Understanding Democracy

Democracy is taken for granted.  Especially in the west.  Democracy is about giving normal people some power in controlling their future, lives and society.  People can be involved in important decisions that shape their world.  People in the U.S.  think it has just been here and let it run on autopilot.  We look at other countries that don’t have democracies and try to enforce it on them.  We see dictators, tyrants and monarchs as bad.   Every wonder why autocracy is so prevalent in human history?  There are still many dictators, tyrants and single rulers around the world.  Why?  If it is so bad, why is it so popular?  

We tend to have simplistic notions about democracy.  There are many levels, degrees and layers of democracy.  It is not binary.   We think that America was found on democratic principals and its been there from the beginning.  A republic is a democracy.  But how democratic was the U. S. at first?   A democracy is suppose to let all citizens vote. The U. S. excluded females, blacks, Native Americans and poor white people.  That was a very limited democracy.  How much power did the normal people have?  The reality is that it is just like today a very selective group of elites had all the power.  How many of you know that every President of the United States, except Martin Van Buren,  are of the bloodline of the royals in England?  Are we not told that anyone can be President?  

People who run the show in democracies are a very small part of the population.  Even today.  Why do we not have much to say in the direction of our own country?  A democracy only works effectively if it reaches a certain level of intelligence, morals, cognitive development and consciousness.  A democracy is hard to sustain.   This is why politicians look down on most people.  They really believe they are better than us.  Yet we keep them up on a pedestal and they get away with the most evil things. 

Monarchs and dictators have been present through all of history because this world is brutal.  It takes a lot just to survive on your own.  In the past it was even harder.  Basics of life like food, shelter and raising your children needed to be secured.  Keeping the people from being attacked, having everything stolen and being enslaved required a severe compromise from the people.  You could either be an anarchist and take care of yourself, but they wouldn’t be around long because others would come in and take everything or you could fall in with a leader and band together with others.  That leader takes control and makes all decisions.  The leader represented everyone, but wrong decisions cost him his life.  This may seem brutal but at least there were repercussions for being wrong.  How many times have our leaders been wrong and nothing happens to them?  

The average person a couple thousand years ago were farmers.  They lived off the land.  Some were military, shop owners or merchants.  Very few were literate.  Today most people are literate.  In the past education was prohibited by government and religion.  If you were allowed it was very expensive.  So most people learned everything from their family and close friends.  There was no internet or books available.  Education was for the elite.  It literally cost millions of dollars just to get educated.  An average person knew very little about reality or world affairs.  This is our history.  Most were so ignorant they couldn’t even vote if they wanted too.   

The freedoms you have had to be invented and developed.  We had to build up to what we have today.  The printing press had to be invented, books had to be written and translated, clocks had to be invented, infrastructure had to be built up, the idea of voting had to be accepted, etc.  How many people have a deep knowledge of human history, psychology, government, warfare or economics to understand who will make a great leader?  These are complicated things.  I would say very very few have an understanding.  This is why Socrates hated democracy.  He compared it to a ship.  If you were heading out on a journey by sea how would you want to decide who the captain was going to be, just anyone or people educated in the rules of seafaring?  Of course you would want the educated.  This was Socrates argument.  Voting is a skill and should be taught.  My point is that in our history democracy was impossible.  Today it may be possible, but do we educate ourselves enough to vote?  Our system is all a popularity vote.  

Historically everyone banded together, so they did not get raped and pillaged.  It was understood that if the city or community fell it was over.  It’s not like today where everyone sees the war on television then go about their day.  If you did not band together your life was over.  If the city was invaded you either defended it or you died.  These stakes still exist but it’s buried beneath infrastructure and bureaucracy.  When you are faced with survival democracy is a luxury.  Strong leadership is necessary.  The elites had to get together and form a cabal which would govern all the masses.  They elect a King and he had the say in everything.  This is what was needed to keep enemies out.  There are many ambitious and tyrannical people who want to conquer others.  This is why most of the under developed world of today is not a democracy.  Just like today there were good leaders and bad leaders.  

