The Ladder

The ladder is an everyday object but it has esoteric meaning.  It is a symbol of the Freemasons, so it has huge meaning.  Most think it means being initiated into higher levels of their club.  That is the meaning for the muggles.  The meaning of this simple object is very simple.  It is just people who have made it complex.  We always try to make things harder than they actually are.  The ladder is a symbol of the path to enlightenment.   

The ladder is in a lot of religions.  It is said that if there is a ladder in a picture pay attention to how many rungs it has or what it is made of for the true meaning.  For instance a ladder with seven rungs meant one would go through the seven heavens.  There is a notion that the material and spiritual world used to be connected by a ladder, but this ladder is now broken or has been removed.   In the Shinto faith it is said that the Goddess Ameratasu borrowed the ladder to keep the connection.  This is getting closer to the true symbolism.  

The masonic ladder is said to represent Jacob’s ladder.  The one where Jacob dreamed he saw a ladder reaching to heaven and behold angels of god ascended and descended on it.  Ancient Aliens take this as Jacob saw aliens going in and out of a space ship.  AT the 18th degree of the Rose Croix the candidate is told to ascend a ladder adorned with a rose.  The rose symbolizes the sacred feminine. If you know my work you understand what it gong on here.   The Greek word for ladder is climax.  What religions do not want you to know is that the ladder symbolizes human kinds ability to ascend to an experience of the divine directly.  That is right.  No outside force needed.  You are it.  A lot of money is made for people to no know this.  Now you know.  

The ladder is very rich in symbolism.  It has horizontal rungs and two vertical uprights.  The rungs represent higher levels of consciousness.  The vertical uprights are duality.  Our upward  spiritual journey happens in duality.  I have shown in previous post that you can not take giants steps.  You must take small steps to move towards your goals.  The ladder shows you can only take one step at a time.  Each rung represents a gradual ascent.  Enlightenment is earned one step at a time.  We also don’t keep going up.  The ladder is strong enough for us to rest on a rung or take a step down if we have too.  When we are ready we can start up one step at a time again.  

Each step we take from the bottom rung to the top rung happens in duality.  Before we can take that next step on the higher rung we must learn the lessons duality is teaching us on that rung.  As we slowly go higher and higher we breathe the  air of higher consciousness.  As we go higher and higher secrets are revealed to us.  The higher you go the more you can see.  The secret here is that once you reach the top rung of the ladder you will start another ladder or the ladder will extend even further.   For in this lifetime you will never stop learning.  That is what you came here for, to learn.  You are a Goddess or God in training.  It is time to start acting like the divine person you are.  The reason Jacob saw angels is because when you get high enough you become a messenger of the divine from what you have learned.  This Christmas experience the divine yourself.  Experience the Christ in you.  By doing this you will know your power.  Happy Christmas my dear readers.  

9 thoughts on “The Ladder”

  1. Well, that throws a whole new meaning into the board game Snakes & Ladders.
    Up the ladders of enlightenment.
    Down the snakes of ? Hmm, interesting.
    Egypt had a serpent cult.
    Moses’ staff turned into a serpent.
    The medical profession symbol has a serpent or two entwining a post.
    The dollar symbol $ maybe a serpent around a post. The US showing two lines, a post.

    You have raised a very interesting subject.
    Could you expand the subject. There is a lot to learn on this one.
    I look forward to further comment.

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    1. Serpent has to do with wisdom. The ancient game in Egypt was much different than the one in India.
      My guess is that if you are going up a ladder of enlightenment and learn something different you slide down. Two steps forward one step back type thing. No one’s learning or enlightenment is straight up. A serpents venom can hurt or heal.


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