Wisdom from the Ancients

The ancients had some of the highest intellectual quality the world has ever seen. The ancient Egyptian, ancient Greece, Mayan, Lemurian, Atlantean and others were some of the most advanced civilizations that ever existed.  The ancients gave us a foundation for all of western world.  Including education, social and political development.  The ancients wanted people to study mathematics, astronomy and music.  These three subjects were considered the tripod of wisdom.  The ancients thought these subjects must be known.  

Mathematics is the realization of existence.  Mathematics showed that Nature is full of geometry.  People could prove to themselves with math the dynamics of Nature.  Formulas would extend from the known to the unknown, so where did they come from?  All of our mathematics today were discovered from learning from the ancient people.  Yet we give certain people in history credit for inventing certain maths.  The ancients used the same mathematics that are in Nature to build their buildings and societies.  They knew the first responsibility of mathematics was to be inline with a living Universe.   They knew the formulas did not just come from nothing.  They knew the Universe was a living thing and a very good mathematician. 

What was in the Universe was in humans.  They knew they had to bridge what was in the Universe with their minds and they used math to do it.  The universal mind would show its secrets to the human mind through math.  Math was used so we could measure time, barter, plan, build, farm, invent, etc.  Just as mathematics are all over Nature mathematics has its fingerprints on everything we do.  They knew the practice of our math was the practice of divine math.  Math is infinite.  Math brought structure to a chaotic world. All math has its origins in Nature.  

Astronomy to the ancients was not just observing the sky.  It was not enough to just examine the Universe.  They wanted to find the answer to why.  Why is there a Universe?  What is its purpose?  To just see a planet or star was not good enough to them.  They wanted to know why it was there.  How was it part of the great plan of everything?  Just like all animals, insects, beings, plants, etc. have a purpose, they wanted to know what was the purpose of the stars.  Astronomy was a way to prove that math made things orderly.  They knew everything they observed was part of the body of the Universe.  

Astronomy showed the ancients the Universe was meaningful.  What was in their minds could be seen in the sky.  The Universe was infinite and they could observe the infinite at work.  It was Nature herself they venerated and the movings in the sky showed her power.  They made astro-theology to explain things so humans could understand.  Some worshipped the stars, some made them out as supreme beings, some made them gods and goddesses and they wrote stories about the happenings in the sky with human like characters.  They knew everything in Nature was intelligent including the stars and planets.  Just like our minds is dependent on the Universal mind, everything everywhere is dependent on the Universal creative force.  

The ancients could search for the divine by observing the sky.  They knew nothing could be accidental and the motion of the bodies in the sky proved it.  They knew there was no possible way a bunch of accidents could come together to make our reality.  It was a way of reaching the divine and finding truth.  

The ancients understood we live in an astronomical field.  In this field every part of Nature is reflected in their own structure.  Humans are a microcosm of the Universe.  They are a miniature universe.  We are a reflection of all things that live.  By studying the internal we get the key to universal knowledge. Know thyself!   We are the symbol of the process of regeneration transmuting imperfection into the fulfillment of our own needs.   The astronomy in us lays the rules for our own life.  By understanding that Nature and the Universe are beyond our comprehension we understand that our own potential is beyond our comprehension.  

The ancients developed astrology from astronomy.  Astronomy was to explain the anatomy of the universe.  Astrology was to explain the psychological structure of the Universe.  To study the behavior of the Universe.  An astrologer studied the psychology of the Universe.   They knew a person could benefit consciously by what was happening around them.  A person could use the energies released around them for their own advantage.  The ancients understood that the forces around them, even in outer space, were forces to help them grow.  But they also knew that if these forces were perverted by humans themselves that it could make them worse.  They used astrology to find the energies and forces so they could use them constructively.  They used astronomy and astrology to predict climate change.  Something we could certainly learn from today.  

The ancients saw music as a way to unlock emotional content locked within us.  Music was an experience with harmony.  The Universe is not competitive it is cooperative.  Nature is perfect.  Everything that is allowed to fulfill its own purpose will  work together in harmony.  It is when we or some other outside force messes with it that chaos happens.  Music represented everything working together.  They thought of the universe as musical instruments working together.  Music was taught so that you could become strong and wise by working together instead of being cruel and hard.  Music helped them remember the beauty of life.  

