Are You Awakening or Just Changing?

When first started “waking” I had no one to turn too.  It was very awkward. Who do you turn to when your world is falling apart?  My emotions were everywhere.  Those who have gone through the waking experience will know exactly what Im talking about.  Try to talk to someone and they think you are crazy.  Because of that when you find someone who would understand you are afraid to talk to them.  This post I will try to help the ones waking who are struggling with it.  It will also show you if your are just changing instead of awakening.  

When waking you must get out of the competitive mindset.  This is very important.  The cyclopses in the woke society today will never truly awaken because of this.  I know it is very hard because we are conditioned to be competitive.  Even the new age or alternative history sectors are competitive.  I know I did it too.  I was in the me versus whoever is going to hear or read my information.  I assumed people were out to get me, judge me, criticize me or they were going to think negative of me unless I prove them wrong.  It was a forced tonality.  It was me versus the world.  You must move towards a collaborative state.  Part of the reason why our true history is not revealed to us is because researchers do not want to work together.  They are in competition with each other.  

Another part of waking is to want it for yourself.  Most who are waking will get on the internet and find some inkling of truth that you want to learn, but instead of taking the information and applying it you end up worshipping that person.  You never take it and apply it to yourself.  I look up to others.  I have heroes and sheroes, but I always take what Im learning and apply it to me.  You have to be selfish in a good way. Im not reading the books and watching the videos of the people who inspire me to watch a fantasy movie.  Im reading and watching so I can live the movie.  You must believe you can do it.  No matter who you look up to, you can do the same thing.  You could even be better at it.  Bring it back to yourself.  

Another part is you have to be relentless.  We all have grief, fear and anger.  Thoughts will come in asking why the hell are you doing this?  You might take some action and not get the results or reaction you were hoping for.  Every time something doesn’t work you get pulled down and start feeling sorry for yourself.  You must stay with it.  Those who truly awaken will do this.  They will use failure as fuel.  I didn’t get the results I wanted, but lets try something else.  You must not give up.  You will find something that suits you.  

Take responsibility.  Never look for someone else to do it for you.  This world is teaching people to be a victim right now and they can’t do things on their own.  This goes back to wanting if for yourself.  Do not look for a coach, mentor or guru to do it for you.   Use what they are saying and apply it, but also do things you come up with.  Integrate them together.  If someone does it for you the power is not with you it’s with them.  Get the guidance and feedback, but don’t expect them to do it for you.  You must reclaim your power.  Get rid of the excuses.  Nothing is stopping you from taking your power back.  Once you see the path or the way you must take action.  If you don’t take action you will be miserable.  Being awake does not mean you can keep one eye open and one eye shut.  Once you start awakening there is no going back.  You can not unsee what you have seen.  Let yourself grow.  

When you really start accepting the journey changes will happen.  You will see good things and some chaos.  What usually happens is people don’t like the chaos so they stop.  They want to go back to their comfort zone.  If it gets uncomfortable that is you growing.  If people start looking at you different that is good.  When you grow the advice you need will change.  What worked to wake you out of your slumber will not keep you growing.  Look for new information.  

Implement that new information.  

Let go.  Let go of what you have learned in the past.  Let go of your past.  Enlightenment is made up of letting go.  Lighten your load.  Letting go will keep you from being polarized and reactive.  The quality of your enlightenment has much more to do with what you remove than what you add on.  Most people do not see their power or self worth.  They see others as above them.  What happens is they try to bring the others down to their level.  When that doesn’t work they try to get on their level.  The individual will work on confidence or bettering themselves.  This does not work either.  As long as you keep working on confidence you will subconsciously think you are not confident.  As long as you keep making yourself better you will never be good enough.  You must have being good enough or confident as your default mode.  This must not depend on something.  If it depends on something then by default you are not good enough.  You can not become enough.  You must already be enough.  Let go of the things that are telling you that you are not good enough or confident enough.  

Whenever we have a problem we always ask what should I do?  A better question would be why?  Why am I anxious, not confident, fearful, nervous, angry, etc.  Why do you assume you are not good enough.  We were all conditioned to be they way we are.  You were born a curious mind full of adventure.  The world molded you into what you are today.  Who you are is not the authentic you.  What if you have been fake for so long you think you are real?   You must realize you are a deity here playing fake it till you make it.  Let go of all the conditioning and be the real you.  Remember who you are!  

Letting go is not passive.  That is what your ego will tell you.  Truly letting go is an active process.  Letting go is letting go of what is not true.  Let it go instead of controlling it.  Letting go is not getting rid of it.  It is realizing it no longer useful to you because it is not truth.  If get rid of it then you forget about it.  When you forget about it then you will go back to it later thinking its something new.  This is why our whole human race never learns and keeps repeating the same mistakes over and over.  We forget our history and sooner or later we do it again.  