Ever found yourself in a group of people who never really had a leader.  They bickered and argued about everything.  Nothing was done.  It took someone stepping up to be the leader to get things done, then they started arguing about why this person gets to be the leader.  It takes a leader stepping up.  No matter how good or bad that leader is some are going to like them and some are not.  Put this on a mass scale with authoritarian leaders.   That leader knows the country needs to be unified so measures are put in to make them unified.  These measures can be rewarding behavior to punishing behavior or even death.  The authoritarians understand the country needs to be unified.  

When you unify you can build things.  You can’t build a country with just a couple of tribes.  You have to have a lot of people, but you can’t build anything with divided people.  How do you build something when everyone is walking around on egg shells not wanting to offend anyone else?  You don’t!!!!! You must have a strong vision!  You can have all the people you want to decide something, but if someone does not take charge with a vision then nothing will get done.  You can’t just sit around and endlessly deliberate about what is going to be done.  Sometimes not making a decision is the worst decision you can make.  That is very true when you have people who want to destroy your country coming in.  It is easy for Americans to call out dictators, but as you can see in certain parts of the country when weak leadership is in an area bad things happen to all the people.  You must have a strong leader with bold visions to move a country, state or city forward.  This is a double edge sword because they have the power to do good or evil.  

What is the future America wants to see?  What is the future the world wants to see?  We are not even being pulled in just two directions.  It is several directions.  There is no strong clear leadership.  The power in the U. S. has been so distributed among the rich that they want what they want for the country.  They will do anything to get it.  Including buying off people, threatening people, killing people, starting a virus, telling out right lies to people, putting people on lock down, etc.  When you have 50 forces pulling in opposite directions of all the others the movement is nil.  You stay static and you stagnate That is the worse thing you can do.  What gives anyone of these leaders the right to enforce authoritarian rules, not laws, on us?  What gives them the right to not enforce the rules on themselves?  Are they tyrants?  

Politics was invented because it actually depended on the survival of people or the survival of a way of life.  When you look at how it works it is intelligent.  There is not a lot of room for ineffectiveness in the purity of politics.  Politics is called dirty because it is so ruthlessly effective.  It had to be because it was pragmatic and based on survival.  But this is also why it loses its humanity. Today we are not fearful for our lives.  Today politics is used for greed!  We are always in a balancing act.  If you go too much in one direction as a human race we are going to stray too far from survival and die, but if we are only go in the direction of survival we become savages.  Being too selfless will destroy you and being to selfish will also destroy you.  Everything is about balance.  Individually and collectively.  

The democracy in ancient Athens was a good idea, but it failed.  It failed because the people were not conscious or intelligent enough.  We have been moving away from monarchies very slowly.  Every century has shown a spread of power away from the elites and given to more and more regular people.  Today’s society is more equal and fair than it has ever been, but we can do much better.  It is a trend that certain people are trying to stop.  You ride in cars and fly on a jet because of democracy.  If only kings and elites had cars and flew on planes, would we have the environmental problems we have today?  No we would not.  But you are in charge of your own life, relatively well off, you have disposable income to travel and play, etc. So environmental problems are because of the scale of size.  If only a few could do what we do there would be no environmental problems.  

People used to be content to live under kings and aristocrats.  These were the wealthy five percent.  Today we still have a lot of inequality.  Our democracy is not perfect.  As the consciousness and development of the world grows democracy becomes more and more important.  The more conscious you are the less you are willing to be controlled or to control. You want others to be on your level.  As you become more conscious you become less selfish.  Our development doesn’t just go straight up.  It goes up and down like lets say the stock market.  So when we talk about creating a better country or world we are talking about making it better or equal for everyone.  An environment where everyone can prosper.  Because of our nature as human beings we get in our own way.  We can only blame ourselves for what we create.  

Today you have more freedom to do what you want than any other time in the past.  It all is because of technology and education.  Because of the internet you can get information at your finger tips.  With all this people still think the things going on today are pointing to the end of the world.  The human race has been through so much worse than this.  Is this how soft the human race has gotten?  Our ancestors would call this child’s play.  Human history is so brutal that looking back at it makes you wonder how we are even still here.  All the wars, natural catastrophes, slavery, torture, plagues, etc.  That survival DNA is encoded in you.  It’s in everyone and everything.  

