We seem to think that the older the more mature we become. To most people time is only a killer. They never become more mature.   Maturity has to do with the mind.  The integrity of our mind.  A person living on a level of a realistic integrity relating to his humanity.  We as humans are part of Nature.  Being part of Nature we are under her laws.  It is our reaction to Natural law that determines how mature we are.  

Our world  is backwards. Whenever I see something marked mature I know it will be filled with immature content. I know children who act more mature than most adults.  To be an adult in our world means you are old enough to commit certain behaviors that you can’t do as a child.  We do not want to grow up.  We want to remain immature.  We want someone else to do our thinking for us.  We want to be protected and be comfortable.  We want to do the least amount possible but gain as much as we can from our small efforts.  We want to be supervised and told what to do and how to do it.  We want a politician, deity or anything else to care for us.  We are not ready to stand on our own two feet and think for ourselves.  When government, religion or corporations give us a crutch we gladly take it.  Is this what being human is all about?  

We as humans are can question why we are even here.  The animal kingdom can not do this.  They are governed by their specie’s intelligence.  They do what they are supposed to do. The animals instinctively live for survival and reproduction.  The will very seldom violate the laws of their species. There is no evil in animals or Nature.  They have integrity.  They live the way they are supposed to live until humans interfere.   We supposedly have will, individuality and intellect, but we don’t use them.  Maturity demands integrity and we have very little integrity in the human species.  Do we even know what it is to be human?  

We as humans are supposedly in control of our own mind.  We can create our life the way we want it to be.  We have responsibilities for ourself, responsibilities for other humans, responsibilities to Nature and responsibilities for life itself.  We have this problem of greed.  This ego thing that makes us human has an appetite for me, me, me.  When we are selfish we not only damage ourselves we damage others and Nature.  We not only destroy ourselves, but we destroy the planet we live on.  Nature has laws.  One can only go so far with selfishness.  After you reach a certain point one will either understand and correct their behaviors or they will destroy themselves, others and the planet.  

We as humans can make decisions to grow or not.  We can develop our abilities to pretty much do anything we want.  Build the life that we want.  But when I look around I see masses of people who can’t even take care of the one thing they truly own, themselves. In all kingdoms on this planet, except the human race, failures do not survive long.  With us we have a hope of redemption.   We do not care how our conduct effects others.  We must accomplish wealth, power and fame at all cost.  Each person is convinced that every person should do what they want them to do. Everyone believes that their way of thinking is correct.  The only reason why we do this is because we want to accomplish our own goals.  These goals have nothing to do with having done inner work.  

Animals have to deal with problems too.  They are subject to the same storms and all the dangers that come along with living on this planet, but they do not change their life in order to live in unnatural conditions.  They live with Nature not against her.  They adjust to her.  Nature has no best and no worst.  Everything Nature does is perfect.  Animals are connected to Nature and able to receive guidance from Nature.  Nature never fails because of her integrity. 

Maturity and age are not the same.  An older person is not mature.  They are just older in years.   Maturity demands an individual to take control of their own life.  Man can create his own life.  He can change things to his will, but we do things we are not supposed to do and we don’t do things that we should do.  We break the laws of Nature for our greed.  The more we break these laws the more miserable we become.  We believe we are entitled to everything even though we have done nothing to earn it.  

The eastern philosophies show that we come into this world somewhere along an evolutionary path.  You have lived a life before and you will live another life.  We humans think we are at the top of a skyscraper of evolution.  When actually we are only on the first floor or maybe in the basement.  We are not as wise as we think we are.  We think we are being imposed upon by others when actually we are imposing upon ourselves. The traits we hate in others are in us too and will be there until we do inner work.  

We see the world and everything in it as something to conquer or own.  We do not want to protect.  We want to fulfill our greed.  We take territory to enslave it.  We want to profit off natural resources.  Is this what being human is?  Why are we here?  Are we here to make the world serve us?  Humans are supposed to learn from their mistakes.  We are supposed to learn from our conscious behavior.  Yet we keep doing the same things over and over.  We can create a life that will give us the greatest growth, potential and let us be able to do things for  everyone, but we want pleasure and comfort now.  Growing to our potential, helping others do the same and protecting them is the sacred masculine. Greed and selfishness is the toxic masculine and this world is full of it.  

Ask yourself, why do you want money?  Why do you want to be successful?  Why do you want to be popular?  Why do you want that  great looking lover?  Why do you want good grades?  Why do you want the perfect job?  Why do you want all the knowledge? If you follow all the why’s  you will see it is because you want validation from others.  That is what the state of the human race has fallen too.  Just as long as everyone likes me and agrees with me I can live with myself.  We have become a bunch of people pleasers.  The reason for this is because we can’t give ourselves validation.  We need something outside of ourselves to make us happy.  Looking for something outside of us to make us happy is like counting to infinity or dividing by zero.  You will never reach the end and it can not be done.  Knowing that happiness must start from within is the beginning of maturity.  

