Secret Societies

So many people think the world is being run by secret societies.  Garbage about the illuminati is all over the internet.  Secret societies began in the ancient world.  In ancient times a person wanting to join a secret society had to go through certain rituals and ceremonies.  All the important phases of life were marked with ceremony, ritual and symbols.  The person had to pass trials, obligations and revelations in order to prepare to become part of the order.  Once they were accepted they received the wisdom of their people.  They had to prove they were worthy of the wisdom by undergoing trials of real or psychological dangers.   The number one thing they had to prove was to show they would self sacrifice for their people.  

All ancient people had secret societies.  It did not matter what type of government the ancient society had.  It was the job of the secret society to educate the leader.  They enriched the life of the leader socially, morally, and spiritually.  The secret society made sure the leader did not use their power to exploit or enslave the people.  In the ancient world the secret societies made sure the people were properly governed.  

In Greece, Egypt and Rome secret societies became the keeper of learning.  They were never in politics, but just like today it was hard to stay out of politics in these cultures.  The secret societies consisted of conscious informed people.  Plato was part of a secret society and he did dabble in politics.  When one sees how corrupt their government is its hard to not get involved.  For the most part though secret societies ruled over education in the classical period.  The secret societies job was to integrate the individuals into society.  Give them the knowledge they needed to be a productive person and show them the dangers of selfishness.  

All the secret societies were based on religion.  Every God or Goddess had a secret society.  Whichever one the individual was initiated into they were shown the true meaning of their faith.  Shown certain keys to knowledge.  In Mayan and ancient eastern traditions the secret societies showed individuals how to develop their inner resources.  The secret societies were psychologically the symbol of the inner light of ever person.  Every person has a secret life of their own.  We all hide things we think others will not accept.  So the secret societies help people develop inner security so they could bring what’s in them out to help their societies.  We all search for others who think like us and want to share with them. Even today we have clubs and groups for this reason.  The secret societies would meet and discuss things that would help their societies.  Do not think that they met for trivial purposes.  They only met for things that would help their societies as a whole.  Things like charity and the structure of their society.  

All the people of the world had their own religions.  Certain areas believed in a God or Goddess and there was no trying to convert others into ones religion.  If one traveled they respected the religion of the area and when foreigners came into their region they expected the same.  Behind all these religions were secret societies.  These secret societies were composed of scholars, philosophers, sages, and travelers.  They not only understood their own religion but they studied the religion of all others.  All the religions around the world had schools of common initiation.  When the European secret societies met with the Native American secret societies their initiation ceremonies were almost exactly the same.  When these secret society members traveled they knew they were not going into an area of different religion.  They knew they were traveling from one interpretation to another.  They understood that at the core of all religions people were worshipping the exact same thing.  Any secret society traveling any where in the world would be accepted and they would share knowledge with other secret society members in the area they traveled.  This was the reason why there were no religious wars in the ancient world.  The ignorance of Christianity and Islam is the reason for religious wars.  

In the ancient world anyone could be initiated into any of the secret societies.  There were higher secret societies that had fewer numbers but the secret societies were not left open for speculation.  They kept the sciences, arts, crafts and society running.   In the ancient world people took pride in their work and themselves.  The secret societies were groups of people in the same profession or trade.  They made sure the members used their knowledge constructively and honorably.  If a person made a shoddy cheap product it was a crime against the secret society.  Because these secret societies were religion based it was considered a crime against the God or Goddess too.  Their trade or profession was considered to be sacred and they needed to treat it that way.  The great architecture of the world was done by secret societies.  They were build so well that the work did not need inspected, but the masters of the societies inspected the work themselves.  Secret societies made sure the workers were paid well for what they did.  

With the rise of Christianity the non Christians had to make their secret societies very secret.  No only did they fear getting killed by the Christians, but they knew Christianity was destroying knowledge that needed to be preserved.  So these secret societies became protectors of ancient knowledge.  Ignorance became so massive in Christian secret societies that every secret society within Christianity thought that their interpretation was right, so they went and started  new sects or divisions.  Every domination of Christianity was started by a secret society within Christianity.  This did not just happen in Christianity.  Every religion has done the same thing.  This is why all religions have so many sects.  All because of the fighting of these secret societies.  

The reason why people are so captivated with secret societies is because it is associated with mystery.  Anything that is secret becomes a challenge to us.  The moment we are not supposed to know something we want to know it.  It’s just like someone keeping a secret.  We have got to know what they are keeping secret.  We fear the unknown.  The tyrants of today fear the people will get together and over throw what they are trying to accomplish.  This is why they are censoring and de-platforming  people on the internet.  In the past the tyrants would keep people from secretly getting together by outlawing secret assembly.  Hitler and Mussolini both outlawed secret societies.  They feared secret societies.  Secret societies hold government and religions in check.  The Catholic church is not as powerful today as it was in the past because of secret societies. All tyrants are over thrown by secret societies.  