We are developing and evolving all the time.  Life is pretty good today.  Is it all fair and equal?  No, but a developing democracy will hopefully deal with that.  As you get more educated and conscious you get more of the ability to control your own life.  As that happens each individual becomes their own little tyrant.  Society gets fragmented.  Back in WW1 and WW2 society banded together to defeat a common enemy.  We were a collectivist country.  Whether it was religion or patriotism people bound together for a higher cause.  Individualism was frowned upon.  Then the 60’s happened and the country swung towards individualism.   This brought on the rise of consumerism, technology and education.  As some become smarter and more conscious others stay where they are and we start fighting amongst each other.

With the internet information has become democratized.  It used to be everyone got their news from one or two channels.  Now people can get it anywhere. Any and every person can give you their opinion.  People are starting to see and feel their power, but they haven’t started a responsible relationship with that power.  They don’t know how to use it.  Schools teach children to have an opinion but not facts.  That is what is going on with groups demanding new history.  They want to erase the history of the world with another lie.  If people would look at the true history they would see things they don’t want to see, so they just want to erase history and replace it with a lie.  It’s all opinions.  Just like  priests and tyrants in the past were burning books they are doing the same thing.  What you hate you become.  Burning books, destroying property and lying!  Looks to me like we haven’t evolved one bit.  Here in lies the problem, very ignorant people can spread lies for other very ignorant people to believe.  I don’t know what’s worse, a controlling elite lying to the people on the media or ignorant people spreading ignorance through the internet.  

Any moron can go on the internet and spew all the garbage they want with a video, podcast or pictures and get paid for it with ads.  The worse the garbage is the more hits they get, so the more revenue they get.  There is so much toxicity on the internet it is crazy.  Then the tech companies try to censor people telling the truth because it does not meet the narrative of the elites.  Censorship is not evolving!  People are being brainwashed by the ignorant and the media and they don’t even realize it.  So who is to say which news media is the correct one?  Being able to think for yourself gives diversity of perspectives.  You can find any information on the internet that will make you think that you are thinking correctly.  Anywhere and everywhere you can find information to feed your ego.  There is no authority figure to tell you what is true anymore.  In the past you had a King, Pope, priest, government leader, etc to tell us what was true.  These authority figures are disappearing because people are questioning them. It is great to see the questioning, but replacing one liar with another liar is not the solution.  That system was functional to bring the human race to where we are now.  We needed someone to unify us to survive.  Our new challenge is how do we survive together while allowing us all to be diverse?  Silencing people because you do not agree with them is not the answer.  It’s childish!  

In the past people had the same ideas about religion, politics, race, community, etc.  That is why they banded together.  They all were nationalistic or tribal.  They never understood the nations or cultures outside of theirs.  They didn’t have international travel or internet to interact with others.  Even people in little villages around the world today are exposed to other ways of life through television and internet.  In the past a strong male domineering presence was useful to keep people unified.  This is why I ask, “are you strong enough for the Goddess?” As women have come up to the same level as men and they have the same freedom it’s causing the boat to be rocked. The Goddess will not be suppressed, she won’t put up with irresponsible behavior, and she must feel secure in order to be in your life.  Some men and women don’t like it.  It’s not the way things have been done in the past.  These are growing pains that happen in a developing democracy.  The Goddess will not be dominated by anyone.  She expects and demands personal responsibility.  Democracy is actually Goddess driven.  Its why the first one was tried in Athens.  

People have more control now over their own knowledge and world view than any other time in history.  You can travel anywhere, you have power over your sexuality, you can get information at the push of a button, you can have any type of career you want, you can interact with anyone anywhere in the world, you can join any religion or cult and you can eat any type of food from around the world.  This is a huge responsibility.  For the most part we don’t have arranged marriages in the west, so we get to choose our own mate.  We choose who we think we are compatible with.  Yet we are wrong over and over.  We base everything on physical appearance.  There are more world views than ever just like there are more choices for mates than ever.  Which is the right one?   A lot of world views look pretty and sexy, but when you do the homework and look into the views they can be down right ugly.  

