Deconstructing Science

I’m going to keep coming out swinging on science.  Science is the most delusional thing ever created by the mind of humans.  I have been contemplating science ever since I started reading ancient texts.  These texts not only teach you the truth about history, but they also teach the truth about our reality.  

This is going to take you deep.  This is for people who really care about understanding reality.  You must be careful how you interpret what Im going to say.  You have been taught a certain way and you have biases.  What I will reveal is threatening to your reality.  The esoteric is not for everyone.  Your entire identity is what science wants it to be.  How you view the world is what science wants it to be.  If you understand what Im going to show then your world may crumble just as bad as the world of the people who have read my posts on Jesus and all the Old Testament characters.  It’s time to bring down the religion of science.  If you really believed in science or make a career out of it you are really going to hate me.  But just like the religious people had their eyes opened with my other posts and thanked me, maybe you will come around too.  

I’m asking you to have an openness that has not been seen since the days of Lemuria.  Your mind will try to shut me down and you will get triggered.  What Im showing is not beliefs or ideologies.  It comes straight out of ancient texts that was taught to the leaders of the ancient world.  Science has done many good things for us.  I will leave that to you to see the obvious.  I’m pointing out what is not seen.  If we want to take science to its next level or you want to get to a whole new institution that will take you to levels unimaginable, then you must be shown sciences limitations.  I have so much to show you that it will take me a few posts, so you don’t get weary of the information.  

Most scientist or intellectuals will never understand what Im going to show.  They are stuck in the ego mind.  Science like the Catholic inquisition has done everything in its power to be the authority in our society.  I will be called anti science which is just todays word for heretic.  I have always been great in science and math.  My mind works differently than most others.  What I realized is science is full of corruption and mistakes just like the religions of old.  It is full of dogma just like religions and I am anti dogma.  Science is full of inconstancies, contradictions and limits.   It is not the all powerful institution that it makes people think it is.  Anyone who questions the mainstream narrative is kicked out and can never work again in any institution who agrees with science.  This is exactly how it maintains its corrupt state.  

Science can be criticized with religion or wisdom.  Just like religion science is entangled in our societies and cultures.   People think you are either pro religion or pro science and that you have to be one or the other.  Religious people will attack science because it goes against their ideologies, emotional attachments, biases, and spiritual beliefs.  Science contradicts old traditional world views.  It’s obvious that these are critiques from religion.  What you need to open you mind to is science can be criticized by wisdom.  Wisdom is not trying take the world back to the stone age.  Wisdom does not want us to believe in dogma and nonsense.  Wisdom sees the value science has in the world, but it knows science is far from perfect.  There are many things in reality science can not understand and never will.  This criticism of science will be rational yet much more.  This critique of science will come from a balanced mind.  

The big problem with science is that when it is being challenged it thinks it’s coming from the religious mind.  I have people telling me to leave science alone it has done so much for us.  To them I say that Im not saying to not use science, but if we want to advance as a race we must see the dead end science is taking us down.  Everywhere in history we can see that when institutions have gotten authoritative they neared the end.  Science is one thing and truth is another.  Sometimes science gives us truth and other times it does not.  But most science followers think science and truth are one and the same.  My loyalty lies with truth.  Science does not give truth it gives stability.  

There are countless times in history that science has been wrong and the outcomes were horrendous.   Science has deceived which shows that science is not in line with truth.  If you are loyal to science and not truth then you will be deceived into defending science thinking its truth when it’s not.  Because we want our thoughts validated we are going to keep veering away from truth into delusion just like religious zealots.  Just like religion science will not admit its faults.  If you loved science you would question it.  Truth is not a fad.  Truth stands up to all questioning and criticizing.  If it didn’t it would not be the truth.  So why is science so afraid of criticizing and questioning?  

In the past humans used religion so the world made sense to them.  As religion loses it hold on the minds of the world science is jumping in to take its place.  People are using science to make sense of the world and their reality.  Humans hate options and making decisions, so science is taking the options away and saying they are truth.  All of this is because humans are in the ego mind set.   If science is wrong and you just go along with it then you have a reality that is wrong.  Belief in science keeps you from understanding reality.  

