Hermetic Philosophy

The Hermetics come straight out of ancient Egypt and ancient Greece.  It’s suppose to have been taught by Thoth himself.  I have recommended the book The Kybalion by the Three Initiates, but I thought I would explain the Hermetic Principals in a way everyone could understand.   To help you understand Hermetics think of the All as the Force in Star Wars.  

The first principal of the Hermetics is Mentalism.  The All is mind.  The Universe is mental.  It basically says that everything in our reality are manifestations of the All.  All matter, life, everything you see, everything that is, energy, life, etc.  is manifested by the All.  The All is the underlying power of everything.  It is self evident it needs no argument.  This power is all there is. There is nothing outside of the All or the All would not be the All.  The All is infinite.  It has always been here and always will be here.  There is nothing else to define, confine, bound, limit, or restrict the All.  It is infinite in time or eternal.  It has always existed because there is nothing else that could have created it.  Something can not come from nothing.  If it had never not been it would not be now.  It will continuously exist forever.  There is nothing that can destroy it and something can never become nothing.  It is infinite in space and is everywhere all of the time.  There is no place outside of the All.  Its continuousness can not be broke or interrupted  because there is nothing to break or interrupt it.  It is infinite in power.  There is nothing to limit, restrict, restrain, confine, disturb or condition it.  It is subject to no other power because there is no other power.  The All is constant and does not change.  There is nothing to enforce change upon it.  There is nothing it could change too because there is nothing better or more powerful.  It can not be added to or subtracted from, increased or diminished or become greater or lesser.  It has always been exactly as it is and always will be exactly as it is now.  

Understanding what this first paragraph is saying is big.   It slams all religions and science at the very beginning.  Out goes the images of a bearded man creating everything, out goes the big bang theory and incomes the wisdom of a force or energy that has everything in it.  So how does the All create the Universe.  The Universe itself is changing, things are being created, things are growing, things are dying, but the force stays the same because everything it is creating or taken away is part of it.  It was already there for it to create it.  Things that die don’t just go away.  The physical part changes, but it is still part of the all.  Showing us the All is mental is showing us that is how it creates.  Mentally.  You, me, all of us, everything are in the mind of the All.  The infinite mind of the All is the womb of the Universes.  The All is in everything.  Let’s bring this to you.  When you create anything is it not a part of you?  You write a story.  Everything in that story is not you but a part of you.  You build a house.  That house is not you but still is a part of you.  You create music.  That music is part of you.  These are very simplistic examples, but Im trying to make a point.  The All created you and is in you.  You do not think you are part of the All because of your perspective.  You can not be the All because the All is everything, but the All is in you because you are a manifestation of the All.  

Mind, metals and elements can be transmuted from state to state, degree to degree, condition to condition, pole to pole and vibration to vibration.  True Hermetic transmutation is a mental art.  If the Universe is mental then you can change the condition of the Universe with mental force and mind. 

The Principal of Correspondents state that as above, so below, as below so above.  There is always a correspondence between the laws and phenomena of the various planes in being and life.  Everything about the Hermetics is happening on all levels and planes.  The reason this is true because All things emanate from the All.  Understanding this will let you solve all kinds of paradoxes and hidden secrets of Nature.  What is in you is in everything else.  Atoms are very small solar systems!  I have great thought experiments with this.  Sometimes I wonder if our solar system is an atom in the All.    Are we just a little speck on some kind of electron or proton?  Just understand that what is in everything no matter where it is, is in us too.  It comes from the same underlying source.  

The Universe is divided into three phenomena which is the three great planes.  All are held in the mind of the All.  The bottom is the physical plane, above that is the mental plane and above that is the spiritual plane.  Do not mistake religion for spirituality.  These divisions are just to help you understand.  There really is no division between these three.  All these planes can be divided into sub planes but they melt into each other.  It’s like different shades of a color.  There is no point where one ends and one begins.  The higher rate of vibration, the higher the plane and the higher of manifestation of life occupying that plane.  Low vibration is just the form of matter and as you vibrate higher you go from physical to mental to spiritual.  This is what Thoth says is the meaning of life.  To raise your vibration until you become one with the All.  

So let’s go into this principal of vibration.    Nothing rests.  Everything moves.  Everything vibrates.  Everything around you moves and vibrates.  The difference in different manifestations of matter, energy, mind and spirit is because of varying rates of vibrations.  Everything is in vibration including your thoughts, emotions and mental states.  They all have corresponding rates and modes of vibration.   Anger and fear have lower rates of vibration and keep you in very low plains.  To raise your vibration you need to raise you emotions, thoughts, and mental states.  By doing this you can control your own vibration as well as those of others.  If you are scared or angry you can zone in on those emotions and raise them to love, courage and being happy.  So here we have Thoth showing us that we can raise our own vibration by just changing our thought and emotions, but he is also showing that we can change others  by changing their thoughts and emotions.  With all that is going on today do you think that our so called leaders know this?  Of course they do.  They want to keep you in the lowest vibration possible with fear and hate.  If you were to raise your vibration you might over throw them.  

