Philosophy is the love of wisdom.  What is wisdom?  We goto school our entire lives but that does not make us wise.  Intellectuals may have a high IQ but they are far from wise.  Knowledge is not wisdom.  Knowledge is basically learning how to live in an environment that no one fits into.  Knowledge is something everyone agrees upon.  Knowledge is power because when you know what everyone agrees upon it makes you look smart.  Our knowledge in this world is not very good.  

We give our kids educations, but what are we teaching?  Are we teaching the individual to grow or training them to be a good employee.  Education in this world is training people to live in our environment.  With technology our environment is changing rapidly. What we taught kids yesterday is obsolete today and what we are teaching today will be obsolete tomorrow.  Our knowledge is obsolete.  Knowledge is a way of looking at something.  Knowledge is our history.  We teach the history of our world through the lens of who is writing it.  Knowledge is adapted and adjusted to the whims of and needs of the moment.  Our knowledge is what someone who we think is an authority tells us what it is.  

Our education does not have any depth.  We don’t teach understanding human nature or the destiny of the human race.  Knowledge is making you fit in for our time.  All the positives are exaggerated and the negatives are not even mentioned.  This is an effort to get people to take responsibly in a world where no one takes responsibility for anything.  Religion changes, science changes, architecture changes, art changes, music changes, etc.  Whether it is better now or worse now is just an opinion, but I ask the readers “Are the buildings today as beautiful as they were during the Renaissance?  Does popular music or poetry have the depth that it had in the past? Is art on the same level today as it was in the past? Does science really know more today than it did in the past or just more ways to profit off it?”  Knowledge is our way to understand things as they are now.  

All knowledge is from the outside.  We get knowledge from reading, listening and looking.  It is all a way of looking at things now and shaping our future.  How do you educate people for a future that probably will not be there when they get to that future?  In truth, knowledge is based in materialism.  It is how we understand the world we have created or are trying to create and get people to conform.  Knowledge has nothing to do with the real world.  Knowledge is a label for what we can think or believe.   Knowledge is only valuable to the degree in which it can be sold.  

Why do we not understand music, art or architecture?  Because it is not taught.  Everything is specialized and you get specialized education or training.  We are born ignorant and we die ignorant.  In-between we learn to make a living and a few make a fortune.  The great values of the world do not grow because we do not permit them to grow.  They are no longer important to us.  The human race really believes it wants to improve when really we just want to have more.  We want more money, to be famous, a bigger house, a new phone, etc.  All this because no one knows what is true value.  Humans value money more than life itself.  

Where have all the philosophers gone?  Are there any in todays world?  Can anyone see beyond the mess that is being created now?  Can anyone see that our surface thinking creates surface lives?  Can anyone live for something other than the pleasures of the mind, flesh or heart?  Does anyone understand we are here to grow, improve and understand life?  Why can’t we leave the world a better place for generations to come?  Can the world bring wisdom back?  

What is this wisdom that philosophers love?  All knowledge can be examined by wisdom. Wisdom is value, meaning and priorities. Wisdom is nonjudgemental.  Wisdom gives character to knowledge. Wisdom is growth.  Wisdom comes from the inside.  Understanding what is going on outside of you with internal wisdom.  The reason most can’t do this is because it has not been developed.    How do we develop wisdom?  By teaching deeper and fuller meanings that create priorities.  By challenging the individual to grow.  By teaching the individual to not just make a living but to make a life.  By teaching that each person has a creative genius within them.  By conquering a job one can be fulfilled.  We do not have to get tired of sitting at the same desk for a lifetime or doing the same task for a lifetime.    Wisdom is alchemy in that it transforms the daily experiences of life into a meaningful pattern of growth. 

The things we think will bring us a great life end up being the opposite. We think that chasing pleasure will bring us a great life.  We think sex will bring us a great life.  We think chasing these get rich schemes will make us happy. All these bring problems.  Seeing this is wisdom.  Wisdom is thinking for yourself.  Wisdom does not mean you don’t make mistakes.  It means you learn from your mistakes. Wisdom is knowing when you were wrong and apologize.  A wise mind understands duality and uses it.  

We need to become involved in the progress we want to achieve.  We can not depend on a monotonous, meaningless, crooked system to get us out of despondency that comes from knowledge.  Trying to become rich by doing as little as possible is not rewarding.  Common sense takes over where knowledge fails.  Common sense is a grasp on reality, but we never trust it because we seek profit and fame.  We need philosophers to teach us truth.  Someone who will teach us wisdom instead of knowledge.  Someone who will not try to repackage the failures of the past and teach them to us.  Wisdom is learning the mistakes of others, of the past and not doing them again.  Humans have been around a lot longer than most know.  We keep doing the same mistakes over and over.  The one common denominator in all this is that ignorance is leading us!  

Everything in Nature has a spirit.  Those spirits became our gods and goddesses. Hippocrates gave an oath to medicine over two thousand years ago.  Medicine has gotten rid of it.  They do not want it because it demands integrity.   It makes the physician a servant to all the gods and goddesses which is Nature.  Wisdom is no longer in medicine only knowledge.  Medicine today destroys the  integrity and values of Nature.  They mutilate it with human nature.  Value is not determined in wealth or fame.  Value is bringing out the divine in us.  

Wisdom questions what it is.  Every problem has an answer.  The answer coming when we change our own relationship to that problem.  You change it by bringing out the inner power.  You can study an apple all you want, but you will never learn how to create one.  We can use the things that already exist, but we don’t understand them.  We only understand the market  value or why we would eat them.  Everything has meaning and until we find out our meaning we will never understand Nature.  We are always trying to bend Nature to us.  We create laws until we change them.  We go along with our own creations until we can’t put up with them anymore.  We tell ourselves times are changing when in reality we don’t understand ourselves or our world.  

