The Gifts

Why are we looking for directions written down from god in a book?  Why do we accept people who say they are profits and do what they say?  I was asked, “Don’t you think a loving and intelligent god would leave perfect directions for us?”  I replied, “No.  They would not what us to waste our minds away.  A real divine would want us to think for ourselves.  Why would god want us to waste our minds away?”  He wanted to know my thoughts on why we are here.  To explain this I will use a little Astro-Theology of the ancients. 

Earth is a place of generation.  It is our genesis.   Each and everyone of us came here for adventure.  Why would we want a book to tell us everything if we are seeking adventure?  When you go out on vacation, do you just read about the adventures or do you use guides and then experience the adventure yourself?  You are a Goddess or God here on an adventurous vacation.  You are led by your dreams, aspirations and affections.  The ignorance of this world has made you forget these dreams, aspirations and affections.  It has made you work for others wants and greeds.   We have been brainwashed into seeking things.  When you gain things you lose self.  To find self you must escape materialism.  

Im not too far off on this because tyrants in history who were ‘in the know’ about what I’m saying believed that if they conquered the world they would conquer materialism.  Thus they overcame materialism and escaped it.   All this does is lead to death.  Certain mystics and religions attempt to conquer worldliness in themselves.  They think that if they lose all desire, separate themselves from the world and become a hermit they will escape materialism.  All this does is lead to a boring life.  Still other religions and institutions think it’s best to just beat or scare the spirit out of materialism.  All this does is lead to a fearful, depressed or psychotic life.  

I will use some Astro-Theology from ancients to explain what is in the ancient texts about being here on earth.  Not only does the Astro-Theology make it easier to understand, but it is very poetic.  We are all born with divine gifts from the Gods and Goddesses.   We are here in a spiritual cage.  Some call it a spiritual death, but our spirit is not dead it is just suppressed in our material bodies.    Growth is realizing the power of our spirit.  The gifts given to us are represented by the bodies of planets known to us at the time.  Each planet or celestial body is the power of our spirit.  

Saturn gives us prudence.   The veil of prudence is an abstract mind.  We have infantile minds with the potential to become prudent.  

Jupiter gives us reason.  The power to rationalize and philosophize.  The power to think for ourselves.  

Mars gives us courage.  The power to become brave.   It gives us perseverance and patience.  The courage to dare.  

The Sun gives us the power of vitality and energy.  Without energy courage is worthless.  The Sun made us dynamic creatures.  

Venus gives us the power of beauty.  The ability to love.  To be in service of love and forget self.  

Mercury gives us skill and cunning.  It gives us wit and humor.  A quickness and lightness.  

The Moon gives us imagination and the power to break boundaries.  

These are the seven powers of the stars given to us by Nature.  They are the powers of our spirit. When we don’t use these powers they start to rot.  

Prudence becomes caution and fearfulness.

Courage becomes brazenness.  Ambition perverts principals.  

Energy is wasted.

Love becomes lust.  We have no creativity and that causes us to lose the love of beauty and truth.  

Wit and skill become cynic and skeptic.  Skill without understanding gives us a scientific world not safe to live in.  

Imagination becomes excessive fantasy, suspicion, tyranny and terror.  

These were all given to us to help with our adventure.  Help us grow and remember.  Not to tell us how we should live, but let us figure it out for ourselves.   Do you see many people in this world using these gifts or do you see more of what happens when you don’t use the gifts?  Not use these gifts has become natural to us.  We all have become a product of this world.  Where we have to be cold just to make it. You gave these gifts to yourself before you came here.  You have just forgotten.  Those gifts are there waiting for you to use them.  They are buried deep inside all of us.  All you have to do is open them.   It is that easy.  Quit giving your power away.  Use the gifts you gave yourself.  Remember who you are and forget what they made you.  We are who we have been waiting for!   

8 thoughts on “The Gifts”

  1. With all of the half-truths from the half-wise, self-proclaimed leaders in the world today; it is a breath of fresh air to read your posts.

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  2. “The gifts you gave yourself ” this is the most empowering statement ever!
    This world and its governing systems are so counterfeit that instead of allowing us to be independent we are forced to be dependent.
    Perhaps everything that is sold as truth we should do the opposite. Somehow I believe that being and doing opposite will get us out of the Matrix permanently.
    Thanks again for turning on the Light that we already have.

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