Our Minds Limit Science

Our ego mind is what limits us.  We are our own worst enemies.  We can’t be wrong.  We have to have others think like us.  The ego will get itself into trouble constantly.  Science is not immune to the ego.  In fact science is being run by one of the biggest ego trips ever in history.  Until we get science and the human race out of the ego, we will not advance.  

Science, like everything else, is tied to language.  It is impossible to do science without language.  Any limitations to language limits science.  Language is tricky and will trap us.  I have a hard time explaining the things I figure out in the subconscious because language has its limitations.  All of science hinges on language and categories.  

Language is not fixed and static.  Language is not just descriptive.  Language has a vast network of meanings.  Our language was constructed by our minds.  Every word has a different meaning to every other person. Every word comes with hidden subconscious baggage.  All words have assumptions built right in to them.  No ones reality is the same as any other person.  Science does not take this into account.  Our minds are entangled with language so our realities are entangled with language.  What comes first?  Reality?  Language?  Mind?  Has anyone really ever contemplated that?  

Language is just one way of understanding reality.  You can experience reality without language.  Most do not understand this because they can not quiet the mind.  Language augments reality.  I guarantee there is not one scientists who can shut the voice off in their head.  If they could there would be no dogmatism is science.  Language is how a culture approaches reality.  

Language is ego.  The word is how we stay in the ego mind.  The reason why science thinks language is how you describe reality is because they don’t know any other way.  The ancients had hieroglyphs because they would see reality without words.  Try to experience reality without one word coming into your mind.  Go on super intellectual scientists!   You can’t do it.  You don’t know how.  This is why you will never understand reality, nature, or the universe.  Words in your head mean you are in the masculine mindset.  You will never see the secrets of the sacred feminine!  You can’t even peak up her skirt our down her blouse!  Try it!  Just sit there quietly without one word, category or label coming into your mind.  If you ever do it then you will see the sacred feminine, but this world is too far gone for her.  This is what the ancients were trying to tell us, but we infantile humans took it as we had to cover up the female body.  

If science made their scientists figure this out and do this the world would change massively.  The limits of a scientist’s mind limit what they can achieve.  

Science is in the business of creating models for nature and reality.  Science mistakes its models for reality.  They over simplify nature and that is how they see reality.  No matter how good their model is the model never is reality or nature.  Yet they see the model as the ultimate or better than reality. Truth is in Nature not the model!   So many things in Nature can not be accessed through a model.  Science has thrown reality away and live in a world of models.  They forget reality even exists.  They don’t care about truth anymore.  They only care about keeping their models correct.  To scientists the map is the territory.  This is like using just a screw driver to fix your car.  Can you fix a car with just a screw driver?  No, it takes many tools. Of course scientist know nothing about fixing a car because they know nothing about the real world!  They might theoretically know how a car works, but they could never get one to run.  This is how all science is in everything.  They can put their theories out there from their models but put them in reality and they are simpletons!!!!!! This is who is running our world right now.  

Science wants to use only their methods and models.  If a scientists outside of the mainstream narrative tries to show them something new or different, science will tell them they are wrong.  It does not work in their old models or methods so it can not be true.  Science is not willing to open its mind to new methods.  Up and coming new science is showing that all of reality is electromagnetic.  Science screams “You are wrong!” because it can’t be proved with their old tired  materialistic methods and models.  The sun is not a nuclear reactor!!!! That is the only way a materialist can understand the sun.   To know the truth is not the hard part.  It is getting science to see it.  They are not open to seeing anything outside of their ego based materialistic models.  Close mindedness of science will be its downfall.  

Science puts an emphases on mathematics, chemistry, biology and physics and dismiss things like psychology or sociology.  Science will tell you it all goes back to atoms.  Atoms make up everything.  This is a lie.  This was made up by physicists to show they are superior.  Quantum physics says something totally different.  In order to understand the nonmaterial sciences it takes a wholistic, intuitive mind and to science that is pseudo science.  You can’t just say open space is empty and then try to explain it with neutrinos.  Science is too biased toward the material. If science was neutral they would not put one type of science over another.  They do not want to see everything as a vibration.  It is way too hard to comprehend.  