It is easy to see the foolishness of religion.  Science is not so easy because it gives you all sorts of toys and instruments to keep your mind occupied.  The greatest deceptions are lies given to you as truths.  The success of science has inflated our egos so much that we think we understand reality way more than we actually do.  We think science has it all almost figured out when it truth science has less than five percent of reality figured out.  There is so much about reality we don’t understand and science, as it is right now, will keep us from understanding.  Science could actually follow in the spirit of science and change.   It does not have to keep going down this path, but as it gets more authoritative it gets closer to the end.  Science has become a bunch of hypocrites.  

I try to teach my readers to balance their minds.  If your mind is infected by materialist science then you are still in the ego.  The whole reason why the human race may never inhabit another planet is because our minds our exactly the way they were 2000 years ago.  Just infected by a different institution.  We have not matured a bit.  The world view of science denies love and consciousness.  

One of the biggest illusions of science is that if people see someone involved in a scientific field then they think that person must completely understand science.  Wrong.  I have met some of the so called smartest people in science and they are just trying to prove whatever the narrative is.  Does not matter whether the narrative is truth or not.  Keeping the narrative keeps the money coming in.  I liken it to priests in religion.  None of them know the truth.  They really believe they are telling the truth, but they are not.  Making people feel good keeps the money coming in.  Scientists truly do not understand finding the truth in science, but they will fight to the death for their dogmatic views.  Most people in science have not even thought what is science.  They just do it for the money.  If you want to understand science you need to step outside of science.  If you do it within science it just gives you the self reflection feed back loop.  

I have had some scientists and intellectuals that have totally agreed with my on all they things I have brought out about religion.  They said it was helping to bring the lies to an end, but as soon as I show the lies of science, Im dropped like a leper.  All I have to say is, “If you weren’t smart enough to find the truth out in religion then what makes you think you are smart enough to find the truth out in science”?  “Or are you just too lazy to find the truth?!  You must love wisdom in order to find the truth.  If you really want to push the borders of your field, do ground breaking science and make revolutionary discoveries you need to bring philosophy into science.  Philosophy will allow you to think outside the box of the field you are in.  

Im not disputing the facts and truths that science has made.  Science has done great things.  What I am disputing is interpretations, assumptions, the context, the paradigms, and methodologies.  I am also disputing the entire sense of science.  Science has lost common sense.  If science was just about measuring Nature then I would not have a leg to stand on.  Science has meanings to the masses which is totally different than the profession and academics who are professionals in science.  The professionals understand science a hell of a lot better than the masses, but there still  are problems.   

Let’s get into the ignorant masses version of science.  I call it pop science.  Atheists, media and many celebrities are in this group.  This group thinks you have the scientific and rational way of looking at the world or the religious, new age and irrational way of looking at the world.  They believe if you are rational and truthful you are in the scientific view and if you are not then you believe all the fairy tale, woo woo stuff.  They think logic will defeat all the hocus pocus stuff every time.  This battle is all over the cultures and societies of the world.  Pop science thinks you are rational or irrational.  That’s their dogma.  It is not that simple.  They put science on a pedestal.  Pop science thinks science is how we get to the ultimate truth.  If we can just get the irrational people to think rationally and get rid of all the gods and goddesses that would solve all the world’s problems.  Science is the best that we can do.  This is exactly what every religion thinks about all other religions.  Pop science is just a religion without a god or goddess.  It will never work.

Pop science is an ideology.  It lionizes science.  Because pop science is your truth when something is against it you become triggered.  You are committed to defending science to the death.  Just like all zealots.  The ego mind will defend to the death what it thinks is true.  Me and my true secret society friends know that pop science is just another interpretation of what all other religions are trying to interpret.  They are just taking the divine out of it because they think they are too smart for the divine.  We need to understand that culture is what creates scientist in the same way they create priests.  Scientists are not born they are created by culture.  In turn scientists then contribute to creating and changing culture.  It’s a self feed back loop.  Culture creates scientist and scientists create culture.  So pop science  is in the foundation of all our professional scientists.  

