Social Conditioning

In this post Im going to show you a few things that conditions you.  In the secret society upper echelons they talk about the sleeping masses.  It is where the term ‘wake up’ comes from.  Someone thinks they have it all figured out and they are woke.  Are you woke or did you just move over into another sleeping position?  Everything in this world is to distract you from your potential!  In the last year or so people think the world has gone crazy.  Im going to let you in on a little secret.  The world has always been crazy!  It just took what happened for most others to see it.  Unless we raise our consciousness we will stay crazy.  Seeing what controls you is the only place to start.  

First of all moods are contagious.   If someone on media is angry and they tell you how bad things are and show you all negative things about whatever subject, then they can get others to just start looping on negative things in their mind.  At seminars where the host is all energetic and hyped they are trying to get people in the mood to buy whatever they are selling.  All public speakers understand this.  They will dictate the tone of their audience.  There has been for a long time a collective movement of energy to put the masses to sleep.  It is called social conditioning.  

Everyone right now is thinking we are in a boom.  A roaring twenties part two.  We are being conditioned right now that there is exuberance, stock markets is going to skyrocket, housing prices are going up, prices are going up, etc.  We are being told that we will make money indefinitely.  Everyone is being conditioned to spend money like crazy.   When there is a downturn, discretionary spending drops.  People are afraid to spend money.  They save and pay off bills. This causes prices and values to come back down.  These are examples of mass social conditioning.  When the media starts saying something over and over it causes people to be conditioned to it and they will start behaving in a way that the media wants them too.  

Im going to show you exactly how media, movies, politicians, ads and the general mood of society effect your psychology.  This is the gift I have been given from getting my ego to work for the subconscious.  It may seem weird, but I will show you what I see.  I have learned psychology through Freud, Jung and many others, but what I have learned in the ancient texts and history shows me how conditioning has been used throughout the ages.  It has been the same playbook over and over and our human minds keep falling for it.  I have seen for the last decade or more how these things are put into play and how it causes people to change their behavior.  By me showing you how this is done then you will be able to see it and not get fooled by it.  

In the western world most people think they are free, so the governments and corporations  have to make it seem as though we are choosing to do things ourselves.  Moods are contagious so whoever is speaking will be in whatever mood they want you to be in.  This happens in sales, but they have moved it to media.  You will see what they want you to see just by creating a mood.  If it is fearful you will see everything fearful about what they are talking about.  If they are serious about a subject it makes you think the subject is more important.  If they are light and fun, like in most ads, then you will associate light and fun with that product. There are televisions everywhere.  Nonstop news and media.  Do you think that is not effecting you?  The subconscious sees everything.  It is the all seeing eye.  As a mystic I need to counter balance all that conditioning that people have when I meet them.  Even the music you listen to will effect you.  The people you hang around will effect you.  The mass hypnosis that people have been under their entire lives makes people think I am a breath of fresh air when they talk to me.  

The hypnosis they put people under is dark, demonic, limiting, deranged, twisted and stifling.  Some think Im just crazy, but to each their own.  I just want to get you to see your potential.  When I teach my girls in soccer I have high energy.  I want them to get addicted to the high energy on the field so that every time they step on a soccer field they associate high energy with playing soccer.  I show the girls their potential in life and soccer so they will invest in themselves.  People can feel a beautiful energy.  They can tell if you are offering value.  I have had girls tell me that the only time they ever heard from their previous coaches was when they did something wrong.  They really appreciate it when I tell them good job or teach them something new with patience and energy.  

There are so many powerful and remarkable things you could discuss.  Things that challenge your mind.  Social conditioning keeps you from feeling empowered.  On television and media you see others doing things that you may want to do.  It is a spectator culture.  It shuts your mind down.  You are the viewer and not the participator.  When you watch movies and sports it fills the fire that you would have if you went out and did it yourself.  Why go out and do something if you can just watch it or play it as a video game character.  When you watch the oscars or sports awards ceremonies its like you are a plebeian. It activates ancient DNA in you to make you feel inferior. This is why they are aired.  It messes with your mind.  It makes you feel low status.  When you learn things you feel empowered.  It makes you want to believe in yourself.  You start taking action and learn more and more.  Learning is fuel for your mind and body.  You get curiosity for life. All the garbage makes you apathetic.  Learning gives you passion and focus.  

The latest thing that society wants us to do is think we are victims.  Being a victim is cool today.  People are identifying as being a victim.  They have been in a stupor most of their life and now they are being told everything is against them.  They keep replaying the past instead of living for the moment.  Our medical industry says you are a victim and you can’t keep from getting sick unless you take their meds that they make billions off of.  This victim mentality changes your chemistry and vibration.  Things start to happen to you that validate your victim mentality.  Limiting beliefs and negativity have been shoved in your head since you were a kid.  It’s all nonsense.  Walking through society is a huge tsunami of relentless negativity.  

Shift your focus from negativity to opportunities.  Why does the news loop on absurd narratives?  Imagine what type of world we would have if people were told their potential and steps to reach their potential.   Instead of showing you some far off reality that you could not achieve otherwise.  In a spectator and victim identity culture people resonate with what is going on today.  I want you to create your own conditioning.  Create your own consciousness.  Not have your consciousness dictated to you by social conditioning.  As you go through your day observe what you are letting into your psyche.  It is okay to watch some shows, sports and play video games.  Use it for a little bit of entertainment instead of taking away your fire.  Be the person getting laughed at, criticized and being adored.  You can be the star of your own movie.  You can be the cause and not the effect.  Unless you make that shift in your mind you have no idea what is happening to you.  The average person does not have a clue.  

Now that I have shown this to you it will be obvious.   You will be a different person.  Cut from a different cloth.  

6 thoughts on “Social Conditioning”

  1. Unbelievable! This post was perfect timing for me today (as it seems many of your posts are lol). You are a gifted and talented writer. Thank you so much for continuing to share your truth. There are not many of “us” in the world. Your blog fans the flames of the light within me when it occasionally becomes dim. I was happy to see your message today. Last night, your website was down for a bit. Not sure if that was on my end or if there was an wordpress update or something. :-)) Anyway, fabulous post as usual!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you, Christine. I love to hear how my post help others. 😊

      There have been quite a bit of technical difficulties lately. No sure what is going on. Hopefully an update or something.


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