Almost everywhere you look in the ancient world the myths and legends have people who lived hundreds of years.  Some into the thousands.  Did these people live this long?  As we see today, it is so easy to just fake the numbers or mention something and people will just believe it.  Only a few will dig to actually find the truth.  Time to bring this myth back down to earth.  

People can live to the age of 100 or more today.  They are called super-centurions.  In the myths people are living extraordinarily long life spans.  Several characters in the Bible show a few people living well above 900 years old.  All ancient civilizations have people who lived very long lives except for the Mayans.  What is going on with the Mayans? The Mayans had a very advanced calendar system and they recorded everything. All their rulers lived average life spans.  Did the Asian, Persian, Greece, Rome, Japan, China, Korea and Sumer rulers actually live longer than the Mayan Rulers?  Are the records wrong?  In truth it can be explained by the origin of one word.  That word is ‘year’.  

As with anything in the western world we need to go back to ancient Egypt.  The Egyptian calendar was originally based on the phases of the Moon.  The solar calendar did not take hold until the New Kingdom era.  The Hebrew term for year was ‘yehrah’ and was only changed at a much later date by the term ‘hodesh’. We are told that the origin of the word year is the Germanic term ‘jaeram’.  Again history is wrong.  It goes back to ancient Egypt and the word ‘yehrah’.  

How did a lunar month become confused with a terrestrial year?  Manetho comes to the rescue and shows us.  

“The year I take, however, to be a lunar one, consisting that is, of 30 days: What we now call a month the Egyptians used formerly to style a year.”  

Manetho is showing us the Egyptians, where every civilization came out of, were observing the orbits of the moon and counting them as years.  So we need to divide by 13 on a lot of these very old ages.  Doing that would bring Noah down to 73 and Adam down to 71.  

What about some of the years that were much lower like 230 years.  Dividing by 13 would give them very short lives.  Manetho comes to the rescue again.  

“The most ancient Egyptian kings alleged that their years were lunar years… whereas the Demigods who succeeded them gave the name horoi to years which were 3 months long.”

With this bit of information Job would go from 210 to 52.  Jared goes from 162 to 40.  

A Demigod is one who is part human and part god.  This is occultly referring to bloodlines.  With all my readings I have figured out that to get the true age of these ancient characters we need to divide by 13, 6.5, or 4.3.  This will get you close to their true age in terrestrial years. It will also give you a hint of the percentage of the bloodline for that individual.  Im well aware of some claims that go into the several thousands.  Most of these are religious based and it is obvious the scribes were not in on the secrets.  These are exaggerations to show their religion is better.  If they had been in on the secrets they would have not exaggerated to that extreme.   

Those that doubt me do not know how the occult works. This is exactly how it works.  Hidden in plain sight for people with eyes to see and ears to hear.  Quit trying to trying to live forever.  It’s another lie.   It’s not how long you live, it’s what you do with your life.  Be the opposite of amnesia.  Make them remember you for centuries.  

4 thoughts on “Longevity”

  1. Thanks G Serpent for illuminating yet once again, the true history written about in the book subtitled, “The Greatest Story Ever Told.” Between you, Ralph Ellis, Michael T. and many others, you are putting a new spin on the song, “I once was lost, but now I’m found.” 😉

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    1. You are welcome, Sunshamar. 😊 I am honored to be part of a truth movement. I think with all that is going on many people are looking for the truth. In everything. This will spark a new renaissance age. Glad we found you. 😉


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