Rites of the Goddess

The Sacred Feminine is the mysteries.   She is the Great Mother.  The mother of the mysteries.  Her secrets have been guarded generation after generation. There have been initiations and tests to prove one is worthy to hear her secrets.  Humans are born from their mother and leave for a short period of time.  In this short period of time, which is this life, one of the things we can hope for is that by some wonderful  reality while we are still alive we can die and be born again.  When you are born again you are born from the womb of the mysteries of the Sacred Feminine.  The Sacred Feminine is forever bearing her children yet forever a virgin.  

The word city comes from the word “cteis” and means vagina.  When the ancients built a temple they built a city around it.  If the temple was for a male God the city was his consort or wife and he was to do everything for his city.  If the temple was for a Goddess the city was for her and represented her.  No burials were done inside a city because cities were sacred.  Cities were the Goddess with all her children in it.  The ancients would not put rotting bodies within the Goddess and defile her.  Archeologists have it all wrong.  If you find remains in an ancient place that is when it ceased to be sacred.  Christian not only put cemeteries in cities but they put them right next to churches. All for money.  To the patriarchy the feminine is not sacred. To the ancients the remains of their ancestors is what was sacred not a burial place.  

The Goddess was the eternal wisdom principal and cities were her institutions in the world.  The cities were governed by theocracies.  Cities were built up with magnificent institutions and organizations for adoration of the Gods and Goddesses.  The city and everything in it was the Goddess herself.  This is why the ancient cities are so spectacular.  The ancients understood spirit is feminine and their soul or spirit was put into matter to ascend out from its complications and mysteries. Their spirit would rise from their own mortality and like a sphinx it would guard the gates of wisdom.  The soul or spirit of the people redeemed out of body and purified from the body would make the city whole and it would be the holy city. The cities were sacred cities because they were the Goddess herself!   Now take this knowledge I just showed you and ask yourself why they would let cities around the world be destroyed in the last year by the ignorant masses.  In the ancient world every last one of them would be put on trial and most put to death for trying to destroy the Goddess.  

Heroes in this world are soul beings.  They are the ones who have found the sacred feminine within and they have built a temple for her.   Finding her the person has the breath of life breathed into them and they become a living being.  This living being is the psychic entity of their spirit.  This is why all secret society initiations happen in dark chambers.  The dark chamber represents the “holy of holies” or the female womb.  Mine was done in an igloo type structure in the jungles of Mexico by a Mayan Queen.  The igloo was the womb and birth canal.  When you return to the womb for a second birth something happens.  It’s hard to explain but the truth behind the world is revealed.  My spirit stirred in its sleep, awoke and remembered the long road it had come.  My spirit had realize the reason for its own journey.  It brings your memory back.  I was not hypnotized or drugged.  The answer lies in the ritual to the Goddess.  These are very ancient.  My mind opened like a flower and bared its fruit.  My spirt burst forth in joy to embrace its own likeness.  It unlocked the sleeping memories that were locked within.  I was brought out of my own sleep.  My spirit was revived.  I was brought out of the igloo and stood in the presents of the glorious Mother while the rain poured down in the jungle.  It revived my intuitive power and inspiration.  These rites to the Goddess are not just drama.  It awakens something subliminal and sublime.  When you are in her presents it brings great devotion and humility.  In the ritual I was a small child who knew nothing.  Coming out of the womb standing in her presents I could see.  

Todays world is built to keep you from looking in or seeing the Goddess.  The world emphasizes materialism and there is no sheer beauty or goodness.  In the rites you enter a different world that represents your inner world.  In the rebirth of your own inner life you must be your own father and own mother.  This is why Matriarchs did not put up with the infantile ways of humans.  With all the infantile behavior going on today do you really believe they have true feminism in mind?  Do you really believe the leaders are looking out for you?   The Goddess detaches you from all materialistic things.  She puts you in a place full of beauty, love and nobility.  She introduces you to yourself.   You become articulate.  You become possessed by powers beyond your comprehension.  Moved by forces you can not resist, until your internal world bursts around you.  You find yourself transported from one world to another.  You become the living among the dead.  Here you face all the evils and darkness of your own psyche.  This is why I wrote, “ Are You Strong Enough for the Goddess?” 

