Wisdom from the Ancients

The ancients had some of the highest intellectual quality the world has ever seen. The ancient Egyptian, ancient Greece, Mayan, Lemurian, Atlantean and others were some of the most advanced civilizations that ever existed.  The ancients gave us a foundation for all of western world.  Including education, social and political development.  The ancients wanted people to study mathematics, astronomy and music.  These three subjects were considered the tripod of wisdom.  The ancients thought these subjects must be known.  

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Social Conditioning

In this post Im going to show you a few things that conditions you.  In the secret society upper echelons they talk about the sleeping masses.  It is where the term ‘wake up’ comes from.  Someone thinks they have it all figured out and they are woke.  Are you woke or did you just move over into another sleeping position?  Everything in this world is to distract you from your potential!  In the last year or so people think the world has gone crazy.  Im going to let you in on a little secret.  The world has always been crazy!  It just took what happened for most others to see it.  Unless we raise our consciousness we will stay crazy.  Seeing what controls you is the only place to start.  

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Why Magic isn’t for Everyone

We humans do not like the unknown.  We either will try to find out or we will let it go.  The unknown is why we start rumors and gossip.  It’s why so called conspiracy theories are started.  We have to have a reason for everything.  We need to understand.  We want others to think the way we do.  Religions people pray for others.  Political people shame others.  Corporations, governments and media use propaganda to influence others.  We need to ask ourselves, “If we can influence others can they not influence us too?”  

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The Princess and the Pea

Princess and the Pea is a fairy tale we all heard as children.  It also went by the title, The Real Princess.  Here is yet another story everyone tries to give meaning to.  Hans Christian Andersen was the writer of several esoteric fairy tales.  All his stories he said he heard as a child.  Andersen fairytales were about the mind and the inner journey.  The Princess and the Pea is no different.  Calling this a story about spoiled brat aristocrats, sensitivity, marrying the right person, or any other nonsense is simply false.  

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