The Stag

The symbol of the stag is very interesting to me.  This symbol in the Arthurian legends sends the knights off on a spiritual quest.  It is the symbol of Pan and Cernunnos.  In China the stag is the symbol of the God of Immortality, Shou-hsien.  In Native American legends the stag symbolizes the Spirit World. The Hopi cut the image of their Sun god from a piece of deerskin.  Why is the symbol of the stag so important that it represents Gods and Spirits?  I found the answers I was looking for in Egypt once again.  

I understand symbols have several meanings. It keeps people from figuring things out. Im not saying any certain meanings of symbols is wrong. The occult is confusing for a reason. It is not the meaning of the stag that is interesting to me, but where it originates. As you will soon find out it may be the origins of the word Aries. Most of my readers are familiar with the battle in ancient Egypt over bulls and rams. If you are confused see Patriarch Pharaohs. Whether you want to believe it our not that same battle is what is playing out today. Instead of red crown and white crown, or rams and bulls, they are calling themselves globalists and nationalists. They hide things from people to get them to follow and the stag falls in that category.

The stag is a symbol for masculine energy.  The antlers fall off and regrow so it is a symbol of renewal and rebirth.  A lot of times the stag will be associated with the World Tree because of its antlers.  Like the ram, the stag gives rise to the word ‘horny’ meaning sexually charged.  Phallic symbols were made from the antlers.  Some Chinese medicines use ground up horns as an aphrodisiac.  Needless to say the stag is a symbol of fertility and male sexuality.   The stag was also believed to have healing properties and is sometimes depicted with an arrow in its side and herbs in its mouth.  In addition the stag can apparently kill serpents. Yikes!  The stag also represents surprise and spontaneity because they jump out of the bush from seemly nowhere. 

In ancient Egypt the word for ram and deer is ‘ail’ or ‘air’ and ‘air-t’. The word for stag is ‘ayir’. In Hebrew, which is Egypt’s sister language, the word for god is el or er. L and R are interchangeable in ancient writing. So the word air or ayir is where we get Aries. I have shown you that Scotland was named after princes Scota from ancient Egypt. Her trip out of Egypt took place in the time of Aries. Whether the local people in Ireland and Scotland still knew the connection between the ram and deer, I don’t know. The language of Egypt was very close to the language of Atlantis. Atlantis was on a continent called Appalachia. It was very mountainous and I am positive both deer and goat were on those mountains. This explains the connection of the stag and ram.

Many people believe that Christians made Pan and Cernunnous out to be the devil because they were trying to make anything pagan evil.  Yes and no.   Pan is portrayed with both ram or stag horns.  Pan and Cernunnous are Aries worship.  The Christians are Pisces worship.  This is why the Christian leaders had to demonize pagans.  If the pagans would have had a fish god the Christian leaders would have left them alone.  Soon we will have a water god so Jesus and all the gods that go with Pisces will be turned into the devil.   It’s already starting to happen.   As we go to Aquarius both sides will cheat, lie and steal to get what they want.  Brace yourselves, you are about to see things you never thought you would see.  A lot of the ignorant masses are fighting for things they have no clue about.  They are just gong by what they are told.  

Im going to leave you with one last piece of wisdom that may help you.  Matriarch societies were all about personal responsibility hence the white crown of Upper Egypt pushed personal responsibly.  Everything that had to do with hive or group mentality like religion came out of Lower Egypt.   Remember that before you think you know exactly what’s going on.  Balance will keep you from being moved in the direction these criminals want you to go.  Be safe my dear readers.  I love and cherish everyone of you.  Aquarius is coming and it will be a Matriarch.  A Matriarch is the balance of masculine and feminine.  Something this world has lacked for a long time.  It will be brought in occultly.  Unless you have the eyes to see and the ears to hear.   The giant media and technology corporations are doing what is basically modern day book burning with all the censorship. Books were burned because they had dangerous information. Go see what they are burning.

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