Get Rid of the Negative

This Easter I thought I would give my readers a post on how to resurrect their own mind and life.  This post will go deep.  It is based on the teachings of mystery schools and the original teachings of Freemasonry.  This is forgotten knowledge but is still taught in esoteric circles.  Those who are on my site if not already awake are ready to awaken, so I think most are ready for this post.  It is a deep dive into how to change our world for the better.  The way we have been has been a failure.  Time to resurrect success.     

We are more likely  to criticize people  than compliment them.  We will condemn people easier than praising them.  We like to point out the false in others rather than seek out the positive.  It seems to be in our nature to be critical of others.  We think that because we criticize our friends, neighbors and relatives that we are thinkers.  This does not make you a thinker.  It makes you a negative person.  We as a human race do not have a clear concept of solution, so we express ourselves with conflict.  

If we have problems we don’t think we can solve, we become negative.  We let off steam this way.  All it is is frustration.  This will never lead to an answer to our problem.  There is an answer to every problem.   We are not taught to cope with problems.  We don’t like to deal with them.  Trying to solve other peoples problems is much better for us.  Because we don’t deal with our own immediate problems we become frustrated.  Without the ability to solve our own problems we become detrimental to others.  We get online and troll people.  We get into politics and shame others for what they do wrong.    The whole world becomes unsatisfactory to this type of person.  

We as  regular people do not have the power to change the collective pattern of the society we live in.   Even a person in a position to try to make change will destroy themselves if they go against what most people believe.  When a person tries to make a change in this world there is very little support because others do not like to change.  This makes most who want to change the world fall back into hopelessness.  They get frustrated and give up.  Usually fall into escapisms like drugs and alcohol.   People today are saying that our problems are hopeless.  We all just need to adjust and find some compromise solution.  Anything to keep from dealing with the problems.  

Individuals are starting to think there is no purpose for life.  They have no law and order in their own life, so they do not respect the law and order of their own society.  The only thing we as private citizens can contribute to others is what we have within us.  You can not enrich the world unless you enrich yourself.  You can give to the world what you are or what you have, but you have to get it for yourself first.  If you can not swim, how can you save others from drowning?  You must learn to swim to contribute.  

All negative attitudes are destructive to the individual and the people around them.  Negative attitudes show themselves in unhappiness and sickness.  Negative attitudes will never contribute to your security.  The only way they will help you is that you finally figure out being negative is wrong and you change.  We can not win by being negative.  We can not criticize ourself into being healthy.  We can not hate ourselves into love.  All hate does is destroy minds and peace.  Every negative attitude must be overcome within.  

Every critical person will destroy their social bridges and find themselves alone.  They will defend themselves by saying it is true, but if it is negative it will not help.  This person will eventually make it a habit of being negative.  This is how conspiracy theories happen.  They lose their ability for constructive thought and attract others who have done the same.  Im not saying all conspiracy theories are wrong.  Conspiracies, just like the mainstream news, are very negative.  Whether we know it or not we are letting bad habits of negativity come in and take control of our minds.  You can give all the explanations you want on how the news or conspiracies are justifiable, but they will never contribute to your mind or health in a positive way.  Only a positive look on your own life will do that.  

Most people who get involved in the negativity of news and conspiracies have not lived a difficult life.  They just have succumb to their own individual negativity.  They have comfort in seeing the negativity outside of themselves because thy have not dealt with it within.  It is not the individual who has gone through the most or who have been through terrible tragedies who indulge in negativity.   It is only the person who has not dealt with the tragedies within.  A person who cultivates negativity rationalizes to themselves that they are a suffering soul, so they look for it outside of themselves to prove it to themselves.  The person takes comfort in misery.  

For some reason we humans like to compete to see who can be the most miserable.  

Just here recently people are wanting to be miserable not only for their own sins, but the sins of the history of this world.  These people stand up and proudly confess to being racist simply because of the color of their skin.  The reason we have gotten to this point is because we have to be miserable for something.  We need to top every person who thinks they are miserable and show we are even more miserable.  We need to confess morbidities we don’t have just to show how miserable we are.  It causes these individuals to feel like they have some kind of significance.  

Complainers do not have a purpose in life.  The endless complaining and pointing out the evils of the world can be defended.  They can make super exhibitions about how bad the world is, but every last one of these individuals have no real purpose in life.  They do not contribute to the world in a positive way.  People with positive outlooks on their own life or life in general contribute positively  to their society.  

Here in lies the secret to your own existence.  The ancients regarded this as Nature guiding you to find your purpose.  There is a pattern of rewards and punishments that lie in the psych of all humans.  There are chemicals released in your mind and body from the consequences of your own conduct.   These chemicals will give you the sense of security or insecurity.  Our entire world is filled with insecurities.  The average person is very insecure.  The ancients believed that if a person is feeling insecure then what they are doing and thinking must be wrong.  Nature is a just natural pattern.  Each person must  look at how they are thinking and feeling and bring it inline with their own body.  

