Forces Controlling You

I have showed you in my Tree of Life post that you are the Tree of Life.  Trees of great stature have many irreplaceable roles in the world.  They support other plants and animals, they are wind breakers, they provide shelter and they prevent soil erosion.  What kind of tree do you identify with?  Are you a  Giant Redwood, a Mahogany, an Oak?  Or are you a Maple, Pine, Locust, Weeping Willow or Redbud?  What is your personality?  What is it you think you deserve out of life?  How do you effect the world?  How are you toward others?  However you are is what will sprout and start to branch off into your life.  

Do you like being exploited by society?  Do you like your mindless entertainment?  Do you like not having to think?  Do you like your unhealthy food that gives a little taste?   Do you like your alcohol and drugs?  Do you like your smokes? Doesn’t it feel good to chill out and relax?  Do you like having your path laid out in front of you so you don’t have to create your own path and figure things out?  Let’s be honest.  You like all of it!  I know you do!   This is how I know.  Ninety nine percent of all other people I have shown another path to, don’t want to hear it.  They love being a slave to this world.  

People can not accept they are in charge of their own lives.  They can not accept they are a Goddess or God.  That is too beautiful, constructive and up lifting.   People love their prison and servitude.  People have made a decision in their lives to be completely complicit.   There are structures in this world that are completely dark and perverted.   They have created aspects of society that completely exploit you.  Things that are so perverse, nasty and messed up to even gaze at that it is sickening.  Just seeing the warped minds of people that create these messed up sick disgusting systems is frustrating.  Yet you sit there doing nothing perfectly happy to lap it up.  That is what I mean by saying that you like it.  Not only do you like it, you love it.  

When I first got into the occult and ancient history, it was boring and dry.  It is no wonder no one wants to get into this stuff.  Even having a love for the subject does not make it anymore interesting.  I believe this was another reason things were encoded in myths and stories.  At least the story makes it interesting and if it’s a good story it can make it entertaining.  This is the reason why I try to show you the things in your life of how the occult is effecting you.  Showing it to you brings it to the top of your attention where real change can happen.  

Let’s look at how the energy and the biology effect you.  With the energy you have high vibration and low vibration.  You have the energy of creation and life.  Then you have the energy of death.  Creation and life is abundance, sharing, giving, playful, uplifting, light and fun.  It’s the beautiful energy that created life and it is playful and giving.  It is an amazing love energy that is beautiful.  If I had to describe it in one word it would be fun.  The main aspect of this creative life giving energy is  that it’s expanding.  It is value offering to anyone open to it.  When you are tapped into this energy you are giving, sharing and at peace with yourself and others.  You feel blissful.  It is one of the greatest feelings you can have.  

We can recognize high energy and know that it is an energy of giving, but we can also see that there is a low vibration which is the energy of taking.  This energy is dense, not playful and very controlling.  Any system you see that is  controlling is done with very low vibrational energy.  Usually being put out there by low vibrational people.  Think about what is going on today.  Is it high vibration or low vibration.  When you are in low vibration you are taking.  You are trying to get validation and approval.  Trying to make others do what you say.  High vibration energy is in release and low vibration energy is in controlling.  

High vibration is fun and blissful while  low vibration is frenetic and dark.  Understand you have both of these energies inside you.  It is a yin and yang thing.  You have people who are very high vibration and people who are very low vibration.  Very nasty people are just plugged into low vibration energy.  It is all take, take, take!  This is why I hate politics because everything is all about ‘whats in it for me!’  Politicians are very low vibration.  

Let’s bring the biology into this.  All biological beings are competing for energy.  It’s the circle of life.  The plants, insects and animals keep things in balance by competing for this energy.  As humans we are very different.  We think we are better than everything else.  We think we are all that and a bag of chips.  But what do we do?  We eat everything, tear down nature and pollute the earth.  Where it gets really weird is what we do to each other.   The way we rationalize this is how our mind is working.  Our mind distorts reality in a way that reflects our selfish interests.  We don’t see reality.  We see what our mind wants to see.  So combining the low vibration energy with our very base level, probably infantile, biology that wants to take and put those things together, the mind will come up with crazy stuff.  