We all change.  Some change is not growth.  Sometimes things happen to us and we become unreasonable.  This only brings growth when we figure out how unreasonable we have become.  Most people who feel a change happening internally think they need to adjust to the world.  They change their fashion or tastes.  They may change their friends because they think they have become cooler than their old friends.  Granted you may out grow things naturally, but this is not waking.  When you change to fit in you become less than you were.  

Individuals who are really awakening become confused.  They will try to find some kind of security and answers.  When one is awakening it will not make you less than you were.  Awakening is true growth.  You may become scattered or broken for awhile but you will pull yourself  back together.  Wakening will not make you bitter or spiteful.  It will not make you look down on others.  Though truthfully it can get frustrating sometimes because you can see how others are not growing.  Awakening will not cause injury to others.  Ignorance is the source of all injury. Ignorance causes selfishness and greed.  Overcoming ignorance is a big part of awakening.  You will want to be closer to the truth.  

Does knowledge lead to awakening.  Yes it can, but we can take a great amount of schooling and never awaken.  The further we go in schooling the more we learn to take advantage of others.  It teaches us to find loop holes.  Information is not growth.  It can help with growth if it is good information, but you need to apply it to your life.  I know very brilliant people who are not awake.  I know very rich people who are not awake.  I also know some very stupid and poor people who are not awake.  With that said economic security can contribute to waking because your mind is free from certain worries, fears and doubts.  I had time to devote energy to my awakening because I did not have to worry about my finances or family.  I was blessed in that department.   Awakening advances from correct usage of resources and not possession. 

As an individual awakens they become more capable of directing their destiny.  They have unlocked a power and become able to deal with the consequences.  You will find that it is not difficult to stay awake because you have opened new doors.  If you are struggling with certain things in the higher vibration take a step back and look for the answers.  Your Higher Self will not let you advance too fast, but she will not let you advance to slow either.  She knows your pace.  She will let you advance when you are ready.  How do you know you are ready?  She will give you challenges.  If you are not willing to try the challenge or you fail then you will stay where you are.  There is a difference in not trying and failing.  If you are ready and don’t take action worse things will happen then if you failed.  

Change moves a person from one place to another.  Awakening moves a person upward.  Some people who gain in wisdom choose to give away their worldly goods and remain or become poor.  True awakening will not let you become a dependent!  Awakening will never cause you to neglect your responsibilities to yourself and others!!!  When you awaken you will have a deeper feeling towards your responsibilities.  If you drop your family and other responsibilities because you think you are awake, you are really fooling yourself.  You have become a cyclops!  Yes I am talking to the woke society.  The woke society care only for themselves.  They are sleeping so hard they think they can drop all responsibilities to family. Most are religious.  I have never met an enlightened person who believes in any god outside of themselves.  Several believe in a Goddess, but they understand the Goddess is a part of them.  

Nature does not create growth instantly.  You will not be foolish one day and wise the next.  This is how I know the human race was messed with.  We had an explosion in brain size almost over night a few thousand yeas ago after slowly growing for millions of years.  Nature does not work in leaps and bounds when it comes to wisdom and intelligence.  Sorry Darwinists!  Even ‘aha’ moments are slow processes of wisdom.  I always look to Nature for the answers.  Maturity is something to be desired.  Most are afraid of maturity and that is why they are still infantile.  They may have grown physically, but mind and emotions are stuck in adolescence. 

We can choose to waste time and not accept our responsibilities.  Just like we can choose to do our school work or not.  If we choose to awaken like Nature wants us to then we grow and mature in a way that is rewarding.  We will get new responsibilities that are very rewarding to us.  We can handle the responsibilities of being forty in as easy of a way as we handled the responsibilities of being ten years old.  You will have values and perspectives that help you make mature decisions.  

You can not try to grow.  You must allow yourself to grow.  When you try to grow you try to be something.  When you allow yourself to grow, you grow in accordance to your authentic self. This does not mean you can’t select a profession or path for yourself.  It just means don’t be dogmatic. Always allow for growth.  Awakening will cause you to see new things.  When you achieve what you want to you can either sit back and become static or continue to grow. See your achievements as steps to future achievements.  Do not have fixed goals.  The only goal you should have is to grow.  That is why they call it awakening.  As you awaken you will see things you did not see before.  You awaken to new sights.  You keep awakening.  You will never become totally awake or woke.  

Do not try to force your opinion on others.  Even if you know more or are more intelligent.  This is what religion does.  Waking is not a religion.  No matter how much these cyclopses think that forcing their opinion on others is the way it will only lead to trouble.   When someone changes their beliefs it is not that they have out grown the old beliefs.  It’s all a social strategy.  They are changing their beliefs to get higher status or to be involved in something.  They are hoping to find something bigger.  When you awaken you understand your old beliefs were false.  You don’t replace them with new beliefs that are false.  

