Emotional Intelligence

Emotion is the root of all action. The mind may regulate action, but intellect rarely pushes us into action. Emotion is what pushes us. Intellectuals spend all their time thinking while doing nothing. We must feel a sense of meaning that move us to action. The mind can not operate without emotional stimulation. Emotion is what helps us remember. The things you remember the most is because there is an emotional charge connected to it. Emotion also helps us to suppress. The things we suppress have an emotional charge connected to it.

We can have good emotional intelligence. We do not need to lose control or be neurotic. Emotions can be subtle and deep. We need to reduce our emotional stress. We also need emotional purpose. If we let ourselves become the victim of every impulse then we will not have a happy life. Today emotional excess is considered normal. We expect people to express positive and negative emotions. The negative emotions are the most obvious emotions expressed. If someone is not a victim of their own emotions we think they just don’t care. For some reason in todays society we expect people to be jealous, angry, triggered and possessive. We feel they should show their affection with some not so positive emotions.

Im going to give you a big law of Nature that most people do not realize they break. Nature penalizes for all excess and Nature rewards us for moderation. Just knowing that law will bring some enlightenment about the world today, but we are going to stay with emotions on this post. Most think the sacred feminine requires a lot of emotion. This is the furthest from the truth. Nature does not want you to be continually upset or emotionally excessive. Nature wants you to have a self controlled mind without suppression. She wants you to have emotions that are deep, mature and sincere. This with the understanding that we are human and will have things happen in our life that will cause an explosion of emotions. I have always said there are no bad emotions. Let them come and go like weather, but emotional intelligence is the key to personal relationships and professional relationships.

Water is the symbol of emotions. Think about getting over emotional like falling in deep water. Someone who can not swim will thrash about violently and eventually sink. It is the same with your emotions. When we go into a panic from something we consider a crisis we are in emotional excess. What is a crisis? What is adversity? It simply is when life does not go according to your your plan. You will strive desperately to save a situation, your situation. In the eastern philosophies there is a great emphasis on the individual becoming an integrated, quiet, well balanced person. In the western world western world we have so much confusion and stress that we need an escape mechanism to help us. That if we don’t show emotion it will boil over somehow and make us do something we will regret. The western world never wants to cure the cause they just want to treat the effects. So we drug everyone. It is more profitable. We just numb people without fixing anything.

The emotions themselves arise from deeper sources and causes. We must turn within to achieve any type of stability in our life. When we do this we will find that emotionally we are infants. We are vulnerable to emotional storms that are contrary to our common sense. Once emotions become dominate they are difficult to overcome. Then we become victims to our emotions. We need to understand that emotional pressures come from our environment, but we can develop our emotions. First you need to take the charge out of what ever it is that is happening. Remove the exaggeration, negative labeling or over hype around the event. The thing that gets you the most is not the event itself. It is how you label it and feel about the event.

We must ask ourselves if we are living a purpose. Is what we are doing giving us a sense of achievement? If not we become discontented. Discontent is an emotion. Do we look toward others with jealousy or respect? Envy is a destructive emotion. When we are jealous of others because they seem to be in a better situation or have more than us we develop self pity. Self pity is a destructive emotion. Destructive emotions come from ignorance. Ignorance of not seeing the goodness in our own lives. Not seeing the value of ourselves. When you compare yourself to others you will always appear inferior. The people you look up too are usually the most miserable. I have shown in other posts how social media is a big lie. The people on there are only exaggerating what they think is good. Besides the people you are jealous of are more than likely jealous of you or someone else.

One big thing we humans get jealous of is success. We get jealous of others we see as more successful than us. Most successful people have paid a very large price to become successful. Yet we think it just takes a magic pill or some shortcut and we can be just as successful. If we only had the breaks, opportunities, looks, money, etc. that successful people had. This causes resentment in the successful people. This is why successful people do not want to be around the masses. The majority of the masses are lazy. They just want everything handed to them.

What is the basic emotion of humans. I have shown in previous posts that fear is the emotion that has been with us since the beginning. Because of our history we are addicted to fear. Today we are fearful of war, poverty, age, sickness and death. Even with all that we have accomplished as a human race we still have these basic fears. This fear is deep rooted in our DNA and racial memory. Fear is the catalyst to our negative emotional patterns.

Religions have tried to help with the fear in humans by saying to have faith in a divine power that is all good. Problem is that religion is based on fear. I would go as far as to say that religion is fear. Religions, including science, have made us afraid of ourselves, each other, the universe in which we live and god. Is the fear of god the beginning of wisdom? The fear of god does help with individuals controlling themselves, but any person controlled by fear will eventually destroy themselves. Here we have why all our civilizations from past to present have destroyed themselves. It is all based in fear.