When you have rich or powerful people who have the ability to control a lot things and you combine that with low vibration energy that manipulates their minds, you will see them do some of the most warped, sick, disgusting things.  These are the people who are shaping society as a whole!  They are in a very low vibration.  They can be controlling, exploitative, and all they want to do is take everything.  When you talk to them they can’t see it!  They don’t think that what they are doing is bad.  When someone is being run by low vibrational energy it will get them to do all sorts of crazy tyrannical things!  I see this everywhere.  

Just think how a person acts when they are new to a job, team, club, relationship, etc.  They are all happy because its what they wanted.  After a while they start rationalizing ways to benefit themselves.  They keep rationalizing how they can get things to start bending to what they want.  This is why you get employees fighting, team mates not getting along, broken relationships, etc.   Put this on a global scale with countries and you can see what is going on today.  Because Im in the occult and ancient history, I toss ideas around  with some influential people.  Some are amazing, but others are really warped in what they are thinking.  

Any system that is run by low vibrational energy is going to want a lot of power and control.  They will offer a lot up front so people get hooked and addicted to it, but later pump them full of low vibrational energy.  It’s just like your phone.  At first its really cool but soon it becomes a direct hijack to your mind.  It pumps you full of fear, hate, envy, negativity, greed, and things that will pump up your ego.  These things at first offer a service, but later they push the energy down of the planet.  Now you understand why they try to get these things out world wide.  

Now that you can see there is a taker energy.  The people in this low energy actually gain energy by doing harm.  That is what is so sick and twisted!  On some level they are finding pleasure in hurting people and making them miserable!  If the average person did something like what is going on today, it would make them sick to their stomach.  Someone who is in high vibration wants a win-win situation.  They offer value.  They want to make the world better.  Their presence on this planet adds to the life of others.   Someone in taker energy wants to strip things down until it is basically only ashes.  They want the earth to be a sick ball of cancer and death.  In high vibration energy you do receive, but as you receive it adds to the flow of life.  That is what nature does.  Yes they are competing for energy, but it is a system that actually expands life and grows life.  When you are in high vibration that is how you feel.  

You should be offering value and receiving value.  There needs to be a flow.  A sharing of energy.  What we are seeing today is individuals gaining energy by hurting others.  For every person who feeds on these nasty ways of doing things, there are people who gain energy from being treated that way!  People just want to be controlled.  This control and be controlled energy is everywhere. A lot of our leaders are run by low vibration energy.  They create these elaborate systems of control to control you and take from you.  There are some that are not like this, but most are in negative energy.  The problem is that most people will go along with these sick twisted minds.  They will say they don’t like it, but they won’t admit to themselves that they secretly like it.  When one of the leaders tries to step forward and stop the madness the world demonizes that person because they secretly love being treated bad!  

There are many people trying to elevate the world, but how much time to you spend thinking about them?  Most people will only try to demonize them for trying to get them out of their self made prison.  If there are people out there of light, who are in powerful positions, who have high vibrational energy and they want to make the world better, if they have your back and want to see you be successful,  people who love you because they are consumed by high vibrational energy, they want to add value to the world, if they exist and they do, why are you not listening?!  You are not listening because you like they way the low vibration people treat you.  

Once you realize you have sold yourself out to be complicit in all of this, so you can be comfortable, not have to think, not have to do much work, be unconscious and not wake up, then you can respond to the people who are trying to help you.  What would they tell you?  What would they share with you to help you?  In regular life you are having a relationship with low vibrational energy.  It’s time to switch over to having a relationship with high vibrational energy.  

To stay connected to your Higher Self you have to be in a state of offering value.  You have to be present to the moment.  It takes mental awareness and mental strength.  Low vibration energy loves to spread.  It is the energy of death, destruction, pain, scarcity and fear.   It wants to spread through you.  Low vibration energy loves when you submit and take the path of least resistance.  It wants you to not think and be addicted to physical gratification.  It wants to run you like a puppet.  When it controls you and activates it will have you destroy others and yourself.  Look at what’s going on around you!   Think about the paths that are being laid out to you.  Don’t just follow what someone says on the internet.  Do the work yourself.  

