You Deserve It

In an age of social justice, equality, oppression and people believing life is not fair because of the system, well you get the life you deserve.  Magic is all about personal responsibility.  For those who think they are practicing Magic and are saying things are not fair, then you don’t know Magic.  Magic 101, everyone gets the life they deserve.  I need to break this down so that everyone really understands what is meant by getting the life they deserve.  

Magic is not a punishment and reward system.  You do not get rewarded for doing good things or punished for doing bad things.  Magic is all about the subconscious.  When I say you deserve the life you have it is because of what has been set in your subconscious.  Your subconscious rules your life.  It has been programmed your whole life without you knowing it.   The life you deserve it literally programmed into your subconscious.  I have talked about your default state many of times.  Most of the programming in the subconscious is based on a sense of deservingness.  

Consciously you believe you can only make a certain amount of money or have a relationship with a certain type of person.  These are called set points.  Everyone has set points for just about everything they do.  The good news is that set points can be moved.  If you subconsciously believe you deserve more it will result in you getting more.  Your intuition is running your life whether you know it or not.  

A lot of people just can’t seem to get ahead.  They hit a certain level and if they go beyond their set point, something comes along and knocks them back down to where they were.  This is quite common is most everyone.  It is not about being oppressed or being a victim. It is all about your programming.  Some people are programmed to be poor because they feel they don’t deserve money or they see it as evil.  Some people are unloveable because they feel they don’t deserve to be loved.  This is all subconsciously.  The conscious mind has nothing to do with it.  

If you are programmed to lose in life, you need to reprogram it for you to win.  This is what Magic is all about.  I have done it myself.  I reprogrammed a lot of my set points.  I still have some Im working on today.   Set points have been there your whole life.  Ever wonder how someone can win the lottery and go broke in a few years?  How athletes can go broke after they retire?  It’s because they went past their set points about money and they self sabotage to get themselves back under that set point.  You must lift your set points up so you feel like you deserve it.  

Your life lacks big picture thinking, motivation and strategy.  A lot of people get lost in life frying all the little fish and ignoring the big fish.  So they get less out of life than they could.  The reason why you don’t go after the big fish is because you feel you don’t deserve them.  As a culture we do not teach people how to use or harness their intuition.  Everyone wants logical reasons for why you need to go after something.  It is all based in ego or rational mind.  If you look back on your life all your decision have been based on your subconscious or intuition.  Whether you know it or not.  You need to be honest with yourself and admit that your subconscious plays a huge role in your life.  It is all based on whether you think you deserve it or not.  The subconscious is more powerful than the conscious will ever be.  

Your subconscious mind is not very reasonable, logical or linear.  It is a vast network that is in touch with all that has been, is or will be.  It functions in very mysterious ways.  It can crunch numbers and data that your logical mind could never understand.  It will process a ton of things than come back to you with insights, wisdom and decisions, but if you do not feel deserving you will ignore it.  It all seems to happen spontaneously.  Your subconscious is a super computer, but the world has put limits on it with set points.  Raising those set points brings higher things into your life.  Our subconscious is what makes being human beings amazing.  

It has nothing to do with self entitlement that is going on today.  People today think they are entitled to everything today.  Including what you have.  That is not what I’m talking about.  It is more of a genuine self love and appreciation.   People with low self esteem do not love themselves.   If you don’t genuinely love yourself, your sense of deserving will be lacking.  Low self esteem is usually because you are lacking in all areas.  Subconsciously you can think you deserve love but not money.  Or vice versa.  You may know a lot of people but have no friends.  All of this is done by set points.  

This is why this new religion of victimhood and oppression is evil.  It is detrimental to the young people.  What do you think all of this crap is going to do to the young peoples set points?   People are being told that life is not fair, they are victims of oppression, victims of racism, there is no way they can get ahead in life because of being born who they are, the deck is stacked against them, etc.  Magically speaking  this is all nonsense.  If you really believe you are a victim, you will never get ahead in life.  There are a lot of people believing this crap right now and they are angry about it.  Which is even worse because they are adding emotion to it.  Emotion makes it stronger and will lower your subconscious set points.  This is why all true Witches and Wizards are against victim mentality or the victim mindset.  It really has become a new religion.  Burn anyone or anything that says otherwise.  