All good things come from intellectual harmony.  What good is all the research of anything if it does not make our life better?  Ignorance is the source of all sorrow.  Wisdom is the source of intellectual light.  Music is the source emotional light.  Music brought love and affection out of people.  Music even today reminds us how great things are in harmony and how bad they can be when not in harmony.  They all had their own musical rhythm, cords and modes.  They built everything in harmony.  Nothing was done with just strength or intellect.  It had to be in harmony with Nature.  

The ancients knew the effect of harmony and disharmony on daily living.  They knew music perverted was just as dangerous and anything else that is perverted.   They understood how music effected our minds and emotions.  Music is a vibration.  Its vibration will effect everything around it.  Music can help one grow or fall back.   The ancients used music in their architecture and art.  They knew if architecture and art effected everything around it too.  If you are surrounded in disharmony you can not escape the influence.  Music was different in different places around the world because we all have different vibrations.  But all music in ancient times was in tune with the harmony of Nature.  

The ancients taught these arts to their children by their parents.  It was taught to girls and boys.  They were taught that they were part of a system or a structure.  They were brought into this world for for a purpose.  They were taught mathematics, astronomy and music so they could fulfill their purpose in harmony with others and Nature.  They told them they were not separate from Nature.  They were Nature.  They were not a ship without a rudder.  They were the captain of their own life.  Just like everything else moves on its own so will they, but they have the power to steer themselves.  Materialism was looked down on.  Materialism made it possible for humans to drift through life without fulfilling their purpose.  A lot of people liked materialism because it helped them move through life without having to think.  

The ancients had schools but the teachers were chosen for their outstanding abilities to enlighten young people.  The teachers were philosophers and mystics.  They taught the young people how to not hurt themselves or do things they would regret the rest of their lives.  They gave the truth to the young ones.  In Egypt they were called “The opener of the eyes”.   These schools were close to Mystery Schools of today.  They ignited the intelligence within the student.  They gave the individuals a larger vision.  

The ancients did not believe in wealth.  If you had more than you needed  then you were less than you were before.  Wealth to the ancients was against growth.  Seeking luxury sacrificed harmony.  The ancients did not believe in wondering around aimlessly.  They did not use big words to make themselves look smart.  The did not write texts that no one would read.  Life was a living experience, so they studied life. They studied Nature.  They taught we were here to grow not punish or be punished.  

Individuals had a purpose.  Purpose helped the individual grow.  Growth unleashed the potential in every person.  Ancients believed you should die a better person than you were born.  The ancients knew you came here from another life.  You came here to learn and grow.  If we do not grow we are just wasting away.  We are taking from Nature and not giving back.  We become psychologically bankrupt.  Growth always interfere with selfishness.  To the ancients success was discovering the secrets of life not material success.  

In the ancient world athletes and thinkers were held to the highest degree.  People would cheer intellect as much as they cheered the success of an athlete.  The ancients would lift up a person who wrote a great book, poem or song in the same way they would lift up a great athlete who just won a great race or game.  Back then athletes and intellects did not do it for the money.  They did it for the advancement of their societies and themselves.  They understood everything is tied together.  All knowledge and abilities were to find the divine in themselves, each other and everything else.  

No matter how advanced we become in skills or mentality, we will never grow unless we involve love.  The ancients had a great sense of humor.  Some of the stories and texts I have read were hilarious.  A lot of the ancient texts were written with wit.  We don’t get it because we take everything too serious.  We are uninitiated.  Many of the texts are filled with amusing phrases and racy metaphors.   They always saw the light side of things.  They knew you killed tragedy with humor.  The ancients were wise and witty.  

Everything we learn is a doorway.  We can open the door to more learning or leave it closed and stagnate.  What we get in the material world we will leave behind.  What we learn while we are here we will take with us.  The ancients did not fear truth or the divine.  There was no such thing as hell.  The underworld is not understood by us today.  It is not hell.  You are in the underworld right now.  Your spirit is in the material world or buried under material, your body.  You must learn to get out of the underworld.  Death violently rips humans from their spirit.  Initiation into truth gently separates the spirit from the body.  There are only two ways out of matter, violently in death or gently in wisdom.  Death takes humans out of the world.  Wisdom takes the world out of humans.  Death is the common accident of all humans.  Immortality is gained by purposeful acts of growing.  To the ancients the King or Queen was the possessor of wisdom.  

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