The Mirror

Mirrors reflect light so they reflect the world around us.  Light is symbolic of illumination, awareness and wisdom, so some will say the mirror reflects truth. I have shown in my Ankh post that the Ankh in ancient Egypt was actually a mirror.  The mirror is a threshold between the conscious mind and the unconscious mind.  The mirror is one of the most ancient symbols, so we really need to understand what it means.  

Many thinkers will tell you that mirrors are the reflections of truth.   They show you what is there.  Well if you take the mirror as just a plain old symbol then they are right.   The symbol of the mirror is very esoteric.  When you see a mirror in a story, art or architecture it is not referring to truth.  The mirror is a symbol of spiritual reflection, but it also magnifies what is already there.  Just as a physical mirror reflects how we currently appear the spiritual mirror reflects how we appear too, but it magnifies what it there.  Just for a small example, if you have a zit on your face and you look into a mirror, what is the first thing you see?  You think to yourself, “That zit is huge!  Its awful!  Everyone is going to see it.”   When in reality no one cares and it will go unnoticed for the most part.  Yes, you may have some vain friends point it out, but now you can see their mirror.  

The world is your mirror.  What you see is a magnification of what is going on inside you.  It reflects the consequences of past actions and the rewards and punishments that came along with them.  Ever notice when someone gets in trouble at school or work they turn around and point out what everyone else is doing wrong?  Have you done this yourself?  The people who are trying to make everyone believe the world is racist, well guess what, they are the most racist people on the face of the earth.  They are magnifying what is inside and want you to believe what they believe.  They are having trouble battling it inside themselves, so they want the battle to take place outside.  

The ancients Egyptians looked into their Ankh in order to reflect upon how they appeared in this realm which they are currently expressing themselves.  They understood all was magnified.  They could see the consequences that were created as a result of their thoughts and actions.  It was a process of self evaluation.  We must do the same thing and we can.  In order for us to see what our reflection is it requires the illumination, awareness and wisdom for an honest evaluation.  We must view our reflection with an enlightened mind.  It is a reflection of the world we have created for ourselves.  

Keep in mind that the mirror currently reflects and magnifies what is currently going on inside us.  As an enlightened person we have the ability and responsibility to change our personal, mental, and spiritual reflection when we see something that is not who we really are or who we are trying to aspire to be.  Changing something that is not in harmony with your true spirit is self evaluation, self improvement, self change and it is steps towards enlightenment.  When you are in harmony with your true self or higher self, that is when you dance with yourself.  When you see the symbol of the mirror, look into it and dance.  

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