The Ladder

The ladder is an everyday object but it has esoteric meaning.  It is a symbol of the Freemasons, so it has huge meaning.  Most think it means being initiated into higher levels of their club.  That is the meaning for the muggles.  The meaning of this simple object is very simple.  It is just people who have made it complex.  We always try to make things harder than they actually are.  The ladder is a symbol of the path to enlightenment.   

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One of the subjects we all seem to agree upon is the need for justice.  Problem is that everyone has a different view of what they think justice means.  Whatever moral principal each of us believes is what we call justice.  We have social justice warriors today who advocate justice with great passion, but they have no definition.  All justice is social.  Even Socrates stated….

“justice if only we knew what it was”.  

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