Secret societies are a great political tool.  That which is unknown multiplies it power in the mind of a tyrant.  The tyrannical mind is so scared of the unknown that just the thought of secret societies stopping him will be the tyrants downfall.  It is a powerful tool to stop tyrants anywhere.  Secrecy today is not the same as it was in the past.  Most all secret societies are known.  Their motives and memberships are known.  Secret societies operate out in the open.   With what is going on today some secret societies are beginning to ramp back up in secret.  The world is beginning to fall back into confusion and people are starting to have to fight for not only personal freedom, but liberty too.  These tyrants are putting people in victim mentality in order to control certain social groups.  The leaders are wanting to abolish the police for the masses while at the same time surrounding themselves with exaggerated personal defense all because they are afraid of secret assemblies within their region, district, state or country.  They are really scared of secret societies.  They know they can’t stop them.   Secret societies are protected by the people in general.  Most do not have the courage to belong to a true secret society, but they know of the importance of them and will not reveal them.  All it takes is to tell these tyrants that they don’t believe they exist.  

Secret societies have always brought tyrants under control. Today morality and ethics are being  ignored.  Ideologies are being forced upon people who do not want it.  There is a powerful trend moving away from the rights of the individuals.  The rights to life, liberty and happiness was the phrase of a secret society.  The tyranny in media, internet and technology is not going unseen.  There are resistant movements that are happening underground.  They are not religious movements.  They are more like philosophical movements of the ancient world.  The essential principals of modern secret societies is universal tolerance, universal education, universal opportunity and universal liberty.  

Today tyranny is alive and well.  The rights of people are being undermined.  Materialism is everywhere.  It is only by the censorship of ideas that tyranny can exist.  Materialism leads to the acceptance of tyranny.  The world is no better off than it was one thousand years ago.  Under the terms technology and science the world has lost sight of what is dear to the private citizen.  The family is attacked.  The right to worship is being taken away.  Voting means nothing.  The right to free speech is attacked or ridiculed.  Secret societies have a long history of fighting for the rights of people and individuals.  To overcome the restrictions of leaders.  They have fought for the right to posses property.  Educate children. Free speech.  Everything the common man has was fought for by secret societies.   Some hideous things were done.  Unimaginable things were done to fight for the common man to have opportunities, travel, education, freedom of culture, etc. These secret societies are still around.  The governments think they are extinct except for the ones their politicians belong to.   

Some of the secret societies are made from ordinary people.  Because they are built around the ordinary man and not aristocracy they are beloved by the ordinary person.  They represent what ordinary people want for their families and societies.  Our children are being brought up to not think for themselves.  The public way is antagonizing the individual. The secret societies now are a reuniting of individuals bringing back ancient ways.  Im not talking about Freemasons or any other group who advertises who they are.  Im talking about real secret societies that can not be bought off.  These secret societies are benevolent.  They understand that only in a safe society can people afford to bicker and help establish unhealthy programs.  Their purpose is to help the individual maintain individuality even where a civilization is adequate.  

Because of collective policies the individual is under heavy pressure right now.  The individuals who become very unhappy will ultimately organize in these secret societies. They will force the rights of the individual onto the tyrannical leaders of today.  In a tyrannical world censorship is enforced and the individuals are forced to go underground.  They must hide themselves and seek political strength to overwhelm the tyranny.  Behind all the confusion that is happening today there is an archetypal pattern.  Above and beyond all the governments, leadership and traditional secret societies.  There are secret societies that function in complete secrecy and have been around since the days of Atlantis and Lemuria.  These secrets societies still operate today.  They strike a deep root in the psychology of the individuals.  There is a wall of protection to keep humans from destroying themselves.  There will always be in this world certain enlightened individuals. They are bound together and will find each other in times of trouble.  

Nature has laws.  These laws  are invisible, but they are constantly conspiring to the improvement of humans and the protection of unselfish values.  It is not hard to consider a group bound together by true knowledge that form an informal or formal structure. They perceive by looking in.  Turning in they see structure rather than chaos and disorder.  Behind the governments of man is an invisible government of principals.  The principals are administered by beings of some kind and these beings form the sacred government of the world.  This is believed in Asian and Eastern traditions. Im not saying there is or there isn’t a group of beings behind the governments of the worlds, but I do know that this idea is buried in our subconscious because of the history I show you in Lemurian Magic.  Ancient secret societies worshipped secretly the secret Goddess.  They worshipped the concept of a divine power working toward the improvement of humans.  There is a preserving force administered intelligently by people or beings who know the secrets.  In reality these are the real ancient secret societies that work unseen.  They are so secret that people make up stories and religions to understand them.  The secret societies let them believe what they need to so they can get through hard times.  Without belief most humans could not weather discomfort.  With belief people can continue their own lives in a positive manner.  

Secret societies are needed.  They keep leaders everywhere in check.  Does not matter if it is religious, government, corporate, educational or any other type of leader.  How do you think most of the corrupt leaders get caught?  Even coaches who cheat the system are brought down by secret societies.  Yes there are some not so good secret societies, but they are brought down sooner or later.  If it wasn’t for secret societies tyrants of the past would never have fallen, true knowledge would not be preserved and freedom would not exist.  The censoring of today is not going unnoticed.  Just like the book burnings of the past the secret societies preserved the knowledge from those books. They will preserve the information being censored now and bring it out in new ways.  None of the garbage about secret societies right now is being censored.  The tyrants want you to think they are bad.  When in reality secret societies are necessary to keep abuse of power in check.  

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