Turn Within

Throughout history the few have led the many.  Today it’s probably five percent rule the ninety five percent.  The problem with this type of leadership is that the leaders do not have any direct contact with the needs and problems with the vast majority.  I writing this post to show you that the human being itself is the one important factor to the way of life on this planet.  We, the common man and woman, have very little input as to what happens on this planet.  

The human race is completely controlled by a small group of leaders.  This group of leaders are not necessarily evil or foolish.  The problem is they are not in direct contact with the people they are supposedly representing, serving or leading.  They have isolated themselves in ivory towers of superiority.  They literally look down upon the people and really believe they are intellectually superior to everyone else on the planet.  They are simply incapable of leading.  

In the last fifty years we have had the greatest advancements in science, technology, healthcare and education and the world  is in the worst condition it has ever been in.  It is all because these leaders have very little humanity or contact with any common humans.  They think they are suppose to guide, direct and advance the human race yet they despise the human race itself.  

The average individual just wants to live their life.  They want to be a good citizen, good parent, good child, etc.  They get along with each other.  They want to live a good life and do not like animosity.  They don’t like war.  They don’t like the greed and the industrialism that gives them no opportunity to be a person.  The leaders our out of touch with their followers.  What these leaders don’t understand is that for the most part people have lost faith in the leaders and do not want things to continue.  Changes must happen.  

In order for changes to happen the individual must realize his or her power.  When people understand they have within themselves potentials that are far more real and more powerful than anything they depend on today then change will happen very quickly.  You are part of the universe.  You are not a soul in your body, you are a body in your soul.  The same energies that are you are in every star, planet and meteorite are in you.  You must realize that if you can turn within you will find everything you need.  

Problem is that people do not want to do the inner work.   This is done by design.  We are born into this world under this system.  A system that is broken and led by leaders who think you are just a number.  They commit error after error and crime after crime with no accountability.  We goto school, but we are not taught to think or use our own resources.  We are told to accept and memorize.  We are told that we must all read the same text book and come up with the exact same answer or we will not graduate.  If you don’t graduate you can’t goto college.  If we do not go to college and learn their beliefs and become part of the status quo we are considered an outcast.  Outcast are considered mediocre idiots by the leaders.  

We all understand how the younger generation can be fascinated with technology or how people just want new stuff, but no one wants to look at the consequences of our actions.  Does not matter that we ruined the worlds economy as long as we just do what these unenlightened leaders have told us.  Does not matter that we kill our environment, destroy the lives of billions, cause mental disorders or cause more death with our actions of trying to stop death.  We just keep doing what these old stale minds keep telling us to do.  Even the younger people coming into leadership are using old stale ideas and beliefs that have never worked in history.  Yet these new unenlightened individuals think they can make the world better for everyone.  They are just adding to the mess.

We need to figure out where we stand in relationship to ourselves.  We have been told we are not good enough our whole lives.  The average individual bows hopelessly and helplessly to the unenlightened wisdom of the politicians, leaders and clergy.  Most are afraid to express themselves for fear of ridicule.  They are not sure of themselves because they have been talked down to their entire lives.   Most are in a confused state and don’t trust themselves.  Of all the things given to you in this life we have forgotten the most important thing ever given to us.  What Nature has given us, intuition.  

If we are looking for solutions to problems, why do we keep looking to places where problems are made and never solved?  If we want to survive as a human race we need to seek what is threatening our survival and correct it.  If you dig deep enough within you, will find  common sense.  It has been given to all of us.  The mind is an instrument to be used.  Not to let be idle or abused.  The mind if used correctly will always want to solve something.  If the mind is idle it will create problems.  If the mind is abused it will want to tear things down.  

None of these so called intellectuals and leaders have even attempted to define the mind.  If they even attempted to define the mind they would have to deal with causes and factors they choose to ignore.  The mind is the only way out of this mess.  Each of us has a the power of solution.  This power should be cultivated.  The moment a child shows it has a mind to think with we should help that child think with their individual mind.  Thinking is very different from accepting and memorizing.  Thinking is not simply reading and agreeing or disagreeing with the author.  Everything today is done to keep people from thinking.  The actions of today are trying to make the mind a robot.  They want a mind in people who will simply serve and obey even though situations and polices are dead ends and lies.  Each of us must figure out how to use our minds.  

