Who are You?

Some people want to know where their individuality comes from, but most do not care.  They just mechanically go thru life. They do not want to know the meaning of life.  To most life is just accepted.  My readers are a little different.  They want to know.  In this post we will try to learn about the relationship between ourselves and the outer world.  See if we can learn about who is inside our bodies.  

In this material world that we live in what part do we humans play?  I think we play an important role.  All history, knowledge, societies, discoveries have come from humans.  What is this inside us that accomplishes all these achievements?  What is it that gives infinite individuality to everything?  Most who turn in get confused.  They are not able to penetrate the mysteries of themselves.  We like to interpret and correct others but we rarely interpret and correct ourselves.  We usually just let our thoughts float along and live a contradicting and conflicting life.  Let’s try to find out a little more about ourselves.  

Each person tries to influence other people. They want others to think like them.  Where does this come from?  Why do we think the way we think?  Why do we believe what we believe?  What is this energy that is everywhere and is in all of us.  It maintains all the functions of our bodies. It maintains all the functions of Nature. This energy does not dominate us.  Our heredity does not have as much power over us as we think.  Yes we may have some traits of our ancestors, but we are not exactly like them. The power of our own individuality is not dependent on our ancestors.  

We are a universally functioning creature.  How does this happen?  Our education is ineffective.  Education actually stunts the growth of our true self.  Most people will accept life and just follow. What others do they will do.  Go along to get along.  There  are others who will challenge things and express themselves.  They want to solve the problems that challenge the inner life.  Very few have problem solving powers.  Most people’s problem solving is very limited.  What is this power functioning inside us?  

The best way to look in is to observe ourselves.  When we observe we see that this power is not only occupying us it is a creator.  It maintains us and modifies us.  If you look deep enough you will see that this energy is trying to move the body in line with the purposes of this inner life.  We as humans try to make the inner life bow to the body.  Instead of the body being an agent of this inner energy the body forces this energy to bow to its wants.  This is why there is so much mental illness within the human race. The person in the body is always at a disadvantage.    By switching this around and having the body  get inline with what is inside  ourselves  a release of anxiety and tensions begins.  

The body is a useful structure. The environment of the world is causing our bodies to become depleted.  This body was design to create and build.  Most just use this body to waste time.  The body also has become the slave of vanity.  The person who is in their body is trapped to doing what the body wants.  The ancients thought the life within us had a reason for existence.  It is our true purpose.  This life will try to push you to accomplish your purpose, but the wants of the person usually get in the way.  The power within you is limitless and universal.  It is a deity.  

If the ancients were correct then we have an infinite power.  Locked within us is a power constantly trying to manifest thru us.  It is constantly meeting resistance.  Over time the body becomes a restriction to this power instead of a helper to the power.  We do not inherit the inner life from our ancestors but we inherit the weakness of the body from our ancestors.  Our mind needs to become the bridge between the deity and the mortal.  Mind is something we can educate but also enlighten.  We can educate the mind but unless this education helps bring out the inner light then it is no good.  Modern education is meant to trap the inner deity instead of releasing it.   We are not allowed to release this inner light.  

This materialistic world thinks that the light inside us is suppose to help us become rich and powerful.  If the light in us does not contribute to money or power the individual feels inadequate.  They begin to complain that life is not fair and make themselves become a victim of circumstances.  In eastern philosophy they understand the interference of materialism with the natural growth of the internal light.  They understand the relationship between the light within and their daily conduct. Unless one makes this adjustment there will be conflict.  They realize the spirit needs to become flesh thru the body.  A body free of opinion and conflicts of lower emotions will endure.  The pressure between life and ambition is destroying us.  The body needs to serve life and not impair it.  

This world tries to categorize us.  We are born into a nation, race, family and religion.  Not one of these are centered in helping bring out this light.  These are meant for us to run from our past mistakes.  Running from our past mistakes creates more problems.  We just need to get the mind to serve the inner light instead of the body.  The body is not bad.  It is the instrument of whatever runs it.  If materialism is running it then it will be led into destruction.  This severs its connection to the light within.  This energy within us is the same energy in everything and everyone.  This energy is the reason everything exists.  If we would just realize this there would be less conflict.  If each person would quit judging and demanding others to fall in line with their judgments we could stop a lot of our problems.  