It is to the point that people are losing so hard in life that they want to change the rules.  Change the rules so losing means winning.  People want to make the world opposite for everyone else and make losing winning.  They feel they should have status because they are a victim.  If being a victim is your greatest achievement then what have you achieved?  Here is an idea, why can’t you start doing the opposite in your own life instead of forcing it on others?  Maybe you will realize you have been doing wrong all along or does that take too much work?  They have never figured out the answer and they want to burn it all down.  

Everybody gets the life they deserve.  The results that are manifesting in your life right now is exactly what you feel you deserve.  You are the one who is in control.  It has nothing to do with anyone else.  It is your personal responsibility to work on yourself, so you can get the life you want by feeling deserving of it.  Raise your set points and your subconscious will move you to the life you really want.  Once you raise a set point your subconscious will make the adjustment based on your new level of deservingness and start providing it to you.  It will manifest as new opportunities, events or adventures.  It will be like having a continuous spell on autopilot.  Everyone gets the life they deserve.  

The way we were raised is not anyones fault.  Some of the things we have been told might not be true, but as we mature and strive for solutions the responsibility shifts to us.  Do the inner work.  Diagnose the issue and resolve it.  The biggest problem today is that no one thinks they are the issue.  They want to blame everyone else.  They all are pointing fingers because their ego can not take the hit that their problems are all self made.  It is so much easier to blame someone else than to take responsibility for your own life.  Those who do take responsibility for their own life are the ones who change their life.  It is so simple yet so profound.  When I tell someone that they act like Im speaking a foreign language or they want to cancel me.  

There is no need for any of this cancel culture.  Quit trying to tear and burn everything down and cancel everything.  All you are doing is claiming victim status and operating on a surface level.  It is far easier to perform Magic and have a magical life in an established system than it is to over throw a system.  I remember what it was like to not have much.  I grew up in the military and my father is an elder in the Mormon church.  Talk about set points!  My life wasn’t that great when I started out on my own, but its the one that I deserved.  It wasn’t until I found Magic and transformed myself that things got magical.  My life then and now are like night and day.  It wasn’t my parents fault or anyone else’s fault for how I grew up.  It was all my own.  I was the only one who could change my life for the better.  You are the only one who can change your life for the better.  No one else is going to save you.  Regardless of if you change anything or not, you will always get the life you deserve.  

I always tell the girls I coach in soccer that if they put their hand out to point the finger, all five fingers better be extended for a helping hand.  Never blame something on someone else.  Hold the hand out to help them and pull them up.  Blaming others is a victim mentality and you will go now where with a victim mentality.  We are who we have been waiting for.  

6 thoughts on “You Deserve It”

  1. Spot on post with great advice for those that will take heed. I recently read an article by Michael T. and he was explaining how symbols are used to control the masses through the subconscious and a quote that rang truth with me was: “Modern man has just enough freedom to entrap himself, enough will to enslave himself, and enough understanding to choose ignorance.” More people need to read your post, period.

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    1. Thanks, Sunshamar. 😊 Michael is very wise. Symbols are used to control the masses. Once you know the meanings they cease to control. Thanks for another great comment. 😃 Hopefully some people take heed.


  2. What if someone has knowingly given you a disease. Are u wrong for being mad and is that something a person deserves. I’m asking because what is a person supposed to do with that. I try to think oh stuff happens n life is a gamble. But I was celibate and I guess made a mistake or sabotage myself. All things are your own fault then why is people the one that gives or does the thing against you. I hope you can answer because I would like to know so I can move on.

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    1. You are not wrong for being mad. No emotions are wrong. I don’t know you so I don’t know what you read, watch, have on in the back ground, music you listen too, relationship with your parents or people you hang around. All that and more contributes to what our subconscious brings us. This post is more on lives that people have shaped for themselves and thinks its not fair. Your situation is different.
      Some ancient Asian and India texts talk about deals being made with other souls, before we agree to come here, to effect each other good and bad for lessons to be learned. I don’t know if you know this person now or in other lives, Im not a medium.
      There is lots of evil in this world. People are really going to find out here soon how bad it can be. It sounds to me that you came across a very selfish individual. An individual who subconsciously doesn’t care about others. An individual who just wants sex or to be popular at all costs. If that is the case you have every right to be angry. Karma is coming for this individual, but the problem is that people like this don’t care what kind of destruction they leave in their wake.
      Bad things happen to us all. The question now is are you going to be a vicim to what happened to you or are you going to learn, move on and take charge from here on out? Whatever path you take will effect your subconscious and your life will move in that direction.


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