Emotional Intelligence

Emotion is the root of all action. The mind may regulate action, but intellect rarely pushes us into action. Emotion is what pushes us. Intellectuals spend all their time thinking while doing nothing. We must feel a sense of meaning that move us to action. The mind can not operate without emotional stimulation. Emotion is what helps us remember. The things you remember the most is because there is an emotional charge connected to it. Emotion also helps us to suppress. The things we suppress have an emotional charge connected to it. Continue reading “Emotional Intelligence”

Forgotten Knowledge

Alexandria was a place of true wisdom. All the texts mingled together there. It had the knowledge of all antiquity. There was millions of manuscripts. When the libraries burned down we lost more knowledge than we could ever get back. Only legends and fables remain from Alexandria. The entire structure of the Hermetic was developed in Alexandria. Not far from Alexandria was the pyramids of Egypt. Today no one knows how, when or why the pyramids were built.

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Turn Within

Throughout history the few have led the many.  Today it’s probably five percent rule the ninety five percent.  The problem with this type of leadership is that the leaders do not have any direct contact with the needs and problems with the vast majority.  I writing this post to show you that the human being itself is the one important factor to the way of life on this planet.  We, the common man and woman, have very little input as to what happens on this planet.   Continue reading “Turn Within”