Ariadne’s Thread

Ariadne’s thread is thought to be logic itself.  Most mythologist say it is anything you use to get out of a bad situation.  As a matter of fact, I was told “Ariadne’s thread” and “trial and error” are the same thing.  They are partially right.  What they don’t understand is the sacred feminine, your intuition, is hardly ever wrong.  

The Ariadne’s thread myth is where Ariadne gave the hero Theseus a ball of twine so he could find his way out of the labyrinth after killing the Minotaur that dwelt within. Mythologists take this as being able to solve a maze, puzzle or dilemma. There is an important distinction to be made between the maze and the labyrinth. A maze can be solved by logic, trial and error, and it calls upon the left side of the brain to deduct a solution. The labyrinth is a path of contemplation and transformation that evolves the right side of the brain. It focuses the enquirer to go inward with ever decreasing turns. This is why it ends in the center. When you continue on the path it unwinds back to the outer edge. The labyrinth is an active and intuitive journey to the divine source of your being and back. There is nothing for logic to solve.

Ariadne’s thread is based on cunning intelligence.  The few who successfully traverse the labyrinth will have to use Ariadne’s thread.  They will be revealed a wholly new and unsuspected universal reality.  Ariadne’s thread is used in ancient myths, legends, timeless folk and fairytales and when you return from the labyrinth they have entirely new and obvious meanings.  The thread is an elegant solution yet it is tangled, ensnared and intertwined in the labyrinth.  

Ariadne’s thread is the secret to how I and other researchers have brought the true meaning of the myths back.   It is linked to the tradition of preserving knowledge by encrypting it as symbols for later generations to decipher.  It was a duty placed on all who achieve the Great Work to leave the encryptions in their work before dying or leaving the public eye.  If you haven’t figure it out Ariadne’s thread is the Sacred Feminine.  The language of the Sacred Feminine is symbology and art.  You can not know you are divine without the Sacred Feminine. The Goddess is elegant yet tangled, ensnared and intertwined in this world.  To see her you must thread the eye.  

With todays events Im asked how I can be so calm.  Having been on labyrinths before I readily trust the process and am willing to venture in again and again. I see Ariadne’s thread.  Whether you believe it or not,  all that you are seeing is within you.  It’s time to thread the eye my friends.  

4 thoughts on “Ariadne’s Thread”

  1. Thank you so much.
    Last night, I dreamt I was inside a labyrinth and all I could see was the thread.
    I really appreciate it.
    I always like really much what you write but this one means a lot

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