There are a lot of traps out there.  Most of what is put on the internet or media is not balanced.  People watch the stuff and think they are choosing for themselves.  When in reality they are just unconsciously consuming information.  Choice is great, don’t get me wrong.  People need to look at all sides and they are too lazy to do that or they are not mature enough to see what is pure ignorance.  I have shown you that we really are infants.  This is why people get pulled into radical ideas.  Just because something is different from the mainstream does not mean it’s better.   We need to fix ourselves first before we try to fix the world.  Most people have not figured out themselves and they are trying to figure out the world.  When they start calling people awful things, they are just projecting.  You can always tell how someone feels about themselves by how they treat other people.  Psychology 101.

Government and society is very complex.  They are so complex that once you throw ideologies up against them the ideologies crumble.  Yet we still have people throwing temper tantrums and destroying things.  Fighting for equality is great, but you must educate yourself to see how things work first.  When you start educating yourself you will find that fighting for equality is built right into democracy.  When people start throwing temper tantrums I can tell they have not educated themselves on how government works, history, science, personal development, psychology etc.  They just stumble into traps on the left and right side.   They are developing new world views that are more toxic than what is already in place.  Democracy was not just created by one person.  It has been a bunch of different ideas from many other governments brought into democracy.  

How do we take ownership and responsibility for our world views?  As we get more power it calls on us to be more conscious, but we are not there yet.  Anyone can criticize a system and try to bring it down, but it takes genius to build one up.  What we are seeing right now is that  the left and right do not respect each other anymore.  Everything is polarized.  We are in the dark ages emotionally, spiritually, consciously and politically.  We are right at the point in time where we have the understanding to know what to do.  Now it is just a matter of time for people to really wake up.  As things play out in the world people have a front row seat in their community  to what is happening.  They are seeing that what they might have believed to be true could all be a lie.  They are seeing how certain people, organizations and companies are reacting.  Are they being tyrannical or democratic?  Would someone who actually cares about humanity actually try to tear your life or world down?  

We need to learn to raise everyone up consciously.  The more conscious a person is the less they want to control or be controlled.  Treating people like victims is not going to raise their consciousness.  High consciousness and high development means taking responsibility for your life and your reality.  You are the creator of your reality.  By being the creator you take responsibility of what happens to you.  Once you take responsibility for yourself you can be entrusted with more power.  How many of our politicians have their own life in order? How many of these corporate or tech leaders have their life in order?  How many people in this world have their own life in order?  The more powerful of a creator you become the more conscious you become.  The problems of the world come down to one thing.  Too many of us are too selfish.  Nothing will change unless people become less selfish.  

Develop yourself, but educate yourself on how collective systems work.  Build something to help the world.  Just sitting around criticizing is not building something.  Be a teacher, a coach, a guru or a leader.  Just take action.  It is natural that as you become more conscious you want to help the collective of which you are part of.  Get meaning and value thru helping others not tearing them down.  I know most people who are in magic like to be alone, but being social with the world not only helps you, it helps them.  Empower others!  They really need you right now.  That is how we develop democracy.  The reason we are at a stand still in history is because there is very little consciousness in our leaders.  They are all selfish!  As we go into Aquarius the human species will become more conscious and responsible or they will get left behind.  No matter how many buildings you burn down, how much hate, how much you have, how selfish or greedy you are, the hidden forces are pushing the human race into higher development.  Be a vehicle for this evolution.  Laziness, victimhood, toxicity, hate and fear will not work here.  Make a conscious choice towards mankind and you will start to feel better about yourself.  Lead others towards consciousness.  This is no time to worry.  What you are seeing now is growing pains of a democracy.   Inspire and uplift others with your creativeness.  That is the only way democracy can work.  


2 thoughts on “Understanding Democracy”

  1. Thank you for the extraordinary analysis and advices. I am not through yet with reading all your thoughts, but I have readen several ones more than once. Your work requires slow reading. Sometimes just a sentence or two offer an understanding I have been searching for for ‘ages’. Your work is so bright, clear and meticulous and it enlightens my time and mind.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are welcome Emilie. Im glad I can help enlighten. This is why I write. To help the ones who are resonating higher and searching. I like you searched for ages, so I know what it is like. There are very few who understand the occult and even fewer who are willing to share what they see. I think I found my niche. Thank you, Emilie. 😊 Enjoy looking around all you want.


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