Why Magic isn’t for Everyone

We humans do not like the unknown.  We either will try to find out or we will let it go.  The unknown is why we start rumors and gossip.  It’s why so called conspiracy theories are started.  We have to have a reason for everything.  We need to understand.  We want others to think the way we do.  Religions people pray for others.  Political people shame others.  Corporations, governments and media use propaganda to influence others.  We need to ask ourselves, “If we can influence others can they not influence us too?”  

Our minds are not centered with a foundation of reason or facts.  We lack common sense.  Most who go down the road of mysticism are not grounded.  They have had a stressful life or something bad has happened to them.  They go down a road where their knowledge is inadequate.  They think they becoming enlightened when they actually are just neurotic.  We barge right in to things we don’t know about, find a crumb of what we think is the truth then proclaim others to believe and think like us.  

Knowledge is a good thing.  We should try to learn about everything.  Even things we don’t like or want to be true.  We should try to know the truth.  Ignorance is never an asset.  Problem is that people dabble in things that need studied.  They are the jack of all trades but master of none.  They have no attention span so they jump from one thing to the next.  This is foolish.  I love how some people try to tell me they are an expert on symbolism and theological history simply because they watched the Da Vinci Code.  

Our minds are powerful.  They can either help us or hurt us.  When we think a medicine is doing something for us, even though it’s a placebo, we can heal ourselves.  When we are in fear our minds will hurt us.  Our minds can make us get sick or even hurt us.  Prayer is a form of Magic.  Prayer has a potential for good, but very few use prayer unselfishly.  Any form of Magic is powerful.  We all want to use power to our own advantage or the disadvantage of others.  Every thought is a prayer and people wish, pray and have thoughts that bad things happen to other people all the time.  When most of the world is like this how can we expect the so called leaders of this world to not be like this?  

We also pray that our god or whatever take care of things for us.  Things we should be able to do ourselves.  Our relationship with our divine is to make the world the way we want it.  This is why many who hoard the secrets of Magic do not want others to use it.  Humans can not separate their desires from their relationship with the divine.  Magic has a purpose, but it is not supposed to be used for common place desires.  Magic is a mystic relationship with life.  It’s finding the source of your strength.  It is a relationship with the Goddess.  Ancient Magic was first and foremost about gratitude.  Magic is supposed to be beautiful.  Magic used to be something that when it returned to the person manifesting all were glad because it benefitted all.  I always end my spells with “Let it hurt or harm no one, no animal or anything”.  White Magic is about not having an influence over anyone except to wish them well.  When your desires become involved you will deal with the consequences sooner or later.  

When ever someone has a problem they call on the divine aid.  In war both armies pray for victory.  Every religion has the non believes being hurt in some way.  All because we humans want power,  wealth and security.  In order to not do Black Magic you must take the selfishness out of it.  In order to have the Magic of illumination and insight selfishness has to play no part.  We are asking for trouble when we are selfish.  All Black Magic is selfish.  White Magic is selfless.  Humans live in a cause and effect world.  The only desire worth desiring is truth itself.  Not the truth we want, but the truth that is.  Truth may help your desires or it may go against everything you believe, but we must seek it and have the courage to live by it.  

Since the very beginning of the human race we have wanted to dominate others.  We have conquered each other.  We have spoiled and ravaged the earth.  We use strength to dominate and control others.  This is what we call civilization.  Over time we have perverted wisdom, insight and spirituality all in the name of greed and selfishness.  When you influence people’s mind for your own selfishness you dabble in something that can destroy life and our natures.  Just look at the world right now.  The so called leaders have everyone at each others throats. All because they are influencing others for their own greedy purpose.    

We naturally want to grow, but we look for a shortcut.  We want a magic pill or key to open a door instantly.  When we get this we have no understanding or wisdom of what we just opened.  We think enlightenment is the end of a means. That the meaning of life is a secret and we should be able to buy or get it by any means. We really think that enlightenment is sudden and when that door opens we will know all.  It’s true that you can become spiritually higher instantly, but this is far from enlightenment.   All this is does is makes you want to be better than you actually know how.  For the most part most don’t know the difference between a mystical experience and wishful thinking.  We don’t know what we are doing because fo the absence of the Goddess.  

