Mass Psychosis

The world has people believing the most absurd things right now.  They are feeding people intoxicating ideas and delusions all in the name of comfort.  It is very tyrannical and no one sees it.  I have devoted the majority of my life to the psychology of humans, but what makes me different is that I use the truth of ancient history to see where it comes from.  We humans have not been allowed to evolve naturally.  We have had our true evolution stolen from us all in the name of greed and power.   We are still not evolving in the name of greed and power.  Our technology may be evolving, but we as a species are not.  In this post I will show the dynamics of how most are manipulated.  Strap yourself in.  I’m going to hit hard and fast.  

Understand that powers today are sucking the life out of you.  Take a look at the masses.  Are they in a stooper or haze?  Where is the brightness in the eyes?   Why are they so petty?  Are they coping or thriving?  Ask this about yourself.  We are so addicted to our beliefs and ideas that we will fight and attack others who question them.  Problem is that most don’t fight with truth and facts.  They fight with feelings and emotions.  Im going to trigger or offend some people on this post, but if you are offended or triggered then maybe its something that needs light to be shined on.  

They tell us what human nature is, what our potential is and what the proper structure of society should look like and we accept it.  These ideas make us act in certain ways and strive for certain things.  They tell us that we evolved from apes, so that we think humans have boundaries.  If we really knew what our history was then we would know that humans have no bounds.  We might start thinking for ourself.  Knowing that what was considered gods in ancient history created us using their own genetics just might get us to realize our own power and this world can not have that.  

The greatest threat to humans is not the forces of nature.  It is not an asteroid that will hit earth.  The greatest threat for humans is ourselves. Carl Jung wrote how humans will not deal with their own psyche so we are our own greatest threat.   I agree.  Mental illness has become the norm once gain.  Carl Jung termed times in history when this happened as psychic epidemics.  That is what is happening right now.  We are in a psychic epidemic.  

Carl Jung wrote in The Symbolic Life:

“Indeed, it is becoming ever more obvious that it is not famine, not earthquakes, not microbes, not cancer but man himself who is man’s greatest danger to man, for the simple reason that there is no adequate protection against psychic epidemics, which are infinitely more devastating than the worst of natural catastrophes.”  

We have an epidemic of mass psychosis going on right now.  A mass psychosis is when the majority of the population lose touch with reality.  The masses become so delusional that the leaders can do anything they want all in the name of doing it for your protection or comfort.  It has happened in the past several times.   Examples are the witch hunts and any time tyrants came to power.  The women who were killed during the witch hunts were killed not because they had done something wrong.  It was because they were scape goat for societies who had gone mad.  In certain parts of the world some villages and towns killed almost every woman.  How stupid does the average person have to be for people to quit listening to them?  Even before I woke up I would have understood that killing the breath of life in our own species is ridiculous.  

Places like Nazi Germany, North Korea, China, Soviet Union and many other places in history all had a collective detachment from reality.  They were filled with delusions and paranoia.  The people let these totalitarian governments come to power and it destroyed the lives of millions.  

Joost Meerloo wrote in The Rape of the Mind:

“…the totalitarian systems of the 20th century represent a kind of collective psychosis.  Whether gradually or suddenly, reason and common human decency are no longer possible in such a system:  there is only a pervasive atmosphere of terror, and a projection of “the enemy”, imagined to be “in our midst”.  Thus society turns on itself, urged on by the ruling authorities.

When a mass psychosis happens the results are devastating.  The masses sink unconsciously to a very low intellectual level.  Their minds and spirit become weak.  They become more unreasonable, irrational, emotional erratic and unreliable.  Carl Jung wrote about mass psychosis:

“Crimes the individual alone could never stand are freely committed by the group [smitten by madness].  

The masses are unaware of what is occurring.  Just like an individual who has gone mad can not see their errors, so too can the masses not see it in themselves.   If you break your arm your mind will tell you something is broken.  If the mind is broken there is nothing to tell you.  You have to be willing to see it in yourself.  

Carl Jung wrote in After the Catastrophe about Nazi Germany: 

“The phenomenon we have witnessed in Germany was nothing less than the outbreak of epidemic insanity…No one knew what was happening to him, least of all the Germans, who allowed themselves to be driven to the slaughterhouse by their leading psychopaths like hypnotized sheep.” 