Humans are very complicated thinking and emotional creatures.  Nature is simple.  Humans don’t like simple.  Truth is usually overlooked because of its simplicity.  The wear and tear we impose on ourselves is not sustainable.  Living a stressful and fearful life is destructive.  We live in constant stress and tension.  Most of us think we can adjust and get used to it.  For the most part humans can adjust to their environment, but humans can not adjust to their own ignorance and stupidity.  Ignorance has no balance.  A person who adjust themselves to ignorance  will remain ignorant.  

Most of our problems are a result of who we are.  We make our own problems.  Most do no realize this.  We will come up with all sorts of excuses as to why everyone and everything else but themselves are the cause of their problems.   You are responsible for everything happening in your life.   Your mind is the source of all your problems.  The problems is not the problems its your attitude towards the problem.  It you hate the problem you are in trouble.  Im not saying some problems don’t deserve negative reactions.  Im saying you yourself can not hate.  Hate comes from ignorance or lack of understanding.  When you understand things you can not hate them.  You may understand them and want to change them, but when you understand that a lot of the problems come from a condition of human collective consciousness that is not competent, you will not hate.  You may get frustrated, but you won’t hate.  

Observe how the human race is living  from immaturity instead of maturity and you will see how groups and individuals are very ignorant.  This is devastating to our world yet our leaders do not want it to change.  Most in this world are incapable of kindness, fair judgement and thoughtfulness.  When you have kindness and thoughtfulness your hate becomes compassion.  You feel bad how the world can not see!  My heart bleeds for this world, but I don’t hate.  I may want off this planet because Im very frustrated, but I don’t hate.  Hate is for the ignorant.  When you get this you want to help.  Instead of criticizing you will want to help.  Anything that deserves criticism needs help.  When you approach things on the level of criticism you will not help.  When you realize this you move into positivity.  

I realize sometimes criticism is unavoidable.   These situations need constructive criticism.  Constructive criticism is backed by an understanding and a solution to the problem.  Unless it is constructive it will compound the problem.  If you have no solution you have no right to criticize.  When you start to understand things your hatred gradually melts away.  When you see things you think are wrong, you understand that eventually, some how, some way they will be corrected from a degree of understanding from the masses.  If you are not helping people to understand you are part of the problem.  Understand that helping takes composure.  Once you lose composure you have lost helping the problem.  

The ancient mystery schools taught individuals how to live a life of not criticizing and condemning.  They taught them to recognize error, but don’t be confused by it.  They taught that problems should be seen as a challenge to better yourself.  A challenge to become bigger than you are in order to meet a problem head on that was perviously unknown.  Each problem was seen as an opportunity to unlock something within you.  The power within is the uncharted territory.  Do you want to boldly go where no man or woman has ever been?  Then turn within.  There are countless resources we don’t even know exists.  Very few have ever been able to acquire them to use them.  If you get the negativity out of the mind that is causing blocks you will see you have very powerful solutions.  A closed mind will never solve anything and will always be defeated.  Helping others helps you and helping yourself helps others.  

With all the insanity going on today it is even more important to find the solution power within.  Humans are capable of surviving and solving anything if they would just cooperate with the patterns of energy and consciousness within their own life.  A positive way of looking at life is not seeing the positive in everything or beauty in everything.  That is new age crap.  The real meaning of having a positive outlook or attitude is accepting growth as natural and reasonable.  The instrument that causes growth is challenge.  You will never become better unless you need to become better.  Whenever we have a problem that is bigger than we our it shows the need to grow.  A problem is only a problem when you fail to meet it.  A problem is not a problem until you misunderstand it, reject it, deny it or misunderstand the energies behind it.  Life sometimes can seem like one big problem because things go wrong all the time.  We are continuously bombarded with problems.  These are not the problems.  The problems are our own way of reacting.  It is our attitude that makes the challenge become a tragedy.  Tragedies happen when we don’t see the challenge in it for ourselves.  

The mystery schools were important.  They showed how we could convince ourselves of our own needs.  It was a way of rationally selling the truth to ourselves.  It gave us the courage to make wise decisions.  It showed that what we think is good and bad does not exist.  Good and bad is a human invention.  Nature is as it is.  If humans would accept Nature as she is instead of trying to control her than their conduct would bring less problems.  We think we are not suppose to accept.  We want to get out and do something about it and don’t really care if it helps or not.  We just need to do something.  When I say acceptance I don’t mean sit back and do nothing.  Acceptance is accepting facts and working from the facts instead of prejudices.   We need to accept value.  Either this world is meaningful or it is not.  Life either has integrity or it does not.  

Nature is a creating intelligence.  We are not creatures of accidents, circumstances and incidents.  If Nature is not intelligent then we have no purpose for being here and nothing is important.  When nothing has a purpose then rebellion is meaningless.  If nothing has any meaning why should we be upset about certain things and pleased about others?  If Nature is not intelligent then life is meaningless.  For those who take this route they think they need to win at all costs.  We are all just wondering around here doing nothing so I will be the biggest nothing.  At least I will be comfortable being nothing.  Then there are those who think if it’s all meaningless they will just give up.  What’s the use of doing anything if it means nothing.  

