Common Sense

I have said many times before that the brain is a living computer.  It is a computer that is always on.  You can not turn it off even when you are sleeping.  It is constantly recording, remembering, learning and creating.  Our minds are very defensive.  Because of our true ancient history our minds defend against so much.   Our collective subconscious is very powerful and it does not want to go through the trauma of that history again(see Lemurian Magic).  

We all have our five senses that give our brain input. Most of us don’t use them in concert together.  We think that they are sufficient on their own.  As you will see the trick is to use all senses together.  Sight is our most dynamic sense.  Most rely solely on their sight.  What they see they believe.  Hearing is used to judge, learn, and communicate. Hearing is why we have music and poetry.  When we see and hear things that are not uplifting it pulls our vibration down.  How much garbage and noise does the average person take in daily?  

We also have taste.  Taste can keep us from getting poisoned, but it also can make us epicurean.  If we surrender to just good taste we find that our health suffers greatly.  How healthy is the average person today?  Smell can also give us pleasure with perfume and incense, but it can also warn us of decay and deterioration. Feeling or touch is not what it use to be.  A lot of us will not buy something unless we touch it before we buy it, but that is rapidly going away today.  Touch can tell us if something is quality or cheaply made.  It can tell us if something sharp or dull, smooth or rough and soft or hard.  Most humans need physical touch with holding hands, being held,  a hug, a kiss or just human contact.  With technology our world is losing touch with each other.  

Most humans consider their senses separate.  Our senses go their own way and do their own thing.  We try to cater to all our senses individually.  What most do not know is we all have a sixth sense.  Not as in, “I see dead people”.  A sixth sense that is our mental director or composer.  This sixth sense gets all our senses to work together.  The director brings all senses together into relationships.  Most do not know how to use their sixth sense.  The five senses are all parts of the mind.  They are chemical reactions going on in your brain.  If we do not have a directer in control of our senses we can lose touch with reality very quickly.

With sight we see our world.  In todays world we get to not only see the world, but we get to see what is on television, computers and phones.  We get to watch news, movies, shows, documentaries, sports, music videos or anything anyone wants to put on the internet.  Our eyes bring in all this material.  Our sight is continually reporting what we see.  We are all bombarded with violence, crime, arguing, fear and just plain garbage on these devices every day.  Some people use these devices to advanced their knowledge, but they are few and far between.    This visual imagery makes our mind have thoughts and have attitudes that do not help us.  If we have the  mental director censoring for us then we will be fine, but like I said most do not use the sixth sense.  Without censorship we will slip into disasters.  He must learn to censor our own sight and other senses.  

Common sense is the common testimony of the five senses.  They are all having input into your world. They all prove in harmony what they can prove about their input  and the other senses input.  This common sense working together gives us the sixth sense.  The sixth sense is the mental director.  If the director is functioning then your mind will sensor itself.  This sixth sense uses what has happened in the past to you personally and to us collectively and will help you handle new incidents.  The director will bring in previous knowledge to help you.  It all happens in an instant.  We see it as a thought, feeling or remembering something.  

We need to realize what we have our attention on.  Is it quality or is it trashy?   We need to ask ourselves why we like pay attention to the things we pay attention too.  Do we like because it is superior or do we like it because it plays to some negative attitudes inside us?  Even fictional work without a director involved in our senses will cause problems.  I love fiction as much as the next person.  If the director is not censoring what is happening then we see people wanting to play out certain movies, shows or stories in their real lives. They surrender too sensationalism.  In Tibet there is no fictional work aloud because of this.  They have awesome myths and legends, but they are not considered fiction.  They are considered history.  They have the attitude that if it isn’t true do not pay attention to it. What goes in must come out.  If the director is not censoring what is coming in you will bring it out in one way or another.  If you are watching violence or fear all the time then without a strong director you will bring it out in your own personal life.  

Most people will seek help from outside of themselves to substitute for not having a director.  We all have it in us to develop this sixth sense.  We need to turn in and handle what we have suppressed.  The longer something is suppressed the harder it will be to deal with. This is why our suppressed history is so hard to deal with.  We all know what is right and wrong morally, but we believe that we can not handle things we have done.  We believe we need a pill to numb us or a priest to forgive us.  When really we just need to forgive ourselves.  All of our problems begin within us.  Pressures will build up inside us and bring them out into our world.  Then those problems will cause more pressures inside us. Selfishness comes from the five senses not communicating with each other.  When they are not communicating and working together we have no common sense.  