How do these leaders do it?  How can they make the masses go into a mass psychosis?  We must see how it happens in the individual first to understand how it can happen to the masses.  Psychotic person becomes over run by delusions or false beliefs they consider true despite the evidence that proves them wrong.  Some individuals become paranoid about everything.  Others start to hate everything.  In their mind they are right and everyone else is wrong.  Carl Jung wrote:

“If a man imagined that I was his arch-enemy and killed me, I should be dead on the account of mere imagination.  Imaginary conditions do exist they may be just as real and just as harmful or dangerous as physical conditions.  I believe that psychic disturbances are far more dangerous than epidemics [of physical disease] or earthquakes.”  

We don’t have many thinkers in this world.  We mistake negativity for thinking.  Most have their minds on cruise control in a lazy haze.  Their brain has literally shut down.  They can’t think, so they want to be told what to think.  These lazy hazers get weaponized by psychopaths.  This is how politicians, corporations, religions, countries, media, etc.  get people to do ugly things.  This is how protests are started.  Ask protesters what they are protesting they will say “Him!”  or “It!” or “Her!” Obviously with a name.  Ask them what that person or thing did and they will say “Bad!” Im exaggerating here to prove a point, but everything they are protesting was put in their head by someone else.    Negative people want a scapegoat.  The press does trial by media and go after people not on the narrative.  The negative people go after the scapegoat provided to them by the media.  

Psychosis has many triggers.  Drugs, alcohol, injury and illness can trigger psychosis, but it is the psychological triggers that are more likely.  A flood of negative emotions like fear and anxiety is what will send people over the edge. How much fear and anxiety has been thrown at people for that last year?   When in a state of fear and anxiety one will search for relief.  It is very draining to be in this state.  To escape it a positive or negative reaction usually happens. The positive is that the individual will try to overcome it mentally, physically and spiritually.  If the individual is not strong enough to overcome it they will seek help from others.  

If the person is mentally weak they will reorder their world.  Reorder it in a way that blends truth with fiction.  A way that ends the fear and anxiety.  When a person can not understand  what is happening they will try to find a way to understand.  Something that will give meaning to what is happening.  The problem is that a weak or insecure mind will not seek positive solutions.   They will seek anything that helps them escape the negative emotions.  They seek comfort.  So here you have what is going on.  When you understand that a flood of negative emotions pushed on an insecure society who have not been taught to think for themselves, you can understand how a mass psychosis can occur.  

The masses need to be pushed into a state of fear and anxiety.  Does not matter if these threats are real or fake.  Once in a state of fear and anxiety the door is open for a positive or negative reaction.  The self reliant, resilient and inwardly strong individuals will have a positive reaction, but how many of those individuals make up this world?  Weak and insecure individuals will break and become psychotic.  With this making up the majority of the world it becomes a mass psychosis.  

Anthony Storr wrote in Solitude a Return to Self:

“…it is only if we accept the existence of a latent paranoid potential lurking in the recesses of the normal mind that we can explain the mass delusions which led to the persecution of the witches and the Nazi slaughter of the Jews.  Vast numbers of ordinary men and women held beliefs about witches and Jews which, if they had been expressed by one individual instead of by whole communities, would have been dismissed as paranoid delusions.  There are extremely primitive, irrational mental forces at work in the minds of all of us which are usually overlaid and controlled by reason, but which find overt expressions in the behavior of those whose we call mentally ill, and which also manifest  themselves in the behavior of normal people when under threat or other forms of stress.”

Humans have a selective focus.  We focus on value or threat.  When something is in our immediate surroundings that we see as value or a threat we will only focus on that.  If you think something is good, whether it is good or not, you will look for things that validate your reasoning.  If you think something is a threat, whether it is or not, you will look for things that validate your reasoning.  This works in other ways too.   If you are out and see a person who is very attractive to you or even a celebrity you like, then everyone else around you disappears.  You focus on that person.  If you are out in the woods and see a bear or wolf, you become so focused on the animal you see as a threat that you don’t see the fallen tree that you trip over trying to get away.  What is you selective focus on right now?  

