Pineal Gland

One gland in our body that still has not given up its secrets is the pineal gland.  Science knows nothing about it.  They speculate about it.  Science understand that the pineal gland release chemicals into the body, but they don’t know why. They are busy trying to figure out how to control it.  Glands act as regulators, distributors and organizers of chemicals that influence our behaviors.  Here is the truth as to why science does what it does.  To influence our behavior.  

Science is full of materialists.  They will never understand the pineal gland until they change.  Materialists only want to deal with the physical.  They want to control symptoms.  One of sciences major flaws is they believe you are your body.  Keep the body alive and keep the person alive.  Keep body healthy keep person healthy.   I know a lot of people who their body is alive and working, but they are far from alive and healthy.  Science does not want to deal with consciousness.  The ancients believed that  keeping the spirit and mind healthy kept the body healthy.  Until science excepts this we as a whole will go on with our greed and suffering.  

Don’t get me wrong.  Science has discovered and brought treatments and procedures to this world that are very helpful. I argue that we need to not just look to treat the symptoms.  Part of the problem is that the masses want the symptoms treated instead of looking for real solutions.  They want to be comfortable not well.  Aristotle wrote: “When physics is finally understood there will be no use for metaphysics”.  Until then metaphysics will fill the void. 

To the scientist consciousness is a physical term.  Consciousness is because of matter.  This is very small thinking.  They have it backwards.   Matter is because of consciousness.  You are not a soul in your body, you are a body in your soul.  It is consciousness and consciousness is everywhere.  There must be on thing in the body that is like the wifi chip or antenna.  Think of consciousness as the internet of all things.  You are the natural computer.  In order to access consciousness you need a chip.  That is your pineal gland.  It is the center where consciousness enters your body.  

Throughout the ancient world there are symbols of a single eye, third eye or pinecones to symbolize consciousness.  These symbols  symbolized superior insight or knowing.  If you look through historical art or ancient art you will see halos around who the artist considered enlightened.  The average person thinks halos are put there to show a righteous and spiritual person.  I have had other researchers tell me the halo is a symbol of the sun.  It is showing sun worship.  The halo is showing the pineal gland in full activation.  Sometimes you will see a double halo.  This is symbolizing full activation of the pineal gland and heart.  

The feather that Native Americans put on their head symbolized the pineal gland.  They knew it was an antenna.  A Chief head dress with a circle of feathers and some went all they way down their back, showed even more enlightenment.  It showed their connection to the Great Spirit.  It is all showing consciousness.  Monks shaving a circle in their hair on the top of their head showed the pineal gland too. Ancient Egypt has the sun of Ra over the head of people symbolizing the pineal gland.   Mayan art has several different headdresses all showing the consciousness of the deity or character.  Sunburst crowns are showing the same thing.  Horned toads in art with a person holding one symbolized the third eye.  Odin myth giving up one eye points to consciousness.  Any picture in profile is esoterically showing one eye or the pineal gland.  

The cyclops is not showing consciousness.  It is showing how people think they are awake through their ego.  In ancient Greece individuals would brag about how much more conscious they were than others.  In reality they knew very little about being conscious.  Sound familiar.   This is what our ‘woke’ people are doing today.  They think they are ‘woke’, but really are not.  Just ego driven.  Celebrities are not saying they are part of the Illuminati when they cover one eye.  They are being cyclopses by saying they are more ‘woke’ than you.  We have a bunch of cyclops walking around us today.  In ancient Greece and today it all is ego driven.  The Bindi to most people represents the pineal gland, but in truth it is showing a bloodline or property of a bloodline.  

The pineal gland is similar in structure to our eyes, but it is in the middle of our brain.  How could the ancients have known of the pineal gland and what it was if they were a bunch of savages running around?  Science tries to say that this is something from our ancient evolutionary past that humans do not need anymore because our outside eyes are so good.  Bullocks!  We have forgotten how to use this eye.  Like everything else if you don’t use it you lose it.  What is great about the pineal gland is that you can start using it again. Problem is you need to learn how to use it again.  

Nature will not let us keep something if there is not a use for it.  The reason why it is still there is found in our vocabulary.  The term insight.  The pineal gland is used to see in.  When you understand something you see, it is not visual it is insight.  It is your awareness.  The stronger the pineal gland the more awareness one has.  Some people are so aware they do not understand what they are aware of.  They just know.  It is an awareness of value.  Psychics have a very strong pineal gland. 