The principal of polarity states that everything is dual, everything has poles, everything has its pair of opposites, like and unlike are the same, opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree, extremes meet, all truths are but half truths and all paradoxes can be reconciled.   This is basically showing us that all things manifested have two sides or two poles.  The difference between things that seem  oppose to each other is just a matter of degrees.  They are identical in nature, but different in degree.  Hot and cold are the same thing it’s just they are varying degrees of the same thing.  Light and dark are varying degrees of the same thing.  This applies on the mental plain.  Love and hate are different degrees of the same thing.  Good and evil are different degrees of the same thing.  What one person hates another person loves.  What one person thinks is evil another person sees as good.  The trick is what is it in you.  To raise your vibration you must not hate. All of these different degrees of your emotions can be brought up.  If you really hate someone for what they have done to you, Im not saying to start loving them.  Bring the hate up to somewhere in the middle so the hate does not destroy you and keep you in lower vibration.  Can’t forgive and forgive are different degrees of the same thing.  Bring the can’t forgive up to forgive and you will feel your vibration moving up.  Getting to higher vibrations keeps the lower vibrations from effecting you.  

The principal of rhythm says everything flows out and in, everything has tides, all things rise and fall, the pendulum swing manifests in everything, however far it swings to the right it will swing to the left equally, rhythm compensates.  With everything having poles there will be a rhythm between both poles.  It is how movement happens.  There is an action and reaction, an advance and retreat, rising and falling, expanding and contracting.  Realize that you will have moments of happiness and sadness, fear and courage, love and hate.   It is built right in to the fabric of the All.  What goes up must come down.  It applies to everything.  Stars expand and contract.  Things are born, grow then die and decay.  There is a rhythm to everything.  Night and day.  Rise and fall.  You will get depressed but realize it will swing back.  This is how movement is made.  There is no such thing as absolute rest.  The Universal pendulum is ever in motion.  There will always be a swing from one pole to another.  The trick is to neutralize the swing upon yourself.  There are two planes of consciousness.  Thoth says to rise to the higher plane of consciousness to escape the pendulum that manifests on the lower plane.  This is not to say the swing will not happen.  It always happens.  It will just not effect you mentally and emotionally as much.  Trust me I get frustrated by this pendulum swing.  But knowing it will swing back just as far the other way helps.  

The principal of cause and effect means every cause has its effect and every effect has its cause.  Everything happens according to natural law, chance is just a name for not recognizing a law, there are many planes of causation but nothing escapes natural law.  This means nothing happens by chance.  We call it chance because we don’t understand it.  Nothing ever happens without a cause or a chain of causes.  There is a relation between everything that happens and everything that follows.  No event creates another event but it is a proceeding link in the great orderly chain of events, flowing from the creative energy of the All.  Everything is a chain of events.  When you change something it will effect your future.  The majority of people manifest very little freedom.  We are slaves to our environment.  The opinions of people and customs we grew up with all effect our thoughts and emotions.  You may think you do what you want to, but what makes those wants manifest themselves in you?  The reason why you do everything you do is because you have been effected by something else.  This is why you don’t really have free will.  Understanding this you can change your pleases and wants by mental will.  It’s known as will to power.  You can will yourself instead of being effected by emotions, environment and suggestion.  You do this by raising your vibration.  Getting to a higher plane.  In a higher vibration you dominate your own mood.  That way you have direct control instead of something or someone else having control.  If you do not consciously do this you will always be reacting and never have free will.  By doing this you are no longer a pawn.   Again you can not escape this.  Cause and effect will always happen but you can get on a higher plane and rule yourself instead of being ruled.  

The last principal is the principal of gender.  Gender is in everything.  Everything has masculine and feminine principals.  Gender manifests on all planes.  Sex is a manifestation of gender on the physical plane.  You must see gender as energy.  To procreate, create, generate and produce.  The masculine or positive energy directs the energy towards the feminine or negative principal and it starts the activity of the creative process.  Think of it like a battery.  You have positive and negative sides.  When you connect both sides energy flows.  If you only connect one side nothing flows.  The feminine  side is always doing the active creative work on all planes, but each principal is incapable of working without the assistance of the other.  With our masculine world do you see why nothing works?  From these principals comes the dual mind idea.  The masculine is the objective mind, voluntary mind and active mind.  The feminine mind is the subjective mind, unconscious mind, involuntary mind and passive mind.  You are split in two parts.  Both are working in unison although they are separated.  There is an I and a me.  The me is usually mistaken for the I.  As a person you think you are your things, tastes, likes, dislikes, habits, characteristics,  body, physical appearance and we even think we are our clothes.  This is all lower level stuff.  As we rise we quit identifying with the physical, but then we start thinking our thoughts or emotions are us.  As we rise further above that we realize we are something mental in which thoughts, ideas, emotions and feelings may be produced.  The me is the mental womb capable of generating the mental offspring.  But you will also see that there is a mental something that exists which is able to will  the me to act upon certain creative lines and is also able to stand aside and witness the creations. This is the I.  The me is the womb and the I can project certain energy so you create different things in different ways and witness it.  I know this is deep.  The I is the masculine or being and the me is the feminine or becoming.  If you are too lazy to act and take conscious control and exert your will someone else will do it for you.  Too few people have original thoughts or actions.  They are just shadows of others with stronger thoughts and will.  People who get this will dominate their own mind and others.  

This is the Hermetic philosophy.  I love that it was given to us by Thoth himself.  It shows how to raise our vibration.  You can either will your self or be willed by others.  This is the play book on how to will yourself.  There is a reason why Thoth was so loved by the wise.  Take it and grab hold of your life.    

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