We have set up man made rules that make people fearful if they break them. I understand societies must have rules to keep society going, but we mix religion in with politics all the time. To break the law of government is a crime and to break a law of religion is a sin. Just look at what they have done today. They have everyone afraid of everyone else. The do gooders scream at the sinners to keep them in line. The corporate churches enforce superstitious rules that have no foundation in natural or scientific law. Everything they are doing today is based on beliefs that cause fear. They are trying to hide it by trying to keep people from going to their house of worship. By doing this they can say they are keeping religion and government separate, but they are not stopping the people from going into mega corporations and worshipping the corporate god. It is all based in fear.

In ancient times it was known religion and government were one and the same. Today they are the same but it is hidden. Today politics and religion are supposedly a choice. The individual finds himself in the middle of conflicting groups. Each group is certain their way of thinking is correct and everyone else is wrong or inferior. People will drift their entire life from one belief to another. If the person starts to think for themselves and leave one group for another they are ridiculed by the group they left. This makes the individual fearful and start to question their own mind. It’s the same playbook whether it is religion or politics. The moment you try to think rationally or intellectually about religion or politics it is a basis for emotional stress.

Can a person be emotionally strong? Can they calm and quiet their mind? Yes, but it must come from your natural state within. Most people who become extremist are very ignorant. The more experience we have with living the more we understand life. The more we explore the world the less likely we are to become stressed out in situations. Our prejudices are based on not understanding. Our fear is that of the unknown. We are effected by situations and things that are strange, new or different to us. As our consciousness increases we are less effected by change. Many people can not adjust to a changing world. If they would just do a little investigating into history they would see change is the only constant. Many people expect others to have better conduct, but do not expect it in themselves. We expect perfection from imperfect beings.

Here is a big one I learned along time ago. Quit expecting to be understood. Most do not understand what is reasonable and what is unreasonable. They don’t understand what is factual or false. People are hurt by facts. We are hurt because things move as they must, but we want them to move to our own expectations. You can not demand the impossible. If you do, it will bring you stress. Quit expecting society to be better than the individuals composing it. If you have greedy crooks running society you will have a corrupt society.

A person who has traveled and has read a broad range of books will not have prejudices and intolerances. Your mind will moderate. When you accumulate facts from personal experience and education you build a strong foundation that begins to integrate into your consciousness. You will find that you are more patient with people. You will find that the press which is designed to stir up animosity, racial and religious prejudices, political prejudices and now scientific and medical prejudices will not influence you. You will be able to say to yourself quietly, “This is not true”. The media wants you to hold attitudes dangerous to yourselves and others. Much of the media’s information arises from stupidity. Has there been any improvement on the human mind since the invention of the television? I myself think that media and journalism are composed of the lowest intelligence on the planet.

Today we have a lot of free time. Yet we have more things that play on our emotions today than ever before. Thanks to technology we sit around on our phones, computers, tablets and television and let all the garbage in. The media put out things that are meaningless and filled with errors because they cater to human feelings. What goes in must come out. Today we also have less security in ourselves and we don’t trust other people. You can not master anything by just dabbling. You must be willing to really dig deep into knowledge to get the facts under control. True knowledge will relax your mind. Emotional poise will come from facts. Facts clarify your mind and put you in control of your thinking. We have a fear of the unknown. Reading is meditative if it’s something you enjoy doing. Reading gives our minds a sense of security if we are reading real knowledge.

We have more spare time to work on our internal life than ever before, but we do not want to turn within. Negative emotion will arise anytime we do not have some kind of positive activity going on. If we are not positively engaged in something we will be negatively immersed in something else. We were not created for a life of leisure. The way around this is to create your own life! The person who plans their own life hits a whole new level of freedom. They break the chains of the past in which everything was planned for them. Happiness can only be found by you and only you. You have to realize that when something is happening that is not going your way does not mean that it is bad. Think back about when thought something bad happened to you and it turned out being great. Broke up and found someone better. Lost job and got a better one you never would have took if you were still at the other job. That is how you have to approach everything.

In ancient Lower Egypt happiness came from conformity. One of the symbols of Lower Egyptian royalty was the bee and bee hive. This was because they forced hive mentality on the people. All religions came out of Lower Egypt! Hive mind is a religious mind! This is what is trying to be enforced on people today. The story of Samson killing a Lion then coming back to it and seeing a swarm of bees had built a hive in it is occult symbolism. It is symbolically showing us that he killed the lion, his higher self, and had become part of the hive mind of Lower Egypt. It is also showing the Samson was of royal lower Egyptian blood. Who else could go kill a bunch of people and not only get away with it but have it put in a religious text! Ancient Egypt was known as the land of milk and honey, because of the nourishing waters of the Nile and the hive mindset of lower Egypt. The people of Lower Egypt dared not to dream or have an original thought. Lower Egypt is where most ignorance and prejudices originated.