Every person thinks they are over contributing and under consuming.  When most of us are over consuming and under contributing.  People want to use the least amount of energy to get the most.  Having others think for us saves energy.  Keeps us in comfort.  The expression ‘the customer is always right’ has nothing to do with you getting what you want.  It is about corporations getting what they want, your money.  It is about stroking your ego.  Whatever the customers beliefs they will agree and pander to it.  If you are Christian you are right. If you are devil worshipper you are right. If you are a Muslim you are right.  If you worship a celebrity that celebrity is the best ever.  If you worship an athlete that athlete is the best ever.  It is all about getting you in the mood to spend money.  

Human history is full of wars.  History is one big conflict.  Competing people hate each other.  Keeping people in a competitive mindset promotes hate.  I cringed when I am told a person is nice.  Nice people are just playing a role.  They are nice simply to fit in.  It is a social strategy.  If something or someone tells them to do something horrible they will do it.  Not because they are evil.  Because they are nice.  The mentality is  “Just doing my job!” or “Just doing what I’m told!”  People like that are very dangerous.  They can be manipulated by anyone.  These people will stab you in the back when you are down and then be there when things are going good hoping to ride your wave.  

Because most of society is in a hazy state they are easily manipulated.  Easily fed on a corporate agenda to eat bad food, take bad medicine, attend bad education, etc.  Whatever is presented to them they will absorb.  The average person does not listen to music they enjoy or watch shows they enjoy.  They watch or listen to what others are watching and listening too.  All because they want to fit in.  When we find others who agree with us we get a winner effect.  Winner effect is chemicals in your brain that happen when you think you are winning.  When you become infatuated with someone its not because you are infatuated with them.  You are infatuated with how they make you feel.  You feel confident and have the winner effect around them.  

Politicians create conflict so government has a reason to exist.  Ninety percent of what the government does is to keep the ignorant masses from killing each other.  The other ten percent is infrastructure.  The ignorant masses vote the politicians in.  The politicians handle the ignorant masses. The governments keep the order.   It’s a vicious cycle.  Imagine how good our infrastructure would be if people would actually think for themselves.  The world has been slowly poisoned to the point where most are too dumb, lazy and unmotivated to stop what is happening.  I see it everywhere.  There is no focus, no thinking, and no real values.  Most would sell themselves out.  Most care more about their own opinion of themselves than they do about actual reality.  

Mainstream narrative provides a context or meaning for what we experience and it will dictate what you focus on.  This will loop in your mind and make you go into a type of trance.  You hypnotize yourself.  The narrative glorifies you being a lesser version of yourself.  Glorifies you succumbing to group identity.  So if you see something you want and you believe you need to be subservient, needy and low status to get it then you will hypnotize yourself into being like that by having your focus on that thing you want.  You will not only want it you will feel what the narrative is telling you.  You will feel needy, desperate and have low self esteem.  If the narrative says this is how you get what you want then you will think it’s good.  This is the problem with telling someone to be themselves.  That person will be honest and real about what they have been conditioned too.  They will say “Something about it just feels right”.  

Our minds get psychologically attacked and dominated by external forces that want to deplete us of our potential, so outside forces can gain from our loss.  Collective conditioning is done because certain people think that conditioning society will help stabilize it.  There are good and bad collective conditioning.  Most of collective conditioning glorifies subjugating your needs for collective social cohesion.  They attack the most beautiful and vulnerable parts of humans.  Beautiful humans who are sweet and empathetic are a joke too psychopaths.  They will use things like be of service, care enough to put others before yourself,  for love of company or country, surrender to something bigger than you, etc.  All this causes you to dim your light to serve the collective.  Serve what they are trying to impose on others.  Do not under estimate low vibrational energy.  It will use any and all means to pass an agenda.  Love, sharing and integrity is attacked and exploited everyday.  They glorify submitting to the collective by putting people on television or the internet who have submitted to the collective.  Look at these good little girls and boys who do what they are told.  Then they create a boogie man or a stooge out of the ones who don’t submit to the collective.  

Individual conditioning is done by glorifying and pandering to your limited paradigm in order to sell you things, rather than challenging you to realize the truth.  They exploit your hunger for individualism with lifestyles they profit off.  Our true history is hidden so we humans will not know why we are here.  This makes us uncertain.  Our uncertainty makes it hard to have a purpose.  They give you a purpose and direction to go in all in the name of individuality.  Live a rock and roll lifestyle.  How about a gangster lifestyle? How about the hard work entrepreneur lifestyle?  Where does that leave you when you ignore your kids their whole childhood?   They will give you a lifestyle that feels good on the front end but ends up making your life chaotic.  We all think we should be free.  They sell you your freedom by telling you that  you have a choice to buy a product or not.   Its all about individual taste.  You are free.  Give us money.  

