Forgotten Knowledge

Alexandria was a place of true wisdom. All the texts mingled together there. It had the knowledge of all antiquity. There was millions of manuscripts. When the libraries burned down we lost more knowledge than we could ever get back. Only legends and fables remain from Alexandria. The entire structure of the Hermetic was developed in Alexandria. Not far from Alexandria was the pyramids of Egypt. Today no one knows how, when or why the pyramids were built.

Pyramids were built all over the globe.  The Americas were full of pyramids from the Mayans and Native Americans.  China has loads of pyramids all over central China.  The problem most historians do not want to take on is that the older pyramids are more advance than the younger more recent pyramids.  The architecture is more advance on the older structures.  This is an example of how we have lost knowledge.  

Hermes wrote that the pyramids were memorials to the divine power.  They bore witness to the ancient time and thoughts when the gods and goddesses walked with humans.  The circumstances around the pyramids challenge our imagination.  Thoth, who is Hermes, is who I give credit for building the Egyptian pyramids.  He had a great understanding of astronomy.  He had complete knowledge of the solar system and all of the cosmos.  He understood the movement of the bodies in the heavens.  He knew the distances between Earth and all the other bodies in the solar system.  He knew the measurements of the earth.  He understood the precession of the equinoxes.  The importance of the star groups.  He knew what the zodiac was.  All of this goes against what historians believe.  Thoth had a knowledge that was not given to the people.  Even the rulers did not know this knowledge.  This knowledge was shared among the pyramid builders around the world.  They became the architects of our world.  

The idea that slaves built the pyramids is a simple theory from simple minds. The amount of worked involved in building the megaliths transcends what historians can understand so they make theories up.  Building those pyramids required skills and tools they believe the ancients did not possess.  Well just like the pyramids the knowledge, wisdom and minds of the ancients were far greater than anything we have today.  The ancients were esotericists.  They had an understanding of the laws of Nature.  They also had an understanding of the use of the laws of Nature.  They had a deep appreciation of Nature.  They understood you could not break the laws of Nature with out suffering.  They did not believe they were here to do gods work and be his little minions.  They understood they were part of an infinite reality.  

Most people do not know that the Egyptian pyramids were perfectly smooth with white casing stones.  The fittings of the stones were so perfect you could not fit a knife in between any of them.  In these casting stones was a walkway that spiraled all the way to the top.  This walkway was lit up at night with torches.  All of the casing stones have been stolen and used in buildings elsewhere.  The great pyramids of Egypt  were reduced to a quarry.  This shows how far we have fallen as a human race.  We tear anything and everything down that is great or anything  that is beyond our understanding.  This thinking still dominates our world today.  

There are water erosion marks on the pyramids.  They go as high as two thirds the way up.  No one wants to believe these are water erosion marks because they can not wrap their mind around how it happened, so they call it sand erosion with their simple minds.  If these great structures had not survived and all we had were legends and stories that they existed, not one person on this planet would believe they were ever real.  The only reason historian accept that the pyramids exist is because it is there.  The megaliths are thorns in the side of historians.  They want to ignore them because they themselves can never be as great as the people who built them.  The more they study the pyramids the less they know about it.  Just like average people either stand in awe or hate great athletes, these historians and archeologist do the same of the ancients.  

What was the meaning of these pyramids?  These were not tombs.  Not one body had been found in them.  Some thinkers say they were a great calendar system.  They were a type of sundial.   They were also used as  a way to map out the important parts of astronomy.  The ancients used the pyramids to calculate everything mathematically.   We know that a lot of pyramids around the world were used as an observatory.  They were used to study the heavens year after year, century after century.  We need to revise our understanding of the ancients.  We did not come from barbarians and a prehistory of ignorance.  The ancients had tremendous minds.  They were capable of works full of unbelievable beauty, skill and wisdom that surpasses all of our knowledge today.   

Several of the ancients, including the Egyptians and Mayans,  state that  gods and men walked the earth together at one time.  Some think this is symbolic meaning that certain humans understood they were gods and goddess and they walked among humans who did not understand this.  That gods walking with men was because the god power in people was obscured as it is now. The problem with this theory is that there are people today who understand they are a god or goddess, but we don’t think we are walking among gods and goddess today.   Materialism has caused us to forget this knowledge.  We have intuitive and mystic people today, but we do not consider them gods.  The ancients were smarter than this.  We have  individuals who are intuitive and are a source of complete knowledge, but they are not going out and building megaliths like they did in ancient times.  The sages of the ancient world were the ones who knew the true history of this world.  They may have been mystics and intuitive, but their main gift was knowledge.  

Ancient Egyptian initiates taught that death is an illusion.  That the soul lives forever.  Individuals live many lives.  Death is not the end.  This was known not believed.  The Book of the Dead is not the real title of this book.  It is called The of Coming Forth by Day. Why the change in the title?  Stick around and I will show you.   This was the great mystery schools of ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome.  You have lived many lives and will live many more.  We don’t understand how important this is to modeling our world.  The concept of death is oppressive.  Telling people how they will be treated after death in religions is torture.  The ancients had very little fear of death.  They understood it was not the end.  

