stimulation on the inside”.     Each human is completely isolated.  You can not trade places with anyone else or anything else.  We may have an understanding or share ideas, but we can not be anyone but ourself.  Everything you do is all to make you a separate being.  The secret is to understand we are all from the same divine force, just experiencing everything separately.  We just need to raise our consciousness. We should be looking to free our spirit.  To release it from bondage of everything else that exists.  Our spirit should be free to be itself.  Once we do this we can let it help our world.  It is in the spirit or soul that essential wisdom exists.  In our spirit is true love.  It has integrity.  All that we lack is from the lack of spirit maturity.  

To the ancients the place where the Gods and Goddesses lived was in themselves.  In their own hermetically sealed bottle.  Everything must be solved within this bottle.  All things had to come from within themselves.  You have a nutritional relationship with earth.  A electromagnetic relationship with the sun.  A magnetic relationship with the moon.  All the energies out there must be used by you to perfect yourself.  Everything that is necessary for you is there.  It has always been there and it will always be there for you. It is just a matter of whether you use it or not.  You must transcend the physical part of yourself.  Get to the point where you have an experience with creation itself.   Then you will see reality.  You will have glimpses of synchronicity.  Then you will have faith in yourself.  

Your aura encloses you.  If you properly maintain it then it will protect you.  Once it’s depleted it allows death in.  We don’t find the purpose of life from education or awards.  We have to grow. Some ancients planted trees over the top of a buried love one.  That way their body gave nutrients to that tree.  Plants gave us nutrients our entire life so they were repaying nature with a gift upon their death.  Life depends on life.  Nature has set this up.  Nature does this so separate things can remain separate until they earn the right to have a union with her and all the rest of life.  Everything is growth.  Every form of life is growing.  Each form of life is a link in the chain. 

When your seed burst forth and you sprout the sun within then you will have your own solar system.   You will become the center of life.  Your inner light will give life to others.  All incidents of life are regenerations of life.  We must experience life psychologically the way a chemists experiences things in his laboratory.  That is alchemy.  Reach the point where the chemistry takes place within yourself.  We are all working with some level of power within us.  Gold to the alchemist was their own perfection and purity.  Gold to the ancients was immortal.  It could not be tarnished or decayed.  To them it was the symbol of eternal light, life and truth.  It is all about transformation within.  They wanted to heal the illness of humans.  That illness is imperfection. The child must grow up, but this world does what it can to keep us from growing.  In our own way we must grow or climb to the Gods and Goddesses.  It’s all with in us.   Hermetically sealed and waiting for us to use it.  

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    1. That is exactly what Alchemy is all about! Finding the place to make the Gold not making the medal itself. Turning yourself and life into Gold. Thanks, Sunshamar for another great comment. I always enjoy your insights. 😊


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