When our senses are working together it shows us what is right and wrong.  It shows us what is true or false.  It will not tell you to do something just because others are doing it.  Most who do not want to deal with the world will just stop living.  They join some religion, cult or  become hermits.  They leave the world behind and do not want to be a part of it.  All these people are doing is protecting their virtues.  If you do not interact with the world, how will you know a belief is wrong?  You must get the internal strength to bring what is inside of you out for others to witness.  If you have truth inside you it will benefit others.  It is a sign of a huge ego to search for enlightenment for yourself and let the rest of the world suffer.  Helping others and  dedicating yourself to truth brings you inline with a very high relationship with the mortal world.  Helping to pull others up with you gives you compassion for all living beings.  I have learned that leaving the world behind leaves me behind.  What good is truth if no one else knows it?  

We have put our faith in wealth, power and outside authority.  We put our trust in things that are not trust worthy.  We need to use all our senses together to get common sense.  Most can’t and this is why most do not have common sense.  We must use our senses to censor our own conduct.  When we start to strengthen our senses we find that the sixth sense grows rapidly.  

What do you love in this world that is more important than yourself?  Why do you want to succeed?  Is it money?  We are not here to accumulate wealth.  We are here to accumulate wisdom and insight.  We must learn something from living.  If we are not learning we are not living.  Life is an opportunity to grow.  To outgrow ourselves.  When we leave this world our growth is all we can take with us.  Will we grow enough to move on?  It’s okay to be ambitious but if we do it for material gain then we will not grow.  Aspire to grow.  When you grow you release the best part of yourself.  Your aspirations make you want to be better.  Aspiration is being better that you used to be.  Quit thinking how great you are and think of how little you actually know.  

Understand people who don’t agree with you.  Don’t be polarized.  Our world is so competitive with religion and politics.  We are all afraid that someone else’s ideas will over take what we want others to think.  Instead of working together they become competitive in getting people to think the right way….their way.  We get into trouble because we compete.  Everyone wants everyone else to believe their opinions.  Even if one is correct they should be correct modestly without wanting to hurt others.  Reduce the degree of how hard you cling to your beliefs.  The harder you cling to your beliefs the more they have a hold on your consciousness. Come into the light of common sense.  If all senses are working together and telling you the same thing then they are all in common sense.  

Bad judgement is because one or more of our senses is not in tune. When are senses are not working together then we accept untruths as truths.  When this happens everything built upon the untruth is by default false.  Conflict, bitterness and unhappiness start to arise.  All it takes is common sense to get out of this.  When you are in conflict with others it takes its toll on your health.  Being bitter can make you sick.  Everyone wants to be healthy today. Why?  So they can continue to make the same mistakes they have always made.  When we do things badly we want to be stronger.  We start to treat the symptoms instead of curing what is really wrong.  We start taking diet supplements and vitamins and see it as a source of happiness.  Yes we need a healthy diet, but prober health comes from the senses working correctly.  Our senses must be in harmony for us to function properly.  Physical problems are signs of mental issues.  We need to get  the garbage in our minds out of our system.  A person who is in balance mentally will have little need for supplements.  Emotion and mental factors effect the physical.  

You must control the effects of the world on your mind.  If we get the sixth sense and the director is in control, we will live a healthier life and enjoy our life more.  Our intelligence will improve and so will our common sense.  We are all in a relationship with our Higher Self.  It is this internal self we should live up too.  We need to do the inner work to investigate ourself. No one knows you as well as you know yourself.  Use the senses you have been given to search out the meaning of yourself.  In the center of every problem that confronts you is yourself.  If you are able to see the mistake you are making and correct it, you will be healthier and happier.  Let’s bring common sense back to this world.  

8 thoughts on “Common Sense”

  1. Wow! I just spent an hour or more having a talk with myself, because I knew that something was wrong with my mind as I looked back on the decisions which I made, the way that I have suffered and the place that I am at now.
    This was the panacea for my malady!
    I dare say I am healed!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you,

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  2. Great “sign” post and advice for today’s state of collective consciousness, G Serpent. Common sense has been missing in the social and global arenas for many, many years. You could easily make the case that logic along with common sense, is missing in today’s world as well. It has been said that our mind makes a wonderful servant but a terrible master. Well, the masters of perception of today seem to have all the willing servants that are self-mastered, that they ever had hoped to have. “Let’s bring common sense back to this world.” I couldn’t agree more.

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    1. Thanks, Sunshamar. Well said. Yes logic is missing too. Sometimes I think I a fallen into an episode of the Twilight Zone. 😂 I’m confident that in the end it will all work it self out for the better. It has too. We can not stay on this course with out hurting ourselves or destroying ourselves.


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