The pineal gland also gives us site outside of our five senses.  The pineal gland shows we were not meant to be materialists.  In order to be your full self you must have an awareness that is not immediately available.  Buddha called the five senses a machine.  No matter how much we master the five senses we will only see, feel, taste, hear or smell what is outside of us.  You will be a slave to your outside senses to materialism.  You will never know more than your five senses can sense.  This is why science has become stagnate.  The only time science looks at the pineal gland is when they think they might be able to make money off of it.  

Extrasensory perception is not for a select few.  Everyone can develop it.  You can develop a sixth sense or knowing.  You can get instruction from Nature.  I term this knowing or sixth sense as the voice of the Goddess.  I may hear someone speak with my outer ear, but with my inner ear I hear the voice of the Goddess. I understand.   We can achieve through reason or we can receive through inspiration.  What we see we believe.  We can see the world so it exists.  What we see we accept through reason.  Our physical senses is what make us materialists.   Materialism is from humans wanting to believe the world we live in is the world we see.  Humans do not want to see the unseen.  It gives us an uncomfortable feeling.  

Once you see inwardly you can not deny what you have seen in the same way you can’t deny what you see outwardly.  Once you see with the pineal gland you can’t not see.  The material world will lose its hold.  Even with all that is going on today none of it can cloud the inner vision.  When you open the inner eye or third eye it will be something you remember forever.  The Goddess came to me with mine.  This is why I say spirit is feminine. Many researchers and philosophers past and present agree.   This experience is possible to all, but it only happens under certain conditions.  The conditions must be mature conditions. Mature in mind and spirit.  The structure is there for all, but it opens only with maturity.   The pineal gland is a door that will open when you are ready.  

The myth of Janus is thought to be about beginnings, transitions, duality, time, doorways and endings.  He was the god of conflict, but most think of him as the god of war.  Janus had one face forward and one face backward.  In reality Janus was facing outward and inward.   When Janus faced outward it would see things outward and when he faced inward he would use his insight and intuition.  Janus was the one who held access to the gods and heaven.  This was a myth about the pineal gland.  When you use the pineal gland you have access to the gods and goddesses.  These powers are your own powers.  The only insight we use today is to interpret what we see on the outside.  We don’t recognize the site within.  

Our minds are described as having a feminine and masculine side.  So many myths have a prince searching for a princess.  The holy grail is the sacred feminine.  The pineal gland is the key to the sacred feminine.  It secretes the dew that give you access to the Goddess. It is carried in Menstruum.  Some ancients called it Moon Dew.  Men would drink the menstrual blood of women to get access to the Goddess.  All to increase their consciousness (see Lilies, Roses and Water).  The pineal gland is where consciousness and body meet.  Oder or smell plays a part in opening the pineal gland.  Incense activates the pineal gland.   Incense in Latin means to burn, but if you look at it in English it also says “in sense”.  

With all the importance to every culture in the past why is the pineal gland not important to us today?  The main reason is the absence of the sacred feminine.  If there is no sacred feminine you have no gateway to open.  Your antenna or chip does not seek her.  You must tune in to consciousness.  Not sometimes, but all the time.  The core of your mind must be consciousness.  The pineal gland flows energy  in and out.  It will let the consciousness in and send reflexes out to your body and mind based on that consciousness.  Is your pineal gland set to high vibration or low vibration.  Is your third eye even open?    The Goddess is not dead.  We just are told she is dead.  Open the door, let her in and drive it home with one headlight.  


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  1. ” Even with all that is going on today none of it can cloud the inner vision. When you open the inner eye or third eye it will be something you remember forever. “….. So true.. And once your open your INNER Eye…. Nothing of the Outer world is quiet the same ever again.. ❤ 🙏💛

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  2. Would Hermes Trismegistus, the Thrice Great, be considered having a fully activated Heart, Mind and Spirit? I ask this because I believe that if anyone was ever tied into, “consciousness the internet of all things” it would be Hermes!

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    1. Turn within and reclaim your mind. Realize your power. Eat healthy and live an active life. It may sound simple but it’s not. It’s one of the hardest things I have ever done. The pineal gland activates when both sides of the mind are working together.


