Rites of the Goddess

The Sacred Feminine is the mysteries.   She is the Great Mother.  The mother of the mysteries.  Her secrets have been guarded generation after generation. There have been initiations and tests to prove one is worthy to hear her secrets.  Humans are born from their mother and leave for a short period of time.  In this short period of time, which is this life, one of the things we can hope for is that by some wonderful  reality while we are still alive we can die and be born again.  When you are born again you are born from the womb of the mysteries of the Sacred Feminine.  The Sacred Feminine is forever bearing her children yet forever a virgin.  

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Our Minds Limit Science

Our ego mind is what limits us.  We are our own worst enemies.  We can’t be wrong.  We have to have others think like us.  The ego will get itself into trouble constantly.  Science is not immune to the ego.  In fact science is being run by one of the biggest ego trips ever in history.  Until we get science and the human race out of the ego, we will not advance.  

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Science is Dead

Science is dead and we have killed it. It has delegitimized common sense. Science has become the new Catholic Inquisition. Anti-science is the new word for heretic. Science was meant to help us make choices not make the choice for us. Whales and many other animals are more valuable to us dead than alive so we hunt them. Trees are more valuable to us dead than alive so we chop them down and make lumber. The science inquisition consisting of media and technology has figured out that dead minds are more valuable than minds that think for themselves. They can make so much more money keeping people isolated on computers, television, video games and phones.

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Secret Societies

So many people think the world is being run by secret societies.  Garbage about the illuminati is all over the internet.  Secret societies began in the ancient world.  In ancient times a person wanting to join a secret society had to go through certain rituals and ceremonies.  All the important phases of life were marked with ceremony, ritual and symbols.  The person had to pass trials, obligations and revelations in order to prepare to become part of the order.  Once they were accepted they received the wisdom of their people.  They had to prove they were worthy of the wisdom by undergoing trials of real or psychological dangers.   The number one thing they had to prove was to show they would self sacrifice for their people.  

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Hermetic Philosophy

The Hermetics come straight out of ancient Egypt and ancient Greece.  It’s suppose to have been taught by Thoth himself.  I have recommended the book The Kybalion by the Three Initiates, but I thought I would explain the Hermetic Principals in a way everyone could understand.   To help you understand Hermetics think of the All as the Force in Star Wars.  

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Greek Myths

Mythology is the history of ancient times and it is ancient thought.  Myths have a lot of archetypes, but they are based on true experiences.  The ancient tales are experiences of ancient history.  Some are mental concepts, some are real life experiences, but you must be initiated into wisdom to understand them.  I love the myths because it lets me into the minds of the ancient writers.  

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