Pop science thinks science is just a collection of facts.    They think science equals truth. They also think there is a clear boundary between pop science and religion.  They think science is not an ideology.  Pop science thinks science is not based on belief or authority.  They think science can not be controlled by the ego. Pop science thinks that science is subjective and unbiased.  They think that if something is true it can be proven by science.   Pop science thinks reason and rationality are only in science and not in religions.  They also think reason and logic are objectively true.   They think scientific method is the absolute truth.   Here is a big one, pop science thinks all scientist agree.  They really believe science does not make errors.    Pop science thinks that science wants to correct itself.  They think science is immune to self deception and psychological, historical and cultural forces.    Pop science thinks science seeks truth.   They think science proves the existence of an objective, external material reality.  Pop science thinks proof is not relativistic.  They think science has no contradictions.   The last one I will point out is they think science is not corruptible.  All of these are false.   You see these misconceptions all over social media, universities, media and professions.  All the people that the masses think are scientists are mostly lap poodles.  

What is science?  Really think about that.  Not many know what science really is.  If you think you have science figured out then it is a dogma.  You will defend your beliefs.  You must seriously contemplate what science is.  Our culture does not want us to question and much less wants us to question science.  How do you know that science is valid?  I know science has brought us a lot of things, but moving us into a technological age is not truth.  It is manipulating reality.  Success is not science.  Science is full of errors in history.  If it made a bunch of mistakes in the past how can you be sure it’s not making errors right now?  The human mind is designed to be fooled.  It is built right into our DNA.   The human race has never validated science as a method.  It can’t be done.  It is impossible.  

Where did science come from?  We have forgotten our history and had to start civilization all over again a few times.  Science does not want to except this view, so let’s just say an ape turned into a man and this ignorant human was running around trying to figure things out.  So science came from ignorant humans who were ignorant apes.  You don’t see religion in apes. Some ignorant human invented science with this view.  How did the first human distinguish between what was true and what wasn’t.  Tell me Freudians!  With this view we are all just developed apes on a rock floating in space!!!!  Did this developed ape use science to show what was wrong or right?! If he just figured it out in his primitive mind how is it science?!  How did this human know what was valid reason and not valid reason?  Was this first human self evident?  What about another ape human thing that is just as ignorant and he developed his own method?  Is he more correct than the other ape human thing?  Did the scientific method come from an over developed ape?  Do you see what the problem is here?  Could science be wrong from the very beginning?  How does knowledge come from complete ignorance?  

What is science really trying to do?  Science should be the pursuit of knowledge.  We know very little about Nature and the Universe.  Science is about finding the truth in Nature and the Universe.  We think science is about building technology and manipulating reality.  We only want science to be about physical reality.  With this thinking we leave out all kinds of truths.  A true scientists is interested in what is true in Nature.  They do not judge.  They are interested in all that is true.  They will not exclude the full possibilities of truth.  If a scientist wants knowledge then what are all the ways to pursue knowledge?  Has any scientist ask themselves this question?  If you want the truth sometimes you have to step outside of science.  Is your definition of science the same as someone else’s definition?  

In truth all religions around the world were considered science in their day.  The ancients had priests, shamans, chiefs, advisors, witches, wizards, mystics, etc.  All were the scientists of their day.  They sampled plants and herbs to see what healed or what made food better.  These plants and herbs became a staple in their societies.  Is our modern scientist no more than a witch doctor?  Is the experiments of these witches, wizards, alchemist, shamans, etc. science?  Todays scientists do not want to admit these all were science because they do not want to be associated with them.  If you can’t admit that these were all scientists then our science today is artificial.   In truth science is what ever the culture says it is.  Science is not objective.  Todays science wants money not truth, so they will not admit that shamans or witches were science.  The ancient people never were dogmatic about their discoveries.  That is until patriarchy took over the religions.  They just figured that a god or goddess gave them the plant or herb.  This was how they made sense of the world.  

