Unlocking the Goddess

People today of every religion, faith, race, society and creed are searching.  They are searching for answers.  They are looking for themselves and what this existence is all about.  Searching for reality.  Very few are finding answers.  They may find something and go down some rabbit hole only to find out its an illusion like most things in this reality.  So they go on searching.  Materialism and intellectualism has taken over our world.   How do we find truth in a hall of broken mirrors?  The key is unlocking the Goddess.

All the religions and philosophies of the world have let individuals seek something better without becoming better themselves.  They seek in groups what must be done alone.  They hope they can make amends for their sins and ignorance by riding the wave everyone else is riding.  I argue that since patriarchy took hold of our minds about 4,000 years ago that our minds and spirits have been stagnant.  We are no better today than we were 4,000 years ago.  No closer to finding answers.  Why do we not have a Pythagorus today?  No Plato? No Krishna? No Pakal the Great?  No Buddha? No Lao Tzu?  Why do we not have the thinkers of the past today? Why was wisdom developed easier back then?  The answer is simply Nature.  Our thinkers today are materialists.  

The reason why we have  inferior architecture to the ancients who built the megaliths, inferior knowledge and wisdom, inferior art and music, all stems from our detachment from Nature and our minds being in the ego.  The ancients understood that if you were going to understand the forces of Nature you must find it in what you can see.  The Gods and Goddesses were aspects of Nature.  Nature herself provided the answers.  The truths she revealed were explained by humans in a way other humans could understand . They created myths, legends and stories.  They observed the truths of Nature herself and built the foundation of their lives on natural law.  Lives that were in respect to the seasons, climates, weather, rivers, oceans, mountains, plants and animals.  They built their lives around truthful facts and not ideologies.  

Morality to the ancients was built on truth and not faith.  Funny thing about truth, it produces meaning and solutions.  With truth the mind ascends.  The ancients worked together to make their reality.  Reality shows you if your world is truth or deception.  I will let each individual reader let that sink in with the reality of the world today.  The ancients turned within to get answers.  Turning within was robbed from us with the beginning of religions.  We have forgotten who we are.  Today most don’t have a clue of why they are here or where they come from.  They know who they were born too and family history, but thats as far as it goes.  No one knows where they are going.  

How many of us remember our dreams?  To the ancients dreams were very important because they come from the subconscious mind.  Dreams were used for healing in ancient Greece.  The Native Americans used dreams for social growth.  Dreams were always something important to the ancients.  They recalled them, remembered them and shared them with others.  Dreams have no limits. You can dream anything or do anything.  As we have moved into the left side of our brains  our dreams have been downgraded.  We have also changed them to meet our social conditionings.  When we used our subconscious mind more our dreams were  always important.  Today most see them as nonsense.  

The ancients had mystics. Mystics were not always psychics. Most mystics were people who could turn inward. They did not predict the future. They explored the realm of their Higher Self or other realms far greater than the materialistic realm. Mystics would use their minds to make what is invisible real. The would build a visible upon the invisible with a mental approach. They had to use outside forces for the information to reform their inner life. Back then mystics could use not only the beauty of nature but the beauty of what humans had built themselves. They had a simple structure to their societies. As we have moved into our masculine minds we have lost beauty in our societies. We want to accomplish things no matter how destructive we become. This makes our minds destructive and not creative. Most are not capable of thinking and truth seeking. We have no idea what truth is. One who might have opened their mind to the internal has actually become a gate keeper to their mind. They make sure that they do not outgrow the thinking of their society. They think they will become an outcast, get fired from their job or be labeled a criminal. With all that is going on today people guard their outer reputation and say “the hell with the inner world”.

People who follow their heart have a lot of sympathy.  Most are not intellectuals.  I have yet to meet an intellectual who actually follows their heart.  The heart followers usually follow their emotions, but they are closer to finding answers than the intellectuals.   Problem is that most heart followers have been cheated, imposed upon, lied too and some abused.  They can not tell what is real and what is not.  They are confused internally and it keeps genuine emotions from being shared.  Affection today is met with skepticism.  We think that someone who shows affection towards us must want something.  For the most part that is true and it keeps us from seeing answers coming from people who actually care for us.  

