Where has the Goddess Gone?

Because of Ignorance humans have struggled.  One conflict after another throughout history.  Through conflict humans have found certain answers that stopped the conflicts, but sooner or later the conflicts come back.  In history conflicts were isolated to certain countries or regions.  Now the world is in conflict.  Because of the world wide web and transportation no one place in the world is isolated.  The world is connected, so now everyone feels the conflicts in one way or another.  Can we figure this out or will we keep going till we finally destroy ourselves?  

We need to reevaluate ourselves.  We have caused all the world’s problems ourselves.  No one wants to face the challenge. They just want to live their ignorant life.  They want the leaders to save them.  The leaders of our world are inadequate at best.  The patriarch blood lines have run stale.  They are unable to solve problems and they abuse authority.  A major problem in this world is people don’t want to direct themselves.  They rely on these leaders to no only tell them what to believe, but how they should live.  

Today in politics and religion people are ruled by dogma.  Government and religion have always been two sides to the same coin.  Today’s atmosphere makes it so easy to see.  The dogma of religion is being taken over by political dogma.  Politics and religion both refuse to accept human individuality.  They have become a merged private corporation.  Many people have seen this and walked away.  Some have taken science as their new politician or god only to see that money is also the god of science.  Science bows to the god with the most money.  Scientists listen to the priests who are paid by this god and read the sacred books written by the blessed hands of this gods disciples and prophets.   To heaven go the followers and to hell with the unbelievers. With all the mistakes of science lately out in the open for all to see it is causing the science gods to crumble.  Why do we keep giving people outside of us so much authority?  

Politicians are not getting any less corrupt.  Theologians are not getting any wiser.  Scientists are not getting ethical.  Businessmen and bankers are not getting any less greedy.  What does the world do?  Do we look to the other side of the fence to see if the grass is greener?  I propose we try something that has been hunted down, kidnapped, locked away and left for dead.  The most neglected form of thought the world has ever known.  What form of thought is this?  The Sacred Feminine.  Theologians would rather be caught swearing than mention the Sacred Feminine.  Intellectuals will not even whisper the words Sacred Feminine.  I have been told that Sacred Feminine in a title will not sell.  The Sacred Feminine is always met with silence because people do not understand her.  I was warned that the Sacred Feminine causes mental hardship because it means one has to think and thinking is not popular.  I argue that thinking must become popular.  

This world does not like people who ask questions.  The question the world hates the most is, “What is the Sacred Feminine?”  The ancient world not only invited questions, individuals were expected to inquire and learn.  The ancient world was not afraid to ask questions and they did not demonize the people who did.  The Sacred Feminine should be looked at as  answers to consciousness.   The ancients understood that psychology is built right in to the Sacred Feminine, but psychology can only help you part of the time.  Without the Sacred Feminine you are in trouble most of the time.  That has been the state of this world for centuries.  Today’s world does not even know a Sacred Feminine exists.  The Sacred Feminine will sharpen the mind, but it also has to do with how you live.  With lack of character in this world no one seems to know what to do.  The Sacred Feminine must be applied to your life.  She demands personal growth.  This is the only way out.  

The time has come for individuals to take control of their own life.  This is the only way spiritual growth can happen.  This latest episode the world is going thru is the last ditch effort to stop the Sacred Feminine from returning.  No other time in history have people had so much knowledge at their finger tips.  One can compare all the religions and governments of the world together and see they all lack the Sacred Feminine.  You have all the information readily available for you to take back your personal growth.  All info is there for you to clarify your own mind.  With the internet you have no excuses.  Out of all the confusion, conflicts and problems throughout the history of this world the Sacred Feminine is making her presence known.  She is not based on dogma, birth or conversion.  She is based on the potential in every human being.  We all have a potential to live a conscious life based on human personality.  

Humans have only wanted to learn to make life easier.  Nature will never support us this way.  Learning brings more responsibility, not less.  The world is showing today how much they hate responsibly and love leisure.  We are now at a point in time where we stand at a cross road.  The Sacred Feminine seeks moderation, cultivation, knowledge, responsibility and balance.  What will we do?  Will we heed her call going into the age of Aquarius or will we still live our petty, leisure seeking lives?  

Intellectuals knowingly and continuously press their own greedy agendas.  They do not care about the common person other than they need their money.  We need to start believing in our own genius.  We now can comprehend the universe enough to think for ourselves.  This universal power, the Sacred Feminine, is not forced upon us with a whip.  Our needs are seeking out for answers.  You can have direct contact with the divine.   You can have direct communion with the divine within yourself. Within us is many answers to great questions.  Today we understand the magnitude of the Universe.  This is not a mistake.  We still do not know how it all started.  Every veil science thinks it uncovers just shows more veils.  The universe is conscious and balanced. Unless we balance our consciousness we will never lift her veils.  

Soon there will be the beginning of a new age.  The Sacred Feminine is starting to unfold a reality based in fact.  A reality open to all new knowledge.  It will have no dogma and prejudice.  The individual who understands knowledge and wisdom will have the greatest capacity for spirituality.  With the Sacred Feminine we will be able to face Nature and work with her.  Not try to make money off of her.  The small thoughts we argue over will disappear.  Large thoughts and small thoughts can not occupy the same mind.  We will start to understand universal consciousness and we will begin to know ourselves.  When we recognize the Sacred Feminine we will see what true power really is.  