The number one purpose for our science is how we can make money off what we figure out.  We don’t look for Nature in Nature!  Because of this she will never let us peak under her dress.  I see this world as a place for gods and goddesses to be exiled.  Yes you have been exiled to earth. What for?  That is for you to figure out.  The reason this is a place of exile is because we have been here before and set it up ourselves.  We keep coming back to our ignorance and mistakes.  Because of this we keep making mistakes and remain ignorant.  Every now and then someone figures it out and grows.  They start to handle things that they previously mishandled.  Through growth we become wiser.  We will never be better unless we become wiser.  

Wisdom is knowing that everything about Nature makes sense.  It is the common sense of Nature.  The simple facts of existence is wisdom.  Wisdom is not learning another language it’s learning another language so we can communicate with another person.  All things have a use and value.  We use them for profit instead of growth.  Our ignorance and has taken us from a world of prophets to making profits.  Both are doomed to fail.  Philosophers bring us closer to wisdom.  They are the individuals who obey Nature’s laws.  

The ancients understood wisdom can not be forced upon people.  They created schools of wisdom. These were the mystery schools.  This was for the people who wanted to learn what reality was.  The ancients knew that you could not just let anyone teach wisdom.  Only those who love wisdom were the ones who could teach it.  The greatest of all wisdom is the love of truth and reality.  Those who want to live better seek out the mystery schools.  They understand that the greatest knowledge is to live an enlightened life.  

We need to transform selfishness into charity, self centeredness into spirit centeredness, and allow the realities of Nature to lead the way.  Ignorance controls mankind.  Without wisdom our greatest accomplishments will destroy us.  We need to rediscover Nature.  Wise people value the truth.  To be interested in truth is a sign of wisdom.  Wisdom is correcting ourselves when we see truth.  The philosopher self reflects and values truth so they see through their own biases.  They understand how their biases distort their perception of reality.  Which gives the philosopher clear vision.  The wiser you become the more you are aware of your biases and you will let them go.  

A philosopher doubts things, but doubts themselves the most.  They know that every person is run by their biases and beliefs.  They have study their own biases so they know the tricks of the mind and how humans work.  They are cautious without fear.  The philosopher lives by their own principals and have integrity.  They developed their own principals through experience and research.  They don’t just follow rules because someone or something told them too.  The principals are deep and profound which they follow.  Integrity is very important to philosophers.  Wisdom is self discipline.  They are self motivated.  They live a healthy life through self discipline. Philosophers are motivated from the inside.  

Wisdom is taking responsibility for your life.  You are your life.  Your life is all you really have.  Take responsibility for it.  Philosophers are not a slave to their cravings.   Wisdom is all about balance.  Balance in everything!  For some reason we humans need to goto the extremes.  Balance does not mean going down the middle.  Stay in just the middle or center and you will stagnate.  Stay on one side of the pendulum or the other and you will be destroyed.  Swing the pendulum to both sides to bring balance.  

Wisdom is understanding you don’t know.  Everyone is an expert in everything.   They can’t admit they don’t know.  Know that you know nothing and understand that you don’t know what you don’t know.  Wisdom knows giving advice is a great responsibility.  Everyones situation is different.  Nothing is set in stone.  What works for me may not work for you.  Wisdom guides others to find the answers for themselves.  Wisdom does not give advised unless asked for.  

We are full of corrupted knowledge.  The changes in the world is a result of our own fallacies.  We are no longer trusting the establishment.  We have lost respect for truth because the world is one big lie.  We are materialistic in a world where materialism can never win.  Wisdom could use mathematics for eternity and never come up with a nuclear bomb.   The only reason why we came up with a nuclear bomb is we needed a huge danger to create peace in this world.  This nuclear power is far from peace.  It is a continuing danger used to control humans.  Nature can not be deceived or stopped.  The more we try to maintain our unnatural world the more we will suffer.  The reason why things go wrong is we destroy the integrity of things.  Our problems are from mass thinking.  We all want to get rich and be beautiful. We think health is taking care of our body, but not our spirit.  Our knowledge needs redeemed.  

How can we become lovers of wisdom?  The higher the consciousness of an individual the more wise they will be.  Derive your own answers.  Have a deep questioning of everything.  Have a curiosity about life.  Learn from your mistakes and suffering.  Design your life to give you diversity.  Seek out what is different.  Expand your experiences.  Do things for others just to do it.  Value wisdom.  Question wise people and learn from them.  The world is being led by ignorant fools.  Quit listening to them!  Study yourself.  Understand how the mind tricks you.  Read quality material.  Explore diverse perspectives.  Get outside of your comfort zone.  Observe yourself and others without judgment.  Just observe.  Self educate.  The most wisdom you will learn is outside of school.  Spend time alone.  Quiet that voice in your head.  Quit chasing pleasure.  

Philosophy will complete your life.  If my work resinates with you then you are a philosopher.  Incorporate philosophy in your life.  Connect with your divinity.  Find the answers for yourself.  Once you connect with your divinity the Magic happens.  You can start to ask yourself questions and she will bring the answer directly to you.  Yes she.  Spirit is feminine.  There is a reason wisdom is called Sophia.  She will let you know when someone is lying to you or telling you the truth.  Connecting with yourself is connecting with Sophia.  Sophia is the only expert you need.  The most profound answers are found in you.  Set the intention to know wisdom.  Use Magic to set it.  Ask yourself, “How wise is the person speaking to me?”  Just because they are validating what you want to hear does not me they are wise.  That is foolishness.  Introduce yourself to Sophia.  Introduce yourself to you.  

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