The Cosmic Ocean

Ever wonder why the ancients thought the cosmos as an ocean?  So many myths talk about a watery abyss.  When it rains the rain does not just nourish certain plants.   It does not just help the grass or flowers.  It benefits every living thing.  Mother Nature does not play favorites.  The ancients were describing a force in the cosmos as an ocean because it nourishes everything too.  This force is like an ocean of water that brings the great energies of life to every living thing.  Everyone and every creature interpreters these energies according to their own needs.  

We as a human race have been in a drought of wisdom.  Not because it’s not raining.  Because we don’t let the great ocean of  water nourish wisdom.   We think we are not in need of wisdom.  We have an eternal thirst, but we try to quench it with materialism.  We take these energies and quench our wants and needs.  No need for wisdom, who needs that?  Humans think these energies are their own. Humans are unique to themselves.  Because they think these energies come from within them they think they own them.  These energies of Mother Nature are everywhere all the time and nourish all life all the time.  

The rain helps bring all life to all different plants and animals.  In the same way these energies bring life to all living things according to their consciousness.  Ancient humans decided that the sun was what gave them life.   It crossed this great ocean in the sky on a boat.  All other animals live in truth as the fish lives in the ocean.  They have no moral questioning.  They live as they do. Life is life to them.  Humans are a curious species.  We think that we are thinkers.  Because we are different to all others these energies move through us according to our own expressions.  It creates for us a world unique to us.  Because of our unique minds we stick out like a sore thumb against all other forms of life.  We interpret life with our thoughts, emotions and feelings.  We create things that are only beneficial to us.  

We try to make ourselves feel secure even though we can’t refrain from conflict.  These energies have interpreted themselves in us in a way that we think we are morally and ethically superior.  We are so superior to other life forms that we have deities.   So we think this energy that sustains us is because of a god.  The laws of Mother Nature are always there.  She does not care if you think they are moral or ethical.  Humans think laws only exist because humans exist.  Mother Nature does not just gives us physical growth.  She gives us mental, spiritual and emotional growth.  Humans want to create a sterile universe and force everything to inhabit it. The more you take away from humans the less they become.  The more insight you give humans the greater they becomes.  The universe can only be known to humans  by our own understanding of it.  

Do we exist or do we try to conquer this world? Destroy someone inwardly and you destroy their physical world.  Add to humans enlightenment and you add to their security.  Just as the rain gives to all life these energies give to all life too.  Humans are here to grow.  When you take away their ability to grow inwardly, you take away their ability to grow outwardly.   What I show you on my site has been available to all, but the initiates of this world think it’s only for them.  They can’t have humans growing inwardly.  If they did there would be no one left to deceive and lead.  

Everything that has happed is because of cause and effect.  Nothing popped up out of thin air.  Even things that do not help us is a result of cause and effect.  Every situation we are in today is all from cause and effect.  Over time these causes produce their effects in the same way the rain waters the plants and they produce flowers or fruit.  These energies will make whatever fruit and flowers bloom from whatever the nature of the plant in which they grow.  What does this say about humans?  What is our nature? Look around.  All our problems are products of our own nature?  Everything in the world that pertains to humans is conditioned by humans.   We can not blame Nature herself.  Our troubles are all brought about by how we live.  I showed the Fat Goddess is all about Mother Nature in abundance, but  if we made a statue today the Goddess would be skin and bone and in chains.  We don’t work with her anymore.  We try to control her.  

In order to get a different harvest we must plant different seeds within us.  Whatever the seeds the great watery energies will make it mature.  If we plant weeds this energy will bring them in great abundance.  The ancients knew that this energy went in and through everything and everyone and brought out what is being expressed.  We have been given tools to live through this underworld, but we don’t use them.  Our mental energy which was given to us to turn within is only used for advancement in materialism.  We have given up being able to use the powers of the universe to use the powers of human.  We don’t use our intuition anymore.  We are so caught up in daily existence that we can not hear the voice of the Goddess.  Our minds have the ability to hear and use this voice of the Goddess so we can be self directive.  It is the strongest ability we have and it lies  dormant in most of us.  

We think that what the ego does is strength, but it is weakness.  As we use our egos in this world, our world takes on the reflection of  weakness.  Individuals have become a ruthless hunters.  In our ignorance we prey upon each other.  Corruption takes over.  Humans built nations and cities.  Nature did not build these things. Humans set up societies, universities, religions, governments and science.  These energies will bring forth great things out of great efforts.  It will bring forth mediocre things from mediocre efforts and poor things from poor efforts.  Our world must go through humans strength or weaknesses.  Today the weak ego is used for everything.  It has an insatiable appetite.  We want luxury without working for it.  We force our opinions on others whether they want to hear it or not.  When others don’t agree with us we have a melt down.  The ancients used these Goddess powers and built magnificent structures that leave us in awe today.  We scratch our egotistical heads wondering how they did it.  