People are starting to figure out that something is not right.  The conditions that exist is not because humanity wants them or because they serve humanity in any way.  They exist because a very small group of men want to play chess with the destiny of the human race.  They are not concerned with solving problems for the people.  They only want to serve their own personal greed. Whether it be war, technology, healthcare, education, religion, etc.  They want to have more power and money.  They create theories with no facts.  All to help themselves.  

They have made every human being obedient and ignorant.  They achieved this by simply offering an award.  If you follow these unenlightened leaders they will help to make you rich or famous.  If you do not they will censor you and make you poor.  As long as you do what you are told you will be taken care of.  A lifetime of following these rules destroys individual creativeness.  Most will die without having one original thought.  Their definition of success will be money and comfort.  With all this money what is being solved?  Not one thing.  They only thing you will have with all this money is an extravagant death.  

Those who are supposed to get us out of problems get us deeper into the problems.  This causes more and more to have to rely on these unenlightened leaders.  The moment we fail to conform we are penalized.  If we do not follow the mistakes of the ages we will be ruined.   Individual thought is not just looked down upon by the fake leaders, but by the indoctrinated.  Members of our own families even look down upon us.  

Each child has the right to become a person instead of a robot.  Every child comes into the world capable of contributing, but in order to make a contribution the child must go through a system of having their individuality killed.  They must think like the group to get all the material advantages this world offers.  Problem with advantages is when you create them there are disadvantages to others.  This will ultimately bring the fake system down.  A privileged overclass has alway failed.  Our world shaped itself through the necessities of survival.  Now it’s being shaped by who can be the greediest.  

The unenlightened intellectuals will say, “Do not look at the past.  There is nothing to learn from the past.  Look to the future.  Besides we can change the past to whatever we want it to be.”  This is why we keep doing the same mistakes over and over.  George Santayana  wrote in  Life of Reason, “Those who can not remember the past are condemned to repeat it”.  We can not find something better  than what has been tried in the past.  We just recycle them, use them again and fail at them again.  Everything in the recent past has been to condemn or destroy people for the advancement  of a political theory.  This is not productive for anything except fear and distress.  

There is a power in you that if you give it a chance it will carry you the rest of your life.  This is something you were born with and has been stomped down.  Whenever you are faced with a problem you have a solution within you.  You may not like the solution, but you will know what to do.  We must learn to listen to that inner voice and develop constructive thought.  Truth must be the only way.  All nations were created because groups of people did not like how other groups thought.  There is only one space to goto now and boldly discover new ideas and that is the space within. 

I meet a lot of people who want to learn from me.  Most are dazed and confused.  They don’t understand what they are doing wrong or why they are suffering.  All they have ever done is what everyone else is doing.  This makes it right even though everyone else is just as dazed and confused.  People don’t like to realize that when they do what others do they will come to the same results as others.  A person has to work towards individual integrity.  The main way I know someone is not woke, the left has hijacked the term like the right has hijacked god, is that they tell me they are woke.  If you have to tell people you are awake then you are not enlightened.  The most important thing for anyone on this planet to realize is Nature’s rules will not be broken.  I explain these rules in all of my work.  You can ignore them.  Make them work for you or they can work against you.  

With all that is going on today one needs to turn within to come out stronger and better than ever.  Right now the entire world is going through a crisis.  Everyone is being disrupted.  Don’t be fooled by people saying this is the great awakening.  Yes there are a few who will move up.  They are the ones who will turn within.  But the majority of people will be dragged down.  Look around you.  Depression, suicide, violence and drug use are all on the rise.  This is not the great awakening.  It is the great divider.  It is going to divide the few who move up and the majority who move down.  Procrastination, laziness, feeling stuck, thinking small is on the rise.  People are just waiting for things to go back to normal.  Motivation is gone.  It is just going to get worse and worse because most follow these unenlightened leaders.   

You are not separate from the rest of the world.  You are the energy of the Universe playing yourself.   You must understand everything in the world is an illusion.  It’s like you are living a dream. When you awaken you wake up from the illusion.  This is not something new.  In the ancient world an awake person was held higher than a god.  If you can pursue success, virtue, pleasure or good, you are under an illusion because the positive can not exist without the negative.  You only know what to be by contrast of not to be.  If you try to get rid of the negative and only have the positive you can’t do it.  It is like having up without down.  All experience and sensation is moving through spectra.  Just like colors have a spectrum so does existence.  You can not know one end of the spectrum without knowing the other end.  Just like there are various colors there are various senses, sensations and experiences.  When you explore your existence and realize you are that basic energy you transcend the illusion.  

