Yin Yang

Yin Yang comes from the Taoist tradition. What is Yin Yang?  In short it is dualism or opposites.  People don’t really understand Yin Yang because we can all see the opposites and how they effect our world, but what is it really?  Yin Yang is about energy.  The interaction and interplay of these energies.  Yin represents the feminine energy and Yang represents masculine energy.  The dots represent balance.  There is the problem for most, we don’t have balance.  How can we understand Yin Yang on a personal level?  Yin Yang is all about renewal of your energy then the explosion of that energy.  

You get your energy form many things. When you are tired you sleep.  When you are hungry you eat.  When you are wore out you relax.  What  Yin Yang energy is referring to is your vibration, aura or your spiritual energy.  The energy of your spirit.  Your charisma.  It is known in many religions as the holy spirit, the great spirit, and even god.  Why are some people charismatic and others are not?  Why are some people so full of energy and most others don’t have the energy? Some use drugs to get to that point, but Im talking about the people who are naturally full of energy.    Whether those people know it or not, they have the Yin Yang energy.  

Yin is the taking in and building up of energy and Yang is the explosion of energy.   Here I will show you about your body awareness and the opening up to receive this energy.  I will show you what is Yin and the Yang, in and out energy, body awareness, just being aware of your surroundings and how to let that in.   In life there is always a taking in of energy and an explosion of energy.  How many times have I told you that life is sex?  In and out, that is life.  You breath in and you breath out.  When you sleep you build up energy and when you are awake you explode the energy.  Some explode more energy than others.  Even Nature does this with winter and summer.  Being good at this is very powerful.  If you are not good at it, you can work on it.  

Im gonna go deep here on the Yin Yang energy.  People who are sex addicts are craving this energy, but they are searching for it in sex.  People who over eat are craving this energy,  but searching for it in food.  Most of us are working jobs that we hate.  The job itself does not renew us.  We literally work for the weekend.  So people go do something extreme in order to try to renew this energy.  They will typically use drugs and alcohol. They do not know how to renew this energy on their own.  I can see it in people.  They just have no Yin Yang or very little of it.  If you take them to a beautiful place they can’t take it in.  They don’t resonate with the beauty that is life anymore.  Because of this their emotions are all over the place.  They are not the cause of their emotions they are at the effect of their emotions.  I have always said to find your passion or purpose.  When you are not doing what you love nothings matters.  When nothing matters everything matters.  When there is no core reason for your life every little problem that comes up will trigger you.  

I have shown in a previous post that before Magic I was ready to kill myself.  I was at the end.  I was not on my purpose.  When you have something you are moving towards it gives you a lot of energy and a reason to live, fully live.  You have to put things that excite you out in front of yourself.  Something beautiful, amazing or something that has meaning to you.  Thats the first part.  The second part is that you have to know how to receive.  Working a job you can’t stand shuts people down.  They don’t want to take anything in because they are miserable, so when the weekend comes they have to take alcohol and drugs.  The reason for that is that most drugs and alcohol shut down the logical side of the mind.  There is a reason alcohol is called spirits.  Low vibration energy attacks you in your thoughts.  When you are having fun most of the time you won’t be attacked by those thoughts.  Most people can not shut off their logical mind.  They can not get present.  Because they can’t get present they can’t receive the energy anymore, so they use drugs and alcohol to try to do it.  

People will take drugs to see how beautiful things really are.  Your dopey friend that is like “Whoa man that is gorgeous!”  or the happy drunk that loves everyone.  That is how you should be without the substances.  In order to receive we have to get present to the moment and let things in.  Watching a sunrise, getting out in Nature and seeing her beauty, looking at art and seeing the beauty in it or being amazed at the beauty of the opposite sex or same sex.  All this is being in the moment.  Take in the beauty of your surroundings.  Be amazed.  I can look at the architecture of buildings and just be amazed and in awe at how they did it.  I can look at all people and see beauty.  Sometimes I think to myself when I see a particular natural beauty in someone, “Damn those aliens knew what they were doing!”  To understand this see Lemurian Magic.  

Your experience here is so short.  Take the beauty in!  Get out of your head and check into reality.  When you are really checked into reality the experience you can have on certain substances can happen naturally.  Go into your body and look around.  You will know your are in your body when you feel your surroundings move you internally.  Look at the beauty and let the energy in.  Most can not let it in.  Because they can not let anything in they are always projecting to the future.  People just walk by each other in a mad world.  They are  receiving nothing.  They pull their phones out cause they need that dopamine hit.  They don’t want to deal with their trauma energy.  They will deal with it later in the future.  They can’t receive.  Let in the beauty that surrounds you.  When you are always letting in that beauty it is renewing you.  You always want to be taking in.  That means engaging in the world.  Religions have known for a long time what I am showing you here.  It is why they have Retreats.  Go to a Retreat and get this feeling so it must be god working.  Im not trying to recruit you for anything!  Im just trying to open the worlds eyes.  Literally. 

