Freedom is essential for a prosperous society.  Freedom is what democracy is suppose to be built on.  We need freedom to generate the wealth that supports human life.  Freedom is needed to unleash the creativity to move civilization forward.  Freedom is also needed to promote the voluntary social cooperation that keeps a society peaceful and prosperous.  Wealth increases with freedom.  Poverty increases with the lack of freedom.   The world has become complacent about freedom.  Do we even know what makes freedom?  

Force has always been used for coercion in centralized governments.  That is what you see going on today around the world.  The riots you see are not grass roots led.  They are bought and paid for by some very rich ideological people.  Auberon Herbert wrote:

“The real danger begins where any body of persons, central or local, are equipped with powers…which exceed those of the individual.  Then we prepare for ourselves a formidable source of oppression, from which, as time goes on, it becomes more and more difficult to escape.”  

How long has power been slowly taken away from individuals and given to very rich bureaucrats, corporations and politicians?  Politics attracts a certain type of personality.  The lessons of history show us that megalomaniacs are what go into politics.  Centralized governments attract authoritarian and narcissistic personalities who believe they know better than everyone else.  They experience very little remorse or guilt when they manipulate, deceive, lie or use force to get their way.  This is on display right now.  Rare is it that you will find a politician who is willing to step aside and allow an individual to decide for themselves and be free.  

Today some people do not care about freedom.  As Aldous Huxley wrote:

“The cry “Give me television and hamburgers, but don’t bother me with the responsibility of liberty.”  

Today it would be “Give my my phone and fast food”. They don’t want to be responsible for themselves, so they try to force others to not be responsible for themselves.  Instead of cherishing our freedom and liberties many want to forgo them for the promise of security, safety, material gain and ease of life.  Humans can not and will not flourish in a caged existence.  

The U. S. Constitution has been a relic.  Countless politicians and judges have hoarded countless laws that mock the intentions of the Constitution.  The masses are very easily duped into accepting Constitutional breaching power grabs.  All these politicians have to do is back it with propaganda and have it appeal to public safety, security and the so called greater good.   

H. L. Mencken wrote:

“The urge to save humanity is almost always a false face for the urge to rule it.”

Let that sink in.  Albert Camus wrote:

“The welfare of people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants.”  

Ask yourself which politicians are using force for coercion and the narrative of the welfare of people to get what they want.  

Our governments have grown so big that it is sucking the life force of the societies they are governing.  Have we have become too afraid or incompetent to think for ourselves?  Are we so mindless that we just repeat slogans heard from the media?  Are we just robots who obey orders from the political class?  Have the decades of propaganda from media and culture dehumanized us?  Has the exposure to the numbing and dumbing distractions over taken our minds?  Has our spirit been broken and made us easy prey for the political class?  

The tighter clamps of control that our going on today suffocates all free enterprise, voluntary exchange, spontaneous action, hope and action.  It will cause the system to implode on itself.  

Auberon Herbert wrote:

“Try to picture the huge overweighted groaning machine of government; the men who direct vainly, miserably struggling with their impossible task of managing everything…Picture also the horde of countless officials who form a bureaucratic, all powerful army…always engaging in spying, restraining, and repressing, forever monotonously repeating, as if they governed a nursery-“Don’t, you mustn’t”; and then picture imprisoned under the bureaucrats caste a nation of dispirited ciphers—ciphers, who would be peevish, discontented and quarrelsome as shut-up children, because shut off by an iron fence from all the stimulating influences of free life, and forbidden, as if it were a crime, to exercise their faculties according to their own interest and inclinations; picture also the intense ludicrous pettiness that would run through the whole thing.”  

Does this not sound like the governments of todays world?  We need to move back to freedom to get out of the political mess that has overtaken everyone.  Are we going to let the media and politicians force us and fill us with fear or are we going to stand up for freedom?  Freedom involves risk.  We have a very naive faith in law.  We are surrounded with laws and officials who we believe are acting for our own good, when in truth, they are acting for their own good.  What we have today is the medical industry, which is all about profit, telling the government to enforce rules on people.  The intelligent side of the masses feel their intellect and judgment have been insulted.  Rightfully so.  They are perfectly willing to read the books and do the research to find out what is dangerous and what isn’t.  The ones doing the work are finding truth that is going against this power grab and they are not happy.  Contrary to popular belief, medicine is not an exact science by a long shot.  You can not have a free country in which at the same time it’s a nursery.  What are they going to interfere with next?  

What is freedom?   Many philosophers have tried to take this question on.  What do we do with our freedom?   We use our freedom to express ourselves to do what we want.  We think that if we have choice we have freedom.  Does choice give freedom?  It is only when we have doubt and uncertainty that we begin to choose.  Is freedom based on choice?  Is freedom doing exactly what we want to do?  Tearing down cities with a temper tantrum is freedom.  Does freedom begin out there or inside you?  Is it out there where you get to express yourself or does freedom being inside you where it can express itself intelligently on the outer world?  

Freedom exist where there is no confusion.  You have confusion inside you when you are seeking.  There are so many traps for a seeker to fall into.  If you are confused and have disorder, you don’t have relationships with other people.  Our so called relationships are built on images.  Images divide us.  Shouldn’t we begin with inner work?  Should we try to get rid of our own fears, anxieties, despairs and wounds that we have received from living on this planet?  What you have on the inside you project on the outside, so shouldn’t we try to fix ourselves before fixing others?  Apparently we don’t have the energy for inner work.  We goto someone else to give us energy.  By talking to priests, psychiatrists, gurus, politicians, doctors and listening to media, it gives us energy.  We are always depending on someone else.  That dependency brings conflict and disorder.  To have freedom you must work on yourself.  As long as there is you and me, there is no freedom.  

Here in lies the answer to why the medical industry, politicians, corporations and certain groups do not want you to have freedom.  Expressing and criticizing each other is called freedom.  That is not true freedom.  The truth is that the greatness and enormity of freedom is when you have order within.  If people do not have order within they will not have order outside of themselves.  If they are not free within there will be no freedom outside of them.   If I can’t have freedom, no one else will have freedom is what their subconscious is screaming.  The most tyrannical people are imprisoned in their own mind.  Usually because they are living someone else’s life.  To free yourself all you have to do is take the lie you are living and make it true.  Make yourself happy and you make the world happy.  To all the tyrants out there, quit trying to fix the world.  Fix yourself!!!  Then you won’t want to take the freedom of others.  

7 thoughts on “Freedom”

  1. Thanks, G Serpent for signpost that will help all get through this irrational period in time. The Texas Tarot Lady describes the seventh card in The Major Arcana, The Chariot as the “get your stuff together” card. “The Charioteer must be centered in all aspects. Heart, head, mind, spirit, emotions. The Charioteer, focuses on what is REAL to him, what is within his control. Everything else is just a distraction.” To me this corresponds perfectly with the crux of your post. Thanks again, to both!

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  2. Well worded, and a good read.

    Did you know the Old English ‘free’ meant dear or precious and was extracted from the name of Freo, a fertility God called Frey in the more recognised Norse? Frey/Freyja (Lord and Lady) inspired freedom because the ability to escape thralldom brought one closer to the Gods.

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