The ancient saw crime as breaking the laws of men and sin as breaking the laws of Nature.  Humans have perverted the powers of Nature into religions.  I should not say humans.  Men have perverted Goddess powers into the powers of a god.  Doing things for greed and selfishness contaminates these powers to create greed, selfishness, dogmatism, ignorance and corruption.  If enough people in a society contaminate this energy and use it for egotistical purposes then our world becomes damaged.  New generations must grow in this egotistical damaged world and so they do not know any different.  The world condition the individuals.  The world sickens the people as a result from the people sickening the world.  This is the pattern of our existence.  

What happen to our values?  How do you force world peace on people with physical force?  Politics and religion goes against all common sense, so how do you indoctrinate  people with politics and religion and not expect confusion?  With out minds what you take in comes out.  It is what the ancient meant with the Ouroboros.  By taking in garbage you are planting the seeds within you to have this energy bring it into our world.  If you pollute yourself internally you will pollute your world.  The leaders of this world lack the intelligence to make the world better.  The reason why they lack the intelligence is because they can not make themselves better.  What you do not have within you can not teach to others.  

We want life to be simple.  What we don’t understand is the happiest lives are usually the ones that have worked the hardest.  The ancients knew that humans were intended to create a world with their creativity and emotions.  To make this world intentionally beautiful.  Humans were given intuition and creativity, so we can unfold a better life than all the other animals.  If we use these Goddess powers we could assist Nature and not fight her.  If we started using these Goddess powers life would unfold with beauty and cooperation, but we try to make Nature adapt to us instead of us adapting to Nature.  

We have lost confidence in ourselves and in each other.  We are suspicious of those who do unselfish acts.  We are doubtful about everything. We are disillusioned and have become bitter.  Even if an individual overcomes this stuff within themself the outside pressures are so great that it beats that person down.  How can one person stand up against the ignorance and selfishness of the world?   The answer to that is that this force or energy does not need humans but humans need it.  It can not be corrupted.  It will actually help corruption grow until it destroys itself.  An individual does not have to surrender to the madness of the masses unless you surrender your right to be an individual.  In times of stress it is hard to think straight, but it is also in times of stress that people decide to change their ways.  Nature will let you make your mistakes.  She will actually help your mistake grow so you can see the error of your ways.  

This energy is only contaminated through us.  When we realize this we realize we can change and rescue ourselves.  One thing I have figured out is the Goddess loves effort.  Maybe this is why we don’t have Matriarchs anymore.  We seem to not put a lot of effort into much unless it’s easy.  We are the human family.  We have connections with each other that we don’t use or see.  Families don’t stay together just because of a marriage license.  They stay together because they value each other.  They value each other so much they want to be together and work with each other to solve things.  We even value are families enough to look up our heritage and ancestry.  I value the human family so much that I went to look at the history, heritage and ancestry of us all.  Maybe one day my brother and sisters on this planet will value the human family enough to do the same.  

We have every opportunity to go look at the culture and insight of all people.  We can go back and see how the ancients lived as an ally to Nature.  How they did not look to attain material superiority.  We can look at both sides of conflicts and find the truth lies somewhere in the middle.  We can not look to our educational and religious institutions to give us the truth.  There is a narrative they must follow.  Money has to be made.  Everything is about advancing materialism.  I have said the western world is ancient Egypt many times.  Knowledge had been lost even in the later times of ancient Egypt.  The very early dynasties of Egypt knew exactly what the true meaning of mummifying the body meant. See my post Mummies for the true reason.   Once patriarchy took hold the knowledge was lost.  The reason the patriarch ancient Egyptians mummified bodies is because they believed the soul would not live on if the material body decayed away.  Some rulers went as far as putting a statue of themselves in their tomb in case the body did decay and the soul could latch on to the statue.  It was all materialistic beliefs.  

Take a look at most people today.  Are we healthy as a human race?  Our materialistic world has caused  conflicts in our own bodies.  We have to make infinite compromises within ourselves to keep living this materialistic way.  It is literally making us sick.  These mistakes keep happening because we keep being taught by others who die from their own mistakes.  Then we teach these mistakes to our children because we don’t know any better.  We do not have to live in constant conflict and defending opinions that have no value.  All we have to do is change what is inside us for it to start growing.  We many not change the world overnight, but we can stop contributing to the misery of others.  We can stop being miserable ourselves because when you are miserable you make others miserable.  