Sigmund Freud’s work on mating and sex is misunderstood by most.  I even had someone tell me they think Freud was secretly a sex addict.  I think Freud understood that our species was not allowed to naturally evolve.  We were interfered with in the early stages of our development.   A big part that was interrupted was finding a mate.  Humans really do not know what attraction is.  Our mating dance is that we want to have status.  This is why we are so quick to virtue signal to others.  Because people don’t know what true attraction is they think that virtue signaling makes them look good and gives them status.  Because we don’t know how to secure a mate we think that virtue signaling will help us secure a mate.  This is all subconsciously.  

The easiest way to manipulate people is through compassion.  Take an idea and strip it of its complexes and nuances.   Just take a general idea and dumb it down.  An example is “Do you believe in love?”  Now you can virtue signal by spreading love.  Here is one they are using today…Do you believe everyone should be healthy?  Now people can virtue signal over masks and vaccines.  See how that works?  It is all a form of social control.  People want to help by virtue signaling.  What is really messed up is virtue signalers don’t care if they help or not.  It’s a subconscious drive to secure a mate.  Ironically, virtue signalers are usually people who can’t secure a mate or have a messed up love life.  

People have expectations and they don’t like to go outside of those expectations.  The stories and beliefs you have been fed by society can be changed, but people get attached to the stories and beliefs that have been marketed to them.  People love their fairytales.  Santa, tooth fairy, easter bunny etc.  You would think fairytales would stop as adults.  They don’t.  It is because of these comforting childhood fairytales that adults don’t want to give up their real life fairytales.  People have a willful ignorance and want to stay in their fairytale.  They get angry if you interfere with their slumber.  Corporations help put you in this slumber because they want you to be a zombie.  The longer you stay a zombie the longer they can suck money from you.  

They get you to eat foods that lower your attention span.  It is very toxic.  There are corporate interests in our food.  Food is linked to identity so it is cheap to hook you.  Friends meet at fast food joints to make memories with each other. The less you pay for food the more you have to spend on alcohol.   When you visit a certain city you want the local flair, but you want it cheap. Parents have to keep up that busy life by getting fast food for their kids.  Does not matter if there is no nourishment in this food.  It makes me look like Im a busy parent who cares for their kids.  Negative energies look for vulnerable energies!  

We all have dark negative energy or as the myths call it demons.  These demons make us act in ways that is not acceptable for social and individual prosperity.  Demons are not based in truth.  They are illusions.  But this dark energy is very powerful.  It is said that demons built Solomon’s temple.  This whole story is a strange, fantastical, and complicated myth about using his dark energies.  The dark energy being that he robbed and raided his ancestors tombs in the Valley of the Kings.  These were Solomons mines that no one can find!  He was a broke Pharaoh who needed riches fast, but they make him out to be some righteous king who could control demons with gods help.  He used this dark energy to create illusions to get his people to rebuild Egypt and build his temple.  Then blamed common people in search of riches for robbing the tombs. This same demonic energy is at work today.  

Demons take many forms.   The demonic powers  like to  promote laziness and passivity.  They are dividing us by race and ethnic group all while elevating themselves above the common man.  They are setting up for a totalitarian state.  It has been done many times in history and we are too dumb down to see it now.  If the ignorance continues there will only be two classes of people, the ruled and the rulers.  They know how to manipulate the masses.  It is all about whipping people into submission.  To do evil one must believe they are doing good.  The people who work at fast food places, grocery stores, medical industry, banks, media, etc. really believe they are doing good for others.  The people who protest really believe they are doing good.  They don’t understand that they are pushing products and ideas to keep people in a slumber and fighting against each other.  

The printing press allowed everyone to read.  The church did not have a monopoly over language or information anymore after the printing press was invented.  Ideas started to spread.  The church started to execute people who went against the narrative.  They burned books because they did not want the ideas to spread.  This is what is going on with the internet today.  Corporations, science, politicians and governments do not want ideas to spread.  They are executing people professionally and erasing content all over the world.  History always repeats itself in the name of ignorance and demons.  