The mystery schools taught that Nature was intelligent and things were unfolding.  Humans are suspended in the unfoldment.  We are burdened by our own inability to grasp our own existence.  This fills us with doubt and uncertainty.  Doubt and uncertainty should get us to support our own life by seeking knowledge and wisdom.  Strengthen our spirit and use it constructively to help others.  Mystery schools gave a stronger more personable way of life.  It taught a noncompetitive and nonaggressive way of life. It taught that principals are more important than prejudices.  It taught not getting well but living well.  A collaborative and noncompetitive atmosphere is where the health and security of the people resides. The whole purpose of sports was to have on outlet for competition, but we have made sports our main way of life. You will never achieve peace and serenity by constant stress and anxiety.  

Our anxiety and stress is brought on by our own minds.  You can not complain your way to a quiet mind.  You can not cheat your way into security.  You must adjust your values.  Escape from negative values.  Gardens will not grow well if you do not take care of them.  If you don’t get rid of the weeds the flowers will starve.  If you don’t plant the plants according to their nature, some in sun and some in shade, they will not survive.  You must water it and feed it everyday or it will stunt the growth of the plants.  If you don’t do this and your garden is not healthy then you have no right to be mad a Nature.  

In order for your mind to grow you need to get the weeds out of your own consciousness.  The weeds of hate, fear, doubt, envy and egotism.  Problem is that we do not control our weeds.  They control us.  The negatives have become habits.  You can take control of them anytime by valuing positive.  You just have to take action instead of being passive.  I realize that thinking can make people anxious because the more we think the bigger the world seems and the smaller we seem.  An individual who has never thought deeply has a solution for everything.  When you begin to think deeply you start to cut at the root of all our problems.  The root of all our problems is that humans are trying to dominate something they should obey.  Humans are trying to impose themselves on the world.   Trying to make Nature bend to them.  If you look deep enough you will find humans can’t even govern themselves, but they want to govern everyone else.  

Our ego are so full of themselves that we think we are always right and we are born to command.  The only thing any human was ever born to command was our own self, but that is not glamorous enough.  We need to command others.  By doing this we make our lives intolerable.  The more intolerable the more stressful we get.  We don’t know how to live by Nature’s dynamics because we don’t know what it is.  We have stressed ourselves out so much that we don’t know what value is and can’t accept it.  Because humans can contemplate and reflect we have a super power, but we don’t use it.  Because of this we are not intuitive and weak.  

If humans would stop trying to control others and impose their beliefs on others the world would change rapidly.  A constructive and positive attitude gets you away from the negative.  Get away from criticism and doubt.  Recognize that you can solve what is wrong with your mind.  Our solutions to our problems need to be on the level of humans not the level of hate.  When you contemplate you give yourself justification for existence.  Relax away you prejudices.  Do not see them as virtues. See them as hidden vices.  If you see them as false they will fall away.  Criticism solves nothing.  Condemning solves nothing.  They magnify your problems.  Negativities destroy our power to think, love, solve and have faith in ourselves.  Being thoughtful, kind and loving leads to happiness.  We go to war searching for things that will make us happy and it is within us!  

You have the right to be happy.  You just need to choose.  Choose not to gossip. Choose not to criticize.  Choose to see the good.  Accept good.  That is the greatest stimulation towards good.  The moment you doubt people you destroy their faith in themselves.  Respecting them helps them to respect themselves.  When you suspect you create suspicion.  There will always be people who will betray you or stab you in the back.  It all stems from them not trusting themselves.  You need to detach yourself from others actions.  We feel that when we are betrayed that we failed in our judgement of others.  We can’t forgive ourselves or the person who has proved our judgement wrong.  

Detach yourself from wanting immediate results.  We live in a world of instant gratification.  Our technology has made us impatient.  We can not fathom something we do now will have results long after we die.  We don’t choose to love, think, be kind and have faith in ourselves because we want a reward.  You must realize that other peoples reaction to what you do is according to their understanding.  You are not responsible for their understanding.  We are responsible for our own!  If a million people fail us during our life time it is no excuse to become hateful or cynical.  We must live with ourselves.  You are the only person you have to live with the rest of your life.  Nothing anyone does should keep you from doing what is right.  Quit thinking about the bad people have done to you and focus on the kindness that others have done to you.  When one out of one hundred people are ungrateful to us that one is the one we remember.  Look back at your life and you will see we have not been victims of other peoples betrayals or ingratitude.  We are the victims of our attitudes toward it.  We have willing and willfully forgotten about the people who have treated us right.  

The thousands of good things that happen to us are more valid than the few bad things we can’t stop stewing about.  Examine life fairly and you will find ground for optimism.  Be grateful for what you have instead of wanting what you don’t have.  Count your blessings instead of counting your misfortunes.  Preserve the gentleness of your spirit.  Our positive attitudes should come from the total picture of our life.  We enjoy much more than we suffer.  When we suffer we have not learned to find the value or meaning in certain experiences.  When you begin to relax, soften your stance, enjoy the good that comes to others, feel better from trying than we will realize a good attitude is our only protection in life.  Nature tells us this in her own way.  If we would just listen to her we could save ourselves a lot of stress.  Our misunderstandings are due to our own misunderstandings.  Taking responsibility for our own minds will give us the strength to live for a purpose.  

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