  3. 🔯 Sadhguru talks about Shiva and the pineal gland or the Third Eye. Others refer to Quetzalcoatl. The Egyptian, Sumerian, Hebrew and then the Jesus view of Divinity. Ancient Aliens has a very good episode on how Constantine has an ET encounter and was instructed to confiscate all the repositories of knowledge in the known world.
    The Hindu scriptures helped Oppenheimer develop the hydrogen bomb as well as Einstein and Tesla got much of their genius from reading Hindu Scriptures.
    What you say about the pineal gland and the third eye connection to the Divine Feminine I agree. That inner voice kept speaking to me about my Spirit Birth and my need to know the Womb of the Spirit as my Heavenly Mother. To Gnostic Christians this would be Barbelo.
    Jesus was sent to reveal our True Father, The Heavens and our True Mother, The Spirit of Life.
    He came in a Jewish culture of Temple sacrifice. He told the Priests He would destroy the Temple and raise it again in three days. The Law, Torah, Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, became a huge point of Spiritual contention, of “Keeping The Law”. In 70 AD the Temple was destroyed. According to Josephus, there were massive earth quakes and chariots in the clouds. Jesus and the Temple destruction for the most part has done away with animal blood sacrifice for sin.
    Jesus told his disciples He was going away but He would send a comforter, the Holy Spirit, The Divine Feminine.
    There seems to be such a draw to Buddhist and Hindu meditation and I don’t understand why more people don’t see what knowledge or Gnosis was kept from us in the recently discovered Nag Hamdi scriptures.
    As in Judaism and the Zohar, the Holy Kabbalah Sacred Tree of the Sephiroth, Jesus brought Light to this Spiritual darkness. Jesus told His Apostles to wait for the Spirit to be poured out.
    For me, I have found this Divine Feminine connection to be Barbelo and she has opened my pineal gland, in a way people never knew before the Apostles were Baptized in the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost.
    Whatever consciousness is found in Hindu and Buddhist faith, Jesus made things like Temple Worship and sacrifice for sin obsolete. Mohamud in 500 AD encountered a world Christianity confiscated by Constantine and the Catholic Church and he just brought more outdated law to an age of Grace. Jesus made all things new. Many refuse to give up the old law of Moses and the bad karma and dharma.
    People say Jesus died for our sins. Do you think there will be a day in our lifetime that people will say, Jesus on the day of Pentecost, the day that the Jews celebrate the Hebrews who fled Egypt, and Received the Law of Moses, is the day He Symbolically chose to have the Divine Feminine Spirit of Grace to be poured out on mankind, for all to hear Her, believe Her, and seek to know Her?
    Do you think there will be a consciousness that the actual finished work of Christ was sending The Spirit of Life, the Comforter, the Divine Feminine to open our pineal gland and set us free from the Law of Sin and Death?


  4. If we have all this Power you say we have, then what is your point of the pineal gland? It is an antenna that tunes us to the divine feminine you say. So if we have all this Power, why do we need a divine feminine or a divine masculine for that matter. There seems to be a disconnect in your view of who has the power. One minute you are telling me how powerful I am then you are talking about the third eye 👁 to connect to some nonlocal power outside ourself. Is there some other power outside ourself that we need to be powerful? You do talk in circles, Ya Know.


    1. This power is not outside of yourself. The energy that is in you is everywhere. The pineal gland helps tap into this energy. The balanced divine feminine and divine masculine is what makes up this energy. I try to explain in ways we can understand on how to tap into this energy. It’s how it was explained to me. Without this energy nothing would exist. You see it as a paradox because you have trouble understanding it. Which means Im not doing a good job of explaining it. This energy moves thru you. Energy can only be known by what it does. How will you use or divert the energy? How do you bend your arm? Really think about that. Everything anyone does is because of this energy. Im trying to show how to use it with your mind. Everything lives off this energy. This energy adapts to the needs of everything. As you move forward or up it adapts with you.


      1. Some people call this energy Reiki, Chi, it is The Spirit of Life. Like you have said about eating healthy is being in oneness with this energy. The Spirit spoke to me one day that my wife’s appetite will not sustain life. Some people listen to a different energy, that is killing them. Energies have a voice. I can tell what kind of energy, I and other people are listening to, by the condition of our health.
        People can kill this life energy in a variety of ways.


  5. gserpent, for that matter, Jesus spoke in circles too. He told His disciples that He spoke in parables so people would not understand Him. He talked about the Kingdom coming. Then He said the Kingdom is now. The Kingdom is inside of you. The Kingdom, The Power, The Glory.
    …being enlightened the eyes of the heart of you in order for to
    know you what is the hope of the calling of Him…Riches…Glory…Inheritance of Him, in the Saints. Ephesians 1:18
    The eyes of your heart is your mind’s eye, your pineal gland. That is where you find the Kingdom, Power, Glory for all ages. Enlightened, the eyes of your heart, being turned on. We are only then powerful when we turn on Our Father, The Heavens, Kingdom Power.
    1492 /eídō (“seeing that becomes knowing”) then is a gateway to grasp spiritual truth (reality) from a physical plane.
    You need the Spirit Wireless Connection in your Heart to see what our Mother, the Heavens set us free from. Until you are enlightened to see it, you will never know it. Wanting to see it, is the Spirit telling you it’s there. If you will look for it, you will see what the Divine Mother is telling you to look for.


