The Kraken

Im getting a ton of questions on why  lawyer, Sydney Powell said, “Release the Kraken”.  First and foremost, please do not think I am writing a politically motivated post.  Those who know me understand I love the occult and hate politics.  Im going to show you what I have known for a long time. Your vote and voice has not mattered for a very long time.  This will make some people mad because they will refuse to see.  For others it will be a connecting of the dots.  The Kraken is a Department of Defense spying software, but it was named that for a reason and Sydney said, “Release the Kraken!” for a reason.  If you are willing to understand, click the read more button.  

Our world’s laws are based on Maritime Law. There is a law of the land and Maritime Law which is based on the law of the ocean, the ocean of space. Most people think this system was created in the middle ages for ships. This system is a universal system law that protects leaders when visiting other planets. It is just used for country to country on this planet. It has been around since the days of Atlantis. All banking, legal, commerce, shipping and transportations must obey by these laws. The post master general in the U. S. is the one who actually enforces Maritime Laws. When Trump talks about the “Deep State” he is referring to the Central Banks. In the U.S. it is the Federal Reserve. Every country has their own central bank. Trump took control of the Federal Reserve the last week of March. What happen right about that time? The last President to try to take control of the Federal Reserve was John F. Kennedy. I think my readers are smart enough to start putting pieces of the puzzle together with all the chaos that has been going on. I am sure enough of my readers will know who the family is that owns all these banks. If someone owns the money supply they don’t care who makes the laws of the land because they can be bought off.

This is a very simplistic explanation.  I have always said the simplest answer is always right.  I could use a ton of words that you would have to go look up and would have definitions that are hard to understand because that is the way banking and law is set up.  It is meant to be confusing.  

Commerce is Maritime Law.  Tender is a boat for communication and brings supplies to other boats. Tender in our world is a medium of payment.  A medium is someone who can talk to this world and other worlds.  An intermarry between the living and dead.  The purpose of commerce is to charge the dead so they can be reborn.  

A court room judge is the metonymy in the reality who must “charge the debt” (debtor) which reflects the higher inter dimensional  judge who must “charge the dead” (dead ore).

Tender is the middle tool.  You propose a payment when you purchase something.   Every time you use money it loses power, like a battery .

Inflation: a progressive increase to goods.

Inflation in the ocean is an inflatable rescue craft.  A rescue is when debtor or dead ore lost its charge.  

Cutter- boat for communication for a ship to shore.  To cut a check. Check is from the Middle English ‘chek’ and Anglo French ‘eschec’.  Rooted in Arabic ‘shah’ and Persian where it literal means king.  This is why we say check in chess when the king is in danger.  To cut a check is to cut a king. 

Deal is a plank on a ship, in commerce it is buying or selling.  Deals were made on deals on the ship.  Cutting a deal was literally cutting the wood or plank for a ship.  

Merchant -business person engaged in trade.  From  Mer meaning ocean, chant is a repetitive song.  Mer chant meant repetitive ocean song, repeat customers.

Repeat comes from latin ‘repetere’ meaning to return or re- again and petere- to seek, attack to claim, desire.. 

Feder in german means feather or wings and is where we get federal government or federal reserve.  Feder is wind that blows the sails of the ship.  To feather is to turn an oar while rowing. Synonym of feather is square.  Square means someone who does not understand whats going on.  To pay a debt means  “we are all squared up”. Graduation cap is hawk/eagle feather -square -Saturn. Masonry hawk is a square.  When you take a square three dimensional it is a cube.  

Vatican means dog father, Sirius and Canis Major.  Rising of Siris is the dog days of summer.  Came from ancient Egypt. 

Float is to be on liquid surface and not sink.  Also floating money with a check.

If you are in bankruptcy you are drowning in debt. 

Sale is money being spent to buy something.  A lot of sales gets a windfall.  

Sail is what pushes the ship from wind. 

Liquidate means get rid of someone by killing them or eliminate debt.  Liquid is the sea.