Science will say things like supernatural or paranormal because they can’t explain it materialistically.  It’s a mind game for you to quit questioning.  Our current paradigm forbids things in the paranormal and supernatural from existing.  X-ray, MRI, CT scans were all considered supernatural not long ago.  UFO’s are just now coming into sciences view.  They have always been considered paranormal or supernatural.  Just think if they would have opened their minds to it centuries ago, how far would we have advanced? Anything that science considers normal is just something that fits in their materialistic view.  

All of science is subjective.  It only exists in our minds.  You are the subject doing science. Science thinks it’s studying the objective.   They are wrong.  It’s all subjective.  There is no escaping subjectivity.  Reality is subjective.  That is how our consciousness works.  Science does not even understand consciousness.  This is a huge problem. Unless science changes it will never understand consciousness.  Science believes consciousness has nothing to do with reality.  They have it all wrong.  Consciousness is reality.  Consciousness is everything.  Consciousness is infinite.  You are consciousness.  There is no science without consciousness.  Thinking consciousness does not matter is low consciousness and that is why science is the way it is.  Low consciousness brings low results.  Change your consciousness and you change not only science but your entire reality.  Science is linked to the neurology of the human brain.  Science is not studying the laws of the material universe.  They are studying  the neurology of humans.  Change neurology and everything changes.  All the sciences are studying human neurology.  Science will never admit this.  They want to think they are studying the material world when in fact they are studying their own neurology.  

Science is being done within consciousness.  Science is trying to explain itself.  Which can’t be done.  Reality is all one.  We all have perceptions.  A scientists perception of science is just that, a perception.  Science is just thoughts.  Every thought is a perception.  As Alan Watts would say, “Its all an illusion”.  Science knows this!  They just won’t admit it.  I ask the reader to look how you explain reality.  Whatever you think is real, is real to you.  Everything is as real as you believe it to be.  Science is simply your imagination.  Hopefully science will one day figure that out.  Hopefully they will become conscious of it.  All of science, atoms, stars, time, space, trees, cars, everything is all from your imagination.  Looking at the night sky is looking into your mind.  Everything you see is in your mind.  As I show in my hermetic post, the All is mind.  All of your reality is in your imagination.  If your imagination is limited,  your reality is limited.    

What is so special about your ego state of consciousness?  There are thousands of different states of consciousness.  Most have only experienced a few of them.  You’re in a different state of consciousness when you sleep.  Same rules do not apply in your dreams as it does in the world you live in.  When you drink or take a drug you are in another state of consciousness.  When you have sex you are in a different state of consciousness.  Whatever state of consciousness you are in will be how you view your reality.   When you die you will be in a different state of consciousness.  I have shown for years how to raise your consciousness.  Turning within raises your consciousness.  Higher conscious states gives a higher reality.  

Reality is mysterious because consciousness is mysterious.  Science wants to demystify everything.  Our minds don’t like to not understand so we think we have to demystify everything.  We think that thru analysis and reduction we will know it all.  All of this is just assumptions and biases.  The most ground breaking science has happened with intuition.  

We always give religion a hard way to go for being wrong.  Science has been just as wrong as religion if not more wrong than religion, but it gets a pass on its mistakes.  When science makes a mistake, no matter how many people it hurts or kills, it gets swept under the rug.  When religion makes a mistake it gets held against it forever.  Yes the Bible is wacky, but find a two thousand year old text about science and it will be just as wacky.  Let’s  look at the pedophilia in religion.  It’s held against them.   How about the pedophilia in science?  Epstein had connections with scientists everywhere.  He even had a party for scientists on his island.  Why is that not held against science?!  Bill Gates connection with Epstein is just scratching the surface.  Science used to believe that washing hands was for crazy people.  Modern science and religion are as dumb as they have always  been.  They have changed and evolved, but the stupidity is still there.  Change will never come from within science.  It has to come from outside of science.  

Science thinks only religion has contradictions and not itself.  Science criticizes belief yet over 99% of science is belief.  Science criticizes religion for indoctorilnization and it appeals to authority yet all of science is indoctorilnization and it appeals to authority. Science claims to be independent of human culture yet science can only exists because of culture.  Science demands proof yet it can’t prove an external objective world, identity, death or object permanence.  Science can’t even prove its own foundation or methodology.  Science is supposed to be objective yet it is being performed by subjective, biased, greedy humans who are tribal, so it has nothing to do with objectivity or truth.  Science denies first person subjective phenomena yet science is a first person subjective phenomena.  Science is denying itself.  Science says consciousness is an illusion even though all of science is occurring in consciousness.   Science hates faith yet science has faith in its methods and logic.  Science claims to be objective yet it is political and bureaucratic.   Science claims to be open to change yet when errors are pointed out they demonize the person pointing it out.   Science is pragmatic yet it wants to be the ultimate truth.  Science says religion has killed millions of people yet science has killed more people than religion. When people die in the name of science it’s called progress.   I could go on and on.  All of this is ego mind!  

