One of the subjects we all seem to agree upon is the need for justice.  Problem is that everyone has a different view of what they think justice means.  Whatever moral principal each of us believes is what we call justice.  We have social justice warriors today who advocate justice with great passion, but they have no definition.  All justice is social.  Even Socrates stated….

“justice if only we knew what it was”.  

My readers know how I feel about Nature.  She can neither be just or unjust.  Nature is a spontaneous order.  Only when we introduce an outside force or creator does it makes sense to describe something as unjust.  Others try to use society to introduce moral responsibility and justice seeking to rectify tragic misfortunes on individuals or groups.  I’m not saying inequalities do not exist in our world.  Of course they do.  The rich get away with a lot more than the average person.  On the flip side a murderer who had a bad childhood will have that childhood taken into account for sentencing.  We lower our standards to help the misfortunate in sports and academics, but let the rich buy their way in those same sports and academies.  All in the name of what Thomas Sowell calls Cosmic Justice.  In short we bend the rules for the people with pre-existing inequalities then let the rich, who don’t feel like living up to those rules, buy their way in.  

Milton Freidman wrote:

“A society that puts equality- in the sense of equality of outcome- ahead of freedom will end up with neither equality nor freedom.  The use of force to achieve equality will destroy freedom, and the force, introduced for good purposes, will end up in the hands of people who use it to promote their own interests.” 

Let’s do a thought experiment.   You are a God or Goddess creating your very own Universe.  With the snap of your fingers you say “Let there be equality!” or “Let there be Justice!”  Every person is wealthy, every person has the same smarts, every person has the same athletic ability, every person looks the same, can’t have beauty or ugliness in equality.  No one changes over a lifetime.  Everyone has the same history, same religion, same thoughts, same sex, etc.  No one has a different experience than anyone else.  It is all the same.  How boring would your Universe be?     

In this real Universe the history of every people is a product of innumerable cross currents, whose timing and confluence can be neither predicted before hand or untangled afterward.  There is no standard history for anyone of us.  No matter how much  certain people want you to believe that certain groups of peoples history is worse than others, they are wrong.  Everyone of us on this planet has a great and awful history.  Just because a rich person is paying people to think that they were treated unfairly, all in the name of that rich person taking control, does it mean that other groups of people have had it so good their entire history?  Everyone on this planet, unless you are part of a preserved bloodline, has royal blood and peasant blood in them.  Everyone of us has the blood of a warrior and the blood of a coward.  We all have the blood of smart ancestors and not so smart ancestors.  No ones or no group of peoples history is perfect.  

We are only human.  Being human we have limitations.  One huge limitation evidently is our knowledge.  Every decision we make as humans will effect the on going stream of time we our in.  If we change rewards for a small group it changes incentives for all in the future.  I tell my girls who I coach in soccer that their journey has to be their reward.  Working hard to become a better player is so much more satisfying than if you are handed everything.  Because you can claim your responsibility for becoming better.  Ninety nine percent of coaches out there, and this is every sport, look for players who have become good on their own and can be put on their team immediately.  There is very little coaching in the youth ranks now.  Is this unfair or injustice?  My point is that every person who wants to be a soccer player will not become one.  Not every person is cut out to be a rocket scientist and we need to quit thinking we can make anyone be a rocket scientist.  If the person does not own their personal development it does not matter what we try to make them into, it won’t happen.  

Politicians, religions, oligarchs and government officials will do anything in the guise of social justice to gain power.  They will cheat, steal and commit fraud on an epic scale to stay in power or rise in power.  The only justice they want is too have power over the people.  If you were on a boat with 300 people and it started sinking.  If that boat had 200 life preservers, who is going to get the preservers?  The only just solution is let everyone drown, but in truth the most selfish and ruthless people on board are going to get those life preservers.  Including all politicians on that boat.  Those same politicians will have you fighting among yourselves as they sneak off and grab those life preservers.  My point here is that thinking people are deserving or undeserving creates disdain.  That is exactly what politicians and governments want.  

Everything that has happened in history is just that, history.  You can not change history.  No matter how much you argue about it you can not change history.  Nature is very uncooperative with our moral categories.  You can not unscramble and egg.  The problem with any history is that one can look through any number of versions of history and one will come up with anything to support their vision.  While passing up anything that will support an opposite conclusion.  Yes Im talking to you, the so called intellectuals.  With intellectuals justice is served to whomever is paying them.  

Is justice about equality?  Fairness? Getting what we deserve? Or getting what we need?  Greece understood justice as harmony.  A just society is one which everyone fills their roles, so society runs smoothly.  With that, violating your place in the social order, even if its a place you don’t want to hold, is considered unjust.  Utilitarians see a just society in one the tries to increase the overall quality of life for its citizens.  Libertarian sees a just society as one that allows its citizens to be free.  So what is right?  What is justice?  What justice means to you personally pretty much defines how you think everything should work.  Give some thought to your own views on justice.  What you see as the right answer will shape your entire life.  You might discover that upon reflection you should change the way you are doing some things.  

Everyone talks about justice, but you really need to decide what it means and how you are coming to that answer.  Because you think you are interested in higher things that still is based on certain people being superior or inferior.  When you grow out of that you don’t think anyone is inferior or superior.  As Alan Watts says, “The oak tree is not superior to the acorn.  There is nothing superior and nothing inferior.  Some branches are short and some are long”.  We have got to stop the competitive thinking.  All people and all groups are mutually interdependent.  My status and my position is totally dependent on others. Your status and position depends on me and others.   It is not something I have first then others get.  All things arise mutually.  All things go together.  When you see that and you are not in competition, then you do not make a mistake.  We need to cure ourselves from the bad education of life on this planet, but first we need to grow up.  A society that does not believe in equality or justice and can not practice it would be completely subversive.  Every liberated person I know is completely calm and cool.  

They understand that seeing faults in others is a cue for them to examine their own lives.  

People always want others to think and feel as they do.  If someone is miserable they want others to be miserable.  Those who are in a higher vibration will want others in a higher vibration with them.  When someone is having a hard time in life and wants others to not have it so good, that is just selfish.  If you think that all rich people are crooked, selfish, greedy, part of the illuminati, bad and evil, what do you think that is doing to your subconscious?  If you have views like that it is literally keeping you down and poor.  Change your mind, change your life.  It’s not change other people and change your life.  Whatever you think is wrong with the world or whatever you have an aversion too then your subconscious is going to set your life up that way.  That is the black magic being done right now.  When you go around wanting justice and equality you are judging.  Judge not, lest ye be judged.  This does not mean that god or some other person is going to put you in a trial and punish you.  It means that when you go around judging, you are passing sentence upon yourself.  Get out of your victim mentality.  If someone can not pull themselves out of their own personal prison then why the hell would you listen to them pulling the world out of a so-called prison?  Change your attitude and mindset and you will change your world.  When that happens the only thing you will be mad about is that you didn’t change your mindset sooner.   The doors of justice do not open sideways or outward,  they open inward.  

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