  6. This is how you can know what class of person you are in, according to Leonardo.
    “There are three classes of people: those who see, those who see when they are shown, those who do not see.”

    Leonardo da Vinci

    If you see, you should hear. Can you see this?
    Rhema of Faith seeing, hearing test:
    The Righteousness, Justice, of Faith speaks, lego.
    What says it? Near you the (Rhema) word is in the mouth of you and in the heart of you. That is the (Rhema) word of faith which we proclaim,
    If you publicly declare the (Rhema) word with your mouth Lord Jesus, and believe in your heart that the supreme being who owns and sustains all things, raised him out of the dead, 4982. sózó, you will have no condemnation, the Spirit of Life makes you free from the law of sin and death.
    Righteousness, Justice, Dharma are from the same word. The 1343. dikaiosuné of Faith speaks. Who can, or will hear it?
    “There are three classes of people: those who hear, and know who the voice is speaking; they agree and speak the Rhema publicly, believing in their heart. The eyes of their heart having been enlightened, they are Born of The Spirit, able to see and hear the Feminine Spirit by their born again (Heart) pineal gland.
    Those who hear and don’t know who the voice is speaking until someone tells them Who the Rhema is speaking; confessing with their mouth and believing in their heart, resulting in Faith and a born again (Heart) pineal gland.
    Those who do not hear, or see. They don’t want to hear, or see. Because they can’t stop the Rhema of Faith from speaking, they refuse to listen, telling themselves to just ignore the voice. They follow their own counterfeit, lying voice of darkness, in unbelief, never experiencing an enlightened pineal gland.”

    Star Tetrahedron


    This is what I want to to do.
    Guardians of the Realm, come to me now, join me on this adventure. I want to be friends with you. I want you to show me this is true.
    Has anyone ever done any of these things?