Do not be bitter about previous beliefs.  If you had not believed them you might not have started awakening.  Awakening does not cause us to condemn.  When you awaken you understand that humans are in various stages.  They believe only with their capacity to believe.  They have not gone through the lessons they need to learn. An awakened person will not put one person or group against others.  They will not put them self against others.  Get out of the competitive mindset.  I always feel indebted to what made me grow.  Yes, I get frustrated and feel bad for the masses.  I don’t feel bad for them because they are not awake.  I feel bad for them because they have not learned the lessons of awakening.  

You can not just walk out of anything. You must grow above it.  When you grow above it you become better.  Better meaning becoming kinder, more understanding, more patience, more correct in judgment, more tolerance, more generous and having the capacity to be friendly to anyone.  If your character has not become better you need to ask yourself if you have just changed.  Intellectuals think that an increase in knowledge is an increase in understanding.  They really look down on the less smart.  They are not awakened.  The rules they put on society do not help society grow.  

Our world has become increasingly insecure.  Everything is adjusting and modifying constantly. Crisis is a common thing today.  This makes it harder to adjust to the world around us.  We will either make the adjustment by awakening or by just accommodating are ego.  We can accept the uncertainty and go with the flow.  “We are all in this together” attitude.  Or we can be ourselves and follow our intuition.  You can adjust  and adapt to circumstances and gain less stress, but you are a rudderless ship in a storm at sea. Your course will be guided by the winds,  tides and currents of outside forces.  You will have very little to say about your own life and purpose.  This is most of the people today.  They have no real purpose and are perfectly willing to live day by day.  This is all because of the indoctrination that has been going on for decades.  They have washed out the brain of the masses.  They honestly believe the best thing to do is agree with others.  

An awakened person will not drift.  They will lead their own life.  They internally know what they should do.  Being awakened brings a security that the masses will never know.  A security of knowing.  It is a heavy burden.  A burden that they themselves are responsible for their actions and decisions.  They must decide to either live up to the internal knowing or not.  When you reach this level of maturity  you can not go back to infantile thinking.  You can not unlearn what you have learned.  Awakening brings with it all that is necessary to think for yourself.  An awakened person is a fuller sense of a person all around.   

Awakening does not require agreement from other people.  It is an agreement with the deity within yourself.  It is you remembering who you really are.  Remembering brings less stress and surprise with the flow of life.  It brings security to yourself and growth to your world.  You will eat foods that nourish your body.  You will bring in information that nourishes your mind and emotions.  You will not want to be part of any ideology.  You will balance your mental and emotional world.  You will participate in the world and not become a hermit.  You will work hard but you will relax too.  You will get outdoors.  When you lose contact you lose sympathy.  Living uses every mental power we posses.   Not living causes those powers to disappear. 

An awakening person is always growing.  They are balanced in their attitudes and reason.  They will not let outside pressure unseat their reason and emotions.  Their internal strength is stronger than outside circumstances.  They attain this strength because is it means something to themselves not because its will make them more virtuous.  An awakening person is not perfect.  They are only human.  They balance pleasure in their life.  Balance is key to everything. You will free your emotions from false attachments and feel real.  If we are awakening we find adjustment naturally.  Your life unfolds.  Awakening is the adventure of life.  

We think we are only loved when we act to what is acceptable.   That is what that feeling is when you are afraid to do something.   Relax into it.  Detach your self worth to it.  Real emotions are there to serve you, but very few have real emotions.  Who you think you are is fake.  You are stifling yourself.  Get out of your own way.  When you release the inauthentic parts of yourself you will feel a type of relief.   Know that feeling that you have when you finally finish something you have been putting off or the feeling you get when you complete something very important?  Thats the feeling you will have when you drop your inauthentic self and start living like the Goddess or God you really are.  Until then you are just changing.  

10 thoughts on “Are You Awakening or Just Changing?”

  1. Great insight and advice, GSerpent. Your explanation on growth resonated with me. Be it understanding the growth of the acorn to a mature oak, the lily’s growth from the bottom of the pond to the enlighten surface, or like you have pointed out before finding the universe in oneself; Nature, she will never send you on a blind path.

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      1. if your a goddess and theres no God did you make the universe coz thats pretty impressive! sorry snake but i “woke” up on the wrong side of bed, being awake is one thing exalting yourself is another no i’m not christian but i learnt a few things from it i learn from everything , i like the clever spin you put on everything you say but yes i did learn something from you.


      2. The universe was not created it’s always been there, so no I did not create it. The universe is full of masculine and feminine energy , that’s how it creates. Can you show me where I exalt myself?


  2. Your posts are so refreshing…
    You actually put on paper what my thoughts for the week are! 😆🤣😂

    Let me leave you with this thought, “when you find peace, the world is at peace with you…” awakening is a destructive process

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    1. Thanks, Nadine. You are absolutely right. Inner peace brings outer peace. I see awakening as more of a growing process. As you let go of the toxicity you can grown to new heights. Grow to the point where you bring peace in your life and others. 😉

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