Certain histories like to call the Great Pyramid the Tomb of Hermes.  It was not a physical tomb.  It was a symbol of the gateway to the other world and the way to return. It was the tomb of wisdom.  Pyramid means fire and is in the shape of a flame.  The pyramid would light up bright red in the morning with the rising sun.  This is what the true masonic ceremonies of dying and rebirth are about.  These ceremonies were performed in the Great Pyramid.  They were to show that there is nothing to fear when it comes to death.  Death was just a transition and this transition was as normal as any other thing in life.  The individual never ceased to be an immortal being.  

Your virtues and vices of this life do not go with you.  There is an interruption in being here, but not of your state.  Where did these mystery school teachings come from?  Why has this knowledge degraded into materialism?  Are we devolving  just like the pyramids?   Hermes pointed out that the time would come when the world would forget its gods.  That it would deteriorate.  It would depart from heaven.  It would build false images, false goals and false purposes to justify its own errors.  Humans would go into a state of conflict with all things.  It would waste the values of the Earth.  The Earth would be impoverished.  Humanity would have no conception of its responsibilities and live for pleasure and profit alone.  Kinda sounds like Hermes knew we would devolve and we have.  

Ask any Mason what the obsession with three has to do with and they will tell you it has to do with body, mind and soul or youth, manhood and age.  Just like everything else people join this group without doing any research.  Truth is Masons are the pyramid builders.  Well they were then, but today they are just a  good ol boys club.  Three has to do with the three pyramids in Egypt, but it goes much deeper.  All pyramids are forms of ascent.  In ancient astrology there were three levels of existence.  The first is the elements, the second being the planets and the third being the zodiac or stars.  The Universe had three great steps of ascending.  The life of man started with a descent.  Your soul descended into your body.  Out of the grave of materiality you are reborn when you start your ascent up Jacob’s Ladder.   Taking that ladder to the heavens above the zodiac.  This is what all ancient philosophy was built upon.  The mounds around the world were built as tombs because they knew of the resurrection of the soul.  That the soul, mind and spirt had ascended into another plane.  

The pyramid stood upon the Earth.  It represented a flame  ascending. A radian structure always pointing upward.  Telling the individual to follow an ascending line and to look up to the stars.  For this is where you came from and it is where you shall return.  The individual gazed upon the stars and zodiac to read the information written upon the wall of heaven. The ancients knew the heavens were our minds. By observing the stars and heavens we could see certain things in ourselves.   There is a theory that the  constellations became our consonants and the planets moving through them became our vowels.  The dome of heaven is represented by the mounds and dome structures around the world.  

When one is born again during this life time they are not done.  They have taken on more responsibility.  Not the responsibility of becoming more noble, richer or more spiritual.  The responsibility  of being a servant to Nature.  It is the overcoming of individual egotism. One can not become enlightened and return to ignorance.  Enlightenment is not given to someone who is not certain of themselves.  If they fail they fail themselves because one can not fail the infinite.   Being a servant of Nature means you are a servant of the Goddess.  As I have shown in previous posts, the Goddess is who the secret societies are really venerating.  

In ancient Egypt geometrical shapes were used to represent the Gods and Goddesses.  They believed the shape of these forms could heal, ease the mind, expand consciousness and calm the emotions.  This is the same thing we use crystals for today.  Perfect harmony can come from geometrical shapes.  These shapes are very therapeutic to us.  Just like music in perfect harmony can be therapeutic, so can the harmonic solid shapes.  Remember everything is a vibration.  These stones, crystals, forms and shapes have the same effect on us as music and color.  This was known in all the ancient worlds.  Painting, sculpture, architecture, crystals and hieroglyphs were used to harmonize humans.    

The world today does not have much harmony.  We are constantly under the pressure of worry fear, desire and aggravation.  The appearance of our surroundings is a disaster.  The average city is very depressing to look at.  The average house is dismal to look at.  Today people do not have the understanding to build something suitable to the consciousness of humans.  It has been lost.  Today we are only concerned with physical comfort.  We erect buildings and structures that are not comforting to our consciousness and spirit.  The ancients built their structures with sacred geometry and with the laws of Nature.  Today we build them to look like a cardboard box or a block of ice because it is cheap.  There is no warmth or beauty in these structures.  Yet the architects who build them try to put their own concept of beauty into them and look at them and say, “Magnificent!”  We have no idea what natural beauty is.  We accept architectural disfiguration as beauty.  

Ancient architecture was simple.  They did not put structural noise on it or around it that would distort the mathematical genius.  The structures were a perfect example of geometry.  It was balanced and methodical.  The buildings served a purpose comforting the consciousness and spirit of the people.  They were built with Natures laws.  The buildings had the simplicity of Nature in them.  Brought to life with architecture.  Nature is simple.  It is man who complicates things.  Nature is a simple process who will do what she wants and she has always been that way.  Today’s man distorts Nature for his own pleasure and could care less about her.  

