The Peacock

Like a lot of other animals there is so much symbolism for the peacock.  People’s imagination can run wild and dedicate any trait they want to the peacock.  This is one of the most beautiful birds on the planet, so most think the bird symbolizes beauty.  It also sheds it feathers every year so some say it represents rebirth.  Let’s get on with the true occult symbolism of the peacock.  

The first thing to know is when a peacock spreads it feathers it is very colorful and they have what look like eyes.  In Greek mythology the peacock was thought to have stung Argos, the giant with a hundred eyes.  In other myths it shows that Hera placed the eyes of Argos onto the peacock or turned Argos into a peacock.  So people think this is why the peacock is considered the “the special bird of Hera”.  The peacock is the bird of Hera, but it’s not because of this.  The peacock is the bird of the Goddess and you will see why shortly.  

Native American Chiefs wore peacock feathers to show self wisdom and their communication with spirit.  The Druids would make a robe of peacock feathers to show they surpassed the mundane world and could see things.  The robe represented wisdom, beauty and authority.  In Hinduism the peacock remains in the presence of Lakshmi, the Goddess of good compassion.  In the Rome and Greek, the meaning of the of peacock tail was the eyes of the stars.  Everything here has do to with the sacred feminine in one way or the other.  

To understand the peacock we have to know  why the Masons use black and white checkerboard.  Yes the black and white represent knowledge and ignorance, good and evil dark and light, but it goes deeper.  The absence of all colors makes white and the presence of all colors makes black.  The blackening stage of an ancient Egyptian ritual that is now used in certain Masonic rituals was the clearing out of the unconscious.  This made way for the preparation of the initiate to go into the Peacock stage represented by the rainbow.  So here we have the peacock and the rainbow meaning the same thing.  The Peacock stage in alchemy is also called the Iris or the Rainbow.  

Here we have the rainbow, Iris and peacock all pointing towards the same thing.  The peacock was associated with the Goddess and many ancient civilizations used the feathers to show authority and spirituality.  In truth the peacock is showing what I have shown in my work from the very beginning.  That you need the sacred feminine to know and see things.  The peacock represents a state where all  aspects of nature is visible.  You can not see nature in the left masculine mind.  You must integrate the subconscious which is the sacred feminine.  Anytime you see a peacock in a story, architecture or art, know it is pointing to having the sacred feminine in your life so you can see.  This is also what the rainbow is saying.  Don’t hear that about the tale of Noah’s Ark do we?  It is all for people with eyes to see and ears to hear.    

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