Most of my younger life I was insecure.  I was worried about how I looked, what others thought of me, if I was cool enough, if girls thought I was cute, etc.  I was constantly in my head.  Micromanaging everything in my head.  Second guessing myself.  What happens when you are like this is you start reconstructing your ego anytime you think someone thinks negative of you.  I would start making up excuses in my mind about how I was really cool.  Compare myself to others and how I could look down on them and make myself feel better.  Sound familiar.  Time to conquer this demon.   Continue reading “Insecurities”

Yin Yang

Yin Yang comes from the Taoist tradition. What is Yin Yang?  In short it is dualism or opposites.  People don’t really understand Yin Yang because we can all see the opposites and how they effect our world, but what is it really?  Yin Yang is about energy.  The interaction and interplay of these energies.  Yin represents the feminine energy and Yang represents masculine energy.  The dots represent balance.  There is the problem for most, we don’t have balance.  How can we understand Yin Yang on a personal level?  Yin Yang is all about renewal of your energy then the explosion of that energy.   Continue reading “Yin Yang”


I get information coming to me a lot.  The information I get is usually something others have gotten too, but it does not register with them.   Why does the information stick with me and not with others?  It is because I have unlearned.  There is a reason why the Matrix resonated with so many people.  We all subconsciously know there is a system to control us.  The system makes you learn what it wants you to learn.  The trick to getting the true information is unlearning what you have learned to make room for the new information.

Continue reading “Unlearn”

Nine Things to Know When Starting Magic

Thinking about starting out in Magic?  I have been in Magic for about 15 years now and I thought I would write a post on things I wish I knew when I started.  The occult is a very strange place and hard to understand, but Magic is what attracts people to the occult.  If you are just starting out or looking to get into Magic, here are some things that might help.  These are critical for anyone who is starting out on the Magic path. Continue reading “Nine Things to Know When Starting Magic”