Do you know how to go up and start a conversation with someone?    Is that even part of society anymore?   Because of phones everything is done online.  So they are going to tell you what you can think, what you can say, what your opinions are going to be and if you don’t like it you can get off line. Do  you see how it started out to hook you and now they are going to rule you?   People are so addicted to their phone that they will put up with it.  They want the dopamine spike.  All the likes and fear porn.  You are addicted to approval.  Being told what to think and what to say and if you don’t like it you don’t exist socially anymore.  The modern food supply is the same way.  It taste good and is convenient, so you eat so much of it that it makes you sick.  You like it, so its okay.  

We all have had trauma happen in our life.  The human race as a whole is full of trauma.  It has been there since our inception.  That trauma sits there in your subconscious and wants to be reactivated.  It wants to be reactivated so bad that we can’t even notice when someone is trying to do something positive for the human race.  Television is violent, the news is fear based for this exact reason.  It sparks fear and paranoia because you are addicted to it.  You want it!  They know you will keep watching it.  You will keep chasing those dopamine spikes.  You don’t want to think, you love being told what and how to think.  You don’t want to work.  You want to be treated like you are worthless.  You don’t want to be free.  You want to be told how to live.  You are complacent to this entire system.  

We can all sit here and think we are victims to the negative leaders, but when is the last time you asked yourself how you are letting it happen?  What is your role in the system?  Do you just want to keep blaming others for you not being able to concentrate?  Is it other people’s fault that you can’t be resourceful in the most prosperous country in the history of the world? 

Ask yourself if you are taking the path of least resistance?  Are you not willing to think for yourself?  Usually when people fall in love at first sight it is because they know the person they are falling for will activate trauma hidden deep down inside.  You want that trauma!  Im not telling you love at first sight is wrong.  Im just giving you the psychology behind it.  

Understand the elements that are controlling you.  Many of the elites are psychopaths because all this stuff I’m exposing is running them on a magnified level.  But here is the key.  They are enforcing their will on people who are complicit.  Complicit people don’t want to hear from someone who is trying to make the world a better place and help them wake up.  They just want to feel good, live an easy life, get paid, get laid and eat.   They have become disconnected from their Higher Self.  The negative energy is running them.  They are in take mode.  The more they stay in that mode, the more they will become traumatized.  The more traumatized they become the more they want.  It is a vicious loop that can get very dark.  So dark that they can get energy from harming themselves and others.  

You can make a decision to not be complicit.  You can be a victor and not a victim.  There might be a lot of powerful people full of negative energy, but there are some very powerful people who are full of positive energy.  You just have to realize that you are letting the negative energy continue by being complicit.  Fall in love with the word “No”.  They can not infect you with their negative energy if you don’t let them.   Going back to the beginning of this post, are you going to be a tree that stabilizes, nourishes and helps the world or are you going to be a tree that someone else cuts off your branches and cuts you down?  It really is your choice.  

We are who we have been waiting for!   

6 thoughts on “Forces Controlling You”

  1. Thanks again, GSerpent for another thought-provoking post. What I’ve learned and work at on a daily bases, from your post and other authors is that if you do not want to fall into the “99% that love being a slave to this world” is that; Your energy, translated into feeling, thoughts and emotions, causes ALL experience. You make your own reality. There is no other Rule. And it is a minute by minute work in progress.

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  2. Sound judgement and good wisdom. In many ways, I feel, we think much alike. I shall have to look up your World Tree article in that I’ve written a dite on that myself. Curious, I am.

    There are a lot of folk coming to their own Rubicon. Dice have been cast and lots drawn. There’s been sporadic moments in history I remember that offer potential for Awakening. 9/11 was one, I think,and more recently, CoVid 19 and the comical ridiculousness that followed.

    I like to think a main answer lies in the reclamation of spirituality, a return to and establishment of holistic tradition which can be implemented as a surrogate for the inverse anti-values we have been sold by the Media-Industrial Complex.

    Also, I have to countersignal, not to be a dink, but probably because I’m a collosal nerdling. Occult, history, metaphysics et. al., have always been profoundly interesting to me.

    I like to think it’s been fated that throughout history there is a constant balance of those called by nature to recall the things that went before, keep the faith and attempt to reforge the chain.

    The older I get, the more I feel what we do has an accord to our best destiny.

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    1. Thanks. 😊 I hope you are right about people awakening. It takes a lot of responsibility and many do not want that.
      I think you are right about the call to recall. I may need to start trying to make my work more visible for those who are searching.

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