You can take facts and imbed them in any type of belief system you want.  The ancients saw it as the gods and goddesses helping.  It is just imbedded in secular science today.  Science is a patriarch religion without the deities.  Witchcraft was used in the past like chemistry is today.  How is witchcraft not a science?  Do you even know a witch?  Have you ever done witchcraft?  Denying it is just prejudice and bias.  What if witchcraft is science?  Who told you it wasn’t?  Saying witchcraft is not science is a belief.  Is quantum physics science?  Have you ever performed quantum physics experiments?  Everything you believe is science was told to you it is science.  You can only validate it yourself, make it up yourself or have your culture tell you what is.  Validating methods is difficult so we just take the word of others.  I know several witches and see them as more scientific than the scientist of today.   

Da Vinci, Galileo and Bruno all did observations in science.  They went to the colleagues of their time and told them what they saw.   All their colleagues were religious and told them they were crazy.  All of them said see for yourself.  No scientist wanted to be proved wrong so they said these three were wrong and if they saw anything different it was the work of the devil.  They condemn the three of them and said they were doing the devils work.  This shows you how the human mind can deny anything.  Anything outside of our world view will be denied.  Science was created in the ego mind.  Anything the ego mind sees as truth is the ultimate truth.  

Is history science?  Is history told by the winners of war?  All the pop science people are screaming history is a lie.  How can you say history is a lie and not science?  Truth is history and science are politicized.  Is detective work science?  If you defund the police then why not defund science?  Is DNA evidence not gotten by science?  If scientific police can’t always get it right then why do regular scientists always get it right?  Should we defund all science for not always being right?  You may say the police get violent on innocent people when the police scientists are wrong.  What do you think is going on today?  Innocent people are being destroyed with the pop science.  The Nazi’s had scientists telling them everything they believed including the lie of a master race!  How violent did it get then?! Is weather science?  How often is weather predictors wrong?  

There is never just one way to get to the truth.  If you think that you are fooling yourself.  Modern science thinks their way is the only way.   All knowledge is relativistic.  Can you understand an animal more by observing it or studying its cells?  Are we just the cells we are made of or is there more to humans?  It is all relative.  Modern science has no spirit.  We need to let Nature tell us how it works instead of us telling Nature how it should work.  Nature keeps surprising us.  We will make mistakes, but we need to admit our mistakes instead of hiding it.  Scientists will not admit when they are wrong.  As we open new doors to previously locked areas of Nature we will need new ways of studying these domains.  If we use old ways to try to measure new domains then we will not see the new domains.  The old ways do not work.  But when someone tries to show science a new way they do not want to listen.  This is all egotism.  

We have lost that science is developing as we are learning.  Modern science is full of prejudices, biases and wrong theories.  

Modern scientists are not open minded or neutral.  They hold a materialist, realist, objectivist metaphysics.  They are not willing to let go of dogma.  Which is exactly what religion does.  The contradiction of science is that scientists have blind faith in science.  If you use science to validate science then you are no better than a religious person using religion to validate religion.  It is all the same circular logic.  If there is any mistake in your methods to validate your method then you are doubling down on the mistake.  You must use something outside of what you are trying to prove.  An egotistical person will say they are always right.  How do they know they are always right, if they are the only one telling themselves they are always right?  You must see through your egotism.  To prove science right or wrong you must go outside of science.  People who follow science are just as bad as religious zealots.  Anything outside of science is evil or wrong.  Science’s Satan is God.  There is no clear line between science and pseudo science.  

Science is a branch of philosophy.  The ancients used philosophy to try to prove or disprove science.  Science believes that philosophy is not science and that  is simply false.  Using philosophy balanced the mind of ancient scientists.  The ego wants to dismiss everything it does not like.  Everything about the ego is self serving.  The problem with todays science is it is a mechanical, brute, dumb down process.  Data in, truth out.  This is objectivity.  There is nothing scientific about it.  When you think this is science you will be wrong quite often.  Nature laughs at todays science.  She is not mechanical, dumb or brute.  What we call science is dumb.  How can a scientist know anything without self reflecting?  This was mandatory in the ancient days.  Anyone in science had to self reflect.  If the mind that is processing the data is faulty then the answers will be faulty!  

