Greek Myths

Mythology is the history of ancient times and it is ancient thought.  Myths have a lot of archetypes, but they are based on true experiences.  The ancient tales are experiences of ancient history.  Some are mental concepts, some are real life experiences, but you must be initiated into wisdom to understand them.  I love the myths because it lets me into the minds of the ancient writers.  

We are not here because of a series of accidents.  We are not governed by only forces of physical matter.  This Universe is a living thing.  It has laws, principals  and processes that must be followed.   All the characteristics of the Universe were given human qualities.  The myths are a secret language.  Gods and Goddesses were the impulses, convictions, intuitions and ideals of humans.  Humans wrote these stories for others to read and hear so they had to make it interesting and understandable.  What you see is just the outer cover of truths that are imbedded into all myths.  

Some myths are simple and easy to understand.  They have a moral to the story and all can see it.  Most are beyond comprehension to the masses.  In every myth there is wisdom and truth.  It is just a matter of if the reader can see it or not.  The ancients knew we would lose touch with are true history and our world would eventually lose wisdom.  That time is now. It is one of the major reasons why I read the myths.  I will show you a few the things I see in the myths.  It is time to bring the wisdom back.

Zeus was the god of all gods or god king.  Ruler of the mundane.  He was the ruler of the world.  In one story Zeus swallows Metis while she is pregnant with Athena and Athena emerged from his forehead full grown.  What is going on here?  The ancient Greeks did believe these writings word for word just like most take the bible or koran word for word.  I penetrated the depths of these myths.  It is amazing to me how people can take the surface of these myths and legends and think all is miraculous.  In truth Metis means council.  Zeus took council from Metis who was a female titan.  This is a fanciful story of Metis being Zeus’ muse.  The  council from a female titan brought Zeus intelligence and wisdom or Athena.  Wisdom to the ancients had nothing to do with intellectual achievement it was knowing truth.  Everyone sought truth.  Only those who found truth had it.  Only those who had a mystical experience with truth were wise.   Many of the ancients thought that only the divine could be wise.  Philosophy, the love of wisdom, was started by Pythagorus for this reason.  

Athena was the only virgin in Mt. Olympus.  She never married or had children.  She lived alone.  This shows that intelligence and wisdom is not to be found in the mundane life.  Wisdom is complete with itself.  This shows that it takes the Sacred Feminine to have wisdom. She is only approachable through inner work.  The Sacred Feminine will never compromise.  She can not be corrupted.  This is why she became the deity of Athens.  Athena represents the superior wisdom you get with the Sacred Feminine.  Wisdom does not grow.  It is born full grown.  Wisdom is not obvious.  Athena wore a helmet and armor, carried a shield and lance because with the helmet and armor she becomes invisible to the unworthy and she protects wisdom from the unwise with the lance(sacred masculine) and shield(sacred feminine). No one can accidentally achieve wisdom because the Sacred Feminine will defend it.  The greatest impediment to getting wisdom is the human mind.  As long as we are trapped in the tyranny of our own minds we will never find wisdom.  You must drop what is not true in order to find wisdom.  We are all fumbling around right now and searching for answers in the lost and found.  We don’t do inner work so we are incapable of being wise.  

Pan who is half goat half man was a nature deity.  He always carried a flute.  Being half goat this myth was written in the time of Aries.  Pan is physical nature.  What you can see.  This is a patriarch mind trying to masculinize nature.  The flute represents the harmony in nature.  The melody of life.  Pan is showing that our masculine minds have to live in harmony with nature, but we try to dominate nature.  The ancients were close to nature.  We are very far from nature.  The part of nature we are close to is the parts of nature we can sell or commercialize.  The great Pan was considered dead because the masculine mind can not live in harmony with nature without the feminine.  Just look at the world today.  Nature gives us what we need to stay healthy, but we don’t stay healthy.  No matter how unhealthy we get nature will not change.  She still puts the healthy things and cures out for us, but we are so smart we take medication to cover up our disloyalty to her.  All superficial things change, but Nature never changes. Things in Nature may change, but the power of Nature never changes.  Wisdom is working with nature.  