The ancients knew you had to experience pain, suffering, or anything bad in order to experience the good.  If you are fighting pain you are afraid of it.  The same for searching for pleasure.  You must have both and balance them out.  The life most people live is suffering because they are trying to solve problems that can not be solved.  This leads to frustration.  Every manifestation of life is impermanent.  We try to make the good permanent and it is impossible. So we become frustrated.  The ego has no physical reality.  It is your symbol of yourself.  It is the roll you play.  It is not you.  The ego didn’t color your eyes.  It did not give you your body or skin color.  It does not pump your blood through your body.  The real you does that.  The ego could not even guess how this is done.  We are frustrated because we think everything the ego does is real. Everything about the ego is an illusion.  

We cling to everything we have.  We are so afraid of losing what we have.  An example is an over protected mother who smothers her children and never lets them grow.  Another example is when you buy a sports car and keep it in the garage because you are afraid if you drive it somehow it will get damaged.  We are a clingy species.  Ever had a clingy lover?   That is what you are doing to your existence.  You are trying to hold on to an illusion.  Clinging is another reason why we suffer.  Ignorance is because we ignore things.  We notice what we think is  worthy.  Our vision is highly selective.  We see the figures but not the background.  

We know that breath is life.  We need to breath to live. In the ancient Greek breath means spirit.  They touch on this in the bible when it says god breathed the breath of life into Adam’s nostrils and he came to life.  Life is breath.  You are breathing in the Universe!  If you hold your breath you lose it.  You must breath out to live.  Let it go and it will come back to you.  If you don’t let it go you suffocate.  It is the same with everything else in the Universe.   If you touch a hot stove it’s going to burn you right?  The same thing happens when you cling.  You just have anxiety and suffer.  So go on clinging and fighting all that you think is bad. If you don’t get it this life you have eternity to figure it out.  

We need to have a wide view.  If you look at something from one angle it will look one way.  Then if you go to a different point and look at it the view changes.   We see our constellations in the sky, but if we went to a different planet do you think those same stars would look the same way?  Of course not.  You need to see things from all points of view.  There is no absolute truth.  The world does not exist independently form those who witness it.  The world is the relationship between the world and its witnesses.  If there were no eyes there would be no light.  If there were no ears there would be no sound.  Everything in the Universe depends on everything else.  You depend on all of it and all of it depends on you.  This is what Indra’s Net and the spider web with morning dew on it are symbolizing.  Every dew drop contains the reflection of all the other dew drops. In each reflection is all the other reflections and it goes on infinitely.  Infinite reflection of everything.  

When you recollect you are gathering together what has been chopped up and scattered.  The opposite of remember is not forget it is dismember.  What has been chopped up and scatter becomes remembered when you turn within.  This is the Isis and Osiris myth!  In the Christian scheme it is, “Do this in remembrance of me”.  Osiris and the Christ have been sacrificed or chopped up.  Your world is the dismemberment of the self!  The one is dismembered into the many.  Remembrance is realizing again that each single member of the many is the one.  To be recollected is to be completely here and now.  Most people are not here.  They are thinking about what they are going to do tomorrow or worrying about the past.  The definition of sanity is to be all there.  Yesterday does not exist and tomorrow never comes.  You will only ever be in here now.  There is only today.  Live today!   

You are what you know.  We think we are experiencing life separate and we are just watching.  There is no difference between the knower and the known.  The experiencing is the same has the experiencer.  When you are aware of all Im showing you in all my post, you start to really understand this.  When you silence the voice in your head the differences between the knower and the known disappear.  Get to the point where you see the world free from concepts.  Empty your cup.  No concept of the energy of the Universe is valid.  You can not catch water in a net.  You can not grab water.  Everyone else is suffering as you are suffering.  When you reach the state of peace within you have compassion for others.  You get a sense of solidarity with all other beings.  The real peaceful person will not withdraw from the world.  They always comeback to help others reach peace.  You can not be saved alone because you are not alone.  You are the whole Universe.  For those who want to know why I write my blog, now you know.   

Hear the thunder from a far.  See the lightning in the dark.  Leave what was broken behind.  Let everyone see the fire in your eyes!  

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