Liquid date is a ship manifest.  

Your birth certificate is your manifest.  You came through the birth canal and humans are ships made of water.  We are brought to port by the doctor or docker.  

Revenue comes from french venue and means arrival, so re-venue means arrival again.

Cash is money.  Cache or catch storage.  Cold hard cash/cache  is a  synonym for cash is bury, bury cash box.  

Office is off ice during life and put back on ice in death.

Bank controls cash flow and it controls which way the water flows, banks of a river.

Bench and bank are same.  It is why a judge sits on a bench.  Banks control the currency or current of the sea.  Your money is cash flow or currency.  

Currency is current of the sea. All notes of money are fractional currency.  

Rebate is re bait.   est is east.  Morning is mourning.  

Capital is money. a city is called capital city because all energy and money is funneled there.  All roads lead to Rome sort of speak.

Earn to gain money. – urn   inter  est – Earn or urn symbolism is to grieve.  

Udder – to put as currency in circulation.

Salt  –  salute, salaries, salvation

Cashier is to dismiss someone. Kite is to increase a check fraudulently.  

Borrow is to burrow.  

40 = XL  

Report is re port or dock again.  

Savings is money saved.  Religion saving you is same aspect.  You are saved by money and god.  This is why it says In God We Trust on money.  

Balance is boat finding level.  Balance the books with a float or business goes underwater.

Debtor is a dead ore.  

Marble quarry is solar system.  

Credit is belief, it is faith.  You pay back credit with credit.  

Trader is a Traitor.  Humanity is stock, it is why we are human resources. You are traded on the stock market.  You are the stock for the soup and gravy train.  

Hired is higher,   Fired is to be fired or sent to hell. 

The law is whatever the powers that be say it is.  Humans are word controlled creatures.  The reason why most politicians don’t go to jail for doing things that we would put in jail for life is because they only go by Maritime Law.  We are controlled by the law of the land.  The law of the high seas is the law of money.  Anytime you use money you are under the law of the water.  The law of the land is different everywhere because it’s the law of different cultures.  

The Statue of Liberty had to be put in water because its not the Statue of Freedom its the Statue of Liberty.  Liberty is what a sailor gets when he pulls into port on a ship.  He is not free, he is given liberty.  Words are not picked by chance.  Words are very important.  When you break the law you have to goto court.  Why is it in a court?  Because it’s a game for them!!! They really believe they own you!   If you do not know the rules of the game you must hire a lawyer to represent you.  Hire because they are higher than you in the eyes of Maritime Law.

All ships are female because they are carrying items for money. When a ship pulls into harbor the captain has to give the port authority a manifest. All because the ship was not here before and now it is, so it has just manifested. All of the products on the ship have just manifested. The word captain comes from capital. The captain represents the capitol on the ship. Wherever a ship sits in the harbor it is called its birth. This is true for airplanes too.

When you were born, your mother’s water broke.  This is why you need a birth certificate.  Your mother delivered you.  When you order something online they deliver it to you or have it shipped to you.  You are a product.  You came down your mother’s birth canal.  The dock or docker or doctor has to sign the birth certificate.  Your social security number is traded on the stock markets around the world.  All churches are under Maritime Law.  This is why churches or in dominations just like money.   Religions are in the pockets of the banks.  Royalty is under Maritime Law.  

Since 1868 the United States has been under Maritime Law.  In the time of the wild west anyone could carry a gun anywhere.  If one had a dispute with someone they could go out and have a gun fight.  Why did the law not stop all this?  Before 1868 every American was considered a Sovereign.  In 1868 the corporation of the United States was founded.  They stipulated that every person who was in that corporation would be called a citizen.  When you say you are a citizen of the United States you are saying you are an employee of the Corporation of the United States.  All corporations have a president.  The U.S. is a privately owned corporation out of England.  