    Exercise 11:Teleportation, Levitation, Invisibility, Resurrection.
    Exercise 11:Teleportation, Levitation, Invisibility, Resurrection.
    from messages received by Kosol Ouch from the Guardians
    Hi everybody,
    This exercise may sound sort of far-fetched, not to say more. However the information is surprisingly factual, and can be absorbed without too much difficulty.
    Activating your Spiritual bodies: Call on God, and as He is coming to you, visualize Him as a rotating disk of energy about 2m above your head.
    Then see another ball of light, your Soul, in front of your third eye also rotating rapidly. Now visualize a golden chord of light joining these two disks of light and continuing downwards to the throat chakra then back up to God. This chord of light keeps getting larger and larger until it covers completely your three upper spiritual centers
    Maintain this visualization and breathe energy into it. As you breathe in and out through the nose see the spiritual energy rushing in from all around. This whole area will become more real and vivid with every
    Floating: As you keep repeating this breathing and visualization
    exercise, your body will become lighter and lighter, the protons,
    neutrons, and electrons will begin to flow upwards. This will make you float automatically. At this point don’t stop. Continue to breathe in
    and out and to visualize the chord circulating between the three spiritual chakras, round and round, faster and faster. To maintain the lightness in your body, open your eyes, and practice controlling the
    direction of your newly developed floating ability.
    Now go back to your chord and see it grow larger and larger until you feel that it has become capable of carrying you upwards. You will feel yourself rising physically off the ground and above obstacles.
    Eventually you will also have the ability of walking with your body through walls, rising to different dimensions at will. You will be able to feel the fun of flying around.
    Internal vision: This exercise will also give you the power of internal vision, x-ray vision. People would appear naked and with their internal organs, aura field, cells and DNA visible.
    Travel through the wormholes – (chakras)
    Chakras: a grid system of worm holes that can be used as a gateway to other dimensional destinations throughout this universe and other universes. This is how our dimensional bodies move between bodies and dimensions Wormhole: This is a vortex of energy, either natural or artificially generated. It is a gate way that can be used to transport energy or information or matter from one point to another Wormhole network system: A system of natural or artificial wormholes linking together to form a network grid.
    We know of the 7 main chakras. There are quite a few more on our body and on our Aura.
    And we can now create new chakras as and when we need them.
    Let’s first get familiar with some new terminology
    Oneness: This is the experience of being everywhere at one time
    (spiritually, physically, emotionally, etc.), without any loss of consciousness.
    Hyper space: A dimensional vibration where time and space are considered to be one throughout your experience and interaction. (The soul dimension)
    Light language: A light encoded experience that can be transmitted to
    other light beings by the use of telepathic communication and shared experience throughout teleportation.
    Teleportation: a process by which light or material can be transported from one point to another through wormholes.
    Visualization: This process is used to generate artificial or photonic worm holes that can be used for travel and materialization of energy or
    matter to and from any given reality.
    Teleportation: Teleportation is a natural way of traveling for all
    beings of light whether from the third or higher dimensions. It is natural and quite easy since it deals with “light”. The experience will vary with the color and level of light.
    Teleportation: Now that we know all this, let us practice moving in space and between dimensions:
    This is a very simple process! And the more you practice it, the easier it becomes.
    Close your eyes, and visualize a wormhole in front of you, then
    engulfing you. See yourself walking in. When you visualize the wormhole you are actually creating one and since it is close to you it will affect your molecular structure and your own chakra system. As a result
    you will no longer be in a third dimensional existence and you will be transported in that modified fifth dimensional form. And you will find
    that you can go to any point in the universe, whatever the time period or the particular event you want to experience. Time travel and inter-dimensional travel are now a reality. Just as travel to any other universe, with no limitations what so ever.
    Alternately you could visualize yourself as being in the place to which you want to go. First see your present environment, Then see yourself as light, of the color of your choice, and tell yourself that you can be any where on any given time just like the sun light that radiates all over the solar system. Once you absorb that fact, your destination will materialize to you.
    Invisibility: To make yourself invisible what you have to do is create a black photonic cloud around your body.
    First activate your energy body. Then visualize your aura, and see it change color. See your aura change in color from its natural color it is currently radiating and change that into “BLACK “. Feel that in your
    mind and see it with your visualization skill. This black aura is actually a phantom or photonic artificially created aura or energy field that you create with the objective of blocking out light, and harmful matter and energy. So once light is blocked out, you become invisible. Now imagine and visualize this. This cloaking technology can also stop bullets, and bad energy. It can be used to levitate or shield
    you from any harmful reality that could normally harm you. Since the shield is made from photonic energy coming out of your thought and auric field it affects matter and energy around it. Guns, computers,
    electronic or electrically based gadgetry will not work around you, once you activate your shield. Even your car won’t start.
    Materialization technology. This photonic cloud can materialize any object you desire, even another human being, angels, food, technology,
    gold, metal, animals, etc. This is what we call materialization
    technology. The photonic cloud is all around you, it is your aura. You are now a divine CO-creator of the many infinite universes and their infinite spiritual and physical creations. And this with no limit what so ever. You must realize that your cloud is alive and you have to build a relationship with it (talk to it with love, feeling, compassionate energy, and light). For it will become your best partner in many situations. Give it a name and treat it with respect. Your cloud is very conscious and aware, so see it as an angel, as a member
    of the family. You have to be careful however to avoid doing harm to yourself or to others
    Guardian Angels:
    As we all know, we are surrounded by our Guardian Angels. These are spiritual, highly evolved human beings who love us immensely. Visualize them around you. Send them your affectionate and loving thoughts. Then,