The myth of Proteus and how he changes forms is a fantastical tale of matter and all its forms.  How matter and its infinite forms are always changing.  We study matter and all its mysteries and still know nothing.  Matter starts with the most simplistic forms but changes or grows to something highly organized.   Matter is always changing.  We humans start out as an embryo and grow most of our lives to something completely different.  Plants are always growing adopting and changing. Matter can take any form, but it will never be completely understood.  We can try but all we get are infinite mathematical patterns.  It bewilders the mind.   The only way we will be able to understand matter is to realize it is invisible.  The ancients knew all matter were vibrations.  They study what things did because you will never truly know what they are.  The one truth is that the Universe takes on infinite forms.  Underneath it all is the one creative force.  We make things complicated because we believe the world and universe is complicated.  The truth has to be complicated.  When in truth the simplest answers are the truth.  

Olympus itself is our mind and how we govern ourselves.  Zeus was very temperamental.   When looking at these myths one needs to look at themselves.  The leader of yourself is your ego.  Zeus is your ego. Literally!  Zeus is an example of the mind that was given to make humans.    This is why Zeus was irresponsible. Your ego mind always tells you to do whatever you want to do.  It will tell you that you a virtuous.  Lead you into all sorts of trouble and complications.  We create our own problems.  Most people are very bad at managing themselves.  They do what they please.  We feel we have the right to be a tyrants and most of us are. The ego mind is why Kings and leaders think they have a divine right to rule.  The masses think we have the right to make leaders and make leaders fall.  We will start a war with others with the snap of our fingers.  We make friends and accumulate enemies.  We accumulate anything we want and fight like crazy to keep others from getting it.  Just like Zeus the ego is constantly changing its attitudes and is self centered.  The Greeks never saw Zeus as the almighty god. He was the god king of the deities.   Just like Zeus our ego has to answer to something higher.    

The ego thinks it has dominion over the rest of the mind and body.  It terrorizes the mind and body.  Our minds must be improved.  The only way to do that is to balance it with the subconscious.  In this way it becomes aware of what is beyond the mind.  The ego only looks out and never within.  The god Janus with two faces is showing us to look out and in.  The ego is never capable of guiding itself by itself.  When it does it becomes a dictator.  The mind we have as humans is so powerful, but we don’t use it.  We just use the ego side and so we are as masculine as our alien creators.  The gods and goddesses in the Greek myths show how the minds of our alien creators worked.  But it also shows how we can get the most power out of that  mind they gave us.  Balancing mind, body and spirit is the key.  

10 thoughts on “Greek Myths”

  1. One of my favourite aspects of Greek Lore is the Birth of The Muses. Zeus and Mnemosyne make them, in multiples of 9. If for no other reason than it smiles on my otherwise Odinic sympathies. I tend to think of the Muses like Fylgur, or Nornir. Zeus, glory embodied with Memory personified make heroic poetry, dare we say ‘music.’ Obviously it’s a small thing. But it stuck, it’s a wonderful exercise to trade lore/myths/whatever and compare and contrast. That underlying thread of Truth seems to me to stick out like a big hitchhiker’s thumb.

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    1. It is great to compare and contrast. I love them all. Can’t get enough of them. The Fylgjur and Nornir are very close to the Muses. Though the Muses don’t control fate they are needed for a creative and wise future.

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      1. Oh yes, I know. The Moirai were different from them. I meant more that in Norse lore, sometimes the lines between Fylgjur, Valkyrjur and Nornir are blurred. And the multiplicity of 9 reminds me greatly of Norse cosmology.

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      2. Yes they are definitely blurred. I think they just try to explain concepts that are close in ways different people can understand. Try to get the most to understand sort of thing. 9 is so important in so many myths around the world. I love how the Norse have 9 worlds. 9 has so much to do with higher consciousness, creation and wisdom. Its like the myths from around the world are all telling us the same thing. 😉

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