What is a Kraken?  It is a sea monster that attacks ships and brings them down. If it brings down enough of these ships it paralyzes and breaks the system.   Banks have superimposed a legal system so they and whoever they want to can be above the law of the land.  Maritime law is very esoteric.  We are all vessels, but are not the captain of our own ships. We let someone else be the captain of our ship. This is what the poem O Captain My Captain is telling us. Money is nothing more than energy.  Maritime law is to control the energy.  You store energy in your body.  You are a battery for the system without even knowing it. This is what the Matrix meant when it said you are a battery.  

The only reason we pay taxes is because of national debt to the central banks.   No Federal Reserve or central bank then no taxes.  This is the big secret of Maritime Law.  The U. S. military was always used to enforce the central bank on other countries, but now that the central bank in the U.S. has been over thrown they have to use propaganda. They are using ignorant people behind groups to try to over throw the U.S. and cause riots.  The central banks will do anything to keep their strangle hold on the people.    Sydney Powell said ,“Release the Kraken!”, because they are going to pull the whole Maritime system down in the United States and possibly the world.  Only the rich and powerful prosper on Maritime Law.  When it falls in the United States and the rest of the world sees how good the country is doing with Sovereign humans, the other countries will want their central banks destroyed too.  That is why you see chaos, fraud, cheating and lying everywhere right now.  I know what the central bank system has done to this world.  So release the Kraken!   I find it awesome that it will be a Goddess who brings this small group of dominate men down.   Make no mistake it is all men! 

Everything you thought was real has been an illusions. These bankers made you think you had a voice. There has been so much fraud in banking, sports, governments, business, science, religion, media, medical industry, education, etc. All to get you used to the way they operate. What is coming is a revolution for the world. It will be the great awakening! I remember how I felt when I became enlightened. I almost ended it. How did you feel when you learned the lies of this world? The way you felt will be on a world wide scale. Please do not lose faith in humanity. They will be scared. I told you in Occult Wars people will feel deceived thinking they have been fighting for the right side their whole life. History always repeats itself. Rule by debt only works if you believe it will. The system is about to come crashing down. It’s time to become banking heretics.

It is not just the banking system and law system that is corrupt it is just about everything. The whole world is one big lie and it is going to come crashing down. Even the census is a lie. They keep telling us there is 8 billion people on this planet. They don’t know!!!!! The numbers for every country have been inflated to make that country look stronger against foreign attacks. The world is finally waking up to the illusion. The illusion only works if you believe it. Once you see and accept reality, you are free. You realize it’s all fake. Those who don’t want to wake up or want to keep the illusion going will go down with the ship. It is time for the people to rise up and say “No!” I have said in my writings before that my readers need to fall in love with the word ‘No’. Welcome to the World Revolution my dear readers. I am personally excited to be alive during this time. This is the beginning of the entering of the Age of Aquarius. The ocean itself only obeys the laws of Nature. It’s the ships on the ocean that go by Maritime Law. A law based on illusions.

24 thoughts on “The Kraken”

    1. Thanks, Sha’Tara. 😊
      I have sat on this post for a few days because the world is so polarized right now. I didn’t know what kind of reaction I would get. So thank you for the positive feedback.

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  1. Wow, what an amazing post. Dots are joining all over the place in my head even more so. Thank you. The combination of understandable language and descriptions make this an enjoyable post to read.

    Thanks so much for writing this, more please, haha!!

    Reblogged on @diosraw.

    Best wishes, Amber 🙏

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      1. In my journey studying myths and history I have brought back a lot of lost symbolism and historical truth. Because of this I have met, and they have welcomed me, individuals who are esoteric and occult. I have helped them put pieces of their puzzle together and they help me. They don’t really agree that I give out the information, but they don’t stop me. lol They have told me that Sophia has made me her favorite. 😉

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      2. Thanks for explaining that. Wow, that’s great, I hope you continue growing on your journey finding esoteric truths and such. You are blessed to have found some people to share knowledge with. Haha, Sophia is definitely your favourite!

        What would you say to someone who is studying esoteric material?