Many of the things we think are beautiful have been taken away from us with dark energy.  Festivals that were started by the ancients to renew you have been taken over by hardcore  drug use.  Ever seen a beautiful women or man who went and got plastic surgery?  They have been taken over by dark energy that says we have to look a certain way.  Things that renew us keep us moving forward.  They motivate us.  Because it feeds us with energy it lets us move energy out.  Anything that brings you into the now and the present moment will bring the energy in.  Music is great for it.  Being intimate with a partner brings you into the moment.  Society tells us when we are allowed to be in the moment.  You must go on vacation to relax.  Only when music is playing can you be in the moment.  Only when you go on Retreat with your church can you be in the moment.  I will let you in on a little secret.  You can be in the moment anytime any where.  We don’t need to wait for permission.  You do not have to do something crazy.  

When we don’t take the beauty that surrounds us in its like using the wrong shoes for a sport.  You play basketball in cleats or soccer in tennis shoes.  You have no traction.  The consumer culture tells you that you need to buy something to feel good.  Shopaholics are looking for this energy too.  Take in the beauty wherever you are.  You don’t need to wait to buy something or go on vacation.  The key here is to have a reason for living and do it for yourself.  Do not do it for anything external.  Your higher purpose should be yours.  Im not saying don’t do things for your family and friends.  Of course do things for them, but your purpose should be for you.  My true joy is what I gain from giving knowledge to others from writing or coaching.  That is my joy.  When I take the beauty in that is giving fuel towards my joy.  

When you do something you hate and live for the weekend you are very easily manipulated.  When nothing matters everything matters.  It is why road rage is a thing.  It is why there is childish bickering going on in your place of work.  No one is grounded.  They have no core to their being.  When you have a reason you are grounded.  You are able to receive and fuel up for the explosion.  You get the Yin and Yang.  My fun is doing what I love.  What I love is the explosion of doing what I do.  It is me at my best.  When you engage with what you love to do it will feed you.  Get physically replenished by taking breaks.  Take in the beauty of your surroundings.  Pull in the energy.  Move towards beauty and the passion of your life. It gives you a reason to live and move forwards.   As Im writing now I feel like Im moving towards something.  Which gives me added energy.  So Im always pulling in and pushing out.  

Your Yin Yang energy system is a lot like a cup.  If your cup is filled with low vibration negative energy.  There won’t be much space to put positive energy in.  If you have trauma you need to deal with it.  Some people are so filled with trauma that they will do anything just to feel.  I see this a lot in people who are pretty well off.  When one is well off they become stagnate.  They are stuck in their head.  They have blocked off being present to the moment.  There is a huge reliance on vices.  Other people who are not as well off are working for the betterment of their family.  It gives them something to work for.  They are not stagnate.  Even if you are well off you can still train yourself to be in the moment.  Taking action gets you out of your head.  Sitting around will put you in that negative thinking mind.  Later when you quiet the mind being still is actually good.  Taking action and moving gets you present, out of your head and feeling good.  As you are doing that you will get energized.  It is why I have told you to get your body moving.  Moving gets you out of your head!   As you move it fills your cup with positive energy.  

As with everything it needs balance.  We all have a comfort food.  Comfort food will put you in the moment.  Mine is doughnuts.  It reminds me of childhood.  Eating a doughnut will put me in the moment, but break my body down.  Sometimes I just need a drink.  Drinking helps me remember things the human race has forgotten.  Yes a lot of what I bring to you can be dedicated to bourbon.  Bourbon will bring my body down while bringing the spirit energy up.  I have found my spot though.  I do things that replenish all of my Yin Yang energy.  I replenish my body and my spirit.  It is all a balance.  Over exercising is just as bad as no exercising.  Over thinking is just as bad as not thinking.  Not eating will hurt you just as bad as overeating.  Everything requires balance.  Yin Yang.  

Look at the beauty all around you.  Feel your energy.  Find humor in life.  Get good at taking joy without having societies permission.  Instead of putting your head down and work, work, work for the future.  Take the energy in.  I grew up in the Philippines. Most people there were very poor but very happy.  They were enjoying life now not waiting for the future to enjoy life.  People cracked jokes all the time and enjoyed themselves.  That is what I try to do.  Make life fun and beautiful.  Open up your awareness.  Be happy now.  When you open your awareness you get better at everything.  You won’t be trapped in the cage of your mind.  We are never taught about body and spiritual awareness. Depending on others to make you feel good makes you a slave.  Learn to take in energy from everywhere.  I gain energy from my writing.  Take it all in.  The dance of the world.  The good and the bad.  Be the master of your own goal.  Be strong and not dependent.  Don’t wait for the consumer culture to sell you back your joy.  You are a Ferrari.  You have been putting bad gas in that Ferrari.  It’s time to put the high octane gas in and see what you can do.  Just remember to look at the beauty and take it in while you are in the fast lane.  

6 thoughts on “Yin Yang”

  1. this is beautiful. My Grandmother is Pinay. I love this, very well worded.
    Felt like you really just spoke from my brain. Now I see now why the blue light was revealed in me.

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    1. I don’t know why I feel like this was so close to heart for me. I wish I could return to the island. My grandma never went either. Sad today, I actually visited and we typically share a bed but she’s getting a little older now. I had to start calling her Inong because she doesn’t have the free spirit , 70s hippie energy. (;

      Liked by 1 person

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