The Great Pyramid has a capstone missing.  Several pyramids around the world were build like this.  The ancients did this on purpose.  It is a reminder that everything in the material world is unfinished!  Mortal existence is an unfinished business that takes place in an unfinished world.  We are challenged everyday by unfinished truth.  Everything man does he tries to be the best at, but he never will be better than Nature.  Why do you think we use animals to describe the abilities of great people or the things we build?  Science thinks it’s smarter than Nature, but science is always wrong.  Just look at the mess science has the world in today!  All the intellectual geniuses of this world think they are the best Nature has to offer.  I laugh every time I hear a so-called intellectual speak.  The supreme genius has never been reached.  The answer to why we are even on this planet has never been answered.  You must turn within to get real answers!  

The ancient formula is simple yet profound.  You can build everything you want in the material world, but to complete it you must turn within.  It is our own inner light that will complete the world we live in!  You can read all the books you want, erect all the buildings you want, you can perform all the scientific experiments you want, but the final ingredient must be Nature.  You are Nature!  The ancients understood this!  Your own spirit must transform the base medals of the material world into gold.  This is alchemy!  Each individual spirit must perfect the nature of their life and accomplishments.  All the great monuments around the world have something missing or some kind of flaw to represent this.  The completion of anything depends on the consciousness of the person creating it.  This goes for everything.  

Hermes, who is Mercury and Thoth, was not around until Alexander the Great created him.  Thoth is the great god who is thrice named.  According to the ancient Egyptians he is the grand architect of the Universe, but what does that mean?  The Egyptian text talk about walking with the gods, but they also assigned the gods to qualities of Nature.  Thoth is said to be the author of ten thousand books. Some text say he was the author of every book written in the world.  Thoth was the scribe of all things or the scribe of the gods.  Thoth represents the power of the mind.  Your mind and the Universal mind.  Everything is mental.  The secret of the mind was built into the Great Pyramid and all the ancient structures.  

The Book of the Dead is the story of humans.  Those who come here go forth by night.  We wander in a darkness of uncertainty.  We wander around in a conscious loving Universe, but like an infant we have no memory of where we came from or where we are going.  Coming here is considered the death of the soul.  You are in the underworld buried in this material existence in a material body.  Most live as if they have died.  Asleep to reality.  They never improve themselves by any conscious effort.  This is the masses of the world.  They will not be held accountable for their mistakes like all the religions try to tell us.  They simply can not Come for by Day, which is the real title of this book.  They can not come forth lighted by their own inner light.  This book describes real death as moving on to what you are happy doing.  If you are happy here doing whatever it is you are doing you will most likely do it in another life.  There is nothing terrible about it or evil about it. It is not dogmatic.  No force in it.  You just go on doing what makes you happy until you little by little out grow it.  

The average person is not happy with illumination.  They are only happy with the familiar.  The way of life they have always known.  When one becomes illuminated they Come forth by day!  They realize their place in the plan of Nature.  They realize what is next for them.  They realize that from this point on they can correct the problems of their own thinking and pull themselves closer to Nature who is the eternal truth.  By coming forth by day they come consciously into this underworld fully equipped to face its mysteries and adjust to its circumstances.  They move forward towards peaking under the robe of Isis.  She leads them into the presence of the great Gods and Goddess.  She shows them everlasting life.  Everlasting life is not to live forever.  We already do that.  Everlasting life is to know life.  Realize life.  Understanding life and not fearing it.  Not doubting life.  The ancient Egyptians said we have a life onto everlastingness.  Only those who reach that interior light know what others hope.  That great light burns in every man, woman and child.  As long as it burns in us it will burn in the world.  If it ever goes out, it goes out forever.  

The message of the ancients was to initiate those who are able to understand into the purpose of the plan.  To help them understand life.  Their life and how they are the key to making the world heaven on earth.  With the Goddess in your life you do not need sugar to sweeten your life or mind.  The Goddess herself will sweeten it for you.  

8 thoughts on “Forgotten Knowledge”

  1. On July 29, 2016, in your “Magic” Part 2 post you wrote;
    “All that I’m telling is considered forbidden knowledge. Some people take oaths not to tell anyone this knowledge.” And; “As I have said before, I believe true wisdom was lost a long time ago. I will give you this information and you can do with it what you wish.” Over the years, your promises and Truths have not varied or changed. The great duo of Fagen and Becker once wrote: “Well, you wouldn’t even know a diamond if you held it in your hand. The things you think are precious, I can’t understand.” Thank you, for your continuous effort to place these jewels and pearls of wisdom on the table before us.

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    1. Thanks, Sunshamar. Im so glad you and others value my information. It is because of all of you that I have a purpose to write. As long as it does not land on deaf ears I know I am making a difference, so thank you.
      When I started this blog I was told by someone I deeply respect that in order to be respected I must not stray from my message to get hits or traffic. That authentic people will see this and all you will be left with is inauthenticity or nothing. Thanks for noticing and you are very welcome. 😊


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