Science needs to be deconstructed for the benefit of science itself.  All scientist should turn within before they are allowed anywhere near science.  Not doing this is science kicking itself in the balls. Thinking you can only have rationality and logic in science is irrational.  It’s like saying only men can create life.  Logic and reason are pure ego mind.  This separates my work from all other researchers.  I argue there is no sacred feminine in the world anywhere. Until we bring the sacred feminine into science we will know nothing!!!! Everything considered rational is cultural based.  We think the sacred feminine is irrational today.  The ancients did not.  This is why they built the megaliths around the world and we struggle to keep buildings from collapsing. They used a balance mind to figure it out.  

Science had a tough road getting to where we are today.  It was based on trial and error and intuition.  Lots of time science was wrong, but they admitted it and kept pushing on.  Lots of times they got it right but it never became dogma.  Thinking its easy from here is very wrong.  Science thinks it’s imperial when it is more theoretical.  Science is mostly speculation and theory and very little facts.  When you see science as all facts that is infantile. Science is 99% speculation. Im not invalidating science Im just showing you what science is.  Science has many models that are wrong but are still believed to be true.  Science makes these models so we can make sense of reality, but our mind does not want to let go of the models.  Science is pure theory.  A web of ideas not truth.  Science is all data.  They can arrange the data in anyway they want to make us think something is true.  When if they just arranged the data in a different way it would tell a totally different story.  When people argue about science they are arguing about how they are interpreting the data.  The reason why they get triggered by someone telling them it’s wrong is because their ego gets triggered and emotional when something threatens its survival.  

All experiments are biased based.  There are no clear objective categories.  Because we all project, every experiment will have a different outcome by different people.  Nature has no categories.  We give Nature categories.  There are an infinite number of relationships in Nature and we will only pick out what makes us look right.  This is why different universities will have different outcomes of the same experiment.  Everything is different for every person.  The consciousness of the person doing the experiment matters.  Low consciousness get low results.  High consciousness gets high results.  Our results today are very low.  

Science has the same problem it has had when it was in religion killing people for going against it.  It is ego based so it has not grown up at all.  A true scientist would look at all data and make up his or her mind on the facts not self biases or what brings in the money.  Science does not want to explore uncharted territory.  That takes a mind that wants to go beyond science.  The Universe and Nature are not mechanical so we need to quit trying to capture it with a mechanical system.  The best scientist in history were holistic and used the feminine side of their minds.  Da Vinci was an artists and the greatest scientist the world has ever known.  In order to bring science back to truth it needs the sacred feminine. Until it does it is just another patriarch religion with business as usual.  Without the sacred feminine we will be stuck in what I consider the dark age of science.  

12 thoughts on “Deconstructing Science”

  1. It still never fails to surprise me when someone cannot see how Scientism plays to the same biological mechanism as religion. Same dopamine rush from evangelising and being “right,” same ego boost from being in a gang of surrogate ‘elect.’ etc. And more, that “Science” itself has become a magick word, a kind of logos to be invoked in shattering any teleological developments outside the Media-Industrial Complex sponsored frame of viewership.

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      1. My pleasure. I’m acutely aware of the spiritual poison that nihilism (end result of Scientism) presents. I was raised in it, and for those of us who have to find our own way to spiritual living, it can be a forever struggle.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I was raised in Mormonism which is supposed to be different but it’s the exact same thing. It can be a struggle. Keep up the good work. Sooner or later people will start to see. 😉

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      3. I sometimes wonder if things would have been better for me if I grew up Mormon. After all, I did want to grow up to be Odin, visit far-flung planets. Etc. Anywho. I enjoy your work, and I’m glad I stumbled upon it in my quest to understand the Paleolithic Venuses. (As much as a midwit like me can.)

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  2. Mark Twain was correct when he stated: “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” The self-proclaimed rulers of the major cartels (dark magicians), in this current era; banking, government, religion, military, healthcare, energy etc. have used the phrase, “we have our industry down to the art of science” which is neither art or science. They have the masses duped into believing exactly what they want.

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  3. I could not agree more, for from my direct experience, “science has become a bunch of hypocrites”. Both science and religion are propaganda, and the only interest is money. Thank you for all information you share!

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