We all have the power to take control of our own lives.  We have a Goddess and God power in us.  We can reject negative thoughts.  Instead we want to bring the negativity out for all to see.  We do not need to talk bad about others.  Why do we feel we need to tear down others to make ourselves happy?  Why do we need to be jealous, fearful and full of anxiety?  We should sit and read a good book, enjoy good music, seek, learn and study truth.  You will feel so much more fulfilled than sitting around on the internet or watching television.  We are at war with each other because we are at war with ourselves.  Politicians are at war with themselves more than anyone else and is why we will never have peace.  We do not like to be told our thinking is wrong.  The ego hates to be told its wrong.  The ego will blow a fuse and throw a temper tantrum.  When 7 billion people are in this mindset we have endless wars, confusion and conspiracy.  

A balanced individual has the Goddess and God within them working together.  Materialism and profit does not move them.  They have time for their children because they are not trying to make a name for themselves.  They do not get caught up in the political battles because they are at peace in themselves.  They are not in conflict with others because they are not in conflict with themselves.  The more we pay attention to our inner life the more we dislike the collective life.  When you turn with in you are not fazed by the happenings of the world.  You see the mess that is happening as a way for people to change.  Complications must exist to correct problems.  You see the universal energies at work and know in the long run good will come out of it.  You will  know you are not a victim.  You are only a victim if you participate in the mutual plan of victimizing people.  You will not be neurotic and anxious.  

Nature will not penalize you for being in charge of your own life.  It does force you to give up some of the foolish things you did like.  You will out grow things that do not help you grow.  This will help you have clarity through out the day.  We must have self discipline.  Self discipline is releasing yourself from pressures.  When you have self discipline you have more time to relax and enjoy life.  Today we have people screaming about rights.  They have the right to be selfish, to be destructive and be greedy.  They want to do as they please regardless of whoever it may hurt.  The person who has allowed ambition to take control of their life is probably miserable.  They have no family or friends because they fight constantly to hold power.  The only people around them are yes men who only want the same material success as they have.  This is what our world calls success.  

Why is it so hard for us to have a family life?  Why is it hard to enjoy peace?  Why is it so hard to have true friends who care about you?  When we tell our inner self to slow down and relax we gain satisfaction in our own life.   We may not be good at it when we first start because we are always on the go and never think for ourselves.  Over time we will become good at thinking and balancing our lives out.  We will discover a world we never knew  existed.  A world of creative self expression, a world with true friends and a world of new adventures.   We will discover new arts that make our life richer.  By doing this you will know others who have balanced their life.  You will know get to know others who do not use other people to advance themselves.  We can not live by selfishness and self centeredness.  

Each of us can take control of these energies and change our world.  Most of the time it takes tragedies for people to change, but we can change before the tragedies happen.   When you make these changes other probably will not even notice you have change.  They may think you have become a little more intelligent, patient and understanding, but you will notice a huge change in yourself.  You will discover, maybe for the first time in your life, what real friends are.  It all starts with falling in love with the word “no”.  Asking yourself if what you are doing is necessary.  We can decide to have less time on the internet or television and spend time with our family.  Do things that we have put off.  Once we start making wise decisions it snowballs into a meaningful healthy life.  We will not act on personal impulses that mean nothing and start to live for someone else besides ourselves.  We will find we have a lot more time to do the things we really love to do.  We didn’t have time before because we were busy wasting time.  We begin to use these Goddess and God powers to our advantage and get the security we have been looking for.  

We are governed by Natural Law not by men.  Each individual should seek  out what the Goddess and God within them requires.  You will find that these powers only want you to grow.  Grow spiritually not materially.  The way to solve the problems of the world is to solve the problems within yourself.  Having peace within makes the problems and pressures of the world become less effective on yourself.  Manly P. Hall stated, “World pressure is nothing but the collective pressure of pressured people”.    Get the ego pressures out of your life and start taking control of your own life.  By doing this the ocean of energies will nourish you and your world.  This is what is meant in the Bible when it says, “Go forth and be fruitful”.  Our materialistic minds think it means to go plant trees and make fruit.  In truth it means to plant the seeds of fruit within and the ocean of energies will make them grow.  Fruit has always meant knowledge and wisdom.  Replace the garbage in your minds with fruit.  

8 thoughts on “The Cosmic Ocean”

  1. The Primal Ocean, Cosmic Sea. Ginunngagap, etc, etc. It was that very thought which pulled me out of the nihilism. Maybe fitting. The great unperturbed potentiality caught between unactivated polarities, in the resolution of their dialectic all progress worth having is made. Always sounds mad when I say it, but I caught a glimpse of it in a dream twice, Ginunngagap I think. So it goes. I hope to see it again, and with better grasp, before my time is done.

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    1. That is awesome you saw Ginunngagap in a dream. Nihilism can be taken in a couple of ways. Nothing matters so why even exist or if nothing matters then do what you want. Do what makes you happy. Either way I’m glad it pulled you out of it.

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