Maturity is the release of your constructive, creative inner potential. If the mind and emotions are immature the body will not be healthy.  We are all here to help each other.  A mature person will achieve things to not only help themselves, but help others and the planet too.  A mature world is one where principals are clear for everyone.  A mature world is where people respect everyone else.  Maturity is gratitude.  Maturity is achieving personal responsibility just for the sake of it. Maturity is helping others without wanting something in return.  A mature person will have an appreciation for the arts.  A mature person respects the potential in others.  Maturity is not perfection it is the individual developing themselves internally.  Using those internal abilities constructively.  Using emotions constructively.  Taking care of the body.  

Maturity will not start riots, not give into crime, not be jealous of others,  not think they deserve something without earning it, etc.  Maturity has nothing to do with wealth or status.  

As one gains maturity they will no longer accept beliefs that do not line up with the integrity of themselves.  They will not belong to a religion or political group that damns half the world.  They can not go along with something that stunts their internal growth.  They will study the history of humans and realize how uncertain and puzzled we really are as a race.  They will study the arts and sciences and try to figure out the best way for they themselves to live.  They will have a certain discrimination on what they let into their minds.  They will realize certain things will fail no matter what they do and that success does not come instantly.  They will know truth when they see it because they have internal integrity not because others believe the same thing.   They will want to know more of what is real.  They will want to know things that will contribute to the improvement of themselves and society.  They will want to grow.  

All great wisdom calm emotions.  Our education today is teaching us to adjust to a world that is not true.  We must learn to live with ourselves.  Maturity today is thought be a self centeredness that advises people to do what they would do.  Because someone is old and sure of themselves we think they are mature.  All of our politicians are old but not none have maturity.  How can we live in a mature world if its run by immature people?  We follow these people because we are immature ourselves.  Somewhere deep inside you is a divine power that is waiting to be discovered.  The fact that we can think and make mistakes shows there is a power in us that will help.  The power inside us is creative and constructive.  Power outside of us is destructive.  In order for this power inside us to function we must stop misrepresenting our true nature.  Inside of you is the power of Nature and it is available to you.  Unlike animals who react to this power instinctively, we must react to it intuitively.  The individual matures when the realization of this power comes through.  Nature begins to run through you.  There is no enlightenment or maturity without Nature.  

We are doing everything today appealing to the exterior.  Everything is based on fear.  If we can’t self govern, self rule and self dedicate how can we do this for others?  People who have never done anything to change themselves are voting for governments to change.  There is no way you can free anyone from the outside.  The only way to make real change is through the individual not to them.  Humans can come together with more than simply thinking the same.  They can come together with maturity.  Without maturity in governments and science they become corrupt.  Greed is what brings these psychopaths together.  They don’t understand that we can achieve peace, security and wealth in this world, but we must achieve these traits internally first.  When we cheat and deceive ourselves we will cheat and deceive  others.  If you hate yourself you will hate others.  If you are at war with yourself you will goto war with others. If you think you are separate from all others there will be segregation. There is no maturity until the best in us governs us.  Until that happens we will stay infantile.  

Crime arises in ourselves not in society.  We can imprison or fine people all we want but it will never change anything.  The change has to come inside us.   To be better than we are we must know that we need to be better.  Are you tired from the things you do or tired from the attitudes you have about them?  Are you tired from work or your attitude towards work?  Are you at peace with yourself?  We are only here for a few years.  Are we growing or wasting time?  Selfishness is a human thing.  Selfishness has no future.  Everything you posses you will lose.  The only thing that is permanent is the energy of you.  Your soul, divine power, the real you or simply the best in you.  Maturity is outgrowing the  smallness of our own lives.  We must become bigger than we are.  Release our internal potentials.  

No great genius knows how they do it.  They know the technique of what they are doing, but they will tell you that there was something in them that had to come out.  They had to figure out how to get what was in them out.  If they were a musician they had to learn music.  If they were a writer they had to start writing.  If they were an economist they had to study economics.  If they were a historian they had to learn history.  They used whatever technique to bring their gift to the world.  My point is you must have the technical ability to express what you have locked inside yourself then you must get out of your own way.  Being human should not be a painful existence.  We are who we have been waiting for.   


11 thoughts on “Maturity”

  1. ” A mature world is where people respect everyone else.” And respecting others starts with respecting ourselves, but isn’t that ‘self-respect’ part of becoming a mature being? In my years on this ‘earthly plane’ I have learned to accept not only my frailties, but the frailties of others without feeling guilt for mine, or responsibility for theirs. I take joy in watching my house beasties live their nature; I revel in watching Angus b come to my porch every day to partake in the peanuts I put out for him and his brethren; I marvel at all of the wonderful sounds Barnabas makes; and finally, I experience peace when Rasputin comes every night to dine on the leftovers I put out for him. I truly cannot imagine life without the Goddess’ creatures, while concomitantly recognizing that this planet would be a much better, kinder place with fewer immature humans.

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    1. Respect is very big in maturity. Most people don’t respect themselves so they will never respect others.
      The Goddess demands respect. We bring the Goddess back we have lest immaturity. 😉

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