Another way they exploit passion is by telling people they are victims and should be dependent on someone or something.  Who would tell someone to be a victim?  What kind of assault is being done on the masses by telling them to be a victim?  For your body and mind to thrive it has to be independent.  When you tell people everything is genetic, they are special, nothing can be done and  they are a victim, then the person really believes the more depressed they get or the more victim they are, the more attention and rewards they will receive.  Victims will have their ego telling them stories in their head to feel special for being more victimized.  People with no problems are less special.  They will loop on depressed thoughts and seek out external inputs to reinforce it.  Listen to low vibration music, watch low vibration movies and find others who are in a victim mindset.  The really believe pain is the only thing that is real.  

Even if you really were a victim of something, you need to overcome it.  Victim mentality will shut your brain down!  

The world wants us to be in scarcity.  Look at the one soul mate lie.  There are millions of soul mates for every person, but if you believe there is just one for every person you will only look for that one to save you from yourself.  What ideology or story is in your head?  Most ideologies and stories are viruses.  Demons are always attacking our minds. We all get those negative thoughts.  Love, sharing and integrity are attacked every day.  The world glorifies mediocrity.  They use the terms honest work or real people.  You are an honest worker or a real person. It’s what runs this country.  All this does is give the person an excuse to not improve.  

When you are eating bad food, working a crappy job, thinking everyone is the enemy, being disconnected from nature or basically being put into a position to be miserable then you become discontent.  You are discontent but don’t know what about.  This makes you look for a boogie man.  This world is happy to give you your boogie man.  Us against them, scapegoat, invisible enemy, terrorists, etc.  When you get things too easily in your life you become static.  It stunts you growth.  Low vibration energy always come bearing gifts.  Anytime you deny reality you will pay a deep price.  How much of our society is built around denying reality? 

Usually when something happens we don’t like we pray to our pandering gods whether its Jesus, Mohammed, Krishna, Yahweh, Allah, Thor, Zeus, etc.   We pray to make the pain go away.  Please take it away.  I don’t like this!  What you are saying is, “Make the stimulus go away, I don’t want to grow.   I want the world to adapt to me.  Give me what I want so I don’t have to change.”  When you live life like this eventually you hit 40, you are a coward, you have no lateral thinking, your brain has shut down and you can’t accomplish anything. 

A price is paid when you don’t overcome your irrational fear or think for yourself.  When you consistently give in to a short attention span all you are doing is losing your focus.  Your mind goes into atrophy.  We make the deal with the devil so we can hide from anything uncomfortable.    The price is that it increases the noise in your head.  Increases resistance.  Increases the nonsense in your mind and body.  It takes on a life and energy of its own so that it becomes a habit and you can’t stop it.  

They can get away with whatever they want and you will do nothing!  You will do nothing because all you want is comfort.  We don’t want to do anything hard.  Strong people create good times, good times create weak people, weak people create bad times.  

People don’t like it when I tell them they need to change habits, hormones, beliefs, passions, and brain chemistry.  It is too hard to do.  The story and ideologies we tell ourselves are very powerful.  In order to learn the psychological warfare that has been used on you then you need to focus to understand it.  I can tell you what is being done but most can’t pay attention long enough to understand.  The attention span of most adults is ten seconds.  This is why I write long posts that need focus.  If forces the reader to focus much longer.  Those who can’t focus will just move on.  You just focus to see.  You also must stay calm and centered.  Things will come at you that make you uncomfortable.  You can not let emotions and biases get in the way of seeing the truth.  The last thing is just think.  Expand your thoughts.  Get out of the small mindedness of politics and religion.  


Ideologies are so powerful they can consume us, posses us and destroy us.  Those who control the flow of information have great power.  Dostoevsky wrote in Demons:

“It is not you who ate the idea, but the idea that ate you.”  

The world is in arrested development.  Has been for a long time.  We are literally selling ourself out.    I know a fake smile when I see it because I did it.  Take your power back before it’s too late.  

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  1. Sometimes I think: alright, this is so absurd, people are going to wake up… then I remember brainwashed people are brainwashed. We keep our space and live by example, that’s all we can do! Peace!

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