Some think the mind is best to lead us.  Some think the emotions are better to lead us and others think the body is more suitable to lead.  All of these are really under the control of your Higher Self.  How do we reach our Higher Self?  How do we get her to come out from hiding to give us guidance?  This search has to be done alone.  It must be a personal to you.  No one else can do it for you.  The Higher Self can be reached.  She is superior to mind.  She will show you how to use the mind, emotions and body together.  How do we discover her?  

Reading the ancient texts I found they had doctrines to try to bring individuals in contact with their Higher Self.  They taught people how to rise above their own minds.  It brought a connection to the Higher Self.  The ancients considered it very important to teach this to individuals who wanted to learn.  Enlightenment was the light of the Higher Self shining on the individuals outer world.  It was a baptism of the spirit.  In my Baptism post I show what the true meaning of baptism was.  This is where it comes from.  Spirit is feminine and when you work on enlightenment you become an agent for the Goddess.  The text do not show you an absolute way to connect with her, but the individuals show how they did it.  By using what they showed me and using my own experience hopefully I can be of help to my readers.  

You must be still.  This does not mean sitting and doing nothing.  That is our materialistic minds translating this.  You can learn anything you want in the material world by memorizing and repetition, but to learn from her you can not storm in.  If you try to force her you will never see the truth.  To be still is to still the mind.  To not take your mind seriously and have no emotional attachment to your thoughts.  Like most women her voice is subtle and quiet.  Her voice comes to the person who stops talking long enough to hear her.  This is very rare.  As I write this my mind is still.  I am just the instrument writing down what comes to my mind.  It is called being present. When you are present with her you get presents from her.  The problem we have is that we try to decide for ourselves with our ego.  We must unlock our intuition.  We want to explore scientifically with our egos.  When we explore with our egos we will only find ways to avoid truth.  

We must face the fact that we will never find truth if we continue to do wrong actions.  There is a relationship between conduct and consciousness.  If we continue to think materialistically then the door will be locked.  If we want to connect with her we must work on ourselves.  Quiet the negative thoughts.  I show in Magic how to get started on this.  You must want to change.  The mind must not drag your past with you.  Most people worry about the problems of the past.  We must be able to sit quietly without negative thoughts entering.  It takes practice but you can do it.  The negative ego loves to be heard.  It will give you destructive thoughts.  One must also not drink or do drugs to forget themselves.  Once you outgrow the ego you may drink not to forget, but to remember.  It will be a responsible drink instead of drinking your life away.  

When you meet her, you will find she is cooperative.  You will find that we have been breaking all the rules mentally, emotionally and physically.  When you take care of these things she works with you.  Because we wreck the body and mind she will not be part of that.  We think that if we make a fortune wrecking ourselves it is worth it.  In reality you are just stunting your growth.  We make one mistake after another and we do not know how to stop or forget them.  When I first met the Goddess she told me to quiet the mind. Stop feeding the demons of the mind.  When you quit feeding them they die.  As long as you are unhappy she will not be there to console you.  She will not be a crutch.  She got real with me and told me she will not be my emotional tampon.  Im a man, but I got her point.  When we quiet the emotions down to simple and real we do not get ourselves in trouble.  Emotions are like food.  Feed yourself real emotions and you will not harm yourself in the same way if you eat real food you will not harm your body.  Quit using the mind for self interest.  Get out of the competitive mindset and into a collaborative mindset.  The misuse of the mind makes your life intolerable.  

Putting the power of Nature outside of you brings conflict with the spirit.  Where ever there is conflict there is destruction.  Where ever there is obstructions decay happens.  Decay brings sickness.  Selfishness is sickness.  Jealousy is sickness.  Putting the power outside of you causes sickness.  Get rid of the sickness by honoring your power.  The only thing religion and governments want from people is allegiance.  They want obedience but do not contribute to any type of enlightenment.   When are you going to be tired of washing your sins away with your own tears?  Religion tries to say ‘Born Again’ is finding god.  When in truth it means to start again with a fresh, clean open mind.  Releasing the lies of the past.  This makes you lighter in weight.  You can not be born again and be highly competitive, a tyrant, neglect your kids because you are too busy or ignore things that need to be dealt with.  

