I get information coming to me a lot.  The information I get is usually something others have gotten too, but it does not register with them.   Why does the information stick with me and not with others?  It is because I have unlearned.  There is a reason why the Matrix resonated with so many people.  We all subconsciously know there is a system to control us.  The system makes you learn what it wants you to learn.  The trick to getting the true information is unlearning what you have learned to make room for the new information.

Do you really think that the state of mind that most of human beings are in today is how we went from nothing to building cities, walking everywhere  to traveling all over the world on jets, using our fingers for counting to becoming technologically advanced, etc.  Do you really believe it was this kind of crew that did all of this for humanity?  Clearly we are unaware of our potential.  Before modern society people were connected to the gods, the goddesses and nature.  It empowered them.  They could see things and feel things.  There are things I can see.  I am attune to things energetically.  When something bad is about to happen I can sense it.  Does that mean I that I don’t have bad things happen? Of course not.  It helps me prepare and adjust.  I can also sense when good things are about to happen.  Right now the tides are turning on events in the world right now.  I see it everywhere.  Does that mean bad things won’t happen?  No.  It is nice to know what is going on so I can prepare or take advantage of what I see and feel.  You can see and feel it for yourself too.  

Did I get Ancient History for dummies?  Did I get Occult Information for dummies? Did I read How to Vibrate Higher for dummies?  Where does all this come from?   You can tap into this energy yourself.  What is great about this energy is that it is out there for anything you do.  Society wants the negative energy in you to fester.  Why do you think they are going after people who are not politically correct?  Why do you think they are going after comedians?  Why do we all have to walk on egg shells all of a sudden?  Because when we tease, joke and have fun with one another it puts us in a release frame of mind.  It relaxes us.  Joking about things makes us think about societal things in a release mindset.  When someone jokes about what you are doing doesn’t it make you stop and think about why you are doing something?  Does it not make you think about what they are kidding about?  Jeff Foxworthy’s redneck jokes are so popular because it brought out what people do subconsciously.  Chris Rock became so popular because he showed racial issues in society. George Carlin and Dave Chappelle did more to wake people up than any guru could dream of doing.  People could actually see themselves, but it was all done by putting people in a release mindset. 

I encourage you to watch comedy specials.  Watch stand up until you feel that real laugh burst through.  That is the real you!  Notice what jokes and comedians that make you laugh.  Learn what humor gets you to release.  Learning that gets you to push your own buttons and experience joy.  Teasing and joking with each other creates camaraderie.  I always tell my daughter that if your team mates didn’t tease you they wouldn’t like you.  I’m not referring to a bullying type teasing.  I am taking about a friendly teasing.   Joking and making things not so serious is your release muscle.  Everyone of us are dorks.  Teasing loosens the vibe so we can all be dorks together.  It helps you relax.  Do you relax around uptight people or do you want to get away from them?  What does all this have to do with unlearning?  Initially you learn by getting information, but to get continuous info you have to let go.  You must let go to have unconscious competence.  The humor makes you look at things and let them go because you can see they don’t serve you!  You question why the hell you thought those things or did those things.  You look back on how you might have learned them in the first place.  You will never get what you seek by controlling more.  You get what you seek by letting go and unlearning.

You learn things in life because we have rules.  If I do certain things and learn certain things, I get good grades and get high status.  This this what the world wants, it’s the rules, so you do it.  Eventually you need to reach a point where you are above the rules.  Above the social status high value, low value rules.    Why?  Because a person who tries to play by every last rule is very low value.  When I’m in a crowd or group of people, I don’t need to try to prove anything.  I can be as goofy as I want and people will sill listen because I own it.  I own my own mind.  One of the most painful signs of the system dumbing down people is no one can make a coherent argument.   They vent their emotions, start yelling and screaming, attack people personally, repeat slogans or make bold assertions.  Anything accept reason.  They get triggered.  All because they don’t want to unlearn what they have been fed.  Any signs of a heaviness or big deal always links to me, me, me!  Ego equals effort.  Don’t take yourself so seriously.  There is a saying…He who leans to laugh at himself will never ceased to be amused.  

Everyone thinks that they are the hero of their own movie and the hero of everyone else’s movie.  That is not true.  Im the hero of my movie, you are the hero of your movie and everyone else is the hero of their own movie.  In your movie everyone else is just back ground characters.  I am a background character in most people’s movie.  If I could see their closing credits or end credits, it would say guy on internet with wisdom or guy on internet full of crap.  We are all walking around like we are some famous actor that is worried about what others are thinking.  I have got to impress my fans.  I have got to look good in front of my fans.  I want my fans to adore me.  You are not famous so quit acting like you are.  Get it out of your head that you have to push your beliefs on others.  What we really need to do is unlearn all that and be our own hero.  When you do that, you will do things for you.  Things and information will come to you for you.  The only person you need to impress is yourself.  

Everyone is faking it till they make it.  When in reality you need to be real until you remember.  We don’t want bad things to happen to us.  When bad things do happen we don’t want anyone to know about it.  Life is all ups and downs.  All push and pull.  All ins and outs.  When you think about it life is sex.  When you are real, life will do all of this naturally.  Unlearn how to be fake and just be real.  If you are being yourself and not being fake, when you meet someone new and have a conversation with them it helps them relax and be themselves.  In that conversation you will have things you agree on and disagree on.  They may say things to you that will be new to you and you may learn something.  You will probably say things to them that they didn’t know and they will learn something.  Intellectual orgasms right there in public. It naturally happens when you are being real. Being everything that is you, that is being yourself.   Unlearn being the character that you have been molded to be.  Let go of who you think you are, let go of the identity.  Seeing the world through your real lens instead of the social conditioning lens will bring new information to you.  When you are yourself you get into a flow state.  Things will flow into you, through and out of you.  

Don’t just communicate using words.  Unlearn the value of the word.  Learn how to communicate with others using tone, expressions, body language and symbols.  When you do that you will pick up these communications from others.   Be aware of the words, but be more aware of the subliminal language others are using.  Most do this without even knowing it.  Everyone has an intention and a vibration.  Words are superficial.  People say what they think others want to hear or they will say things because they want others to believe what they believe.  Humans connect on deeper layers.  We zone in on deeper layers.  The problem is we have unlearned how to read and communicate with those deeper layers when we should unlearn words and relearn those deeper layers.  If you are going to hire someone to be around your kids, are you going to listen to what they say or how you feel around them?  That is how you should approach everything.  

Unlearn what the world wanted you to learn.  It is all for control.  Learn who you really are.  Learn how to communicate with your true self.    By letting go and unlearning you make room for tons of new information to come to you.  You just need to relearn how to spot it and communicate it.  You only get information when you are ready to hear it.  If you are not ready it just passes you by.  You have to resonate with the information in order to see it.  You have to give in order to make yourself available to receive.  If you give your original true self, you will receive original true information. Most people are giving the world their fake self, so they are getting fake information.  When true information comes to them they are not ready for it.    Unlearn the fake forced upon you and you will learn the trueness about yourself and the world.  

Dan Brown wrote in The Lost Symbol: 

“Knowledge is a tool, and like all tools, its impact is in the hands of the user.” 

How are you going to impact your world?  

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