Science is Dead

Science is dead and we have killed it. It has delegitimized common sense. Science has become the new Catholic Inquisition. Anti-science is the new word for heretic. Science was meant to help us make choices not make the choice for us. Whales and many other animals are more valuable to us dead than alive so we hunt them. Trees are more valuable to us dead than alive so we chop them down and make lumber. The science inquisition consisting of media and technology has figured out that dead minds are more valuable than minds that think for themselves. They can make so much more money keeping people isolated on computers, television, video games and phones.

In the past the thing that distinguished science from religion was that it allowed itself to be proved wrong.  Through proving things wrong you got one step closer to the truth.  Science is no longer truth.  It has become the authority.  In order for science to be authoritative it has to become a religion.  Covid is the new god.  Do what the priests say and heaven awaits.  Don’t do what the priests say and hell will be brought down on you.  

Science as an ideology has become an institutionalized bureaucratic machine.  Science like every other religion is all about getting money not the truth.  Whoever gives the money to science says what the truth is.  The research cartel does not like to be questioned.  They make it good against bad.  That way no one will listen to the evil people who question.  Science now uses virtue signaling and moralism instead of facts.  “How dare you!!!”,  is the cry.    This makes science the victim and all its congregation comes to its rescue.  They burn the witches and tell people to save their soul by agreeing with science.  

What is going on is very dangerous.  People are losing all respect for science.  Science has become such a fear monger that people are afraid to goto the doctor for much needed medicine and treatment.  Mass media, science and government have become one.  A propaganda machine for control.  Not one mainstream scientist is calling for people to live a healthy life style.  There is no money in a healthy population.  We should just make another political party and call it the science party.  The party of what you hate you become!  

Science is dead and we have killed it.  Where have the the Galileo’s, the Bruno’s, Hypatia’s and the Da Vinci’s  spirits gone?  These names are remembered because they stood up to their oppressors.  Legends never die!  What was the wisest and most intelligent entity the world has ever known has bled to death under our knives.  Who will wipe the blood off of us? Will our children ever have another science fair?  Will are children ever be free to wonder?   How shall we think for ourselves?  How will we invent? How will we read and write?  How will  we discover new places and things?  Is the greatness of these deeds too great for us?  Must we ourselves become scientists to be worthy of science? 

7 thoughts on “Science is Dead”

  1. Great post GS!
    I’ve noticed, especially lately, that anyone who questions the ‘science party’ gets labeled as a conspiracy theorist!
    I will continue to question and think out of the box regardless… 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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