All knowledge is now used selfishly.  Pandora’s box is considered bad because we try to use the gifts of the Goddess without having a Goddess.  Yes humans have advanced, but we have no ethical structure to properly use it.  To this patriarch world the Goddess is just as dangerous as the nuclear bomb.  We have a power in us that is stronger than our mind, personality and emotions.  The ancients would seek this power within. They came to know this divine power within.  This was taught in ancient Mystery Schools.  Every great Mystery School and Universal Enlightenment has accepted the laws of Nature.  The biggest law being the Sacred Feminine.  With out her there is no creation or growth.  With her purification does not mean a spotless life.  It means genuine!  

People trying to become spiritual or get involved in the esoteric or Magic get themselves in trouble because they do not understand the Sacred Feminine.  They have hope, faith and they pray, they are following instructions given to them by others who have no idea what the Sacred Feminine is.  This shows the colossal ignorance of the world.  Just look on the internet and see how easy it is to develop ESP, become an adept, become enlightened, how to make a fortune over night, how to be popular, dominate, etc. Here is my favorite, just sit there and think about something and it will come to you magically.   All these are shortcuts.  The Goddess has no shortcuts.  Has any of the garbage on the internet seriously helped you?  If you follow most of this stuff to its origination you will see its coming from someone’s belief, dream or drug vision.  When a person thinks they are enlightened they want to enlighten others and start another dogmatic religion.  They will tell you that if you don’t do something a catastrophe will happen.  They become some kind of spiritual, political, scientific or metaphysical aristocrat.   They just become a person who is making huge mistakes, but won’t admit it.  

I had one person tell me they have reached perfection and they don’t need to grow.  I agreed that they are perfect, but in being perfect you will always have something that helps you grow.  It’s built right into perfection.  Being blind to your faults is not being perfect.  Out growing your insecurities and faults is perfect.  Nature is perfect and all this is built right in to the Universe.  Most need to have something bad happen to realize they were wrong.  If they learn and change they grow.  It’s perfect.  If they continue their ways they usually have a breakdown.  Become disoriented and think they are misunderstood.  They search for others who think like them and spread their perfectness even more.  Which causes someone else to have something bad happen and they will either grow or be perfect in their own mind.  This is all parts of the functioning of the Universe.  Everything moves with the way of Nature.  Yes there is good and bad, but you could not have good if there wasn’t a bad.  

Do you keep finding yourself to be in fear, anxiety or stress?  Are you sick quite often?  Do you find yourself in trouble a lot?  If the answer is yes then you are doing something wrong.  Going into the esoteric with out the Goddess is being thrown into an ocean with out a boat.  Without a boat you must swim back to shore or you will drown.  You need to have a foundation.  The subconscious must be the foundation.  It’s why I emphasize the Goddess.  The esoteric is the Goddess.  Magic is the Goddess.  If you do not have the consciousness to handle the Goddess.  If you must seek help for every last thing you can not handle the secret powers of the esoteric and Magic.  If you can not use your subconscious mind you will not be able to handle the esoteric.  Without the Goddess you will become neurotic.  So if you are focused on yourself then secret powers are not for you.  These powers are used for life not to get away from life.  The powers are used along with self discipline not to escape it.  You can not play an instrument without self discipline.  The same goes for using these subconscious powers.  

It is from ourselves that our own environment must come from.  If we are interesting our environment will be interesting.  If we are negative our environment will be negative.  Our environment will in turn effect us.  If we are dynamic our environment will be dynamic.  We must be bigger than our ego.  Truth is always bigger than our ego.  Too many people live in a world where truth is lost.  Do not use the inner powers as an escape.  If you want to use the secret powers of the Goddess build a solid knowledge supporting a disciplined and integrated life.  As you grow anything you need will be brought to you when you are ready. 

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      1. Thanks! 😀 It’s nice to get positive feed back, so thank you. It’s not easy to figure a lot of it out or to translate the metaphysical. So it is nice to hear positive feed back now and then. 😉

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