To be still and know means to bring the body, emotions and mind in relationship with each other.  Stillness is the end of conflict with these three.  You will no longer fight yourself and regret what you have done in the past.  No one is perfect.  We all make mistakes, but you will know when you make one and take responsibility for it, recognize it and outgrow it to the point that you will not repeat the same mistakes.  Forgive yourself and others.  Build yourself up and you will build others up.  Bringing others down to make ourselves look good is destructive and meaningless.  Depolarize yourself and remain open.  Reward your best conduct.  You do not need to go into isolation.  Stay in the world and show others your light.  If others want to ridicule you, let them.  

The problem that most have when they search for answers from their higher self is they think they get answers to support what they think.  When you are getting answers to support your right to be wrong then you need to take another look.  If you start getting visions and answers telling you that you are right then the ego is at work.  The Goddess will give you answers that help you personally.  Truths for your own thinking and living.  No truths that you can force on others.  The Goddesses subtlety is one of the reasons patriarchy started.  Certain people could not hear her and thought that the divine should speak with authority the great and glorious words they wanted to hear.  She did not change for them, so they let a man take over the job.  From this point on the Goddess was killed and an all powerful male god with a big voice was put in charge.  From this point on humans could see no god unless they disobeyed.  This is patriarchy.  Man took over the universe because the feminine did not seem strong enough to live up to the job.  Ignorance is very destructive.

To be still is to know the stillness of the Universe.  If we live a quiet inner life we will live our outer life with dignity.  Inner peace opens the door to the Goddess.  The power of her will be shown if you do not interfere or condition it.  It is a gentle knock and quiet voice.   You must be receptive to her.  It becomes reality over the illusions of this world.  The ancients put people through rituals that sometimes would put their life in danger.  By necessity they would have to quiet the ego and listen to their Higher Self to get out of the situations.  We don’t need those rituals today because our own lives are full of dangers.  Until we quit making the same mistakes over and over we will not get out of trouble.  Until we have enlightened leaders we will never have peace.  Enlightenment is the victory over the ego.  

The idea of meditation is not to make the mind blank.  It is quieting the ego so the Higher Self can speak.  Sometimes the answers will come while meditating or they will come through out the day when the mind is quiet.  Meditating is just practicing to quiet the mind.  With enough practice the mind will be quiet in any situation.  When the mind is quiet she speaks.  She will give instructions to you and give you answers to what you want to know.  You can follow it or not.  She does not care.  It’s your choice.  No dogmatism.  Sooner or later you will see that following her voice will cause less strife in this world for you personally.  No one can solve anyone else’s problems.  They must solve their own.  If an individual is to be happy they must make themselves happy.  Listening to the Higher Self is a step towards making yourself happy.  When others see you leading by example they want to know how to do it.  

She will have a small quiet voice.  Those who think god has a thundering voice are listening to their ego.  She will never give an order.  It will be a quiet gentle epiphany.  She will tell it as if telling a child.  Not as if she is speaking to someone at a noisy concert.  These experiences come in small beautiful synchronicities.  You are part of a great and infinite purpose.  Our minds are very child like and can not understand this without her gentle touch.  These experiences and messages will be the most powerful experiences you ever have.  When you have one all of life will never be the same as it was before you had the experience.  Life is not you and nothing else.  All the animals and plants are real.  Everything has a consciousness.  Everything makes up your reality.  Humans think only what they experience is reality and nothing is conscious other than themselves.  The Native Americans knew even the air we breath is conscious.  They knew everything was real. They knew of the Great Spirit and got answers from it.  The Great Spirit is another term for Higher Self.  

Have a creative life.  Creativity brings out what you have inside you.  When you create you grow.  Prove your worthiness to yourself.  Love yourself.  Do not look down on or up to others.  You must accept the Sacred Feminine.  Not only accept her but dig yourself a little hole inside her precious heart.  When she reveals the right thing act on it.  You do not need to do the right thing all at once.  Just begin and she will help you take control of your exterior.  The Sacred Feminine is no longer dead she has resurrected.  You are no longer a soul in your body but a body in your soul.  You are an illuminate and have available to you all the knowledge of the human race, all the wisdom of Nature and all the love of the Goddess who you found and represent.  That is how you unlock the Goddess.  

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