I would say that most of the worlds problems are brought about with science.  Who creates the weapons?  We want gun control.  Why not control science to quit making more and more weapons that can harm us?  Who created the nuclear bomb?  Who created the drugs people are overdosing on?  Who created the social media that everyone is arguing on?  Who created the technology that all these politicians and media use to divide us?  Who created the television that everyone wastes away watching?  Im not saying to stop technology.  Im saying to quit criticizing other views when yours are just as bad.  Look in the mirror!  Governments demand companies be responsible for things from cradle to grave, but they let science be irresponsible with their inventions.  Governments even protect science from being sued.  Everything in nature and reality is connected.  Scientists think they untouchable.  Even if one of their kids overdosed on a drug and shot themselves in the head they still would put the blame some where else, but if that same kid joined a religious cult and killed themselves for a belief they would blame religion.  

When you give powerful technology to infantile idiots they might blow up the world and your science will get blown up with it.  Science does not exist without culture.  A healthy population makes science exist.  Science can’t exist when people are brainwashed with propaganda and conspiracies.  It is all connected.  

Science is something to make sense of the world.   Science is a projection of the mind.  Science is invented in our mind.  It is a belief.  It’s a shared cultural web of belief.  Science is a branch of metaphysics.  One of many branches.  Science is trial and error.  We need to admit our errors.  Science is a collection of values and principals.  Science is an identity or world view.  It is a perspective.  Science is an ideology that denies its an ideology.  It is group think.  Science is a collective ego.  Science is a state of consciousness.  Science is experience or the investigation of experience.  Science is survival.  Science is stability.  It anchors are sense of reality.  Science is finite and limited.  Science manipulates reality. 

Science is not just done in labs.  You use science everyday.  Any problem you try to solve or plans you make is science.  The essence of science is the exploration of your perspective.  Stop thinking of science as something others do.  Everyone is a scientists.  Start consciously exploring your reality.  Understand your emotions and thoughts.  Understand your cravings.  Understand what motivates you, corrupts you or how something impacts your thoughts.  Thinking deeply is inner science.  Take control of your health, nutrition, emotions, beliefs, views, knowledge and reality. You must take responsibility for yourself.  You can’t just read it in a book or watch a video about it.  Self exploration is pure science.  Test yourself.  Experiment. You will be confused and lost at times, but the journey is what matters.  Your consciousness matters.  Inner work raises your consciousness.  

Understand how we humans work.  Our limitations make what we do limited.  Every human system is a byproduct of our minds.  It is when you break the chains of the mind that the real science starts.  There is a divine force and it has masculine and feminine built right in.  If you only use one you will know nothing.  You must use both all the time to learn the secrets.  The divine is infinite consciousness.  The universe is infinite in space and time.  There is no end to the micro and macro.  We don’t understand this because our minds are limited by just using the ego.  The universe is intelligent.  We have intelligence because the universe is intelligent.  Evolution is an intelligent process.  Understand how language limits you.  Try to understand that the ego is vulnerable to corruption.  Why do you think this world is so corrupt?  To help you understand what science really knows go out into a huge field that goes for miles. If all the grass in the field is infinite knowledge than one blade of grass is what modern science understands.  If we keep doing science the same way we will only know one blade of grass.  Bring the sacred feminine in and we will advance rapidly. 

Doing inner work will open the door for the sacred feminine.  We can not use a finite method to understand infinity.  Think Nikola Tesla.  Tesla is directly responsible for 80% of the technology we use today.  The world was not ready for him.  The old stale ego minds of science need to die off and younger more open minds need to come in for it to change.   Stop believing in science and make  your life your own science experiment.  The greatest science is the study of yourself.  

I will leave you with a quote from Nikola Tesla…

“The day science begins to study the non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than it did in all the previous centuries of existence.”  

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  1. I love your post that challenge the reader to introspect. This post I will read and re-read several times and then go back and read “The Observer Becomes the Observed.” Stay true. Keep riding the Serpent. Great work as always.

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