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      3. There is a lot out there considered esoteric. Don’t believe all of it. If you get the Goddess in your life you will know what is true. Your subconscious is the Goddess and she is never wrong. Learn to trust her. Essentially it is learning to trust yourself and your intuition. I struggled with that when I first started on this path. Get the ego out of the way and make it an agent to the Goddess and the esoteric world opens up. When that happens everything opens up.

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  2. Hi! You write many things on these times. How can we know this is the time its all going to crash down? Respectfully, you might want to watch some of the YouTube videos of Bill Turner in New Zealand. he is an educator. The Postal service IS the Common law-in Common law countries. (W)hile the Roman civil law is a deathbed christian, the Common law ( of the land) is a cradle christian. Go look at articles by Catholic Lawyer-Dr Wu online. I know a lawyer in New Zealand and he told me that the World changed significantly under William the Conqueror. He brought in the Forest ( means foreign/forein) laws. In the UK there is the Home Office and the Foreign Office. There is both a lawful government in UK and de facto ( civil) government. Why do you think the Post Office has been pushed deeper-its still there or else the civil cannot exist. The Head Post Office-switzerland. In New Zealand there is NO lawful government. The Constitution Act was repealed in the 1980s. They need the Maori people to form the basis of the law of the land-and so they should.

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    1. Thanks, Robin. I will check the videos and articles out. There is a reset going on right now. Just not the one the oligarchs and bankers thought. That is why it will all crash. Im being told that once it does. Our government systems will look much different because every country will go back to the law of their land. In some places that have no lawful government they will have to start with a new one of their own making.
      Everything you are saying is true.


  3. For America, and, here I am not trying to be an American because I am from England but stand on a land known as New Zealand-I would suggest, not instruct, to go look at the website of ExLawyer ( he was barred from being a lawyer by the florida or california (?) Bar) Eduardo Rivera. He has a new website. He teaches the Organic Laws of America. His fees for education are probably quite reasonable. He describes how there were two groups of Founding Fathers. He describes that Washington was a dictator. I was listening to two marshals from ( Forgot the State-one which is in the disputed 5) that there are 3 Constitutions in America. However, Constitution is NOT the law ( of the land). Bill Turner in New Zealand is supposed to be making a YouTube video on the meaning of Constitution-I don’t know when as I have not talked with him for 3 years. I just found his contact yesterday. I beleive the proper name for America is :North America. Ed describes the different titles of President in America- there are 3 titles.

    My ”awakening” came from an American in New Zealand. But this ”awakening” wrenched me and played havoc with my physiology. I digress-have a look at the book: In search of Divine Reality by Lothar Schafer-Physicist in Arkansas University. The ”Universal” MIND has built into it-Morals and Ethics. This came out of: Quantum Physics. I work in health and I can tell you all, not instruct by blind faith and my arrogance-hopefully, that there are forces beyond belief in some current paradigms. After my Triple Bypass-I had a Dream and in that dream/reality I witnessed black particles emerging from my mouth just like that guy in the movie : The Green Mile. In the hospital I witnessed an ”infolding” of darkness ( lack of light) turning me inside out. There are energies in our immediate ”existence” that we can tap into. I look from the perspective of ”evoluton”-not the Darwin type. Go look at the seven systems of Steiner. Anyway, as we say in England- must stop waffling on and give someone else a chance to ”talk”.

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  4. One more thing. If one wants to comprehend the ‘division” go look at the Laws of the Forest ( Forest does not mean trees) of William the Conqueror. This splits soverein and forein. Divide and rule=The Living and the Dead -go see Bill Turner video on this. “They’ register the twin of the living=the placenta. The veil is the amniotic membrane. ”We” are Still-Born= the placenta. I can explain in more detail from my own research. ”They” cannot rule the living only the ”dead”. Bill states that once some thing is written down it becomes ‘dead”. Just look at tombstones. Repsectfully, do not get caught up in how something is written like all caps. ”They” use many tricks!!!

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