What are the habits of your thinking?  When you make a decision try to understand why you made it.  Is your decision for selfish reasons?  Our decisions usually come from doing what we want to do or trying to avoid doing what we don’t want to do?  We either try to fulfill something or avoid something. I always ask myself when making a decision, “If the rest of this world made the exact same decision would it be good for the world or just good for themselves?”  As an example, if I want something that is beyond my means and I will go into heavy debt to get it, I ask if everyone else did that would it be good for the world or just themselves?  When you think it over this way you usually come to the conclusion its not good for either.  Can we justify our wants?  

The pressures of life move many people to alcohol and drugs.  Destroying the body is doing a disservice to your inner light.  It causes it to fade away.  The ancient Greeks called this inner light a moral energy.  It is not an energy you can buy and do with what you want.  Moral values and integrity is built right in to this energy.  It has truth, wisdom and love built right in.  How do we get this light to tell its story?  The ancient hermetics teach us that if we learn to control the false pressures of this world we will return to a friendship with this inner self.  We will return to truth.  

Materialism will never bring happiness to the world.  We must find a way to bring the inner light out by following the leadership of our higher self.  Selfishness has proven to be a failure, but for some reason we still want to do what we want to do. We think that others should not do what they want but we can do want we want.  Patriarchy has made theology into a hierarchy of power.  The believers and unbelievers.  They compete against each other for members. The universal power does not care whether you believe or not.  It has natural laws.  You can obey them or not.  It’s your choice, but Nature will go on being Nature.  Religions have come and gone.  Nature has always been here and will always be here.  

I have learned that whenever an idea or urge to do something comes in and I know where it came from then I might think twice about why I’m going to do it.  If you have this urge or idea to do or say something and do not know where it came from then it probably should be acted on.  By observing how we are and what we do we come nearer to the inner self.  Try to find out why you want to do something or not want to do something.  Every time you compromise with yourself it adds another lock to the inner self.  

When you start down the road of enlightenment or cosmic consciousness ask yourself, “Why do I want it?”  If you find the answers to that you find the truth.  Are you trying to be better than others or want to become rich?  Do you want to influence others? Most will want power.  This will keep you from growing.  If you have a reason other than simply helping others then you are after it for selfish reasons.  This force does not have favorites or enemies.  It just expresses.  When you decide to use it for unselfish reasons inner peace sets in.  Happiness is a byproduct of inner peace.  You can not get happiness it must be earned.  Here we see that there is no growing in being a person who takes themselves out of society.  Avoiding contact with others is not growing.  You must be out there helping and being useful to others.  We can not run away from the world.  Anything that invades on other or avoids others is not growing.  

We like to blame others for our mistakes.  We think that others influence is the reason we made the mistake.  The only reason why we let others influence us is because we don’t know how to influence ourself.  We must accept full responsibility for our own problems.  When we seek answers from inadequate sources then we won’t get very far.  Most are living a useless life.  It is energy wasted.  We try to find usefulness by buying it or getting validation from others.  Be useful to the world.  I try to make myself a little better everyday.  We all have this energy and most waste it.  Most just try to make themselves as comfortable as possible.  Wasting time is living to us.  Each of us can learn.  Learning is growing.  You can tap into resources.  

Everything you do has consequences.  Are they good consequences or not so good?  When ever something in our life becomes uncomfortable it is because of what we do.  The moment we abuse life we become unhappy.  Be interested in something.  Being busy in something we are interested in makes us creative.  The universal energy is creative and when we create we are in line with this inner light.  It gives us a sense of being useful.  Boredom comes from not doing something useful.  Boredom is us trying to forget that we are not doing something.  The way you get more energy is by using the energy you have.  

This universal power is life itself.  This life wants to express itself through you.  You can restore a world that we have destroyed.  Venerate this energy  in yourself.  Our body is a living place for our living deity.   Live like the God or Goddess that you are.  Don’t waste it away.  Don’t worry over things that can not be changed.  Be patient.  Accept the problems and don’t fight them.  Everything is this energy.  One energy feeding all things and living in all things.  The human race is the walking dead until they live a life with purpose.  An unselfish purpose.  We have the right to choose.  When we choose we learn.  Every lesson learned takes us one step forward.  Every lesson not learned takes us one step back.  By observing yourself sooner or later you will meet the real you.  The God or Goddess caged within.  Release them from their cage.   We are who we have been waiting for.  

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