After meeting her you see that divine is not scarce in this world.  The divine moves strangely in a sleep of waking.  The whole world becomes her temple.  Your consciousness changes completely.  Not because you choose to, but because you come face to face with Isis herself.  She comes to you from within yourself.  She introduces you to all the Gods and Goddesses.  They become like magical agents.  Drawing to themselves into the real principals and archetypes they represent.  The likeness of the God or Goddess is not separate from the God or Goddess.  A person can experience them in the likeness.  Those who accept the mysteries do not see the symbols as just imagery, but they see the substance or energies behind the symbols.  

In the rites of the Goddess have gone down into the great mystery.  You have returned to the womb of eternity.  You have been born again to the Great Mother.  You come forth out of the Mother of learning.  Not being taught by the mind alone, but being taught by the spirit of mystery.  You are the reborn one.  You are no longer a wise student.  You become divine.  Every door is open to you.  You are in this world but not of it.  You will live in this world like everyone else and you will leave this world one day.  But you live in a state of immortality.  You will understand that you can not die.  They are just new chapters to your immortal life.  You become a great soul or illumined soul.  You understand the Goddess is the mother of mysteries.  She is the guardian of all that is true, beautiful and good.  She is the soul and spirit itself.  The beloved of all nations.  She is the desire of all people.  That is true feminism!  In every human certain things must happen before they meet the Goddess.  The temple within must be built to house her. Sophia’s house of wisdom can never be destroyed.  Mysteries veil can never be lifted.  She weaves the mysterious fabric of destiny.  

Why did the ancients hold her with the highest admiration?  What was it that was so powerful that during its flourishing and flowering that it produced the greatest minds, hearts and spirits the world has ever known?  What was it that created the greatest architecture and structures the world has ever known and seen?  It was the discipline!  Only the pure of heart were introduced to her.  Only the dedicated could see her.  Only the ones who have achieved and attained were permitted to be in her presence.  She is earned, not bestowed!  What if every woman today took the stance that they are earned not bestowed?  How different would our world be?  This is the sacred feminine and we are too lazy to earn her!  Before you can meet her you must attain to a certain level of merit.  She is there for anyone willing to take responsibility for themselves.  You must earn the right to meet her!  If you seek truth you must prove it in yourself.  You can not enter her sanctuary with unclean hands and un-pure heart.  She does not save the sinners, but rewards the just.  If you seek her consultation you must bring something to the table. To know her you have to have “skin in the game”.  She does not want to hear you beg for what you want and continue to live the way you please.  She does not want you to hope for good things but do nothing in yourself.  She does not want you to live your hypocritical life and at the same time think you are justified by participating in a spiritual mystery.  

You must prepare yourself for her.  It takes wisdom and discipline.  She will see your credentials and  nature and know if you are honest, intelligent, integrated, courageous and dedicated to truth.    The mysteries of the Great Mother and Goddess are reserved for the individual who is willing to sacrifice all for her.  Her rites can not be experienced if the spirit is not ready.  The average person is burdened with a variety of pressures.  They are frustrated and incapable of the relaxation of a well ordered life.  Book learning will not help.  Allegiance to an organization will not help.  The only thing that will help is the reduction of our own psychic pressure.  You see why this world wants to keep the anxiety high?  We are heading into the Age of Aquarius!  All you see today is a refusal to give the Goddess the throne!  All the fighting, the infantile behavior, the anxiety,  the fake ego based feminism,  the so called science, the conspiracies, etc.  All to stop the sacred feminine.  

