Jinn in folklore are Genies.  There is a lot of nonsense around the identities of Jinns.  Most people think Jinn is strictly an Islamic or Arabic concept.  This is wrong though they are a term from Ancient Egypt.  Most Jinns in bottles are usually female and most in lamps are usually male, but not all the time.   The bottle is a womb symbol and the lamp is a knowledge symbol.  The lamp of knowledge is used as a symbol for nursing.  Jinn means to hide or to conceal, so we are looking for something that is hidden.  

Most people know about Jinn from the story of Aladdin and the Lamp.  This story is an 18th century invention, but the Jinn goes back much further.  One of the tales about the Queen of Sheba states that she was born from a Jinn or demon.  Here we go again with women being associated with demons. Not all Jinn are considered evil.  There are several examples of them being friendly.   Lots of people believe in the literally existence of Jinn just like most people believe in the literal existence of angels and demons.  It is believed that it is a soul detached from someone or something and then they became attached to their bottle or lamp.    

Ancient wisdom is continually repeated without knowledge.  Symbols continue to be repeated incorrectly.  Time to enlighten.  The origins of Jinn originate as spirits of elements.  They appeared in animal form very early on because natures powers were first represented by animals or zootypes.  Jackals, hyenas, serpents and others were called the cattle of Jinn.  Nature is considered to have feminine and masculine traits. This is why they are both male and female.  Jinn is one of the elements of Nature.  Which one?   The answer to that riddle is wind or air.  

Jinns have been strongly linked to dust devils that are plentiful in deserts.  This is why Jinn are said to be formed from heat without smoke.  The sun controls the wind patterns of the earth.  Sheba in ancient Egyptian means star, but it also means strong wind.  Using this link, the Jinn also connotes a bloodline.  The bible says Mary Magdalene had seven evil winds or devils come out of her.  Ralph Ellis has linked the Jinn to Lilith and the owl.  The owl has always represented Lilith. When you see weird ceremonies with a giant owl or any owl, they are paying homage to Lilith or her bloodline.    I had shown that the seven devils or winds that came out of Mary Magdalene were probably the Seven Liberal Arts, but it could have also been occultly showing that she had seven children.  

Like all myths and symbols the Jinn has a few meanings.  The Jinn symbolizes wind or dust devils, but it also symbolizes the bloodline of Lilith.  Researchers are baffled by why the texts say Nefertiti was windy.  They think it means she talked a lot or she had a beautiful singing voice.  In truth it is occultly saying that she was part of the royal bloodline of Lilith.  Wind has always been a symbol for spirit and spirit is feminine.  Now you have Jinn which is dust devils or wind and refers to a bloodline that goes all the way back to ancient Egypt and further.  Air is also the element for your thoughts and when you have real knowledge your life becomes magical.  If only the world could understand that knowledge is the best friend you could ever have.   Now that we have put Jinn or Genie symbolism back in its rightful place you can know what you are looking at when it comes to Genies in stories or music.  

7 thoughts on “Jinn”

  1. Very interesting article. Something new for me.
    To digress.
    The Queen of Sheba originated from Yemen and also controlled Ethiopia.
    The big one. Solomon may have originated in south west Arabia therefore when the Queen of Sheba visited Solomon she only travelled a ‘short’ distance up the coast (Which makes sense.). Refer Kamal Salibi, The Bible Came From West Arabia.
    This means of course Solomon’s temple was not in Jerusalem, rather, in south west Arabia. Wow!

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    1. You will have to check out my Queen of Sheba post and Patriarch Pharaohs. Solomon was a Egyptian Pharaoh and The Queen of Sheba was his mother. So yes she traveled a very short distance.


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