    while they are in your mind’s eye visualize what it is that you want to bring into your physical reality. Make sure that your Guardian Angel has a name tag and see its aura, and talk to it to make sure it is the Angel or Guide you want. After you ask for what you want for yourself
    or for others, send your love emotion and thanks.
    When you do healing for others, make sure that both your own and the patient’s auric levels are raised to the spiritual reality, and that you are both on the universal consciousness level. So practice the
    activation of the spiritual bodies first, and ask your patient to also pray with love and passion.
    Resurrection and Cloning
    It is possible to bring people back from the dead. Here is how.
    Death is a disease that has plagued humans since the fall of Atlantis when bad genetic engineering mutated them from a twelve helix DNA/RNA
    into a two helix DNA/RNA This was done with the express purpose of creating a slave human race which project was stopped 13,000 years ago
    by the Galactic Federation. Today to bring somebody back from the dead, we must use the Cloning technique.
    This consists in infusing thought energy from your auric cloud to the DNA of the expired light being or loved one and their form will be regenerated and restored back. When your auric field is infused into
    the body, the DNA will be activated, and the person brought back. Their DNA/RNA sequence will be a twelve helix strand. You can teleport a dead
    person into your room, then ask your guides to stand aside, not to get hurt during the energy restoration.
    Use both the methods of invisibility and teleportation to levitate the dead body with your golden cloud, onto a solid platform. Now stand back
    twelve feet and use your cloud to form a teleportation vortex 2 feet over the dead person’s body. Once the vortex is formed ask your guardians to summon the other guardians from the ninth dimensional existence to pour out multidimensional regenerative energy/light
    through the teleportation vortex from the ninth dimensional realm that
    you have created with your auric cloud. Now at your command let the vortex come down and envelop the dead person. The devas, the angelic
    force of creation and life energy, will infuse the universal
    multidimensional life force into the fragment or the dead person, and the cellular regeneration can begin and become animated by the chakra
    system. The DNA/RNA sequence will become holographically/physically/energetically restored and regenerated into the light form of the person who will be made anew and infused with
    multidimensional energy. About 1 hour later, depending on your concentration, your dead friend will be fully restored to life.
    Next you must thank the devas, archangels, and guardians, for their team work with you throughout this cloning reconstruction process. Now
    seal the vortex, by making the cloud dissipate, reverse its vortex spin from counter clockwise to clockwise, see the cloud that created the vortex being dissolved. Now you can greet your resurrected friend
    More details for the resurrection process:
    One: You need a physical and spiritual angel team network for this kind of advanced activity. Although you can do it alone, it is better to
    have a team of angels, guardians and devas with you
    Two: You must have a rock, wood, or metal platform to put the body or fragment on
    Three: Next place the fragment of the person, or body, or hair on the platform.
    Four: Now call on the guardians. Don’t be dramatic! Rather be innocent and humorous, just like a child. Talk to the guardians with love, making it sound like fun, something like this “Yo Ho, guardians of the
    realm, come forth to us!” Grin! And know that when you call on
    them they will come, regardless of who you are. Now you could say:
    “guardians, angels, devas, archangels, join me now in this adventure”
    Know that they will believe all you say. They love to hear your voices.
    And they love to play games and to pretend they are on an adventure with you. “angels of light, angels of darkness, angels of the east, west, north, south, and all the angels, devas, archangels, guardians of
    all the realms and elements, hear me! I summon you all to my presence to assist me in the resurrection of my friend, girlfriend, family member” Just dramatize what you want them to do and to help you with.
    Make it sound like fun, and don’t be afraid if what you say sounds stupid, dramatic, or even silly! They will love it and will come quickly to your aid.
    Five: now that everything is in place including the guardians in your midst take the next step. Summon the cloud that you have used for invisibility. Activate and play with your cloud. Once you feel it is
    activated, immediately change the color into golden colors.
    Command it to radiate gold/white light. Now direct it to form a vortex two feet over the dead person’s lifeless form, or fragment. Make the vortex about 12 feet in diameter and make it run counter clockwise.
    Once this teleportation vortex is formed, tell the guardians,
    archangels, devas, to do their thing to bring in the energy of the creational force through the vortex from the nine dimensional existence
    and transfer the essential multidimensional light energy into the lifeless fragment. This energy will clone your former loved one, and restore it back into a live human being. The
    fragment will begin to regenerate automatically once this multidimensional light infuses it with the DNA/RNA structure of the complete person. And the dead person will be restored to life. Also its
    molecular structure will be rearranged into the higher body format that consists in being transmuted into a light body with 12 helix DNA system
    network grid, fully activated. This is the true human body and mind that is a light body with a 12 helix DNA strand and not with a two helix strand like we all currently have. In one hour or less, your friend will be fully and completely restored back to your world with an immortal angelic light body. Now that all is complete you must thank
    the many teams of light beings, guardians, angels, devas, and
    archangels that have come to your aid. Finally you must disintegrate the vortex by reversing the spinning from a
    counter clock wise direction to a clock wise direction and command it back into your natural auric field from which it came. Finally you can now go and say hello to your friend !
    I can imagine somebody thinking – “Nonsense! This is not possible!”
    But let us think a bit! Hasn’t this resuscitation process happened many times in the NDE stories which have been authenticated? Don’t we also
    hear about it in our religious books? And then what is so strange about creating life? It is happening all the time all round us!
    To obtain more details about any of the above systems, go directly to “The Guardians” in the Soul dimension, and talk with them. Create a “wormhole” in front of your third eye, see it getting very close to you, than walk in. And ask: “My dear Guardians, are you there? I need to ask you something …” The next thought you get will be their answer.
    For the rest of the exercises go to:


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