Human Touch

As we open the world up most people have been sitting in their homes away from the world for about a year.  I see people have forgotten how to connect in a human to human way.  Everyone has been on their phones or computers communicating and we have forgotten that human touch.  To me everyone seems robotic out in public.  I am out in the world everyday.  I love meeting people.  I love working with people.  As the world ends lockdowns  most can’t connect in person.  This post will help you connect with others and remember that we are all humans who need that human connection.  

I see loneliness in the eyes of the masses right now. Mental health is very low because we nee a human touch.  We humans need friendship.  Being with others is something we take for granted.  For the last year we have been denied something we need to be human.  We all have a circle.  We change circles of friends as we get older.  We all have friends from the past we don’t see very much anymore.  We all have new friends in our life right now that came in recently.  What we need are quality relationships. Most of the masses want quantity.  They have friends that they talk about cultural and worldly stuff.  Not many have someone they can tell intimate things to.  Most people’s world is not about friendship its about socializing.  I have friends that I hardly ever see, but when I do there is an instant connection.  It is because we are on the same vibration.  I also have friends I have never met in person, but when I chat with them the same connection exists.  

You will find that when you meet new people they may bring something out of you that was dormant.   A real friend is a beautiful thing.  There are social needs that humans have.  We all need to have a purpose and we all need to be able to share with each others.  Being locked in our own homes takes that away from most of us.  We can not neglect our humanness.  Most have had Siri and Alexa to talk to and thats it.  Sorry but they will not help you with your deepest needs.  We need intimacy and a computer will not give that to us.  Coming out of this a lot of us will reemerge as a different person and we need to find others like us.  Intimate relationships with people who are like you and know you well  are vital.  You need them so you can be yourself.  So many have seen the illusions of this world and need people in their life to maintain their path.  We need awakened people in our lives if we are awakening.  We all need relationships so we can explore who we are.  For the most part we are scared to meet new people.  

Most will say that when out in public they won’t meet new people because they do not know what to say.  They are afraid of what others will think.  They don’t want to look bad.  They are afraid of rejection.   Not rejection of asking for a date, but rejection that the person will not like the type of person they are personally.  All of these are exterior reasons.  All this comes from outside pressures of pleasing the world.  You are told to not say the wrong thing at school, not to say the wrong thing at work,  not to say the wrong thing at a party, you must say the right thing to get accepted to a job or club, say the right thing to meet someone, say the right thing to get a better price on something,  say the right thing to pass a class, etc…You must quit thinking “What should I say?” and start thinking “What do I want to say?”   

If I see someone I want to talk to the first thing I think to myself is “What do I want to say?”  This puts you in a creative state instead of a pressure state.  If you see me out come talk to me.  If you want to email me by all means do it.  I have said over and over that you must experience the world.  Im not a big talker but a great listener.  It’s how I have learned what I have learned from legends and myths.  I have had to listen to people tell me the legends that have not been written down.  I have to listen to myself read a book in someone else’s narrative.  I do not put anyone on a pedestal and I will not put anyone below me.  We are all here having a human experience.  Make the most of it.  

What do you value?  When you talk to someone are you giving them value or are you trying to take value from them?  Are you in abundance?  Getting inner work done keeps you from seeking outside of yourself for acceptance.  Just like I have said you need to love yourself enough to share love with the world, you need to accept yourself enough to not want acceptance from the world.  When you meet others you are sharing energy with them.  When you have accepted yourself you are not trying to emotionally reach them. People who seem calm in not so good situations have trained themselves to have inner peace.  They have an abundance inside them.  Whatever they need they get it from their inner world.  This does not mean that they don’t care if you give them a compliment.  Everyone loves compliments, but inner abundance keeps you from needing them.  Since I have been through the mystery schools and have learned what I’m showing you I get a lot more compliments because I don’t come across as needy.  

People can only see you from the outside.  In the same way you can only see them from the outside.  We can not see others from the inside.  We don’t really know who “I” is.  We think we are our minds.  Our bodies our just something that moves us around.  We think we are very different form others.  We think anything we are aware of outside of us is separate.  We separate the knower from the known.  We suddenly think the religion of science is the way.  Science tries to make us believe that the universe and nature are mechanical.  This makes us feel alone and not part of our world.  We get on our phones and computers where we can be a good mechanical disciple.  The world is dangerous, but we feel safe online.  Doing this long enough makes us feel left out.  

Ask yourself, “Who am I?”  I maybe polarizing because a lot of people have never heard of the Goddess or simply don’t like her.  I put things out there but Im not trying to polarize.  Im being myself.  If you try to be someone else you will never be yourself.  Amuse yourself not others.  This takes core confidence.  Which is a sense of self that is independent of anything external.  No validation needed.  Focus on expression of yourself and not impressing others.  When you are yourself you do not need to impress.  We all have hesitation fatigue when we want to express ourselves to someone new.  We will do all sorts of games in our mind on how we will try to impress someone.  All we are doing is burning energy that does not contribute to what we really want to do.  What we really want to do is get to know this other person.  