To quiet your emotions and mind you must relax your prejudices and intolerances. Today when we see something, read something or hear something we interpret its meaning by what it means to us. We need to interpret things with the meaning to itself. Doing this will get you away from believing things are against you. Quit thinking you know what is best for the world. Realize how little you know. Ever heard the term ‘blessing in disguise’? You can not let that blessing come to you if you are close minded. Be open to information and events. If things in your life are peachy that is just you maintaining your comfort zone. You need to have faith in yourself. Nature would not let things come your way unless she thought you could handle it. When you think life is against you then you have no faith in yourself. I look at things not going my way as the Goddess telling me to eat my vegetables. Vegetables for my mind. It’s healthy and good for me but I don’t know it. Just like I thank my parents today for making me eat my vegetables as a kid, Im sure I will thank the Goddess later for the hidden benefits.

We need to see how precious time is to us as humans. No one who wastes time can be happy. Today’s greatest hobby is wasting time. We are not only happy to waste time but we will spend money to waste time. Companies and industries have been created to help people waste time. When you waste time the one person you are not fooling is yourself. You must give yourself an outlet, but you yourself know if your outlet is constructive or just a waste of time. You must have a hobby that is important to you. When I started on this journey my mentor told me to find a hobby important to me. I rebuilt a 1966 Ford Mustang. I drove that car around with pride. I sold it a couple years back to pay for my daughters club soccer. It had meaning to me! It still gives meaning to me to this day when I go out and train with my daughter and watch her play something that is important to her.

Find something you love to do otherwise you are just being miserable while you keep yourself busy. Wasting time is escaping reality. Free time being used is how you make yourself an individual. Are you spending your free time on you or are you just keeping wheels of insignificance spinning. My high school basket ball coach used to say time wasters were bad news. Because when you saw the people you knew were time wasters you got the same feeling you got when you heard bad news. Are you bad news? When you do something important to you, it gives you meaning in your life and you face yourself. Free time is the opportunity for you to become the person you want to be or you can be bad news.

Nature wants you to unfold your own potential. She does not want you to be like someone else. She wants you to be the best person you can be. A person capable of turning within. Once you establish your own values and enough people do this, we can rise above wars, poverty and sickness. You are either growing internally or you are dissatisfied.
Your emotional state is because you are either satisfied or dissatisfied. Most don’t have a job they love, but when you use your free time to express your creativity your consciousness begins to grow. You grow because you desire to grow. When you are not growing you are not happy. Our human nature is to learn, to love and to grow. Nature does not want you to see yourself as a mystery, but see your potentials. See the God or Goddess within. You frustrate the God or Goddess when you complain. When you grow you let the Goddess or God shine.

If you want to be static by all means go ahead. Don’t be surprised if you start losing your faculties. “If you don’t use it you lose it”, is very true. Nature will permit us to do what we want, but she will also let us suffer from our own actions until this suffering wakes us up. We are our own worst enemy. Leisure is the way you can fill your own life. If you are neurotic it you probably are not doing something with meaning to yourself. It is never too late to start. Which brings me to another thing. We tend to think it is too late to start our dreams. There is no such thing as age internally. Most people’s attitude of themselves when they are 50 is no different from when they were 20. Our attitude is what makes us feel old internally. Some of the most important things given to humanity were given to us from what we consider old people. The idea you have to be young to live your dreams is a lie. There are just as many if not more neurotic young people as there are old people. As a matter of fact our education system puts people in neurosis. When it should encourage them to be creative.

You must understand that you will never begin an activity with the sense of security you will have once you get good at it. You can not suddenly pick up an activity and be an expert. Once you start an activity you will get better slowly. People who have interests are seldom board and people who have no interests are board all the time. Activity results from interests. Use your emotion to maintain interests. Your emotions need somewhere to go. Emotions with no direction will find a direction to go. Usually a negative direction. Some people just decide not to feel anymore and live a colorless life. Use your free time to make your inner life important. The same energy that causes worry and fear is the same energy that can be used to enrich your life. Use it creatively and it will make you a person that you and others will love to be around.

Realize that things are never as bad as your mind likes to spiral down. The ego always wants to be in charge and the ego is neurotic. I have shown in previous posts that you have set points in your mind that will pull you down if you go above it, but it also has a point that if you go below it then it will pull you back up. If things get so bad in your life there will be this thing called necessity kicking in. You will see opportunities that you did not see, you will take action when you didn’t take action and you will find your way back above that set point. It is built right into your subconscious. The trick is to push those set points higher. This is how when millionaires lose everything, they become millionaires again in a short time. These set points are also why people who win big in the lottery become poor again.

Create emotional living that works for you. Emotion is creativity. It is moved by purpose. Emotion makes the things you do valuable to you. You can do this if you really want to. We must fill our free time with bettering ourselves with facts and real knowing. Every time we learn something new we feel energized because we are growing. Become busy growing and you will become emotionally intelligent.

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