She manifests through Nature.  Her priesthood is the trees, insects, stars, mountains, weather and animals.  Nature in all its glory.  The Sacred Feminine is essential in Nature.  She is the truth in our world.  There is no authority over the Sacred Feminine.  She does not compromise her own principals to please anyone.  She does what she knows to be true.  She is her own critic.  She governs herself because duality is built right in.  What she wills and determines out of her own Nature has to be.  What she wants and does is good.  You can reject her or be mad at her, but she does not care.  I came across a Native American proverb that expresses this perfectly…The moon is not effected by the howling of the wolves.  Nothing we say or do can hold her tide back.  She is not good or evil.  She is just herself.  That what is itself is good.  We can not escape her.  If we goto space she is there.  We are part of her.  The part can not escape from the whole and the part can not be greater than the whole.  We are stuck with her.  

Patriarchy thought they kidnapped her and killed her.  They thought wrong.  She has laid low until the right time.  The right time to retake her throne.  She is absolute consciousness.   The only thing that knows where we are headed is the consciousness that runs it.  You are the only one who knows where you are going.  Nature is the only one who knows where Nature is going.  All we can do is accept her.  If we keep fighting her we keep living in conflict.  The Ancient festivals were joyful. They did not live in fear or worry about sin.  The Goddess was part of their lives.  They only wanted to continue to grow.  They knew a world with no Sacred Feminine would not grow and was full of conflict.  They knew humans should become aware of the Universe.  The Sacred Feminine is a snowflake like structure with infinite geometrical perfection.  It is perfect.  Become immersed in her vastness.  

We should be able to laugh with her like a child discovering something new.  Laughter of joy in the presence of great beauty.  What is your relationship to her?  We are a product of her.  If there is only one consciousness moving through all things then where else could we have come from?  We are an unfolding expression of her.  Everything in Nature is necessary.   This gives me hope that there is a reason for humans.  We have been disturbing natural balance for as long as we have been here, but I think the unbalancing of humans unbalances Nature even further.  We are part of her and it’s time to return to balance.   We are an important part of consciousness realizing itself and its own nature.  The Egyptians tried to see consciousness in the sun and used it as a symbol of universal consciousness.  I say humans are the symbol of universal consciousness.  Humans need consciousness as much as consciousness needs humans.  Just like it needs all living things no matter where they are in the universe.  

We are not just a passing experiment of an alien race.  We have struggled to get to this place in history.  We were not put here to please some bearded man.  We have a reason.  We don’t understand a reason because we don’t understand ourselves.  This Universe did not create us by accident.  Our part of Nature’s plan is in that plan and part of that plan.  We are the only creature, that we know of, who can plan our destiny consciously.   Nature does not care how much we collect materially.  The only thing that is truly ours is our consciousness.  We individualize consciousness.  When we die we are reunited with the Universal consciousness.  The Universe would not create something just to destroy it. In the same way you would not raise your kids then kill them at 18.  We are immortal.  

The Sacred Feminine does not care if you believe in her or not.  The more we learn about the world and universe the more we learn we are part of something bigger.  Our thoughts are based on our understanding of the Universe.  We know things are constantly changing. We know our consciousness changes.  Is change inevitable?  Change is built right in to the Sacred Feminine.  Everything is life.  There is no death just change.  All bodies exist for the purpose of consciousness.  Consciousness is the one way we can know ourselves and the higher our consciousness gets the more we will see the Sacred Feminine in ourselves and all around.  Consciousness is immortal and it uses us to grow.  We can not destroy consciousness so we can not destroy the Sacred Feminine.  Patriarchy put her in chains but she has broken them.  All it took was to search for her to find her.  

I don’t care if you believe this post or not.  Im not dogmatic.  Im just trying to expose the facts that humans have been looking at for ages but couldn’t understand them.  We may find that we are part of a pattern we can pass on to our children.  This consciousness is what humans have called God, but they took the Goddess out of it.  Well the Goddess has returned. She does not care if you want her or not. We are starting to become a world of two groups of people.  People who want to grow or people who will desperately hang on to something old.  Something they love and venerate.  They have every right to do so, but it may bring suffering because it is not adequate to the worlds needs.  Fear is all they know.  

Underneath all the fear is a vast movement of life. It is the Sacred Feminine. She can not fail, never be less than herself, she does not care about your political affiliate or how much money you have. She has grown up through the vast order of creation. As we become aware the consciousness everywhere becomes aware. Will we take the light of the Sacred Feminine or live in the darkness of our ignorance? If progress offends us then our thinking is wrong. We must transform knowledge into consciousness. Are you bold enough to go looking for the Sacred Feminine on your own? Without taking answers and advice from the people who have kidnapped her. This world does not want the Goddess back. Are you strong enough to have the Goddess in your life? Some have found the Goddess. They have lived a quiet peaceful life while the suffering and conflict have continued in a Godessless world. Will you grow or venerate the old stale world? See the little girl in the video as the Sacred Feminine and the video comes to life. Is she still missing in your life or have you found her?

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