Everyone of us have self judgement.  For most this self judgment is running their life.  This voice in our head that tells us we are not good enough.  Especially if we don’t get a reaction from others that we were expecting.  For some reason our minds are wired to try to please others.  When we see others not agreeing with us our mind starts to go down the drain of despair.  When this happens we put on a mask and start acting like someone who we are not.  We start putting on a show we think others will like.  This also takes a lot of energy to do so you are just wasting the energy you could use to really get to know others.  With core confidence you don’t need to act another way but yourself.  Express yourself without wanting to impress.  

Not everyone has to like you.  Just play your music.  Some will like it and others won’t.  Its okay.   Some of the greatest artists out there are the ones who just bring it.  They don’t care if their music is  popular or not. They have people who love their music and others who just do not like it.  Do they care?  Of course not.  Put your authentic self out there.  You will meet people who think you are amazing and some will think you are not so amazing.  Big deal.  You will have chemistry with so many people who will see you as free and want to be around you.  Put your true self out there and see who thinks you are amazing. It’s about quality not quantity.  You will find you will have chemistry with a lot more people than you think.  The number one rule of interacting with people is whatever you feel they feel.  Whatever your vibe is they will feel it.  If you are authentic and spontaneous people will feel it.  Some will think, “I want some of that” and others will think you are weird.  

By worrying about what others think of you then you create a wall between you and your higher self.  When this happens you don’t have common sense.  Your senses are not in line.  They are actually fighting each other to express themselves.  The senses will compete with each other.  When the senses are not in line your intuition will give you something to say, the intellect will judge it and deem it dangerous.  Your ego will tell you that you will look ridiculous, stupid and silly.  The mind will make your body shut down.  All because of this internal division and strife. When you are not in line with your higher self you are out of balance.  Your intellect will try to make all your other senses comply with it.  All your mind is doing is screwing things up. People who are in touch with their higher self are charismatic and magnetic.  Most are trying to achieve or attain what others want and neglect themselves.  The intellect can not deal with these senses it gives itself authority over.  Only the higher self is smart enough to do that. 

Most know I coach girls soccer.  I tell my players do not compare yourself to others.  Be the one others compare themselves too.  When you are interacting with others do not want to be liked.  Be the one that everyone else wants to like them.  Quit wanting others attention and be the one who others want to get the attention.  Most try to attain things they are told they should want.  Be the one who wants to attain what they want.  There is a real power in authenticity.  Be self amusing.  This PC culture has everyone walking on eggshells.  Stomp the hell out of those egg shells.  

Offer value to other people.  Showing your authentic self is offering value to other people.  Believe in your own standards and let others see the world through your eyes.  Do not try to get something from others.  Don’t be reactive to other people. See others as someone you can have fun with.  Share experience with others and enhance the vibe. Are you leaching energy from others or adding energy to others?  Be the interesting person.  Are you bringing your authentic self to the world or are you just trying to be what others want you to be?  Whatever energy you bring others will feel it.   Its called your vibration.  When someone starts to cry in front of you don’t you feel that?  It’s like that with every emotion.  Emotions are contagious.  Be fun and interested in others and they will be fun and interested in you.  

Most people in this world are indifferent.  They don’t care whether they get to know someone or not.  The are indifferent whether they do something or not.  They always want a signal to do something.  Be the signal. People want something to fulfill them.  If you don’t offer your value to others you are doing a disservice to them and yourself.  Make eye contact with others.  Own what you want to achieve.  Lead the interaction with others, but more importantly lead yourself.  Know you will have success. Be fun.  Fully put yourself out there.  Lead, lead, lead.  Be interesting. Own your own life.  

People want to move towards their social objectives, but they want to avoid rejection.  This fear of rejection holds many people back.  I understand being shy.   I was shy when I was younger.  The fear of rejection, fear of embarrassment, fear of not being validated and fear of confrontation is what holds people back from meeting new people or sharing ideas.  If you would just move it forward with others you will find out most are wanting to move forward with someone new.  Whether it be a friendship, business deal, or something romantic.  With the atmosphere that is going on right now, people are just scared to meet  new people.  Moving things forward causes people to become interested.  When I say move it forward I mean do what you want.  If you want them in your life get them in your life.  

Many people have changed through out this whole ordeal.  If you are one of the few that moved up then you will start seeing how hard it is to keep quality people in your life.  Growing does not have to be painful and lonely. You just need to have the guts to be yourself and take chances.  I consider all my readers my friends.  I love the connection I have with all of you who are vibrating on the same wave. Without my readers I would be lost at sea.   Since I started this website I have met some fantastic people.  I know there are many more who are on the same frequency.  To them I say, “Welcome my friends”.   Play your music for me! Dance your dance.  The world will dance and sing along or they will run and think you are weird.  Weird is good in my book.  

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