Our souls are burdened and it makes us unable to see our own true self and meet the Goddess.  The troubled spirit can not find its own heart.  We need to bring our spirit back to normalcy.  Back to the integrity of our true self.  This is the wisdom we have forgotten.  Because we have forgotten this it has brought the house of knowledge down with it.  You can only bring yourself to the Goddess.  If you are not true to yourself you will not see her.  You can’t be true if you are not integrated to yourself.  You can’t be wise if you are not at peace.  Until you accept this the Goddess will walk on by.  If you proceed unqualified the sphinx will turn you back.  

You do not need to be perfect.  You just need to be accepted by her.  Many will hear her call but very few will be willing to do the work she demands.  Learning is a remembering of that which you already know.  You must have a great desire to seek truth.  Have a longing to see the road your spirit already knows.  Meeting her gives you the wisdom and knowledge your spirit already possess.  She gives you the eyes to see and hear.  You will have a knowledge and wisdom that will be out of harmony in the world you live in.  I see myself as a misfit who may be a little early, but Im planting her seeds and starting the pathway to her throne.  Wherever there is gift of wanting to know the truth, then your spirit is telling you that in some other life you had passed through the gates of the Goddess.  You had received her in a previous life and you are seeking to remember.  You are hungry to learn more about her and have her in your life.  

The world is divided into two groups of people.  Those who have an urge to know.  They have a spiritual destiny to unlock what is inside them.  They want to learn so they can give.  I have wondered often if this urge is there because of a previous life experience with the Goddess.  The Goddess calling me back.  The other group of people is those who have no intention on disturbing their passive life.  They do not want discipline or want to seek the Goddess.  Comfort is all they care about.  The believe they are entitled to anything and everything.  No personal discipline or work required.  

We all have a spirit and a body. Between these two the mysterious interchange of energy and forces brings out what it means to be human.  The spirit is life moving onto matter and matter impregnated with life and releasing life from within itself.   When matter is impregnated with life, matter is brought into magnificent geometrical forms otherwise known as sacred geometry.  Everything is designed by consciousness.  Everywhere there is life or consciousness geometric forms are made.  Your spirit and consciousness is what formed you.  It molded your body and mind.  The purpose of the mysteries is to recognize the symbols of the universal soul.  The architects built temples and structures in certain ways because they belonged to the God or Goddess.  All the Gods and Goddesses were represented by geometrical solids.  The structure of the temples were based upon star patterns.  Just like your consciousness molds your body and mind the consciousness of the Universe molded these ancient temples.  Each temple had to be true the the God or Goddess it represented.  

The temples could not house the God or Goddess if its own dynamic was not in accordance with it.  In the same way a human can not hope to know a God or Goddess unless their consciousness was inline to be introduced to them.  The mysteries of the Goddess call to those who can hear and see her.   Meeting her you are going home.  You are going back to your own birth.  You return to her for a new birth in conformity with her.  There is a connection in your mind with the mind of the Universe.  Because your spirit is like the Universe’s spirit it can never be separate.  Things that are alike can never be separate in time or space.  Gradually you will educate yourself to express that which is internal.  Through the arts and sciences you will reveal beauty. When you do the inner work the inner beauty is immediately available it is up to you to figure out how to reveal it.  

This is the all returning to the all.  That which is like finding likeness.  Your spirit or soul being freed to the universe which it is part.  The mysteries of the spirit and the spirit of humans meet in these rites to the Goddess.  Your spirit will find its identity.  It will realize it’s been in exile and it found its way.  She is calling back all who have bound themselves to her before.  It is obvious the world is not ready for her, but those who are ready for her will be the leaders and teachers of the human race going into Aquarius.  Once your spirit aligns with the spirit of the Goddess they meet in union and can never ever be separated.  In the rites to the Goddess you will have that experience.  Whether you have a Queen put you through it or you go through it on your own,  the experience will become the memory of all memories.  It will be the memory of wisdom, truth and health.  Nothing in your life will effect you more than a union with the Goddess.  You will have the universe open up around you and within you, you will know things that only others can believe or wonder about, you will find security, peace and serenity.  

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